Thursday, February 22, 2007


MOT is so 2005. Dissing cheenah piangs is so 2005. And with the likes of Taufik, Sylvester Sim and SARS, everything this blog was about became part of a past. Let's face it - 80% of our readers were probably a whole frickin' convention of shit-faced geeks who's constantly subjected to bully. With your queue cut and feathers ruffled, you'd come marching over to this blog with your pants up high in anonymity and claim to be our loyal readers.

I don't blame you. Revenge is sweet. Seeing your school bullies humiliated on this blog is sweet. Reading about how the ah lian who rejected you is actually an airhead flown in from China is sweet.

But enough is enough. Like Nelly Furtado squeaked, all good things come to an end. The days of glory when the term twit almost made it to oxford dictionaries have came to an end. MOT needs a new direction, and from the looks of it, even new fans. I admit, MOT has strayed somewhat along the road when we allowed fame to get into our heads, and having lost direction, we became ignorant to our primary goals and just blogged to entertain.

Its 2007, and MOT needs some new shit to get the bitch moving.

So watch this space, while I come up with something.

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