Tuesday, June 28, 2005

happie . burfedae

dish m0rning wake up mie sh0 excited lers ; hees ,
finallie mua burfedae ler w0rs ; =p ,,
0n mua c0mputer den see prin9les der p0st and messa9e; sh0 t0uched ; kekes ,,
den see mua handph0ne ; "happie burfedae... d e a r"
0h mua g0dd ; sh0 t0uchedd ; kekes ,,

dench in sk0ol ; big big pressies fr0m jiemeiis ; ai ni men 184* ,,
huggies fr0m eberi0ne ; xia0 zh0ng . ahwei . ahb0i . r0bin ,,
g0t kissy fr0m ahbee ; shy lers ; 0n der cheek ,,
den prin9les c0me lerrs ; gimme a pynnk billab0ng capp ; mmuackkiess ,,
burfedae s0ng ; cakee ; pressies ; jiemeiis ; la0g0ng <3 ,,

after sk0ol ; gh0st train wib la0g0ng <3 ,,
beri scarie derrs ; but hab la0g0ng <3 ; mie n0 scared lerrs ,,
finish lerr ; la0g0ng <3 g0 h0me wib mie ; bathe change ,,

mit jiemeiis at t0wn ; dinner ; swens0ns ; yummie ,,
slackk ; sm0kke ; play p0ol ; ahlingg's p0ol veri zaii arhhs ,,
ar0und 11 ; g0 sparkks ; hees ; techn0o!
danncefl0or dance dance ; drinkk abitt ; neber sehh h0rs ,,
g0t 2 b0ib0i ; askked f0r ahlingg and mie numbber ,,
weil0ng ; junshengg ; ps//junshengg veri cute arhxx ,,
new fwenns ; hees ,,

3am ; la0g0ng <3 peii mie g0 h0mee ; mmuackks ,,
ai ni 184* ; nebber be appartt ; ilu ; kekex ,,

wan tu sleep lerxx ; junshengg msgg miee ,,
sae i berii ke aii ,,
bud mie sae i g0t la0g0ng lerrs ; w0nt g0 f0r 0therr guy ,,
he sae will wait f0r mie siahx ; hais ; whie lidat ,,
last ciggie ; tmr buyy ,,
sms la0g0ng <3 ; nights ,,


Took me hell of a time to think of that story. Ridiculous yes, but that's their way of doing it.

By the way, remember to vote for the best blog, which is obviously us, on the net now. >;D BAHAHA. Remember to vote for us once a day. Love you all.

20 Pose Ideas

Yay, today I shall be nice and not give them the attention they need. I am only going to show you the most common pictures of CUTE *AHEM* little common girls available almost anywhere nowadays.
(*While stocks last. Actually, these stocks will never run out. There are too many of them. Multiplying, replicating, cloning.)

So you're inspired to become a bimbo as well? Actually, I'd love to see our readers and their attempt to look like one bimbo. Hehe, show us your pictures of you acting like a bimbo to our email: twitsPI@yahoo.com lol~ I won't show it to the world if you don't want me to. :D

Here are some good examples and tips for you, anyhow.
TOP 20 ways to look stupid:

Tilt your head and look at the camera at this angle. Most classic. Makes you looks super stupid. My no. 1 recommendation!

The caption should most probably go, "+*.gerr.misshh.boii.*+"

It's very cool to show off your high foreheads.

Look at that! 13 pair of purposely enlarged eyes staring at you. How freaky. :)
Friendster only allows you to add 12 photos. Which is not enough! Why not combine them all into one photo so you can show the world all your stupid pictures! Show us your freaky eyes.

Don't miss any chance to show off your HAPPY VALLEY. :)

Put pictures either very DARK or very BRIGHT so people can see shit.

Hide one eye.

Blur the picture so noone can tell how bad you look!

Label yourself. The more thick-skinned the better. Eg. "sweetiee", "cutieger".

Take a picture of yourself in the mirror. Show your figure too. :)
PRETEND TO HAVE A TWIN. lmao. How pathetic is that?

Stick your tongue out.

Put your fingers on your lips, meanwhile, use your HAIR to cover your horrifying face.

Self protrait, and tell the whole world by including your hand. Actually it just tells me how bad her photography skills are.

Super close up. And remember in your caption, include where you were at that point of time! It's so dumb. As if we can see.

Flip it upside down. :)

Edit it with alot of Photoshop.

Take a picture of you and your dear LC. :D

Take a picture of yourself sleeping, and purposely ask "who took it? ^^"

Combine and draw something in paint.

Act shy. Hide behind something.

It's kinda late actually. Hence, I apologise if this post didn't contain much quality. :( but I assure you it came from the heart.

This post is dedicated to my new found love, Camry. (oh, I give myself to you as a present. That's the best present you ever got, aye! FOR I AM SO HANDSOME!)

*+~^lUb eUu lOrTz LOrTz oHhx lA0p0z! mUaCkiEeX~ oUr lUb sToLiE(story) sTaRtZ oN 28 JuN 2005 12.52am n wiLL nEbEr eNd dE.. hEeHeEx..!! aii nii yii beii zii.*^+~

Remember to wish my honey happy birthday, if not I'll grab your balls. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Smelling Bengs [2]

The story is based purely on my imagination. Any coincidence to anyone in real life is none of my business. Drawings abstracted from comic, The Smiling Wanderer/Xiao Ao Jiang Hu.

Continued from previous post and no more overlapping.







So, a fight's going to happen. EVERYONE knows that.
But how is the fight between Xiao Zhong and the Bengsman going to be?
It's worth waiting ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Smelling Bengs [1]


Other than real gangs and names of real people are used in the following comic, it is otherwise a completely fictional fabrication. A bit of my imagination, created with the idea of promoting Bengalogy. Any scene similar to anyone in this pathetic world is purely coincidential. Any person who wishes to be left out of the story, please send me an email. I will ignore and not read it.

The following drawings have been abstracted from the comic The Smiling Wanderer/Xiao Ao Jiang Hu.

*Evil Sect = Police




What will happen to the Bengsman since things have gotten to such stage?
What kind of confrontations will the Evil Sect and Upright Sects experience?

I'll decide whether or not to continue the comic judging by the readers response. :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tagboarders Go Tagboarding

I will be using this post, to reply the questions enquired by x . *denise _]], another tagboarder making my eyes strain due to the kAwAii and nIcE decorations on her nick. I appreciate that you're trying to sound polite though.

frankly speaking, i would have agreed on your comments. such
as the gothic and pink part for i myself find it ironical.

Well thank you. Anyone normal and has a working mind would have agreed on that.

BUT. dont you girls find it seriously harsh to reveal their
names and even go to the extent where their link is given
out in public ?

HELLO. Friendster, is public, and open to all. They can always change


if they care so much about their privacy and don't want intruders like us to intrude into their lives.

Its not our fault that people include their name, height, weight, school, etcetera, etcetera. They're willing to show their profile to anyone in this world, they want to make friends! Comeon' we're just helping people to know her better. Heh

"you girls"... What the -

imagine if you were in their shoes. kindly think over that.
and also, regarding piinko`s case, if you can tell that guys
are obsessed over her boobies, why cant she ?

If she knows, and minds the fact that guys are looking and oogling at her boobies, why did she still upload her boobie photo in friendster? It's not like someone pointed a gun over her head and forced her to do it. There a freedom of choice, should you not know that.


shouldnt that clearly explains the fact why she begins to
take pictures of her face only ? and because she has done
the right thing, you people look at it so negatively.

Stop taking boobie photos but pictures of her face only. Hmm. Sound like a right thing that she'd done. But look again, her photos are torturing us! What's right and what's wrong, you decide for yourself.

I see things negatively? Is my glass half empty or half full?

last tag. im sorry if you consider this as flooding but
apparently, cbox doesnt allow me to type much in a single
tag. if you have any problems, contact me. msn, email,

It's okay. I love tagboarders, whether kind or evil ones.

PS: The glass is empty because I drank the water.

PPS: Pring, don't worry. I found a moustache rebonding coupon under the potato tree 3 days ago. reb0nding ish sh0 pwettie!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Attention Seekers

I hate to admit this, but those frigging airheads have been making my tagboard uber active! I guess thats the beauty of our gh3y littl3 pynk tagb0arddie. My intention of the tagboard was actually to disturb my readers, but the outcome was appalling.. I've never dreamt that it could act as a airhead magnet!

Afterall, the airheads DID help me out in increasing the little numbers above my tagboard. I'm a nice person, everyone knows that =D So I shall give thanks to the airheads, for once.

Being such a nice person *hears applause from afar*, I've decided to help them on their personality disorder. I've gone into researches on what's wrong with those people deep inside their mind.

We all know that Human Beings are social creatures who needs social interaction, feedback, and feel that their worth in this world.

A emotionally mature person doesn't hunting for all the points stated above, they gain it naturally from their everyday lives, either from work or stable relationships. Emotion Maturity is known as Emotional Intelligence, aka EQ. Daniel Goleman believes that a person's character is more seen in his EQ than IQ.

The world isn't perfect. So of course there are emotionally immature people too.

A emotionally immature person is totally different from a emotionally mature person. He has low self-esteem and low self-confidence. He would consequently feel insecure. And to get rid of all these feelings, they would spent a large proportion of his lives creating situations in which he becomes the centre of attention. The need for attention is the opposite ratio of a person's emotional maturity (2:1). So the indulgence of a person in attention seeking tells us how emotionally immature he is.

Attention-seeking behavior is more than common. Being the centre of attention, a person is able to get rid of the feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. But it is never long lasting. The main problem remains - that person has low self-confidence, low self-esteem. He may even has level of self-worth and self-love.

There are many roles to play for a attention seeker. I shall only mention afew, that I think the airheads in my tagboard are playing.

This blog sucks...This blog sucks...

The mind-poisoner: adept at poisoning peoples' minds by manipulating their perceptions of others, especially against the current target.

Yes, airheads are definitely trying to poison my readers' minds by changing their idea of us. Don't even try to deny, isn't it your very motive?

The drama queen: every incident or opportunity, no matter how insignificant, is exploited, exaggerated and if necessary distorted to become an event of dramatic proportions. Everything is elevated to crisis proportions. Histrionics may be present where the person feels she is not the centre of attention but should be. Inappropriate flirtatious behaviour may also be present.

im constipating~ ... ahh...relieved~

Even though The Drama Queen is not very well played in my tagboard here, but I'm still able to sense airheads playing this role. Some would exaggerate their feelings, while some would exaggerate the situation to become WE are the bad persons. Boohoo. How could I be bad when I'm here diagnosing your Human Disorder?
Inappropriate flirtatious behaviour may also be present. Ahem, I'm pretty sure asshole and anonymous have been flirting around my tagboard recently. There's no need to get a room, it's pretty entertaining to all of us ^^

The feigner: when called to account and outwitted, the person instinctively uses the denial - counterattack - feigning victimhood strategy to manipulate everyone present, especially bystanders and those in authority. The most effective method of feigning victimhood is to burst into tears, for most people's instinct is to feel sorry for them, to put their arm round them or offer them a tissue. There's little more plausible than real tears, although as actresses know, it's possible to turn these on at will. Feigners are adept at using crocodile tears. From years of practice, attention-seekers often give an Oscar-winning performance in this respect. Feigning victimhood is a favourite tactic of bullies and harassers to evade accountability and sanction. When accused of bullying and harassment, the person immediately turns on the water works and claims they are the one being bullied or harassed - even though there's been no prior mention of being bullied or harassed. It's the fact that this claim appears only after and in response to having been called to account that is revealing. Mature adults do not burst into tears when held accountable for their actions.

For all we know, a airhead that we feature might run to her mummy and burst into crocodile tears. "MaRmieeeeee...dEy sh0 bad wRite ab0ut mieeeee w0rxx *s0bx s0bxXx* i'M n0rt lyk tHat deR n0rhx! hUrhx hUrhxx..i wHeRe g0rt sh0 bitCh sh0 sLut lyk dEy sae..*s0bx s0bx s0bx s0bx s0bxxxxxx* b0oh0oh0o...." Heh, crocodile tears.

The victim: she may intentionally create acts of harassment against herself, eg send herself hate mail or damage her own possessions in an attempt to incriminate a fellow employee, a family member, neighbour, etc. Scheming, cunning, devious, deceptive and manipulative, she will identify her "harasser" and produce circumstantial evidence in support of her claim. She will revel in the attention she gains and use her glib charm to plausibly dismiss any suggestion that she herself may be responsible. However, a background check may reveal that this is not the first time she has had this happen to her.

I suppose we have tagboarders indirectly making themselves the victim. In situation such as, I wrote about a particular X bimbo, then X's friend comes into my blog hurling insults at us, as if he was the one whom we wrote about. I guess he feels that he should be the one we wrote on, so that he would get all the attention. Somehow this reminds me of the case when Ms Dot and Ms Anonymous came around..

To sum up,

The Attention-Seeker

Motivation: to be the centre of attention
Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissism
Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high

I'd suggest they do this

So you see readers, we can't really blame them for what they've done or they're doing. It can't be helped. Poor things, suffering from such fates. I believe there will be negative comments after the Angry People read this post. Things like "Aren't you a attention seeker yourself?!" will be bombarded. Therefore I shall clear it beforehand.

Yes, Pring and I are seeking attention from the people out there. But the kind of attention we seek is different from those you seek. The attention we seek is not for for ourselves, it's for the better good. We seek attention of those who are still unaware that the world is crashing because of stupid people like you. We are here to make people aware that there are a group of people, reaching out to those against bimboism, but are too afraid or have inefficient resources to go all out against them. So readers, join us today, in fighting for the better good!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Puberty makes the world goes ROUND

Puberty is a stage where everyone of us have/are/will gone/going/go through. I remember my geeky science teacher going thru my secondary 2 science textbook teaching about vaginas penises testicles and not forgetting, boobies!

What changes does Puberty actually make one go through? Our dear friend piinko shall tell us about it.

>.* im 14 okayy ?

piinko is one of the girls having gone through puberty earlier than the rest. She's probably feeling stressed out because nobody believes that she's 14. And why not? Let me make a guess, Males are too obsessed over her 18yearold looking boobies, they don't really look at her face. Ohhhhhhhhh. Thats why! In the photo above piinko presents to us a very typical sadsadw0r face, squealing over the fact that nobody believes that she's actually a little 14 year old girl.

piinko felt really sad that her face was neglected and her boobies get all the attention. I think that is why started taking photos of her face only. They even have little actions that links.




PS: That scared me alright.

But is that what it really seems to be??? Thou shall take the risk of diving into her suffocating pile of photos to seek the light of truth.

(take note of her supposingly sexy postures)



To my horror, the sadsadw0r photo was nothing but a FRAUD! piinko was actually over the clouds when she realised that guys love her overaged boobies than her face. In fig.1 we can see that piinko has cleverly covered her bare shoulders with her disgusting hair. Then in fig.2, piinko has started to learn the fact that guys wouldn't see her face anyway, thus decided to face away from the camera, meanwhile revealing more of her inner beauty(if it really was, I would suggest to her a new product in the market - A BRA). In fig.3, piinko has successfully covered her face with her hand to distract the full attention of her face to her overaged boobies.

Cleverly done, piinko. BUT, with Smartypants Camry around, never will the day be near for you and your plans to work! MUAHAHA

Alright alright, I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover blah blah. OK I KNOW THAT ALREADY. SO, just let me carry on, by showing your her intelligence, or should I say, stupidity?

myy new heals =]

No matter how I looked at it, I couldn't find out the exact way the above thengay actually helps in the field of Medical. I think it should be shuffed up the ass of my dying great grand uncle.That way my great grand uncle would be cured from the muthaphucking Anal Cancer.

Crap. IT'S HEELS BABY, HEELS. How could anyone get that wrong?


The below infomation has been skillfully copied and paste from Apple
measurements are in centimetres

iPod mini
9.1 x 5.1 x 1.38

Available Colours

10.4 x 6.1 x 1.4

iPod Photo
10.4 x 6.1 x 1.6 (30g)
10.4 x 6.1 x 1.9 (60g)

Reasons why I can prove the above device in the photo is not a iPod mini like she stupidly claimed.

1) iPod mini is not available in White
2) iPod mini does not have roundtiped edges
3) Even the blind can feel that the device size is not of a iPod mini

I can confidently recognise a iPod/iPod Photo from a iPod mini even if it disguises itself with a condom.
I'm a mini, I'm a mini, I'm a mini...

shhe loves gothic , jap ,piinksters ,, x)


Ok, this is seriously getting onto my nerves. HOW CAN YOU FUCKING LOVE GOTHIC AND PINKSTERS AT THE FUCKING SAME TIME? Even my most retarded friend is able to tell me that the main colour for Gothic is Black(and maybe Red too). And Pinksters, from the spastic name itself, idolises Pink. WHATS THE LINK? This time, I need no enlightenment because there is NO logic to it at all. It just doesn't fucking match.

Where did Gothic originate from?
Who was the person who actually started Gothic?
When did Gothic originate?

If you cant answer the 3 simple questions above, I seriously think that you are insulting people out there who really does appreciate the art and ways of Gothic.
If you wish to, you may search the Yahoo! Engine for answers.

You look the least like the following Gothic being.
Before you look like that
Dont even try to LIKE Gothic.

Till next time. And remember, Puberty makes your boobies grow ROUND~
(.)_(.) I'm just looking surprised.

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