Saturday, May 13, 2006

No one gets it.

I like to review the tagboard and comments left regarding our entries from time to time, not because I enjoy glorifying over the fact that people are treating MOT like a temple for worship, but because some of the comments and suggestions allows us to fill up the room for improvement, whereas some are just plainly mocking us at the expense of revealing their own stupidity.

There are people who simply don't get it, trying to pick faults with us without reading the whole entry properly, and instead they just sweep through the first few lines of each paragraph and condemn us for something we've already expected and rebutted in the entry itself.

Then there are those who think we're like some, online propaganda, trying to brainwash the readers by stuffing our ideals and views into their heads. Well, to a certain extent I admit this website possesses entries that carry a propaganda, but saying how self-righteous we are, trying to discriminate and brainwash our readers into doing so, is just way bullshit.

For one, we don't advertise our blog. Maybe we did a little racking of readers when we first started, which makes perfect sense for me since this isn't a personal blog, and it requires readers to complete the whole package. But we don't force people to link us, or even ask anyone to link us as a matter of fact. The only website we're affliated to is the Retard Patrol, who started out before we did and writes for a same cause.

Other than them, the people linking us do it on their own will. We don't force readership, and if we were so tech-savvy to even know anyway to brainwash them through a blog, we'd have gotten a much better layout, don't you think so?

Then there's this thing about us being self-righteous. How so, may I ask, are we self-righteous? True, the twit word have become (if I may dare say) revolutionary. People are referring to the term 'twit' everywhere I go. It has become a connotation that is fixed, somewhat appearing often in our daily conversations.

But we don't end every article with "This is right, this is best, this is the ONLY way you should live your life." We don't digress much on the degree of truth our entries hold; we're merely trying to voice our opinions on things we feel disgusted by.

Is that incorrect in any manner? The twits can set a blog, label us with some four letter word and start a revolution too, for all I care. You can try, and hurray for you if you succeed. That is just you voicing your hatred for us too, that's perfectly fine with me.

And for the third time, we don't fucking care.

We hardly reply on the tagboard nowadays, if you noticed. Because we don't care if you think we suck, or if you think our blog's not funny anymore. It was never meant to be something humourous, the humour was just to allow better engagement the readers can have with the entries. If you don't want to read just because MOT's not really funny anymore, please, by all means, fuck off and go read something you'd term better.

Because we don't fucking care.

Even if you think we're good, we're like your daily gazatte, you want to express your love and concern for the three of us, go ahead and shower your sprinkles of love coated in candy wax, we still don't care.

Because right now, we can't be anymore than bothered if we're going mainstream, or already at that stage, because our ideals for this blog has matured and we crave more than recognition, we want to write about people, or rather, certain characteristics that irks us.

Because for the last time in this entry, we don't fucking care.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Of Tammy, Colinandkero and your mom.

I'm sick and tired of people coming up to me and asking me "Eh have you read colinandkero?" or "Eh you know that gay blog anot ah?" and most of the time asking me to feature them in MOT.

For one, YES, I have fucking read colinandkero and I really don't understand all that hype to a blog set up my two guys who like to suck each other off.

And for the record, NO, I'm not going to do any feature on them in MOT (this doesn't count, this is an anatomy of the whole situation) because it'd just reflect on how stupid and close minded we are if we did, like most Singaporeans.

I admit, Singapore is way too tiny for a country as a whole, but we are an impactful minute on the globe. People are aware of our progress and standards, they know what we're celebrated for, and unfortunately of late, they also know what we're mocked at for.

Our close mindedness at ridiculous amounts.

Its a shame I tell you. Firstly it was the Tammy issue, which changed ours and her lives so much that her surname suddenly became NYP. Everyone was talking about the Tammy NYP, her average tits and the boyfriend's deformed penis. They discussed it during coffeeshop talk, in classes, on forums, in blogs, everyone wanted a piece of her.

Through word of mouth, the internet, and every other means of communication exposed to us, this handphone video scandal soon seeped into our neighbouring countries, continents, and I'm not surprised if our friendly aliens from Pluto have jacked off to it already via satellite tv.

You might think, we're heaving Singapore up the heights in terms of recognition, and people all around the world'd know that Singaporeans are capable of creating their dirty little scandals as well, and are not prim and proper as foreigners stereotype us to be.

Well, sha-la-la asswipes, people out there are laughing at us, not laughing with us.

They're mocking how we're making a mountain out of a molehill, going all ballocks over a 10 minute video of huge pixels humping one another. They probably have enough of such video and scandals to build a dam, and here we are, jacking off furiously to our very own homemade porn.

Here's a question I pose to you. Are you proud of all that? Of all the recognition we're having for our stupidty, shooting ourselves in the foot and welcoming the humiliation into our nation?

Colinandkero are still citing at all local level, and you might think its ok to humiliate ourselves since its still contained within the nation. Well bugger, so was the Tammy NYP issue before, but look at it now. Passe but people have imprinted an impression of Singapore and its citizens, and its the notorious kind in the very worst ways.

Do you want another wave of humiliation flooding your nation by pushing this colinandkero issue to an international level? Is this your envision for the nation - to make a mockery of herself with the hands of her own citizens?

I am pleading with you, shut up and get over it already. Life has to go on and if a year into this and you're still asking people "Eh you know the colinandkero?!", you probably never had a life to start with.

And if any of you are facing homosexuality issues, Pring's door is always open for you, drop us an email with the subject as "Pring I Know You're Gay" and my dear friend Pring'd be more than willing to drop you a reply.

What, you mean you didn't know? Duh, Pring loves to suck a nice schlong, so if you're looking for some relief down below, drop him an email too.

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