Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Maple Story

IMPORTANT NOTE: (again) This is all for entertainment purposes. I apologise for the lack of censor of IGNs. Just because I was too lazy. :D

Why is MapleStory called MapleStory, anyway? Isn't Maple some kind of plant thing? (And I believe, there is nothing related to maple inside the game. Besides GM items lah.)

... I start to understand why people think MapleStory sucks like *beep*. It's actually just like Mario game, but a teeny weeny bit cuter!
I got myself Toben hair, dark skin and, extremely small eyes. I thought that made me look cute. Also, I made Camry create a superkawaii girl character to accompany me, and she was supposed to type like a total twit.

Now, this was the very first thing both of us saw as we entered the game. I swear our reactions were coincidental.

I told Cam to practise her twitishness for a while, and she starts bullying me.

We knew nuts about what we had to do, so we went around to explore.
Yes. Both killed by a stupid red snail. PWNED.

Nevermind that. Then we realised we needed money to buy the simplest equipments, or even potions which gave us HP. But we were very poor, so we went around to look for people who would spare us some money.
(It's called MESOs in the game. However you pronounce that. ME-SO? MES-O?)

Yet nobody responded! So I requested for trade. (I got alot of bullshit excuses.)

58% cancelled my trade upon seeing my request for money. 41% denied my invitation to trade. 0.9% gave me 10 mesos.
I'm not even asking for real money over here, and they are already that stingy.

One man, only ONE man, gave me 5k mesos. And I'm so grateful. :(

His IGN is DemonSeeker, I think. Please be nice to him or I'll hit you.
If you couldn't tell, his level isn't very high, which meant he wouldn't be very rich. The high levels in the game don't even give a damn about what you try to type. 5k mesos to them would have been nothing, but the fact they are stingy and selfish makes them reluctant to share. PUI.

Camry then suggested we should probably pay Cai Shen Ye(God of Wealth) a visit, he might drop us some money for all we know. :)

Then this idiot came along, took away the money Cai Shen dropped for us, and kept on switching channels as we tried to ask him nicely for the money.

Please, somebody, teach him a lesson. :(

Cold joke. Camry insisted that the VIP cab is only for irritating people.
Because VIP = Very Irritating Person. MOT is annoying. We are VAP. :D

Of course, we came across alot of different personalities.
<- PureMilk has their guild!
<- XiaoJia leh. :x
<- Roxy BOY? I thought it'd be RipCurl, Billabong or something.
<- 18siao WOR.
<- KunTong next!
<- Err, WTH is 24GheeAngKun? ROFL.
<- MS cOuPLe oHh~
<- pWiNcEsS lEhx!
<- pInKsTeR also got!
<- Erm, not forgetting ah guas.

We walked and walked and walked, until we reached Perion. We saw a princess, so we stopped and decided she could be our new best friend.

I asked her since she claims she's a princess, then her mother must be queen?

ALL OF A SUDDEN, Camry is flirting with another guy!!

WTF, still kiss here kiss there w0r! I pretended to have a fight with Camry.

I dont know why the princess decided to isolate herself for nothing.
But.. she started PM-ing me. Just read the text in green. The rest are bull.

Very sad lah, what a coincidence. The guy Cam was flirting with happens to be the princess' crush. So she hates Camry. Unrequited love in MapleStory... We're so sorry.

Cam said she wanted to go to the Cash Shop because that's where people buy their clothes in the game. She went to try some.

I thought, I ought to go and try them out myself!

Those 3 screenshots were what most Maplers wore, or so I thought I observed. The last one would be what I'd do to my Maple character if I had too much money. HA HA.

These clothes alone, individually, one set costs about $20 bucks at least. And of course, most of these Maplers would try getting a hairdye and haircut ($10). If the haircut turns out ugly, they buy another coupon to go for another. ($5) Not happy, one more lor. ($5) That's about $40 already. Oh, plus a pet? ($8-$10). Make that $50.

Later on, Cam left me. I explored the place alone.

Do you want in? :D

AHH. And these are called "HORNY Mushrooms". Really, I'm not kidding.

And there's this recent megaphone or something, which allows you to put a message so everybody in the server can read. (It's $0.65 per message, my dear.)

These are only the very few I saw when I was around. Gives me a feeling this is something like Habbo. People see each other's character and fall in love. Who knows? The person playing might not even be a girl, if he is playing a girl character. Oh ya, and I forgot where I got this information from, but, according to a survey, 45% of girl characters in MapleStory are played by males.

Remember, it's $0.65 per message, no wonder the company of MapleStory earn so much. The megaphone becomes a chatbox. WOAH. Okay lor, maybe these Maplers are rich, but still, this is not the way to spend your money I feel.

Oh yes yes, there was this person who put a message on the megaphone asking people who are looking for MAPLE STEAD to go to.. (bleh blah bloo blah) to seek true love. Since I was near that place, I decided to check it out. :D

See lar. There are so many people flocking towards me.

REALLY. I am not lying. Look at the amount of people climbing up the ladder.


And you see those messages? All fighting for this charbor called LadyDream? WTH man, what the heck.
Why do you need a MAPLE GF/BF in the game? So you can scam her/him by sharing mesos, right?
"eyy dear dear.. i niid tuh buy tis w0rx. buy fer mie can mahx? xD thx i lurbe eu."

HOW COULD I FORGET?! This lady approached me all of a sudden. WHY!?
Why am I the chosen one?

Right, it sounds like some mIRC guy trying to lure a girl out for sex. Sheesh, that sounds so wrong.

She has split personality. Suddenly she types like a tOtALtWiT and... wait, she likes me? This makes no sense!

I didn't want to entertain her, so I walked away.

She kept on chasing me with that face (something like asking for a kiss, that kind of expression?)
That happened for 15 minutes at least, she just refused to let me go. Oh wtf.
Left with no choice, I thought quitting would be the only option.

That was so scary! :'(
Byebye MapleStory. I don't think I'll enter that game ever again.

P.S. High level = PRO?
Sorry, but no I don't think so.
High level = spend tooo much time playing = waste time = more no life than MOT.

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YEAH!!! first to comment!! Great Post!! haha so many sexually deprived degenerate desperate losers in maple!! once again great post
hah, its so funny! (:
Mahaha. Nice one. Anyway, what's so nice/happy/great about being the 1st to comment.? -puzzled-
Maple sounds like some cyber Sodom for kiddies. You'll nvr look at them the same way again when they say "Play with me!".
We live in a competetive world lol
Hmm i don wanna flame the game ... the creators took time making it ... but its a game not much of skill ...
keep up the good job in brightening up my day with yet another hilarious post! =D
maple story requires no skill at all. just lots of time to spare. it's so stupid when people claim themselves as pros. it just means they've got no life and spend their whole life mapling. (no offence to high leveled maplers)
honestly, it would hvae been a nicer game if it had some plot...
ROFL! DAMN FUNNY! You must have taken alot of effort! :)LOL.
i don't get MapleStory. can't understand why so many people play it. LOL. great post!!!
maple is fun. but it is time consuming, addictive and very no-life. but there are WORST online games. eg gunbound runescape ect
LOL..nice man~!
MapleStory sounds like the name of some condominium.

Actually you wanna play MMORPG, you play world of warcraft, or if too expensive, guild wars. Wasting my time on such an ugly game. Looks like crap even from my perspective (I played Ragnarok before, bit boring but at least it looked nic).

And can you believe MapleStory got ported to the USA. As if there isn't enough MMORPG there already. bLEaHXX
its kind of okay actually, just dont get too addicted to it. and i must admit at times when im bored, i do go on to chat chat with online friends. some people are really interesting. they whine about their lifes. and err ya 45% of the girls are actually guys =P
Hur hur hur. GameSpot has some user submitted reviews about this erm, "game". (Can it be classified as one?) Hur hur hur. Kudos to Wizet (the creators of MapleStory) for being such entrepreneurs. I've never known anyone who could make something so totally pointless be so popular and "addictive". Hur hur hur.
ROFLMAO. i have nothing to say about this post. HAHA. two thumbs up.
hey!i'ma big MOT fan.((:
i was jus waitin' for a post about maple cus i seriously dislike it.
lol.great post!:D

I play maple.
Till to lvl 70.

But i must say,
When people come begging me for money i dont butt them off.
I would spare them some. I swear i would.

When i reached 70. I quitted maple vecause i started to find it boring.
Plus. My schedule is tight and everything.

Its not a bad game. Its only the people that are ruining it
yeah. I have no life.
Hmm.. I do play maple, one reason was because my cousins are all playing it. But im not like those who spam on the megaphone and go twiting around. It gets rather annoying when u meet with such people who claim themselves pros and the fact is that they are just small kids who hide behind their maple chars.

The game is somewhat, fun and addictive. My lvl isnt that high and i dont brag about it.

And yes, its time consuming and if i want to reach an extremely high level i would have to play like a no-lifer. Which i cant. Well sooner or later i might quit this game, as im feeling a little bored of it. Might sell my account for real money in the end.
oh yea. i think crygalx might be camry, yea?
whoa. nice post (: i like the maple stead part la so funnee ROCK ON =D
maple is no life & it all belongs to people like those lians & bengs. Hahha! their paradiiiiise.
you say it sucks and now you're wasting ur time taking screenshots and making useless characters. now who's wasting more time? -.-
yeah i play maple but i'm not offended..it's e only game that has poeple playing and most importantly,it's free!! but no life la..can play when bored :)

p.s i jus found out tt it's 0.65 buck per pinkiiee meessage..are singaporeans rli that rich?? Y AM I SO POOR??!!WTHWTHWTHWTHTH!!! bleahs-
those people are just wasting their time and money.

nice post (:
HAHA. u gt me laughing there..some time back,i did attempt to download n play the damn game. but after i saw how my idiot-ah-beng frd was so insanely obsessed with it, i guess im gald i deleted it straight after it was downloaded. dumb, yeah i know!

but SERIOUSLY. for those twits who are playing it, WHERE do they get the time n money from?? (non-twits, i believe ure playing it for non-twit reasons!)
lol..cant bliff u guys r actually tt lifeless to play tt game in order to get some reviews of the happening n posted it for some undergrd limelight .. but at least reading ur blog kills my time..=D
GOSH your post is so funny it made me really laugh :D
Thanks for the entertainment and the truth of the Maplestory craze.
blah. the higher level you are, the exp number is like, a heavenly number. -.- and you have to waste time just trying to gain one pathetic level. ><
maple wasnt like that at first.. till the twits attacked T.T and now it's filled with n00bs whose levels never exceeds 20, because they play it for another purpose. so dumb! and now because of them i'm forced to quit because they are too ANNOYING to be true. now i'm glad i quitted early =)
The fact is that Maple Story isn't even fun, as a game. Not just because of the players. Good game? Try WoW. FFXI. Too poor? Guild Wars. And I think Risk Your Life is still out there. Still can't afford? Old, free games like Shattered Galaxy and Helbreath (private servers) still rocks more than Maple Story. And if you can afford to spam chat and buy clothes in MS, you can pay for some of these MMOs listed there.

Maple Story? Ragnarok Online? RuneScape? Renewal? Hell, there's even AdventureQuest, which totally loses to other click-based online games. MANY Singaporeans are suckers for poor games (or games where all you need to do is level grind). We'll probably eat up a Teletubby MMO if it has chat functions, simple level grinding and dress-up functions or something...
HEY dun say such tingz about maplestory, maplestory is the best game ever created!
U the one that is lame!!!!!
Maple boring lah. I play sometimes cos im bored. And got nothing better to do.

I still think those high level maplers = no lifers. :P
yeah, maple sucks. played it last time, found it nice, heard people saying it was crap, thought about it, and quit. -_- maple has made people crazy. there are even maple FAMILIES. like, what the hell?
C'mon, elaborate, please. MS is the best game created? Why? Because you have fun in it? People have fun mutilating themselves, you know. But wait, I just repeated myself.

"U the one that is lame!!!!!" - You are referring to?
Hey give him a break, he's only in Pri 4 after all. Sound familiar? =)

Anyway many Singaporean youths either don't know how to or won't bother to find out how to get hooked up to a private server.

MU Online was good though it lacked a decent storyline. Oh, don't forget Knight Online. Or even Conquer. Neverwinter Nights is good too, if my cousin can be trusted.

Just don't play Rakion. Or a WoW private server. Lol.
heard that there're lots of hacks for the game. have a friend who creates them. some people took his hacks, and sold them. he was blasting mad lah. haha. great site, mot.
lmao private svr for WoW, that will be so boring =/
Try this game. It's mostly an MMORPG but it can be played in Single Player mode as well.

One of the best ever created. Try it now.

Sorry, the link doesn't work, I think.

Just go to www.progressquest.com
Shattered Galaxy to me is the best online game ive ever played besides the no brainer CS which i quit 3 years ago. But i still play Shattered Galaxy.

But sadly its a dying game. With a technical and maintanence team which doesnt really care much to further develope the game anymore.
Yes, I agree.. There are just so many kids/twits in Maple and it is so not fun :D
LMAO. Thats why i repeatedly refuse to play maple even though people ask me to :D Nice post :D
Best. Post. Ever. Had me laughing my freaking ass off all the way!
THAT is freaky.
Maple is gay.
I know people who quarreled/ended their friendship because of Maple.
What a twit game. tskk.

Those who said that Maple is the best game ever created, get out of your stupid hole and look at the world. There are other way better games than your stupid maple alright. You play maple. Why? Because it's free and you see your friends start playing it, you play. Ohmygod copycats.
\to fiona hates maplestory/
dots -.- is playing a game cos ur frds play it called copycats? u're ridiculous -.-
to anonymous:


"you see your friends start playing it, you play."

Now you see the keyword? What I meant was, in order to prevent oneself from being an outcast, one follows the crowd and start playing the so-called very 'in' maplestory. Like when one sees someone liking mickeymouse, s/he starts to like mickey as well. You get the picture now?
ehhs. i hope u didn't trade mie to ask for money. cos i wnt gif a cent XDXD
i mean, i wouldnt say maple isnt nice when youre playing with your friends like you can chat and play at the same time! bird's throwing two stones! haha. but then yeah, its KINDA twitish luhhhh. but what to do if some ppl loved it, you cant stop them either.

what you dont like doesnt mean it's twitish. winks.

uhm im not contradicting myself, just merely stating some facts which i encountered before :)
well, I am not trying to say that.. MAPLE IS TWITISH MEANS YOU MUST THINK ITS TWITISH.

maple is a twitish game.. well, that's what I think lah. It's okay. Everyone has different point of view.

Anyway, have you kindda got my point?

Cheers :).
They play it out of peer pressure, so it's not really copcatting. They see their friends all playing, and they are pressured into playing it so they won't be the odd one out. And maple is not a twittish game. It just happens to have a large number of so-called "twits".
hey you guys rocks! i got stomachache after all those laugh about the maple post. well really, twits are some kind of people who doesn't speak proper english and their english language sucks too. :)
1000% waste of time.another life consuming game!
that kissy thing is supp to represent whistling ahahaha.post more of these stuff!
rock on! \m/
My high-level character consumed my end of year holiday and my anonymous fren hacked it!!!
can u imgaine that some guys would use female characters and cheat on other guys' meso and stuffs
OHWELL online game s'pose to turn out like that cause y'know ppl would abuse the advantages/disadvantages that you'd call them and guys ended up having f character and girls having m character. life's like that.

how come you dont say maple sucks when you yourself is playing the game hur?
hahaha! i laughed my ass offfff this man :D mot's a great site! post often huh!
and i didn't include this:

camry was asking for MAPLE bf and this guy traded her and asked, "you sexy? your breasts big?"

omg wtf. rofl :D
Damn, she should have said something like "No, but I've got 20-inch schlong." That would have been cool.
I doubt many Singaporeans know what's a schlong.
Touche. I doubt many Singaporeans have a 20-inch schlong, too.
I doubt many people have a 20-inch schlong...
Maple is a definate boring game.(well to some like me lol)
I really dun see wats good about maple.like pring said,its too mario-ish.Infact worse than mario.So flat 2D.left n right only omg all crammed together.
All u need to do is eep lvling n show of ur items n KS other players.
It would rock if its a free pk.
-some guys play maple only becos they wanna woo small gals in the game. =D
-some cant face reality in a pk game thus coming to maple.
Good point.

Maple reminds me of the Castlevania series, which I love alot. There's just this novelty about playing 2D games. Very retro.

Maple pk? LOL. Ever played Darkeden? It's a horrible Korean game where you get pk'ed by someone of the opposite race once every few minutes. =( PK is good, but please don't make it free pk. A pk zone would be nice, though.
Haha. Your post is damn funny. I play maple story, but I've never looked at it this way... Once some guy asked me whether I was chio cause my character supposedly was, and then he followed me around the whole game asking me all sorts of personal questions... Deprived sods.
maple story and the player's intelligence is inversely proportionate.
whoops i mean the level you get in maple story. haha
yoz!..u rock!!
so funny manss!
Whatever la. Fuk you! Just because you do not know how to play the game doesn't mean you can flame it. This post sucks!
Most of us think this entry rocks.
I think there are more intelligent ways to flame twits. And yes, I'm convinced the weird and very persistent girl at the end was camry.
awesome post.

the part where pring said that people were flocking to him was super funny. (:

rock on.
Am I even flaming MapleStory?

I just saw the MOT friendster account and I was puzzled - the post on MOT rejecting a Twit who wanted to add the account to her friendster seemed to contradict the existence of the account.

I wanted to add the account but I had second thoughts then -

The very first friend I clicked on the MOT account was a twit.

Enlighten me, please.
like maple is so lame...and like...so are you...but you are funny lame...or are you?...im like...such a BIMBO....like...totally?and im like....so pretty?am i?...well i think i am...or do i?LIKE WHATEVERRR....im going to commit suicide right now...or am i not?...someone tell me please....im such a BIMBO......

apparently she's an attitudesterx`
wtf?! LOL.
great blog, i really love you guys (:
pLaY mApLeStOrIeE bErIi cOoLxZxZ wOrXzXz. bErIi fUn tOo pLaY aNd i cAn mAke bOiI fRieNds wOrRxZ. mApLe nIce nEhxz. eUuU wiLL lUbB iT.

[[kAwAii gAL-*
[aNiMee fReAK-**
That was so fucking true and hilarious XD!
maplestory was a fun game,wizet decided to make a local one and 10 y/o starts playing swearing all over the place and spoiling the game,its exactly the same as gunbound
Kaira, you might wanna check out my reply in the previous post. Nick and Jon would agree with what I said.
Why mention my name? I'm not the one she looks up to, heh...
I just thought you might have more to add, heh.
LOL ego makes it seem like 40year olds don't EVER curse and swear all over the place.

The person who impersonated pinkslut is pretty hilarious too.
I heard recently from some of my classmates that maple now has a marriage system that costs around a million mesos. nice, NOT.
maple is jusz plain boring...ZZZZz
hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah.the funny part was when you came in and that guy shouted "CHAO TA KIA" .hahahahafuckin cunts.
maple story sucks. all of them suck. oh you and camry are really cute! i love the part you wanted a kiss or something at the ladder. haha great effort for a good read :)
hello. i do play maple but don't really get addicted to it.

one thing about maple is that, I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY "KS" or "CC". Like WTF? its like as if that channel BELONGS to them.

and WHATS WITH FINDING A GF/BF IN MAPLE WHO ARE JUST THREE INCHES TALL? that's like so pathetic. If everyone who plays maple CAN "FALL IN LOVE" by just looking at "PRETTY" characters, THERE WILL BE ALOOOOOT COUPLES out there.

but THUMBS UP for this post. its just superbly HILARIOUS. keep upppp. :)
ohhh btw, there's this MARRIAGE thingy going on in MAPLE.

and it COST a BOMB. after marriage then? (:
YA LA. I went as a noob. then i was killing some pigs or something then he is i apparently "ks-ed" him when i just stood there and tried to hit one pig.

THEN he decided to show me his friends after saying "my friend lvl 99" and whatever leh. Then he was so irrtating. So I, obviously DEFAME him. Then he started starting those weird conversatations about how high leveled his friends are. NO LIFE, seriously.


And the love thing? EW?
yups. there will BRAG and BRAG and BRAG that their friends are MUCH MORE HIGH LEVEL than us.

like HELLO! its your friends, not you. and WHAT CAN A HIGH LEVEL MAPLE CHARACTER DO?

for God's sake, these people are pathetic. i play maple to relieve my stress, but i get stressedup by these people.

and MOSTLY, all the one who always say "KS" "CC" are only PRI SCH kids. and one even "jio" me out. whatever that is. =.=
QUOTE: Then this idiot came along, took away the money Cai Shen dropped for us, and kept on switching channels as we tried to ask him nicely for the money.

Lame eh? Caishen where got drop meso like that de, u drop meso urself say lah! And you say people doesnt give you meso, please be aware, everybody was once a noob, who helped us when we're a noob, we get bullied as well when we're low level. For that 'low level guy' who gave you 5K, do you know that there's always something called a MAIN ACCOUNT? That guy MIGHT JUST BE one of the highest level with hundreds over million to spare. Please la, you only entered the game for like less than 1week and you assume these?
getting a little touchy here aren't we lol.
Like maple is full of kawaii people...like me!?wait a minute..am i cute?Like Whateverrrrrr...btw who am i ...?why am i alive.....?o well i gotta go commit suicide....or am i?
Screams*like..im back..heehee...damn what was i gonan say?...nvm i go think again..was i even thinking?...
OOO i remembered!!i wanted to tell you guys i had brocoli for lunch!!!LIKE THATS SO TOTALLY RADICAL!!like...if u ever eat brocoli for lunch..you would be the coolest person ..Like EVERRRR. (eat ur greens!)
I find the above writer disturbing.
Well, MOT attracts idiots too.
Hey thanks for the post guys. Can tell u peeps put effort in making the screens and setting up the stage for the screen.


More posts like this (and Habbo post), and u will rock the world down.
haha, great post.
I used to play Maple until recently, but had no idea about all this weird desperate gf-bf things, and only had an inkling of the kind of idiots that are similiarly playing the game thru the megaphone thing. wasting 65cents to say 'h3llo, miee boredd w0rXx' is just, -shudder-.
and yes, wth is up w pinkbimbo.
They all tend to just "sing along", don't they? Like nursery kids singing nursery rhymes.
WAHAHHAHA. i play maple alot. but that post is just awesome x) in the end the lovinHIM married another guy :x

and yes.. shinadagger.. the one and only spammer, my whole buddy list hates her.
Who ever said that I was refering to the spammers on Maple?
Blame it on our education system. Conform people, conform!

I wonder, would they still be singing the same tune should their friends be featured?
wow.... bravo post... nice job... post more of this kinda..
There's nothing wrong with agreeing, but I thought I heard a familiar tune. Thought, because this time, it sounded some what like squealing.
what's with the holier-than-thou crap? anyone's entitled to comment, I guess it so happens everyone concurs - that's no crime, is it?
"anyone's entitled to comment."

You just said it, dude. So why are you picking on his comment now?

Everyone concurs sure. Havoc's just saying that it gets boring when everyone does. Concur? Sounds like someone's been watching too much Catch Me If You Can...
If I were really "holier-than-thou", you'd already had your tongue crucified by now.

Change your name to "WaaaaaaaayOff".
That's the problem with supporting free speech. You might censor those opposing it in your cries for "no censorship".
I was just wondering,can u have sex on maple?
Something better ....http://www.newcreation.org.sg/homtestimonies.htm
hahahaz... FUNNY..
spend so much time downloading. write this post. den claim you're never going in.
lame aint it.
HAHAHA. holy shit
That was pretty funny. I think that maple story is pretty dumb if u ask me. I play runescape instead. I hate all that anima stuff. lol.
This is the same kid that did the last one. i am saying that you should go to www.runescape.com it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than that stinken maple story (blach) (point finger in my mouth's general direction)
GO TO RUNESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS COOL!!!!!!!!!
runescape = for useless fags who wank to every boob they see
I quitted Maple early. It's so dumb, that game. Waste time training and training. So high level also no use. The posts are funny.. (:
Hey i noe u guys dun lyk maple story, but must u all keep criticising it? To tell the truth, i lyk maple story. Once you become pros, it is fun ,nt to lvl up, but to be able to explore the game n meet more frens. i must admit though...the low lvled chars r indeed boring to play...
Very funny sia,this is the best maple blog i seen.Well,i only seen once and i conviced that Maple rox as i also play it.
holy . runescape isnt half as good as maple . Wanna play a game ? Make sure you get those that involves with the brain more then the fingers .

Dear Poster,

I never comment on these types of internet blogs, but I felt a need to blog after reading this. Never before have I laughed so hard in my life. This was a jewel of a post. Congrats on making my day.

I play maple story, I don't know what world you were playing in but kahini isn't near that. Also if u havn't played the game more then 3 hours total don't say it sucks it grows on you. Im sure everyone has played seomthing that they didnt like then find them selfs in love with it. Also when ur a higher level people stop being so immature and grow up. Also I dont hand out money to newb who will just quit a hour-2 later anyway. If your lvl 25+ sure ill give you some money, because you won't just stop playing. And normally in US servers you dont get ksed and people are nice. This game is great, side scrolling owns crap 3d unless 3d is made by a good devolper. This game looks nice and handles well. Just because someones a high level doesn't mean they have no life my freind plays 1-2hours a day and is lvl 97 while my self rack up about 6-7 a day and am only level 65 (He's been playing about 2-5 months before me.) Well just because you don't like the game dont Flame it, it does have over 1mil registerd accounts in us and jap combined. Anything with that many people playing isn't something to just toss out and call garbage. Most of you would like it if u spent some time playing this game and less time trying to think of ways and reasons not to. And not to long ago a TON of updates were realeased. If u havn't looked into this game do so, if u have maby you should go back and make sure you hate it, it's a great free game and very well setup.
ergh, you guys should play REAL mmorpgs...
I read this entry 1 week ago; laughed my ass off and decided to quit wasting my time on maple story (I wasted 6 months and $70 to raise a level 63 cleric in a supposedly FREE game). Now I read this again and it is still funny.

Contrary to what the maple-obsessed dude had to say, I would have given you dudes mesos if I knew you were in Bootes server. Dang~!

Keep up the funny entries!
Maple is fun actually. PROVIDED u got the time. hahas. simply hate people who brag abt their levels. so sicko. PUIS~ so wat if they are high level? they are maybe just noobs in real life. =x
Nah, Maple Story is still boring even if you got lots of time to waste. Why? Because you'll end up leveling on 3 types of monsters forever!(Mixed golems,Coolie Zombies,Bains)

Not only that, you'll need more than 2 million experience points to level up each time. Given that one monster gives 0.01% exp or less than that, please calculate how much time you need to whack the same monster again
and again.

Anyway, so many people are hitting level 70 and above, I don't consider those below level 70 "high levelled" (myself included).

To the commentor before me: eUU r Lame. :)
I first started playing Maple way back when it was in beta, when everyone was innocent and lvl50 was "damn high".

I moved to MapleSEA when it came out but it was soon filled with obsessed fanatic people who don't sleep and eat cup noodles all day while their butts get bigger sitting on their chairs infront of their computers.

And the game gets boring once you 1.Know everything about Maple (what points to add into which attribute, how much x item costs, where all the hidden streets are, etc...) 2.Have so much money that you rather NPC equip drops then sell it. 3.Get to such a high level that you suddenly think: What can I do now? there's nothing to discover or go after now... sobsob.

MrNooby - lvl40 page with absolutely no cashshop items.

im ONCE a mapler as well.
well yeah i totally agree with what u said in your post
its so true.
but anyway, i tink that maple get boring once u get high levels.
and those hu can lvl to 50 in a week? (i've heard of that)
they seriously got no life man.
but actually, when u jsut start playing maple, these r the 3 stages (as a player) will experience.
1) newbie: u start to learn how to play and have fun
2) addiction: u get addicted and every minute, second u tink of maple maple maple.
3) sian-ness: u get sian as u go high levelled.
i play maple for a year and i got to level 75. i have friends who play for 6 months and get to level 80. wierd aint it?
but anyway i have quitted and the few millions of mesos in my account just stuck there. you can change to real money -.-
maple is just a game, no point getting so serious about it like some pple do
really can change to real money ar?! as in sg currency? yeah!!! i shall work in maple instead!!!
i reacted the same way when Nina (that blue-haired with rabbit ears) said that.
I used to maple too but I quit cuz it got way too boring and with hackers in game it just fell apart. Maple is fun for awhile but once you've seen everything, it's boring. I love this post! Can't believe I used to spend so many hours on this game.
2 thumbs up
rated:5 stars blog
HAHAHHAA! I like your version of MapleStory. ;) Very entertaining

those dudes are losers.
help me make my blog please
hmmm... actually, maple is not bad a game just that twits that go "WHO WANTS TO BE MY MAPLE BF@@@" just totally spoils it. im a lvl 48 hunter there and if you asked me for money, i wont giv you even 1 meso. why? because you should just go kill monsters and earn it yourself, or how will you ever be proud of your own character? I hate beggars. i agree that twits there are aplenty but tthank goodness i choose not to mix with them. and what the heck you go in with such an IGN and expect people to be nice to you?! maple gf bf is just a lame stupid thing. and for guys who play girl characters, OMG GAY? and yes i totally agree that spamming of the super mega phones is super irritating. but what can i say? let those with money spend it. and i seriously takes skill to reach a high level within a few months considering normal people cant. and if you havent even tried the game, dont say it sucks. (to all who havent tried and is flaming t he game)
i used to play the game during my leisure time... but right now i'm glad i no longer play it... i actually spent money on it wtf right. soso crazy. the young ppl nowadays kills all the fun... i mean it's not a bad game originally, but the brainless ppl ruined it all... and the thing is i'm a young person too.. i'm 17 years old now... but for the ppl my age, well at least those i know, don't act so brainless nor do they use act cute language. act cute language is so wrong. actually a lot of maplers are.. ok i don't mean to discriminate but i'm just saying, that many of them are in ite. and then someone i met in some map was telling me "ok i going now to sleep with my bf.. he can't wait le" righttttt and this girl is my age. and that was last year.. k nvm. before that, being in a sch where hardly anyone plays ms, i never knew singapore's society was filled with this kind of ppl. this is so disturbing.
Like yeah, You speak for every one dude. and LOVE in maple? that makes NO SENSE. like,how can you like someone when looking at thier avatar? Lame.
I used to play that mario game,but now i've quited. because it just made no sense for me to lvl up and DO NOTHING AT ALL. I wonder, what for you level up? It would make sense if you can do something MORE worthwhile,hence the leveling.But It has nothing. Maple just sucks.and Nice act-cuteness. Surfing friendster much? >_>
I think I'll stick to 3D MMORPG games.
ers..u r freaking bhb whu wan choose u ehhs =.= wad im e onli one.. u handsome ah show us ur pic la.. freaking noob .. aniwaes ur gf matches ur arlian facts .. i bet ur gf more pro den lin ru hua.

ps: st0p insulting other ppl in maple.. its lyk ur childish or sth ..perhaps jel0us? :)
haas,abit lame...but quite interesting n funny though.great post!
it's farnie! ahah. i keep laughing. wtf. bye!
so funny!
hey dude! .. i like ur entry man!.. its soo goddamn funny sia. i think ur talented leh.. post more of this leh! i bet-cha it will be the coolest entry in the entire history! .. keep it up! =D
HEY I AM REYALIS !!!!!!!!! WHY GOT MY NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT SS HOW LONG AGO ?? LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO !!! LMAOROFLLOL !!!!!!!!
Pring robbed me of 100K !!!!!!!!!!!
Pring u r banned.
hahahaha...habboh hotel also like tat
lols. pring ssssssssuuuuuuu
lets break. insult my character onli.
Pring rocks lol he always make me laugh. Maple is for despo kids who want a sex partner [well usually]
lole i dun read dat
why u talk like that?
everytime someone talks as horribly as you,god kills a kitten

you rock man(: i never play maple but i heard my frenx talking bout it. like i dun really care bout these kinda internet games, theyre super useless. must well go out hanging around chatting face to face with friends or anything. maple is for despo FREAKOS. lol.
i think that girl with split personality must be a TWIT EXTERMINATOR too(: lol
HAHAs. the girl is definitely the best TWIT. LOLs. she should be awarded the best twit award. (:
=D yep certain people are quite scary on maple story!
*cough cough* no offence but people can't spell -_-" i was spending 2 mins trying to figure out what people are saying when you were in fm (i think).MS is getting boring,people are inactive even the guild but w/e nice little life on ms

My gawd. that is THE funniest thing I have ever read. Kudos!
OMG my Acc in inside lol RoxyBoy24 hehe i still using lolx..
Coolest and funniest blog post I ever read! Muahahahahahaha.... I really LMAO... XD
rofl that high level = pro part cracked me up lol thats how people with no life actually earn money, train characters and sell them for real cash, my friend does that and apperently he profits like 600+ per month after subtracting costs from it >_>
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!! hahas!! it is so damn damn damn funni sia!! i was laughing e whole way through!! wahahahahs!!!so funni!!damn damn damn funni!!y dun post mure!!it ish so damn funni,i tell u ar, i almost fall dwn e chair!!o yar,y ur character nb wear shirt n pants 1 har?r u tryin to be superman?eh?budden superman gt wear clothe one lel!!o anw, post mure plzz!!hahas!!
By AzrealDave nice one haha i love you add me im AzrealDave aquila
hahas. the posts are like chao funny. ur bloggy rocks but then agn . me iishh mArRiieD iN mApLeSeA ~ omiigoshh . how do pple type like that isnt it easier typing normally. lols ..i mean yea i think onli those tht find mgf/bf through eg megaphone or suddenly trade you and say "be my mgf" are fulltime despos. cuz my maple laogongg .. like..we dno ea other in real life but then at least we were gd frens b4 gettin married rite ? and i mean its just a game -.- and we like ea other personalities you bu shuang mehxXzx. mayb we'll meet some day muahaha ! and pple who plae ms do haf lives hor . onli those who chiong 24/7 and like starve and don slp are ... yea . so in defence of other maplers who play for fun (and talking to frens/relieving stress!!:D) we haf lives! at least some signs of having one(: priings u shld get a better one too . but thanks fer making me laff laff laugh ~ haf a nice day =X

p.s. i lurvvebbs m0ii deaRrdeaRr <33
GOSH someoen teach me how to do it better .its nice to irritate frens wif tht x)
however, i think that saying maple story is a waste of time is wrong as we play to past time and release stress.. being high level IS NOT A PRO..
however most mapler says that.. which i tink is not true.. able to have most knowledge in the game is considered pro.. and most of all playing smart..
YES! u r right.. using megaphone to jus say a few words is wasting money as maple is only a 2D GAME and IS MOST POPULAR FOR KIDS.. they WILL SPENT MONEY on the so called wadeva cash item they have..
playing it for leisure is not a waste of time in my opinion.. however i m not saying that u r wrong.. it depends on view u look at..
MapleStory is kinda fun when your computer is crap and dies on you when you try to run Quake 4 or D&D Online.

But yes unfortunately twits and other kinds of fucktards tend to form a large majority of the population D:
Well, if everyone's listing the bad points of games, guess I'll do mine as well.

WoW (I personally call it World of Waiting)? You're basically paying for a game that lets you wait in line for hours because the server is at a max capacity. If you do manage to log in nowadays, its because the players in there did something which is called "quit". Oh, and once you hit the end-game it totally sucks unless you're part of a actively raiding guild. Trust me. Been there, done that.

D&D Online? Its not quite there yet. Playing the old school D&D owns the online version. You get to choose your adventure and make choices, yes, but its still hack and slash and gain exp and stuff. So, meh.

Runescape? I'd rather suggest you read X-Men comics or go teach your grandma to dance hip-hop, its seriously not worth your time.

GunBound? What's the purpose of this game again? Nice shots, get gold and rank, buy upgrade and look cool? That is worth your time? Geez.

Maplestory? In MSea the community is totally a fucked up one. And a game is definitely not worth playing if you have fucktards running around in the game. Oh yeah, hacks own in MapleSea. So if you're not a hacker, better start to learn to be one. Don't be outdated with most of the currently fast lvling players who claims they buy 24hr 2x exp. That's bullshit.

Gunz? Bang bang, jump slash jump slash, slash shot, dodge, dodge, bang bang. Yeah, thats basically it. Oh wait, you can reload.

Rakion? Just be a Power User and you'll win. Simple as that.

Ragnarok? Omg you actually paid to play this? This game would be so cool, if the year now was 1998.

In short, the only I can say through experience of being GMs and beta-testing games and playing MMOGs here and there, asian gamers' attitudes seriously suck. They're sense of dry humor is at an extremely low level and the way some of them speak this "twit-language" or whatever you call it is fucking irritating.

So please, learn the proper gaming ethics before you start to be critical towards a game. Its no point ranting out in here trying to flame everyone else because you're making yourself look like a jackass. If the game really sucked there wouldnt be people playing the game. Its just that you NEVER sit down to think why people play such games and find it fun. You just agree with other haters like the jackasses you are and keep building on the stuff that's been posted before.

Oh, I hate Maple as well. But I got my own beliefs and reasons why I hate it. So cheers to Maple-haters.
"p0ke p0ke eeu"

Lawl. Look at that cute little slut.
kao pei la. na bu
kaninabuchaojeebuy!! i like maple lor..juz bcoz u guys dun like maple doesnt mean everyone has to do the same..i admit it's funni bud it's damn critising lor!! all e members spents a lotta time creating maple,den u cum n critisise?!hu do u dink u r,huh?!u so cleva u go n make one game lar...n since u tot it was lame u ought nt ot have played it in e first place lor!! n dose hu dislike maple plz dun critiseze it publicly..u can be sued for slandering..lor..
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lalalala... maple dosen't suck its cos of ur point of view diaoz -.-ll
it may rock to sum ppl but may sux so some... its just ur point of view..dun anyhow criticize jus cos u dun like... u dun like it stfu and do whatever u wan... but..i agree when u plau too much it gets borin.... sian but wad to do what other games to play..and its a waste of time sumtimes when ur busy..but to me it rox sumtimes,sux sumtiems dotz i got split personality
u hav the right 2 express ure own opinion. but at least try not 2 be biased.dun go n twist the facts so it might suit ure cause...dun make assumtions on maplers as u onli played it 4 a short period of time.if an alien were 2 read dis post n started 2 think dat all humans are asinines, it just wudn't be right...
lol.. some pretty funny shit u got here ;) keep it up!
SUPER NICE. lol!!!!!!
hmmn.... if u want really good games... dun play comp games... get a PS, GCN or XBOX... they're games are the BEST... GCN if u want cheap and original(no piracy) yet fun... PS2/XBOX for nice and cheap(pirated) or nice and really expensive(original)... this is coming from someone who has played ALL the games... well not all... but enuf to say console games own pc games... :)
lol very cool keep it up!!
there's a girl or maybe a boy named AkikoAkiko who like to spam too. She's trying to catch up with MrYaNdAo - the character who is the highest level in aquila - or something ? trying at the same place but just different channel.
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