Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Maple Story

IMPORTANT NOTE: (again) This is all for entertainment purposes. I apologise for the lack of censor of IGNs. Just because I was too lazy. :D

Why is MapleStory called MapleStory, anyway? Isn't Maple some kind of plant thing? (And I believe, there is nothing related to maple inside the game. Besides GM items lah.)

... I start to understand why people think MapleStory sucks like *beep*. It's actually just like Mario game, but a teeny weeny bit cuter!
I got myself Toben hair, dark skin and, extremely small eyes. I thought that made me look cute. Also, I made Camry create a superkawaii girl character to accompany me, and she was supposed to type like a total twit.

Now, this was the very first thing both of us saw as we entered the game. I swear our reactions were coincidental.

I told Cam to practise her twitishness for a while, and she starts bullying me.

We knew nuts about what we had to do, so we went around to explore.
Yes. Both killed by a stupid red snail. PWNED.

Nevermind that. Then we realised we needed money to buy the simplest equipments, or even potions which gave us HP. But we were very poor, so we went around to look for people who would spare us some money.
(It's called MESOs in the game. However you pronounce that. ME-SO? MES-O?)

Yet nobody responded! So I requested for trade. (I got alot of bullshit excuses.)

58% cancelled my trade upon seeing my request for money. 41% denied my invitation to trade. 0.9% gave me 10 mesos.
I'm not even asking for real money over here, and they are already that stingy.

One man, only ONE man, gave me 5k mesos. And I'm so grateful. :(

His IGN is DemonSeeker, I think. Please be nice to him or I'll hit you.
If you couldn't tell, his level isn't very high, which meant he wouldn't be very rich. The high levels in the game don't even give a damn about what you try to type. 5k mesos to them would have been nothing, but the fact they are stingy and selfish makes them reluctant to share. PUI.

Camry then suggested we should probably pay Cai Shen Ye(God of Wealth) a visit, he might drop us some money for all we know. :)

Then this idiot came along, took away the money Cai Shen dropped for us, and kept on switching channels as we tried to ask him nicely for the money.

Please, somebody, teach him a lesson. :(

Cold joke. Camry insisted that the VIP cab is only for irritating people.
Because VIP = Very Irritating Person. MOT is annoying. We are VAP. :D

Of course, we came across alot of different personalities.
<- PureMilk has their guild!
<- XiaoJia leh. :x
<- Roxy BOY? I thought it'd be RipCurl, Billabong or something.
<- 18siao WOR.
<- KunTong next!
<- Err, WTH is 24GheeAngKun? ROFL.
<- MS cOuPLe oHh~
<- pWiNcEsS lEhx!
<- pInKsTeR also got!
<- Erm, not forgetting ah guas.

We walked and walked and walked, until we reached Perion. We saw a princess, so we stopped and decided she could be our new best friend.

I asked her since she claims she's a princess, then her mother must be queen?

ALL OF A SUDDEN, Camry is flirting with another guy!!

WTF, still kiss here kiss there w0r! I pretended to have a fight with Camry.

I dont know why the princess decided to isolate herself for nothing.
But.. she started PM-ing me. Just read the text in green. The rest are bull.

Very sad lah, what a coincidence. The guy Cam was flirting with happens to be the princess' crush. So she hates Camry. Unrequited love in MapleStory... We're so sorry.

Cam said she wanted to go to the Cash Shop because that's where people buy their clothes in the game. She went to try some.

I thought, I ought to go and try them out myself!

Those 3 screenshots were what most Maplers wore, or so I thought I observed. The last one would be what I'd do to my Maple character if I had too much money. HA HA.

These clothes alone, individually, one set costs about $20 bucks at least. And of course, most of these Maplers would try getting a hairdye and haircut ($10). If the haircut turns out ugly, they buy another coupon to go for another. ($5) Not happy, one more lor. ($5) That's about $40 already. Oh, plus a pet? ($8-$10). Make that $50.

Later on, Cam left me. I explored the place alone.

Do you want in? :D

AHH. And these are called "HORNY Mushrooms". Really, I'm not kidding.

And there's this recent megaphone or something, which allows you to put a message so everybody in the server can read. (It's $0.65 per message, my dear.)

These are only the very few I saw when I was around. Gives me a feeling this is something like Habbo. People see each other's character and fall in love. Who knows? The person playing might not even be a girl, if he is playing a girl character. Oh ya, and I forgot where I got this information from, but, according to a survey, 45% of girl characters in MapleStory are played by males.

Remember, it's $0.65 per message, no wonder the company of MapleStory earn so much. The megaphone becomes a chatbox. WOAH. Okay lor, maybe these Maplers are rich, but still, this is not the way to spend your money I feel.

Oh yes yes, there was this person who put a message on the megaphone asking people who are looking for MAPLE STEAD to go to.. (bleh blah bloo blah) to seek true love. Since I was near that place, I decided to check it out. :D

See lar. There are so many people flocking towards me.

REALLY. I am not lying. Look at the amount of people climbing up the ladder.


And you see those messages? All fighting for this charbor called LadyDream? WTH man, what the heck.
Why do you need a MAPLE GF/BF in the game? So you can scam her/him by sharing mesos, right?
"eyy dear dear.. i niid tuh buy tis w0rx. buy fer mie can mahx? xD thx i lurbe eu."

HOW COULD I FORGET?! This lady approached me all of a sudden. WHY!?
Why am I the chosen one?

Right, it sounds like some mIRC guy trying to lure a girl out for sex. Sheesh, that sounds so wrong.

She has split personality. Suddenly she types like a tOtALtWiT and... wait, she likes me? This makes no sense!

I didn't want to entertain her, so I walked away.

She kept on chasing me with that face (something like asking for a kiss, that kind of expression?)
That happened for 15 minutes at least, she just refused to let me go. Oh wtf.
Left with no choice, I thought quitting would be the only option.

That was so scary! :'(
Byebye MapleStory. I don't think I'll enter that game ever again.

P.S. High level = PRO?
Sorry, but no I don't think so.
High level = spend tooo much time playing = waste time = more no life than MOT.

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