Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're on Urban Dictionary

Anyhowsssss (I just like to piss you off with the unnecessary S), we are on Urban Dictionary.

Wonder which chap did it but anyhows, thanks.

so a lil update on how we all have moved on today.
I think I'm supposedly 16 this year according to some post? so I should be taking O's now.
Boy, to think I was just announcing to have just completed PSLE...
Camry can be spotted at St James and HVV at Butterfactory, but me, nononono. 8-)
According to geeksrule Section 250(1), geeks do not have nightlife.

with love
dropdead super handsome Pring.
(Thanks for saying I'm cute, rissa! I'll consider adding that in if it's still not too long)

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