Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Epitome of Stupidity.

People coin themselves nicknames because they don't think their original one is cute enough, or unique enough, or angmoh enough. For example, this girl called Sio Kan might find herself unsatisfied with her original name and decide to give herself a name like Hope or Destiny or Kimchi.

Twits, they can't seem to be satisfied these days. They are given beautiful names like Jacqueline or Rose or even Princess. But no, they don't like. They want speeeesheeer. Something so unique you go google it also cannot find one.

But sometimes, they tend to go too crazy with their already very limited imagination, and end up with such names. What I am going to show you, may be what your future kids want to call themselves if this trend keeps up.

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Photo courtesy of Fannyowemoney

So, unless you want your unborn daughter to be called Silly Chew or your unborn son to be known as Stupid Ng, do your part for the community and stab a twit today!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Best Friendster Bulletins Ever

I know there are tons of friendster bulletins being passed around and 93% are not worth reading. Honestly, I almost never notice any bulletins that's being pinned up by friends.
Anyhow, these are the better bulletins spotted by the friends of MOT. Thanks to Mel and Remona... and the real authors of these bulletins.
Just for laughs and to, uh. kill some time.. :)
Although some may sound pretty harsh. >_< Ow.
(And if you have some good bulletins and want to share, do e-mail us at, if it's good we'll add it in.)

Friendster Bulletin #1

1. To the people who does have more than 500 friend's, are you serious? Nobody in this universe has that many're stupid. Go kill yourself.

2. If you're ugly stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" doesn't convince anybody. at least you can work on your personality.

3. Don't ever post pictures and say "omg im so ugly" because if you were, you wouldn't post them.please put away the rod and reel cause your just fishin for compliments.

4. Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hard with the keyboard...that's so sad. unless you actually physically beat someone with the keyboard. then thats ironically hilarious.

5. If all your pictures look the same...don't post them all! Please put some variety in your pics. Nobody wants to see your face 8 different ways. I don't care if its inverted, black and white, or faded out. a face is a face is a face. (This reminds me of Mr OSG. HAHA)

6. Who really gives a rats ass if I don't accept you as a friend...MOVE ON. Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up?" I don't want you as a friend or I just don't care, that's what's up!

7. LITTLE 13, 14, 15, years old who have friendster and LOOK LIKE SLUTS, go somewhere else because NOBODY wants you here except pedophiles, and is that what you want. to be raped? no you don't so RUN RUN FAST!!

8. No one is really going to die in 6 days or have bad relationships for 5 years if they don't pass or post your bulletin on. & Nobody really cares whether you complete a quiz on 100 questions about yourself. so STOP posting them!

9. If you have decided to read this, You are a true Friendster Friend. Real friends read their bulletins.

10. It serves to eliminate people who are desperately trying to add "friends" like it's a popularity contest in high school. Good riddance!

Friendster Bulletin #2
Message: - Inspired- Inspired by Samuel/Jun Hao
who wrote a very true article.
- Hope this article will be passed down to those who realise it's the truth.

You see, people in friendster are like NUTS, Guys and Girls, no offence but, girls especially. You guys use the word me as miee, you as euu. 'diao' so damn frequently like using your grandma's lawn. Do yous guys know the meaning?
Guys too, listen up.
Diao - meaning a male's genital or rather, manhood strong and powerful, robust and sturdy.
You guys use it as if it's some -_- statement. Acting cute while you are at it.

Like what Samuel said, Friendster profiles are chewed up and spit out like bad bacon.

Next point.
I know for you youngster reading this at the age of 10-13. uP aNd DoWn is WaYyYY cOoL. ReAlLY uBeR aNd 1337. No, if you grow up, you'll find it real lame.
Unless you have a nickname which was like this till now. Try completing a resume
using aLtErNaTe cAps. I bet the person reading it will laugh his lungs out.
It's wayyyy gh3y. YES, GH3Y, pronounce it and it becomes GAY. Notes to add :
GH3Y is in h4ck3r's language.

I'm done with the first half, take a break.
Drink some coffee. Done? Read on.

75% of the girls always have this or something similiar in their profiles.

dUnCh MeSsAgE miie iN fWeNsTeR tWoo aDd eUu. yOU aDd miEe oNlY.
dUnCh aDd miIe JusT beCuZ eUu wAnT mOrE fRiEnS.
OH COME ON. I've seen many girls advertise on irc like this.. example. no offence now.

This one's from the channel #teens
[02:57] add miee in fwenster . . asap pls. .! thx!

Her profile which i went to, had the message.
>>>> if u msg muee to add muee in2 ur acct, sowie. im NOT interested.
just dun eva try ta add muee jus bcus u wan more fwens or u wan feel popular in fwenster. i dunch entertain to this kinda lame shiet. <<<<

See the irony? Anyways. Many people just add to raise some social status.
Especially those with 400-500 friends and need another account.
Since you have SOOOOO many so called 'friends'. How many actually talk to
u? do you all talk to each other?
All 500 of them? even msn messenger cannot hold 500 contacts.
There are sure to be people with 2 account or more, let's take 500 as 400 then.
Still, MSN MESSENGER can only hold 150 contacts, unless you're a premium member.

I hope i'm not inflicting any pain to you if you are one of those like stated above, it's just the painful truth that shows how retarded and imbecile singaporeans can

So girls, stop euuu-ing and miieee-ing and pwease, ish bery irritating to shee tat.
Such english, go rot in hell ^^. And it isn't cute at all. People would laugh at your stupidity instead. We would love to minimize the spellings in a word, like
reducing you to u. Which retarded would wanna type u as euu? Either you're childish or just stupid.

The reason why Singapore isn't very much improving cause of US,
we singaporeans have become laughing stock of society actually.

So if you actually read here, I'm glad you did.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Update simi update lah.

You want update, yah? OKAY LAH, I GIVE YOU!!!111
Just don't cry when you see this.
The MOT crew went to visit a fortune teller last week.

Ah Pek: Shut down the site... because... the twits are going to overpower you three... sooooooon..... They will...
Cam: Huh? So serious?
Ah Pek: Yes lah, you think what? Your fans all flood the tagboard with the twits URL, all of them very the angry you know or not?
Pring: ... Our fault?
Ah Pek: Arboden? Don't underestimate the twit network ok?! This is for your own good. Want to listen then listen. Dont want listen then sua.
HVV whispers to Cam: This uncle also visit MOT one eh.

(Bla bla.. @#*^$#$*%$*(#$^)

So... we're all lost and confused, we really don't know what to do. Not that we've run out of ideas... we all lost our balls. T.T The twits! They are going... to dominate the world!! Now, what should we all do?

There are only two options.
1. Run and hide under your blanket.
2. Take out your parang and act tough! >:|

Right..................... It's a damn cold night.
So cold... brr. :D
Par... par.. pardon my cold-ness.
MOT ain't even funneh.
Pring has no sense of humour. You don't need me to tell you this, you can already tell, right?

kk. To the whole point of this entry...

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Please do not spam people's blog/friendster URL anyhow on our tagboard. Honestly, MOT don't bother to click on the links provided... only the other fellow readers do... so no point hoping and praying everyday MOT would feature them. (Even if you're very desperate, at least be more sincere, right? E-mail us and tell us why you think he/she deserves it with good and reasonable explanations lah! Then again, we seldom check our e-mails...)

When somebody spams a really twitish URL, don't bother to go tag at the tagboard to try and stir trouble. Don't even waste your time on them, really, don't. Even if he/she really pisses you off, just don't waste your breath. Scratching your ass or picking your nose would be a better thing to do.

And the popular colinandkero@blogspot site... stop asking us to go read it. MOT is not against homos... and well, they just have a pinkish blogskin. I'm not keen to read what they do to each other... *shrugs shoulder* I know what gays do already. :D Front door, back door? No? Oh.... true love~ true love~

Peace. v(^_^)v (not TWIST, hor!)

Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool's Prank Automath

Hello MOT!
Byebye x|aO`sHaNn!

Wah, xIaO`sHaNn must be very pro hor? Manage to hack into MOT website.
Actually, hacking MOT was easy. My account name is kEaIpringx and my password was ilovecamry. Laughing now? :( Oh I deserved it. Anyhow, she emailed us to say she'd return us the site if we promised to never discuss about twits and her clique of friends again. So we did... and she kept her promise! Some data had been lost in the process... but what matters most is we're all thankful MOT is back. Aren't we?
If you're happy and you know it, (don't clap your hands). Please go thank her at

Happy (belated) April Fool's Day. MOT wasn't around to celebrate.
For those who were wondering why MOT had been MIA for so long, actually...



We were all busy practising our skills. (Look at our xIaO`sHaNn entry! It was a masterpiece!)

Aye. Some people, upon seeing this, will go: "Thank God it was just a joke!"
The other smarter ones will go, "I knew it! SEE! I KNEW IT!", while a minority go "CB. MOT haven't die ah." To those who were wondering... how come we didn't react when MOT was supposedly hacked? You know, we did, but the tagboard was heavily flooded. Furthermore, we don't visit the blog everyday. I'm sure you know why... (we're all so lazy)

I don't get this though.. every stupid thing that happens to MOT, Pring has to be guilty no matter what! WHY? WHY? Bloody hell. Whatever... I admit, it was me, xiia0pringx behind this stupid prank. HVV got a shock and called Cam to look at the site, then my darling Cam called me. "HEY WTF DID YOU DO!!!11" Oh... well..... :(

Nevermind that. The tagboard was so flooded with many xIaO`sHaNn haters, I didn't manage to catch everything everyone commented. I've become quite a professional at typing twit, haven't I? Honestly, I just typed them anyhow. I haven't even seen those words myself either. I suppose, twit language has got no boundaries. After all, if anyone bother to use his brains, he'd be able to comprehend what I was actually trying to say after some hypothesis. It's not that hard, really.

Bah.. here comes my confession.
Where was MOT hidden? We were only renamed to museum-of-tits. Ha, ha. Very stupid URL indeed, but you think I care? Nobody was supposed to know where we went, anyway. Muahah. :D
Regarding "Rivervale Sec"... I couldn't possibly put tarnish any school's reputation just like that so I came up with some non-existent school hoping nobody would notice. However, I don't get why some people even checked out the MOE website to see if RIVERVALE SEC actually exist.
The whole template.. Neither did I bother to include other links of twits (which would have otherwise provided great sources of fun :D), nor did I send xIaO`sHaNn's friends coming in to defend her. I thought the template was cute. As in, "my love for you has sink to the bottom of the ocean". You liked it as well, didn't you?
Oh well, on the whole, I guess I managed to make 70% of the people go "WTF" when they entered MOT so I shall say, hip hip hurray! I made it. :)

If you missed it, here's some of the SS I have to share.
Look look~ Many antagonised readers over here.. Shows how much MOT was being loved. Aww, gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling. I wanna hug all of you. One by one and then slap you guys. Waste time on scolding a twit? ...oh no no baby. So uncool. X)

See.. Even had an imposter xIaO`sHaNn.. I suppose this is the same person who tries to be me on the tagboard everytime. :) I think he did quite a good job though. Still, thumbs up for that boliao guy who helped me to fake xIaO`sHaNn's presence.

Carol, oh carol.

Tell me, what was your first reaction?

What was your reaction to see.. xIaO`sHaNn wUrLd on MOT?
WTF is this man? Wrong site?
OMG, tell me this is not true, please!
yayys. 0rBiGo0d.. no more MOT lerx.
Ha... Ha... So.. Cool... man...
Chey. So fake lorrr...
Must be Pring lah!
Others (please specify)
Free polls from

OK I shall end my not-an-entry kind of entry here. I'm L-A-Z-Y, but Cam and HVV are L-A-Z-I-E-R.

Uh. Once again, sorry to disappoint those anti-MOT who thought MOT had gone. Who is so boliao to want to hack MOT? You get what I mean, in the first place, MOT is a site not worth visiting. HOR? :p

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