Monday, June 19, 2006

Roar is the new purr '06


This is an advertisment. So if you're here to check out if your friends are being featured and attempt to annoy us by typing truckloads of complains hoping we'd empathize with you (betcha didn't get that), you could continue reading or pick the other alternative - which is to fuck off. Before you go on complaining about "eh wahlau MOT become so commercial" or "eh wahlau MOT now so commercial", just a little FYI - we're doing this for FREE.

Well actually, I'm doing it for free. I decided to shamelessly eat up on MOT's significant number of readers and do a little advertisment for a friend of mine. So don't bother trying to use this event to find out any member of the crew, its pretty pointless.

Roar is the new purr '06

And so they ask, what is Art. No one can put a finger to it but heck, thats no reason for only those with a flute of champagne in hand to appreciate. You bring your right brain, we bring the paint! Come this 21st to 25th June, Roar is the New Purr 06 will take the arts to the masses. And for all you art voyeurs out there, we're treating you to a showcase of local artists featured The Killer Gerbil, Maes2ro, Zero and 12Delta as the boys wrap things up on the 24th, 6pm.

Be there or be square.

Ok, so I copied the above whole chunk off their zo card. I'm doing it for free, you can't expect a 5000 word essay coming from me.

But here's a shoutout from me.

Look, if you're into arty farty stuff or have an interest for it, why not just drop by while you're in town? It wouldn't kill to just go take a look, hook up with a couple of budding artists or even do a little painting of your own. You could even just stand aside and watch as people create a masterpiece out of a few buckets of paint.

Furthermore, its FREE. And God knows how many Singaporeans squeal in delight at the mention of this word.

You don't need a flair for art, just an interest or even the slightest passion to watch and explore creativity at its purest. By doing without the cost, the people at Roar is the New Purr 06 are sending you a personal invitation to embrace the art scene in Singapore without any barriers or boundaries.

The stage is set, and all it needs is you to be there.

Event Information

Location: Esplanade, The Waterfront
Date: 21st - 25th June 2006
Special Appearance: The Killer Gerbil, Maes2ro, Zero and 12Delta on the 24th, 6pm

Well, as the tagline says - be there or be square.

Monday, June 12, 2006


ps:/ the story is compleeeeeeeeeetely fictional, in case you haven't noticed. duh.

The president of Timbaktu gave me an urgent call while I laughing myself off SingaporeIdol (aka 7-11Idol) Anyway, Mr Neektheen had received news from The Nothingbettertodo Club that they have identified an UFB (Unidentified Freak Blog).

It appears that 2 beings from the nether world has invaded our precious small like pisai island. After sleepless nights of research, TNC has come up with the conclusion that the 2 beings have disguised in human form and might just be the one sitting beside you in the MRT.

The beings are extremely dangerous as they have the ability to hypnotise anyone and manipulate them. Imagine Timbaktians getting hypnotised and accepting twits as our holy one! Goodness. THAT, would be an ugly picture. Now we can't let that happen, yeah?

Dear Timbaktians, I call upon everyone of you to take extra caution of the people around you. I shall now teach the few basic steps to identify the beings that might take over Timbaktu as you are reading this.

The beings, both concluded to be males, have cleverly disguised themselves as a couple. A normal one that is. Meaning, one of them has changed and dressed up as a female species.

But, we're not stupid to be deceived.

Characteristics of the unknown beings
Weird hair

Now that hairstyle certainly looks out of the world, doesnt it?
Gravity defying, with a mixture of afroness and punk. You definitely can't miss this.

Power charging
Unlike humans, their form of energy is Leeching. They would pout their lips and point it directly at each other, no further than 5cm.

Something like infrared.

Battery Life 5%

Battery Life 20%

Battery Life 50%

Battery Life 75%

Battery Life 100%
Yea this works too.

Disturbing Smile

I suspect this is their way of hypnotising...feeling nauseous already.

These vital information are enough to aid us into recognising the 2 beings. If spotted, do not hesitate to dial the hotline that MOT has specially opened up @ 1800-OMGWTFBBQ-I-SAW-THE-BEINGS. We will forward the message to the president when we are free.

Please remember,


Saturday, June 10, 2006


From: "leongxnq"
Subject: URGENT- ii need ur assistance . thanks so much .
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 19:59:35 +0800

hii MOT bloggers,

I need your help . I was told that some anonymous pple had posted my blog address on this website . It's not that ii dun support your website but since then, alot of pple have been coming to my blogger and created an unneccessary arguments. 1 anonymous scolds; 4 fren scold back . De tensed situation iishx heartbreaking. Make mii angry ferr noting; make my fren even more angry ferr noting in particular. I felt bad . I seriously did not offend anyone . The pple whom I offended in life can be counted using 1 hand but quarrels eventually lapsed and became casual frens. I dun understand why I became a victim of this MR ANONYMOUS. For reference to everyting, euu can visit my blog. I did not delete ani tags to de favourings of your complete understandings.

ii'm SORRY but ii really totally NEED your help and bothers euu guys like tis. Please kindly take my blog address out of everything and delete the tags.

For replies, please reply it to . Awaiting replies=)

Here's my blogger:


donQuiXoTe`` twwa0siix``


Now ladies and gentlemen, this is a fucking classic.

We've received fanmail, hatemail, spam mails about some Uratonimum country's prince dying and I'm supposedly the next of kin and thus will have to take over his throne.. but we've never really received mails from the twits themselves appealing for our help.

Have it ever occured to any of you twits out there, that we might be the last person you might want to seek help from?

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that none of the 3 authors of MOT has ever went to a twit's blog just to flame him/her for no apparent reason. We don't derive any joy out of constantly clicking the refresh button hoping you'd have replied and kill our brain cells by trying to decipher your language.

Secondly, if the readers are the one behind it, beg for them to empathize with you, don't disturb us. I seriousy don't give a fuck if "De tensed situation iishx heartbreaking". I couldn't even care less if you rolled over and barked.

But still, since you did approach us for our services, I guess I might as well give you a helping hand. So guys, listen up alright. Please, I beg you, for the love of God, stop flooding her blog at and don't even think about sending her hatemail at because MOT is watching you.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't Pollute Our MSN Conversations

I don't feel so alone afterall.
Apart from the quite irritating slang that they're equipped with, the video actually makes sense.

The 1st half of the clip might be quite difficult to hear. It is actually just a short speech about words like eeu mie worx, typical lah. You can view them from our very own Twitionary. The fun part of the video is in its 2nd half. Photo poses :D I liked what they did to twist the actions around.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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I don't think so.

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