Sunday, May 07, 2006

Of Tammy, Colinandkero and your mom.

I'm sick and tired of people coming up to me and asking me "Eh have you read colinandkero?" or "Eh you know that gay blog anot ah?" and most of the time asking me to feature them in MOT.

For one, YES, I have fucking read colinandkero and I really don't understand all that hype to a blog set up my two guys who like to suck each other off.

And for the record, NO, I'm not going to do any feature on them in MOT (this doesn't count, this is an anatomy of the whole situation) because it'd just reflect on how stupid and close minded we are if we did, like most Singaporeans.

I admit, Singapore is way too tiny for a country as a whole, but we are an impactful minute on the globe. People are aware of our progress and standards, they know what we're celebrated for, and unfortunately of late, they also know what we're mocked at for.

Our close mindedness at ridiculous amounts.

Its a shame I tell you. Firstly it was the Tammy issue, which changed ours and her lives so much that her surname suddenly became NYP. Everyone was talking about the Tammy NYP, her average tits and the boyfriend's deformed penis. They discussed it during coffeeshop talk, in classes, on forums, in blogs, everyone wanted a piece of her.

Through word of mouth, the internet, and every other means of communication exposed to us, this handphone video scandal soon seeped into our neighbouring countries, continents, and I'm not surprised if our friendly aliens from Pluto have jacked off to it already via satellite tv.

You might think, we're heaving Singapore up the heights in terms of recognition, and people all around the world'd know that Singaporeans are capable of creating their dirty little scandals as well, and are not prim and proper as foreigners stereotype us to be.

Well, sha-la-la asswipes, people out there are laughing at us, not laughing with us.

They're mocking how we're making a mountain out of a molehill, going all ballocks over a 10 minute video of huge pixels humping one another. They probably have enough of such video and scandals to build a dam, and here we are, jacking off furiously to our very own homemade porn.

Here's a question I pose to you. Are you proud of all that? Of all the recognition we're having for our stupidty, shooting ourselves in the foot and welcoming the humiliation into our nation?

Colinandkero are still citing at all local level, and you might think its ok to humiliate ourselves since its still contained within the nation. Well bugger, so was the Tammy NYP issue before, but look at it now. Passe but people have imprinted an impression of Singapore and its citizens, and its the notorious kind in the very worst ways.

Do you want another wave of humiliation flooding your nation by pushing this colinandkero issue to an international level? Is this your envision for the nation - to make a mockery of herself with the hands of her own citizens?

I am pleading with you, shut up and get over it already. Life has to go on and if a year into this and you're still asking people "Eh you know the colinandkero?!", you probably never had a life to start with.

And if any of you are facing homosexuality issues, Pring's door is always open for you, drop us an email with the subject as "Pring I Know You're Gay" and my dear friend Pring'd be more than willing to drop you a reply.

What, you mean you didn't know? Duh, Pring loves to suck a nice schlong, so if you're looking for some relief down below, drop him an email too.

WHOA! lol those guys mus b damn no life lah... anyway 1st post! and NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo gh3y pring?!
PRECISELY. well said x)
what the icecream.

the reason why i became gay is because you snatched my camry from me. i keep quiet, i slit my wrists, i cry.
now you reveal my newest secret.
grr. you are very up to date arent you?

cheebye hvv. _|_
WOW. u just earned my respect HVV.
I am King. I am King. I am I am I am King.
lol... what els is new HVV =x
that is just sooo right. Singaporeans are sooo narrowminded
yeah..everyone's talking about it..whats the big deal about gays?not that it is a foreign word..
Yar,a pretty good point there.But its really inevitable for sucha HU HA to be made cause its the first time sucha case happens here,but people should really get their asses move out of tammy and colinandkeron issue.its their life,their freedom,what right do u,passer bys,have a goddamn say in their affairs?Porn porn lar,WTF.u can get them easily on the net man.why pay so much attention on one particular shit here.move on dudes.

HVV rox man.btw

damn hilarious.

gay pring. lol
well sad. (:
well said. (:
Good argument there.


where in the world is camry anyway? Busy dating with HVV?
:( I never knew what the Tammy NYP was about other than a sex video.
1stly, no offence for putting that nick prings :)

just some of my thoughts after reading this article, i realise singaporeans has a rli bad habit of doing things that's bad for themselves.

AGAIN i'm not referring to anyone,
but y wld someone wants to go n read a gay blog that dey wld it wld digusts dem? or send everyone tammy's video and utimately get luffed at for being so "making a mountain out of a molehill". NO POINT RIGHT??

Weird Singaporeans.but i'm a singaporean also lei, can don't call me weird? ( -.- ) coldzzz...

p.s. pring tell me if u tink my nick's cool :P
Singapore is probally too immature for the world because everyone's so fussed up over two gay guys. Listen,if they made a new drama series showing lesbians or gays kissing each other..people will just go.."-instert the typical stuff here-" Seriously,I don't think we've even had a public tv drama series with gays shown publicly and you know,what do the other side get,"The L word."

Anyways,sorry for that. I love this website to bits. lame can sgporeans be? SG = sua gussssss? anyway... wth is camry and HW? totally dun understand wads dat...Well...i hope its not a bad thing^^ Anyway...sgporeans should really reflect on their behaviour on the "anything also HU HA" will really brin them trouble if they are in other country...SERIOUS!
to "i more handsome than pring!"

no. i dont think your nick is cool. :( neither is HVV.

pui pui pui!
Seriously, whats wrong by being gay. And what's wrong by making your own dirty video?


Seriously, i have no idea why everyone is making a big deal outta these incidents.
"Seriously, whats wrong by(sic) being gay. And what's wrong by(sic) making your own dirty video?"

What's wrong with being a twit? Sheesh, close-minded Singaporeans..

"its their life,their freedom,what right do u,passer bys(sic),have a goddamn say in their affairs?"
i agree with nick. their life, they live it. if HVV is right, then why shld anyone care abt gays, pornstars wannabe or even twits. so folks out there, even b4 u all try to agree, think for a sec, dont let MOT grab u by the balls and teach u what's right and what's wrong.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LMAO.quote:"Seriously, whats wrong by(sic) being gay. And what's wrong by(sic) making your own dirty video?"Yes.What's wrong I wonder.We guys should all get it on with hunky foreign workers while broadcasting a live feed to BBC,CNN,CNA,KNN,CCB and any other foreign stations willing to see an "open-minded" singapore huh?;)
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Hur hur hur. So have you guys seen the Colinandkero blog? Funny right? When are y'all gonna post about it?
i salute you HVV.
pring i luve u. come. we tml go cineleisure.smaucks
I dont mind if ppl lable us just because they see those videos and blah blah wat have u...cuz those ppl who lable us juz because of wat they see in the exterior dont worth our time. they're shallow minded ppl. so screw em...

for fuck sake its juz a god damn video, big deal if everyone sees it. america and japan has u go around say "look a pornstar" to every american and jappy u see?
woops its label
Exactly how I feel.
Letdown ; FOS
. GAWD. haha. I THINK IM SLOW. commenting only now. OH WELLS.

what to DO!. kissing a guy in singapore. YOU GO JAIL. where are my gay dvds. WHERE ARE MY GAY MOVIES?. singapore you suck!. NYHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH
people are dumb. they talk before thinking. Talk and assume the other's character without confirmation! personally, i knew colin and he is a great guy. Who cares if he's gay? If it doesn't concern you then WTH are people getting so worked up for!! JEEZE.
A great post. Do people understand what is this word: "shameful" I doubt so. Singaporeans government are trying to push Singapore to top of the world, while we SINGAPOREANS keep spoiling the image of our own country.
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