Saturday, October 01, 2005

hAppiE cHiLdRens dAy w0rx!

Yeeeeeehaaaaaa! All thanks to "lol", everyone of us gets a good ROFL! Since it's Children's Day today, I think I might as well make a child feel loved.

Huh, no? She's not a child, you say? Aiyah, don't lie.


How suitable for an occasion like Children's Day. The moment I saw her primary photo I couldn't stop laughing, but after the humour's gone I suddenly have this immense urge to rip whatever the *beep* is out of her mouth, and start enlightening her the correct use of a pacifier. What has the world become to these days? It's really really horrifying me.


Well well well, I hope my eyes aren't failing me at such a tender age. But, what did I just see? No sight of any chicks, honestly. WHERE GOT CHICK? But her *ahem* rosy cheeks do manage to capture my attention. Heehee. I'm starting to get more freaked out as I proceed to look and what her mouth is doing.

Dengue Mosquito #1: Her cheeks are so inviting.. should we eat her? >:D

Since I doubt she understands what colour RED is, and what chicks actually are... Let me show her what it means by "two red chicks". Unless your heavily made-up cheeks can grow up and lay eggs, you do not have two red chicks.

Chirp chirp!

paii sehh lerhhs.ii gettiingg redd.

This is why you agree with me she's such a special child, right? We have never come across anybody who has such an unnatural blush when she gets shy. If I didn't know I'd have thought she saw some humongous *beep* or something.

nerdyy miee.

Girl, girl, girl, tch. Putting on a pair of emo specs and biting onto a bus seat doesn't make you a nerd. It makes you look what we like to call, stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D, stupid. You understand, don't you? You know? As in dumb, idiot? Stupid? Uh? You don't get it? AIYA, BEN DAN, YOU UNDERSTAND? Still no? What about benx danx? Now you understand?

/xiiaojiia nods happily.

iin myy chinesee dancee c0stumee`

Hey, very thoughtful of her to decide to share something so special with us, and we'd all like to see it... BUT IT WOULD BE NICE IF SHE WOULD NOT MAKE HER BEAUTIFUL FACE TAKE UP THE WHOLE SCREEN AND LET US SEE HER FUCKING CHINESE DANCE COSTUME AS SHE PROMISED. My dearest xiiaojiia, you sure have an ability to make people yearn for more. ^_^

miee ishh e 0ne`wearingg BLUE!mwackks`

Now, which one is in blue, you tell me? I infer that she should probably be the one on the left, but seriously, that doesnt look at all blue-ish to me. It's more of black due to the excessively bad lighting. Or maybe she was behind the lousy camera taking photo wearing blue, just too smart to realise if she's actually behind the camera we can't see her in the photo. I don't know, but I sure I wouldn't be surprised if that was accurate, afterall, twits are too smart. >:)

Now, we even saw the account she shared with her friend. And you could never decipher what her account name was trying to say. It's actually called 'grabb you!

My first reaction was, "OMG, grab what?" I don't know what it was. I doubt Camry and HVV would be able to tell me either, but I guess it must be something really bad.
Later on I sensed my thing from down there squealing. Oh, sheesh.

OMGWTF, do you think our twangs are that teeny? OPEN YOUR PALM BIGGER FOR OUR SAKE. If you want to look like you're grabbing my thing, at least do it properly, goodness! :D

Alright, this is enough; I’m making myself sick talking about such frivolous crap. I ought to go get a rest. Oh yeah, HVV told us to wake him up when September ends, didn't he? So it's time to rise and shine, HVV the dumbfuck! Hahahaha. Right, not funny. :(

HVV: Alright I've woken up, I've cleared my whole month worth of pee and I had my cococrunch. Now I'm here to continue where Pring left off. Since he touched on her captivating and gorgeous photos, I'll do her profile. Don't mind me if I'm a tad too rusty, 90% of my dreams were wet so nothing really constructive came out of the one month sleep.

I did develop a tragic hate for Greenday, though.

Xiiaojiia's profile is rather simple, but nothing escapes the eye of HVV! Hiak hiak hiak >:D

Occupation:sellingg SOUR CHOCO-POTTYY

HVV: I'd love to comment on this, once I find out what the fuck is a sour choco-potty. Isn't a potty something for kids to shit in. Oh well, send my regards to Ms Minnie and Ms Barbie when you see them. Sigh, don't you have enough friends in your 3 friendster accounts already? Why do you still need to keep imaginary friends?


HVV: You surf? Give me a break. I'd rather believe Sylvester Sim is handsome.

Favorite Movies:GHOSTT.

HVV: I wouldn't be surprised. If I had your kind of face and make-up set, I'd be used to it having to stare in the mirror everyday.

About Me:


HVV: Well xiaojia, MOT has given you something better than popularity. MOT has given you fame, people will start viewing your Friendster, you'll be cluelessly so happy everyone's interested in you. Well, MOT loves you and wants the best for you, babe.

Oh sheesh, her profile's real boring. You stinky mofo boring twit, well if you happen to land on MOT and see this, I insist you read our article on how to doll up your profile so people will start adding you and you will have tons and millions of friends. Don't you just love us?

Here at MOT, we only allow ourselves to give you the best, nothing but the best. Stay tune for more twit's ass-kicking action. LOVE.

OMG! Finally you guys posted something!!!! Haha~! This is so freaking funny. I was luffin my ass off. Esp. the one one the CHICKS. LOL!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! There are tears in my eyes. Omgomg.
freaky girl . WTH~ . even satan get freak out when he saw her
u guys are funny! (:
Laughs out loud. Finally an update. Good one Pring! 5 minutes to read MOT, was all worth while =D
hah! damn, i love this site, never fails to brighten my day. :) anyways, HAIRPEE CHILDRENS DAY, HAH!
i LOVE your blog! its so interesting. ((: update often!
friendster are full of twits, i think its a place where all kind of twits gather. It could be call twister.
UPDATE! hey i think its time to post on K3v man..=D
I think she is a by-product of animal testing.. You know sometimes people like these make good substitutes for cosmetic testing.
Pring! Fantastic entry! Although the red cheeks thing was a bit weird.. what the hell is that on her face?!
real talk :)
Omg~ thats a very nice one. LOL!!! I have been getting sick from people who's like Xiaoooo Jiaaaa acting cute in Friendster. "Oh whatever". I hate people who types what they called in a cute way, BUT its not cute for goodness sake. They are just entertaining us with jokes they didn't realise how funny it was until someone points them out. Hahahhaha. Nice one.
omg. such ugweeeee freaks. grab what? That was what I pondered. I hate seeing people acting cute. What's with their mouths and eyes? :S
knn sibei erxin la grab simi .. they think they're cute by doin those poses ?
these gals shld get drowned !
BEAUTIFULLY, SOURISH-ACIDIC vomit got itself out of my system when i saw her picture. my gawddddd. a PACIFIER? if she wants to be treated as a toddler,or better still, an infant, she should be in nursery. and in nursery they don't teach the kiddies to grab people's THINGS. ewwwwwwww.
your blog is nice,but please type in proper english,it's very irritating...
red chicks o.O LMAO
OMG . you people are so frigging funny !! LOL
U guys fuckin rock man! Finally sum1 stepped frwrd n poked fun n made a mockery of all those stupid fucks hu use BAH!i love this blog man!!!
wahahaha!! i kept laughing at that "chicks" thing.
lol,miaka - the pot calling the kettle black?
what can i say about those cHeeeeeeeKsZxH of hers?
makeup disaster.
her surf might be just surfing the internet and stuff... i think.
best blog i ever seen in my serious :D....i really hope to see about making a topic of how twits behave when they're out side?

abit post digger,but yea dun u think that the redness of her cheeks/CHICKs are unbalanced?
and HW,she may have meant surfing the net..=T
dun u think its not very nice to CRITISIZE on peoples photo. es when u don even know them!
as if ur photos are as gr8. freak off. dun understand just shuddup. and being jealous and insulting ppl sux. just like ppl like u. freak.
Why do you need to know people to comment on their picture? I admit my photos aren't that great, but at least I don't purposely go grab a pacifier, stuff it in my mouth, and take a picture. Neither do I take a picture of my cheeks so unnaturally pink. Even if I became a psycho and did those things, I'd never put them on my Friendster and show it to everyone else on the internet.

I really don't understand why xiiaojiaa did that, but I don't wanna shut up. As an inquisitive little boy, I want an explanation! I wanna understand. Please, tell me why she did those things. (And one thing you really ought to know. We aren't jealous of her. Like, uh, what's there to be jealous about? Her crazy nature? Oh?)

* you nothing better to do ar?

* are you a pervert

* or you got xin li zhang ai?

* you jealous others?

* or you yourselve looks UGLY?

` please lah find something better to do please

` Pervert

i think the hougang chalet will need you there

take care there

best regard
eh stupid anonymous.
hougang got no fucking chalet. were you implying IMH? IMH dont take in perverts. they take in people like you. mentally unstable and totally asinine. hahaha.

and stfu, if not, read before you speak. and remember to think. what's there to be jealous of this stupid girl called xiaojia. lmao.
are you like her? You paint your cheeks bright pink and still suck a pacifier at this age? lololololol. coooooool.
since she is now at the i-wish-i-was-young-again stage, she could maybe say, put ot a huge diaper and go on all fours, shave her head bald, stick the thumb in her mouth and advertise for mamypokopants. that would definitely bring so much fame and fortune for her. meanwhile, the diaper company could have a motto: i was so young that i became a virgin again. then we could call her a very cute chick(en) that would be totally cool.
duh- dis is so freakingly funni... :D... budden i still prefer e one bout e habbo n maple!! continue ta post n ya guys rockk e wrold!! without u all, dis worlld will b a dull ol' place ta live... with so mani nerdys a round..
purleaseeee omfg damn fucking funny can!
there aint no fuckin chalet in hougang you fucked up twat. go fuck your fucktard friends who think having long fringes is cool. dumbasses like you should be flamed. god, i dont know why people like you exist. fucking spoil singapores rep.

/rant over

* you nothing better to do ar?

* are you a pervert

* or you got xin li zhang ai?

* you jealous others?

* or you yourselve looks UGLY?

` please lah find something better to do please

` Pervert

i think the hougang chalet will need you there

take care there

best regard

what so pervertic about it?'re the queer around here. and what the motherfucking hell is xin li zhang ai? d'you think people will know? HEELLLOOO....knock knock, earth to Mr Anonymous, if you think you're that good looking why are you anonymous you asshole...? and here's a delivery for you Mr Loser:


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