Friday, December 19, 2008

Didn't you know?

That is not me lah!!!!!!!!! @#*$%$#$#
WTF and you all say it's hot. THAT IS NOT ME SO THAT IS NOT HOT! NOT HOT AT ALL.


1. Pring is all grownup now.
Thanks to all those who grew up with us, and to the younger ones, hello and there's always the archives. I look back and still laugh at myself, I was young and funny. Now I'm old and dull.
Do you guys reckon it's a good idea to hand this over, or add a new contributor wannabe? Applicants and post suggestions are welcome.

2. Google recognises us!

Try typing "museum-of-tw"then Google suggests Museum of twits 73,900 results!!
hoohoo! How delighted is Pring!!

3. Twit language is defined by MOT. (uh duh!)
No one in this world shall claim they defined tYpInG lYk ThiSh was twit, because the creator is, *ahem* everybody! behold! Prince Pring! (and maybe Princess Camry?)

It's funny how I surf SG forums and see threads discussing about alternate type and surely the word 'twit' appears, but why don't anybody paste this link in?

Hey it's been 3 years. :)
Thank you all for the joy and laughter we shared.

4. But 'twit' is not the in-thing, no more.
Tis the season to act lich&cheemz (rich & sophisticated), serious.

Here's a self evaluation to know yourself better which twit you are.
Tell me if I draw good?

5. Pring is a care-and-share guy.
Yup you are welcome. :D
I just have to do this every year.

Til Pring remembers this blog again,

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