Monday, October 24, 2005

Get yours today

Barbies are history.

Bratz are out.

Fresh in the market, MOT introduces D0llies Wawas, the dumb d0lls with no sense at all.

from left diordoll,babydoll,pinkdoll,lalaadoll

How could you don't know them? They're like the dumbest coolest shit in d0llie land. It's official. Below's their logo.

Each of these dolls have their own characteristics, and they're available on their own.

Emo Diord0ll

The most emo d0llie ever! Sings along to Welcome To My Life.
Almost-real blood flows from wrist when being cut by penknife.

accessories included :

- Emo specs
- Penknives
- Cd with track - Welcome To My Life

Auntie Diord0ll

Now you can bring your d0llie out shopping together!
Real mini camera handphone is extremely recommended for those who love taking snapshots of Yandaos, Ahbengs or even Japsters!!

accessories included :

- Shopping bag
- Aunty handbag
- 3/4 jeans
- Handphone (for taking selfshots in fitting room)
- Heels

Punk pinkd0ll

Punk rocker d0llie. Plays the tune of "MCR - Helena" when you slap her on the forehead. Simply irresistable.

accessories included :

- Billabong mesh trucker cap
- Tanktop with words going "Punks Not Dead"
- Studded belt
- Short denim skirt

Jap Pinkd0ll

Wide eyed d0llie with super whiney voice. Goes "kAwAii nEhHx" when it's picture's being taken.
Scary, but true.

accessories included :

- pink jap bakery cap lookalike
- pink polo tee (giordano)
- mini pink skirt with flaps
- baggy pink socks

7th Month lalaad0ll

You'll never be alone during the 7th lunar month. This d0llie's soul never returns back to the gate. You can even scare your friends with it.

accessories included :

- white foundation
- joss sticks
- incense paper

Conjoined babyd0ll

Where else can you find a better deal than this? It's 2 d0lls in a package, baby! Can be separated or joined together, all at your own will.

accessories included :

- super glue
- surgery knife

Now guys, don't get bored out too soon. Whoever told you guys don't play with dolls?
And these are some of our customer's feedbacks.

Oh man, I never thought d0llies would be so cool!

with d0llies, i don't need sex toys anymore!

I just couldn't resist getting 2!

Right about now, MOT's having a promotion period. You* can get 2 d0llies, at the price of 1! There're no restrictions to your choices, so just mix and match!

pinkd0ll ; babyd0ll

babyd0ll ; lalaad0ll

pinkd0ll ; lalaad0ll

lalaad0ll ; diord0ll

What's more? If you decided to get one of each at 1 go, you'll be going home with a d0llie wawa poster, absolutely free.

racial harmony edition

d0llies fan club

Drooling yet? Don't be! Just grab 4 d0llies and you can hang them proudly right on your bedroom wall.

That's not all!! Being super duper uber nice to their fans, the d0llies have come up with a banner just for all you readers, especially those with blogs.

Put this up on your site, and tell the whole world you're a dumbd0llie fan because you're just as dumb. ;D Hurray!

* terms and conditions apply
- must be frequent reader of MOT
- friends of MOT in Friendster gets extra 10% discount

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ben is OUT, Polls are IN.

What's the big hoohaa about Ben Chen anyway? I mean, Ben is OUT. Polls are IN. :D

Regarding the previous poll, I merely created it for fun. It was never a mean to gain popularity or make myself seem liked, or anything like that. I think that poll was hurting in certain ways. Should I take it off? For those who have developed a stronger dislike of me ever since the poll was up, I am sorry. :(

Anyway, we should get on with life. :D
If you voted for others, do specify it in the comment box of this entry. Thank you.

P.S. My computer is down so you guys won't be seeing me for awhile. :D

Nevertheless, have a good day.

Monday, October 17, 2005

SiLenT VaLenTinE - They should really be silent.

From the recent polls Mr.Pring has conducted, it seems like HVV's popularity has been going on a downslide ever since his little self-acclaimed hiatus. Just because I don't flirt on the tagboard (gives the you-kn0w-who eyes at Pring) doesn't mean I don't come up with good shit.

To make all you readers regret for not giving that vote to me, I shall write one explosive kaboom wahaha bimbambom entry that will make all of you fall on your knees right away and start burning incense for me. It will take all of you by surprise, and make all of you so in love with HVV until you call for me even at your deathbed.

Ok right. Now that the drama's over and done with, lets start with our main attraction today. Come forth, curious readers, for today I present you something your ears can appreciate. Well, appreciate might not be the best term, unless you have an acquired taste for Cyndi Wang singing death metal.

Today, I, HVV, present you, the SiLenT VaLenTinE! Or is it benchensilentvalentine, as the website says. I think I'll just stick to SiLenT VaLenTinE. Benchensilentvalentine is a whole whoopin seven syllables and it sounds mentally challenged.

Before we invite them to sing their HUGE collection of *OMGSOEXCITING fans self* 3 songs, let's check out their purevolume site and know more about them.

Image hosted by

Jeez, with all the rubbish I guess I'll just break them up into smaller bits and point out to you, pore by pore why I think the whole band should just roll over and bark for a biscuit.

Image hosted by

Alright, they belong to the genre of Pop/ Pop Punk/ Punk, which I assume they think is totally cool. Let me get this straight, so are you pop, punk, or pop punk? OMG THAT'S LIKE, TOTALLY RETARDED. Its like saying I have a dick, I have a vagina, oh wait I think I have both.

They're supposed to be a 3-man band, as said in their purevolume, but from their introduction it seems like Ben Chen's the star and Ho weN LonG and EldriD cHow are just the stage crew who oh-so-happen to know how to play a few instruments. Its such an obvious ego boost for dear Ben, to let the WWW know he's the lead vocals, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, keyboardist and violinist. What a list. Oh wen long and eldrid? I guess they're fine. Not convinced of his ego that's bigger than whale's balls? Read on, there's more.

Image hosted by

1) First you were punk/ punk pop/ pop. Now you're pop/ rock emo. FYI, you're none of all that. In fact, from your songs you sound like you still have a long way to go before anyone even thinks you're pop.

2) I thought Ben and Eldrid have strong music backgrounds? Why am I only seeing three lines worth of garbage saying about Ben's all this, Ben's all that, blah blah save me please.

3) Your drummer is some kid actor? Sorry, but kid actors are losers. Even the kids don't even bother to watch those dumbfuck kids drama series and once the actors hit puberty and they find out the wonders of masturbation, they'll probably go off to some deserted island where they die in shame. And the part about how your drummer INSISTS on playing very soChisicated beats and insistent attitude adds up more to the band's sound seriously cracks me up. Firstly, out of your 3 songs your drummer only plays that small, little, part and it sounds like the drummer's only playing with one drumstick because someone who walked by got so annoyed and shoved the other one up his ass. Secondly, its soPhisticated, not soChisicated. That's like calling your mother a father.

Image hosted by

Trust me when I say this, I absolutely obviously honestly seriously DID NOT enjoy any of the 3 pieces of trash you call songs. And don't bother copyrighting, because no one, and I repeat NO ONE's gonna steal, or even want any of your songs. In fact you should not waste all those time getting your songs copyrighted and get insurance instead in case someone hears your song and attempts to wallop the hell out of you.

Image hosted by

Another point up his ass for his HUGE ego. Take a look at his band's photos and its basically him, himself, and his evil long-lost twin brother, sitting around the house, trying to cover all that fats and look hot. Apparently it didn't go too well.

Well when he tries to be humble about his songs, his ego's just too big it overrides the whole idea and he starts on his little ego trip again.

Image hosted by

You don't need an idiot to know your Princess in Fairyland sucks. Don't blame it on the piano, the introduction was retarded because you couldn't keep on beat and when you started singing my hair stood so high and my whole body spasmed like I was going to throw myself off the building any moment.

Yes, it was that bad mofos.

Alright I'm done dissing him, its time for me to go relax and laugh over the whole entry...NOT. I'm just getting started with his measly 3 tracks that sound like old people having anal sex using Nippon Paint as a lube.

Image hosted by

You need to get the facts straight man, your friend actually has a nicer voice than you. In fact, the moment you started to sing I had to grab something near me to prevent me from rising together with the hair on my arms. You cannot imagine how happy and blessed I felt when the song stopped to buffer and silence never sounded so good.

Image hosted by

I thought you were punk pop, or was it emo, or rock. Oh wait you didn't mention mandopop. How many genres do you want to belong to man, and to think I thought F4 was bad. Jay Chou has his own lyricisit, sure, so do you. But my friend, you see. The difference between you and Jay Chou is he actually can sing. Sorry but I just need to sidetrack a little, I just cannot stand it and plus you made your friend name PEI GEN so obvious, I just have to say it.

Your friend's a bacon? HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Ok right that wasn't funny.

Image hosted by

Can you imagine one day Blink-182 came up with some song titled "Princess in Fairyland"? That's probably the day I get trapped in a room full of hot girls all wanting a piece of me but I decide to turn gay instead. You think its the nicest song among all the 3 songs? Considering how much all 3 of them sucked just as bad, there's really no need for favouritism.

In Fairytale there's many bright stars.
Many twinkling stars Many Bright stars.

Like I said, its just bad.

Image hosted by

Nobody even wants to download your songs. They're too busy getting rid of all the vomit they've built up after listening it from your site.

Many of you might be thinking, why is HVV so mean to him? He's just an aspiring singer. Bullshit, I say he's just a egoistic attention seeker cum twit. Check his friendster out and you'll know why. It seems like he's been going around ours and RP's tagboard, flaming us.

Usually us at MOT don't even give a ratass about these people, but somehow his comments seem to just attract so much of my attention.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

1) Everyone loves princess in fairyland? Sorry, you can minus away 1 from your everyone now.

2) Since when did MOT or RP need musical talent to blog anyway.

3) The prince can trash us? Your mother can poke your hole with her secret boner for all I care.

4) Flaming us, sure go ahead. But flaming us and expecting us to go to your purevolume? Get a life, seriously. That's what I call a desperate, and also very stupid, plea for attention.

Well Ben, I hope you've enjoyed your experience and here's a real healthy piece of advice: Give your other band members some credit, the world doesn't revolve around you and your puny dick.

And yes, one final word from us at MOT: Loser.

Tata and gooooodbye!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Camry challenged me to seeing who's the man of MOT. Woohoo! Fear not, never will there be an internal conflict occuring within the MOT for we three are very peaceful people. (Oh yes... very peaceful, really!)

Sorry for the lack of updates, hunks and babes. If you happen to have anything for MOT, drop us a mail at We would try to send a reply whenever time permits.

Oh well, here goes the vote. hEeHeE!
Remember not to lie because we all know who the real man is! :D

P.S. I apologise if I caused any misunderstanding. Camry is a female, ok?

tAkE cArE w0rx eBerYwAn! lUrBe eUr lOrTx.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Graffiti Indeed

It was a bright and sunny day. Not many twits were out lurking around because the scorching sun would have melted their powdered face. (Oh shucks, why did I suddenly get reminded of xiaojia and her chicks?!) Hence Pring and I were happily prancing around FarEast Plaza, just like little red riding hood. What a beautiful story.


There's bound to be some kuku spoiler in every story, such as the big bad wolf. And in this case, we have the cUtE gAlgAlxS.

such a disturbing picture

We walked away in disgust, and lived happily ever after.

Yeah right.

Being the super b0lia0s-n0thing-better-tu-d0-take-pe0ple-and-p0st Pring and Cam, we obviously stayed to watch on.

scribble scribble scribble ; minahs for you by the way

eh, are they done yet?!

Now what the hell is this.

Yes these ugly handwriting belonged to the 3 big bad wolves, namely Chrise, Ju =) and Xin, aka Gia Gia.

You think being a Sly fan is bad enough??? Wait till you see this.

There's alot more of these

They were spotted serveral pillars away. Oh my, it's Energy! No, twits are not biased. They've not forgotten the others.

Luo Zhi Xiang


Since we already got so turned on by the ugly drawings, we decided to explore further.


Firstly, declare your love! You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day anymore.

Fame people!

Or the other way round.

Express your feelings. Any kind.

Tell the world how how u are related to whoever you are related to.

Show how closely bonded you are with your classmates.

Or you could be a selfish loner in school.

Show off your horrijible spelling.

And when the wall's used up... Fret not!

For there's always the floor. :)

At the end of the day, are those really graffiti? Or just vandalism? I guess its for the management to figure it out.

evidently they're not quite happy about it

It's quite troublesome if you get involved with the management. So always listen to your mother. ^_^

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