Friday, February 24, 2006

Uncle Pring & Ms Camry to the Rescue!

Sorry for being MIA for such a long time. God knows what the hell MOT was doing. Actually, my e-mail was being flooded by tons of people who wanted to revive me, when I was only expecting 50. :D Yeah, MOT got arrested. Camry got arrested for having underage sex with HVV. I was arrested for having brought durians into the MRT. Very sad, very sad. Don't mention it anymore... ='(

Okay. There were many mails seeking Pring the King for advice... I, the understanding Pring, is aware that people all face problems at times. And.. some problems can be really hard to deal with. With not soo much experience in life, Uncle Pring and Miss Camry have decided; We are willing to help those in need. We care and will provide emotional support to MOT fans /Anti-MOT air-cons when they need it. *AHWEI's halo appears* Really lah! Whatever problems you have... twit or non-twit related.. we TRY our best to give you appropriate advice. AND we're so much better than the aunty agonies from Teenage/Teens/Seventeen/blah blah magazines.. because you don't just have ONE advice, but you have TWO! (What's more!?! It's from the yandao Pring!)

So, all you have to do is:
E-mail us, (we will keep your mail private & confidential) tell us your problem, and sign off with a nick
and.. we try to help asap.

We'll just start with one of them today...
Here's a letter from JQ.
"hi.. been reading MOT for some time.. some frens really irritate me. they type lYkE dIiShh~ and i tell them it is hard to read. they say "hArd t0 rEaD dEn dUNnCh rEaAdd baAhx~" but they keep talking to me? so i haf to reply. i wanna help them, but dun wanna hurt their feelings at e same time.. tell me what i should do?? thx"

Uncle Pring: Oh my, how ironic! Make it known to them it really hurts your eyes upon reading, but you are keen to befriend them. How could they tell you such a thing, anyhow? That statement gives me a feeling she doesn't mind not talking to me, and I'd feel disrespected if I were you. It's like, what are you in her eyes? Tell her, if she thinks it looks nice and stylish, go ahead. Just don't feel humiliated by the others who won't understand her. It's similar to me going "bLeh hEE ii bEh sHad" and another replying, "WTF? Googoo gaahgaah?"

Ms Camry: If she doesn't want to practise good english right now, she'll probably suffer in the future. Even if her english is not good, this is not the way to cover it up. Or if her english is already good, advise her to make use of it. If she cherished your friendship enough, she would make an effort to help make your eyes hurt less. Apparently, she isn't. Hope those are sufficient reasons to encourage your friends to listen to the government; SPEAK good english. BE UNDERSTOOD.

& a really good idea from en: Treat them back the way they treat you. Type the way they are doing, but in a more annoying way you don't even understand yourself anymore. :x

Must we repeat what you have to do?
E-mail us. :\ Be it love letters or request for help.
(Although Pring <3 love letters more)

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