Monday, October 17, 2005

SiLenT VaLenTinE - They should really be silent.

From the recent polls Mr.Pring has conducted, it seems like HVV's popularity has been going on a downslide ever since his little self-acclaimed hiatus. Just because I don't flirt on the tagboard (gives the you-kn0w-who eyes at Pring) doesn't mean I don't come up with good shit.

To make all you readers regret for not giving that vote to me, I shall write one explosive kaboom wahaha bimbambom entry that will make all of you fall on your knees right away and start burning incense for me. It will take all of you by surprise, and make all of you so in love with HVV until you call for me even at your deathbed.

Ok right. Now that the drama's over and done with, lets start with our main attraction today. Come forth, curious readers, for today I present you something your ears can appreciate. Well, appreciate might not be the best term, unless you have an acquired taste for Cyndi Wang singing death metal.

Today, I, HVV, present you, the SiLenT VaLenTinE! Or is it benchensilentvalentine, as the website says. I think I'll just stick to SiLenT VaLenTinE. Benchensilentvalentine is a whole whoopin seven syllables and it sounds mentally challenged.

Before we invite them to sing their HUGE collection of *OMGSOEXCITING fans self* 3 songs, let's check out their purevolume site and know more about them.

Image hosted by

Jeez, with all the rubbish I guess I'll just break them up into smaller bits and point out to you, pore by pore why I think the whole band should just roll over and bark for a biscuit.

Image hosted by

Alright, they belong to the genre of Pop/ Pop Punk/ Punk, which I assume they think is totally cool. Let me get this straight, so are you pop, punk, or pop punk? OMG THAT'S LIKE, TOTALLY RETARDED. Its like saying I have a dick, I have a vagina, oh wait I think I have both.

They're supposed to be a 3-man band, as said in their purevolume, but from their introduction it seems like Ben Chen's the star and Ho weN LonG and EldriD cHow are just the stage crew who oh-so-happen to know how to play a few instruments. Its such an obvious ego boost for dear Ben, to let the WWW know he's the lead vocals, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, keyboardist and violinist. What a list. Oh wen long and eldrid? I guess they're fine. Not convinced of his ego that's bigger than whale's balls? Read on, there's more.

Image hosted by

1) First you were punk/ punk pop/ pop. Now you're pop/ rock emo. FYI, you're none of all that. In fact, from your songs you sound like you still have a long way to go before anyone even thinks you're pop.

2) I thought Ben and Eldrid have strong music backgrounds? Why am I only seeing three lines worth of garbage saying about Ben's all this, Ben's all that, blah blah save me please.

3) Your drummer is some kid actor? Sorry, but kid actors are losers. Even the kids don't even bother to watch those dumbfuck kids drama series and once the actors hit puberty and they find out the wonders of masturbation, they'll probably go off to some deserted island where they die in shame. And the part about how your drummer INSISTS on playing very soChisicated beats and insistent attitude adds up more to the band's sound seriously cracks me up. Firstly, out of your 3 songs your drummer only plays that small, little, part and it sounds like the drummer's only playing with one drumstick because someone who walked by got so annoyed and shoved the other one up his ass. Secondly, its soPhisticated, not soChisicated. That's like calling your mother a father.

Image hosted by

Trust me when I say this, I absolutely obviously honestly seriously DID NOT enjoy any of the 3 pieces of trash you call songs. And don't bother copyrighting, because no one, and I repeat NO ONE's gonna steal, or even want any of your songs. In fact you should not waste all those time getting your songs copyrighted and get insurance instead in case someone hears your song and attempts to wallop the hell out of you.

Image hosted by

Another point up his ass for his HUGE ego. Take a look at his band's photos and its basically him, himself, and his evil long-lost twin brother, sitting around the house, trying to cover all that fats and look hot. Apparently it didn't go too well.

Well when he tries to be humble about his songs, his ego's just too big it overrides the whole idea and he starts on his little ego trip again.

Image hosted by

You don't need an idiot to know your Princess in Fairyland sucks. Don't blame it on the piano, the introduction was retarded because you couldn't keep on beat and when you started singing my hair stood so high and my whole body spasmed like I was going to throw myself off the building any moment.

Yes, it was that bad mofos.

Alright I'm done dissing him, its time for me to go relax and laugh over the whole entry...NOT. I'm just getting started with his measly 3 tracks that sound like old people having anal sex using Nippon Paint as a lube.

Image hosted by

You need to get the facts straight man, your friend actually has a nicer voice than you. In fact, the moment you started to sing I had to grab something near me to prevent me from rising together with the hair on my arms. You cannot imagine how happy and blessed I felt when the song stopped to buffer and silence never sounded so good.

Image hosted by

I thought you were punk pop, or was it emo, or rock. Oh wait you didn't mention mandopop. How many genres do you want to belong to man, and to think I thought F4 was bad. Jay Chou has his own lyricisit, sure, so do you. But my friend, you see. The difference between you and Jay Chou is he actually can sing. Sorry but I just need to sidetrack a little, I just cannot stand it and plus you made your friend name PEI GEN so obvious, I just have to say it.

Your friend's a bacon? HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Ok right that wasn't funny.

Image hosted by

Can you imagine one day Blink-182 came up with some song titled "Princess in Fairyland"? That's probably the day I get trapped in a room full of hot girls all wanting a piece of me but I decide to turn gay instead. You think its the nicest song among all the 3 songs? Considering how much all 3 of them sucked just as bad, there's really no need for favouritism.

In Fairytale there's many bright stars.
Many twinkling stars Many Bright stars.

Like I said, its just bad.

Image hosted by

Nobody even wants to download your songs. They're too busy getting rid of all the vomit they've built up after listening it from your site.

Many of you might be thinking, why is HVV so mean to him? He's just an aspiring singer. Bullshit, I say he's just a egoistic attention seeker cum twit. Check his friendster out and you'll know why. It seems like he's been going around ours and RP's tagboard, flaming us.

Usually us at MOT don't even give a ratass about these people, but somehow his comments seem to just attract so much of my attention.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

1) Everyone loves princess in fairyland? Sorry, you can minus away 1 from your everyone now.

2) Since when did MOT or RP need musical talent to blog anyway.

3) The prince can trash us? Your mother can poke your hole with her secret boner for all I care.

4) Flaming us, sure go ahead. But flaming us and expecting us to go to your purevolume? Get a life, seriously. That's what I call a desperate, and also very stupid, plea for attention.

Well Ben, I hope you've enjoyed your experience and here's a real healthy piece of advice: Give your other band members some credit, the world doesn't revolve around you and your puny dick.

And yes, one final word from us at MOT: Loser.

Tata and gooooodbye!

hilarious. some people think too highly of themselves and they TyPe LiKe ThAt and thinks its cute. *pukes. must be rejected in the school of rock contest.
haha a great dig at him HVV. muah! see didnt i support u? hehehe nvm. anyway this kind of suckers just need a whallop in their ass. Some kind soul should go inform him that his famous now.
he is soooooo disgusting.
the everyone loves princess in fairyland comment was downright desperate.
His voice gives me gooooosebumpies and if you listen to his songs carefully, you'll find that he keeps going out of tune. His voice is really....fake. yup, that's the word.
HAH, that bloody cock sucking piece of shit, no wonder he sounds so bad, even my mute grandma sings better than he does, sheesh,
Haha, I think Ben is just trying to attract people to his purevolume page.

Ben Chen, you suck, the intro for the song 'Princess in fairyland' is messed up. Even my can of Coke is shivering near the speaker. Your drums are gay as well, they sound so much like presets. Your voice, is only good for selling Durians. DURRGH!
he looks like a bung
Another funny entry as usual. Haha.
he sounds lk one of of the sesame street dudes tat sing ,ernie or something,he tried so hard to impress us wif his "music".I honestly could not make out wad the hell he was singing much less listen to the whole song
he sounds lk one of of the sesame street dudes tat sing ,ernie or something,he tried so hard to impress us wif his "music".I honestly could not make out wad the hell he was singing much less listen to the whole song
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even james blunt pwns his ass.n00b
all of you are screwed up people! BUT I LOVE IT.

you guys are totally owning everyone.
HVV also rocks.Period.=>

btw your fender squire looks fake
I Hope that Ben will read this blog!!! That Ah Gua kills me instantly with his voice. Luckily, Gackt's voice resurrect me again. He claims that he knows many instruments, Ya Right.... He can't even sings his songs properly without using fake voice. What the hell man~ what is happening to the world!!!!!
dude take your guitar and shove it deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep into your ass. you don't know the first thing about being a rocker or a punk or anything like that. stop posing and making music look bad!
errrrrrrrr i meant that to that ben fella..

LMAO. No longer a self-proclaimed prince?! No more Pop/ Pop Punk/ Punk.

And he said we should all learn to respect all kinds of music, so we should all learn to respect his so-called music LAH!

I'm also starting to make Twinkle Twinkle Little Star my favourite rock song. hEeX!
Oh dude,
as Ben Chen is my junior, I'm seriously compelled to defend him
in the comments page.

However, I have to admit, he's a damn prick.

Cheers man.
another poser? Seriously, this guy knows nothing about music. His songs are like... childish.
damm HVV its being awhile since u last blog. And i want to tell u, u still rocks man! Good entry and Ben sucks, he is an insult to music. Forget his aspirations and his ego, there will all end like dreams.
Omgomg *blushes and explodes*
HVV: This entry is totally cool. Keep it up. :D
Coincidentally, have you read retard patrol yet?
No. -_-. What is it?
chinese music is gay thrash. uh..emo and punk wassup with that? equally loser like anyway. ben chen must have fallen on his head the moment his mother shot him out of her sewage hole. wenlong? oh yeah that fat fuck. the other dude...i dunno who he is and what the hell he is doing but. fuck you anyway. hEEx~*
eeks. his song suck core. he thinks it's nice and expects us to d/l dem.. eww. disgusted.
it's sophisticated.
The fake accent, the phoney pained tone... To sum it up, poseur.

His singing really makes shivers run up and down my spine, and few things are capable of doing that.
Nice one HVV. Right on man, i almost puked a bucket of piss half-listening half-buffering that noise he produced.
i'm... speechless..
i must say that the cynical nature of your posts are certainly distrubing. Your posts contain elements of self-conceitment and over emphasize on minor issues.

I believe the root of the problem lie in your low-social status. Your attempt to mask your pitiful, unwanted self has lead to the creation of MOT. From MOT, you write to seek comfort and self-gratification by laughing at beings you believe are of lower intelligence whom in actual fact you stare towards in utmost envy.Someone like you definity doesnt know wat love taste like.

You then vent these unbearable feelings of jealousy in MOT. The so-called evidence you derived from your own confused and one-sided mind heightens the contention that the society is at fault and you are the "saint" to guide the people to the truth.You believe that because you attained the "truth", your self-worth is risen.

Moreover you attempt to amend mistakes of the simplest nature( speelling?). I believe your primary motive was to prove the "dysfunctional" mindsets of the people amirite? Whats Wr0ng with typing in weird ways? Whats wrong wif people acting cute? The only thing wrong here is your prejudice against these behaviour which in the first place you are in no position to evaluate.People are free in wat they choose to do.

Further praises from your ignorant kind serve as a catalyst to keep you going. I hope sincerely u stop delluding yourself and concentrate more on reality.
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just this once

Tong Hua > Princess In Fairyland

I'd rather be the prince in Tong Hua than your kuku Fairyland.
Quote: "People are free in wat they choose to do."

Exactly....They are free to do as they choose..which also means..these people are free to blog about the "dysfunctional" assholes. yea?
Oh dear. I'm afraid it's a case of.. OWNAGE!

but maybe ya'll should take it easy on him. Afterall, he's clearly just a kid.
get him on singapore idol! can make him famous thru e audittions.singapore needs william hung no. 2. remember the lemon tree guy?!
at least he write children songs pretty alright, just that he gets the genre wrong. i would love to see him growl.
he sings like gay chou.
this post not funny one.
Whoa! I hate the word "owned", but anonymous down there(not me)really owned MOT there!
as far as finding your blog slightly amusing, in a morbid sort of way, its kind of pitiful that there's a blog like this that belittles other people. its not really something to be proud of. and i think you achieve a sense of self-fufilment by insulting the likes of others, whoi in fact have a right to do what they wish. let it be, acting cute by posing in uncanny positins or eeuusing weeird sortaA engrishh worr. i know its pathetic, but by spending an awful lot of time blogging about these people. isn't it making you look more like a dofus compared to them? why stoop to their level of self-esteem?

just stating my point of view. you 3 can patronize me for my comment, for your own wasteful sense of self-pleasure.
Well, dis is the kind of world we're living in right now. Boys spending money to doll up like a girl with those holes all around their head and having mascara when they are off to sch. When homosexual are pratice all around the world and was legalised in some areas..

No doubt, MOT has always been harsh on dis kinda ppl, but people enjoys it since they are willing to sacrifice themselves and stoop to their level of self-esteem to comment on twits. Further more, not everyone has the ability to come up with critisim that is to bring everyone down.

Everyone needs to self-pleasure ourselves. You commented on this post and walks away feelin good thinking that you've done something great and earned your way to heaven, don't you?
Oh dear..It is highly disturbing to see so much vitriol in this website. Most especially so when an extended friend comes under attack by sanctimonious asses on their high horses. Allow me to introduce the concept of libel which I believe is what you bored lifeless people were engaging in. Aside from legal ramifications, consider the notion of morals WHICH I observe none of you have any. How right is it to launch an attack on an unsuspecting guy WHEN none of you are even sure if dear ben posted the vulgarities. Anyone can post a msg under his name. No one bothered to check or clarify. Manipulated by the losers of MOT, all of you began to attack like mindless dogs at a feed. What? Are you really that bored and hungry for blood? Since all of you have so much time, why not read more papers and hopefully it will improve your EQ.
*sigh* we'll never see the day when people realize that seriously, what a person writes in his/her blog, is up to them and not "the public good".

I'm sure the various righteous anonymous posts were made with good intention of ceasing the complete slamming of this poor kid called what, Ben Chen?
But please, if you are not going to read what they have to say with the fact that They don't really care what YOU think in mind, then... Don't read and inflame your mind with whatever you have.

Anyway, what does it speak of when young boys nowadays are such arrogant pricks that they post up all that crap- I know better musicians who aren't as cocky, and yet have greater potential than that 15 year old. Jeez, not to mention he didn't even have the brain to leave his things there IN CASE someone might actually *gulp* like his style. Just in case.

Alright, I've gotta go watch Russell Peters again because that voice just *brrr* creeped me out.
Hey wassup. cool site i have to say it again. Wen Long's from my school. some sec 4 guy. he aint a twit. really. it's acsi. not some twit neighbourhood school. yeah.

to tell u the truth he is pretty good at drumming. but seriously ben chen can go stuff the guitar stick way up his ass. i seriously dont think he has more musical talent than a new born baby.

I bet he uses some internet rhyming programme to write his songs cause they make absolutely no sense at all. he sounds like some desperate idiot.

Well. MOT pwns ya.

pls..u guys dun even noe a single fucking shit about him. to silent killer, u duno the whole story behind this. therefore, dun conclude wadever u wanna conclude. PLEASE, IM DESPERATELY BEGGING YOU TO find a new born baby whu can do better than him. i'll be glad to see such a miracle in this world. YOU YOURSELF cant even play better than him. how bout i throw u a guitar n u play it. let's see how well u can fare. think before you say anythg tts hurting. if u wanna comment, get ur friggin facts right first. u're gonna regret n cry to ur mama when u noe wad its all abt.
to j.yi:

Well to tell u the truth, i may not be able to find a new born baby who can do better than him. but i sure can find one who can spell better than you. what kinda shit english is that.

"if u wanna comment, get ur friggin facts right first. u're gonna regret n cry to ur mama when u noe wad its all abt. "

You know, i really DON'T know what it's all about. do u mind telling me 'WAD ITS ALL ABT'? I'm begging u to tell me cause from your shitty english and grammar i can't really tell. sorry. go brush up before u leave such crappy comments.
From an anonymous standpoint, "Ben Chen" was in the wrong, because he came to the blog and openly descriminated (spelling?) the author, for having no musical talent. Now hey, it doesn't mean that the author is useless because he/she doesn't have musical talent of any sort. Or maybe he'd be surprised. Either way, his typing sucked anyway.

"BeN cHeN" on the tagboard could have been an imposter, I mean, I've seen things like this done on other blogs before. Anyone could go around posing as HVV and writing in alternate caps. Hence, you can't conclude that he specially came here to curse at you guys.
(...unless if you had his IP address, I really have nothing to say.)

His music... was really moderate. No wait, it was frickin' off tune. Everybody loves Princess in Fairyland. So... he'll have to minus another 1 more.
(...unless if you had his IP address, I really have nothing to say.)
Silent Killler:

I am surprised that such "good" and politically correct english can be thought of by such a immature and obviously lonely human being(i suppose you are one). J.yi is obviously using short forms in her posts so as to save on time, and i feel that her intentions should be respected as too i would spend no time at all to even think of replying to your senseless garbage.

I sympathise your pathetic attempt to attention seek and i to know wen long, personally, i think he will never approve the use of his name in garbage, a lawsuit may come........

Well good bye and i hope to never see the likes of you again.
dear mr-perfect-english, i feel sorry for you if you can't even recognise short forms. almost everyone i know, are using them to save time. i'm apalled and flattered to find the attention directed to me now. thank you. but how 'bout we get back to poor ben who's being victimised here? i believe that it should be the vital point.
seriously, if you guys don't like what is goin on in this blog, you can just ignore it. what they said about ben chen is really true. esp about his singing sucks. he has a big ego and what he is doin is an insult to music. hey! you no need to be a musical talent or genius to know what music is good or not. anyway, i love this new post! keep up the great work! MOT rocks!!!
can i still add that the first time i saw his face, i nearly puked.
man he looks lik a fuck face.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sue us? Sure, but on what grounds I ask. For all I know, I mentioned that Ben Chen should give his bandmates some credits, and that includes mr. wen long, doesn't it. Get your facts right aight.
I discredit anyone who does not start their sentences with a capital letter.

*points to the above 56 comments*

Besides, if you took a look at Ben Chen's site now, you would see an apology. Why apologise if he has done nothing wrong? Anyway, I've never seen anyone with that much ego. He's fictional at best.

A plausible theory would be that the songs would recorded by some random jerk who wants to tarnish Ben Chen's reputation. So he writes shitty songs, post them on PureVolume, uses Ben's photo and links his friendster in purevolume. Spam RP and MOT to get the full effect of his prank.

'From MOT, you write to seek comfort and self-gratification by laughing at beings you believe are of lower intelligence'


'whom in actual fact you stare towards in utmost envy.'


Were you expecting this world to be a nice place where people go hand in hand and everybody has a bounce in their step?

There's always a culture, and a counter culture. Windows users versus Mac users, Ah Bengs versus Guai Kias, Christians versus Anti-Christs etc. And finally, people who fall into the category of twit, and those who have no tolerance against people with such characteristics.
Personally, I haven't heard first-hand how bad it was, but I Did get to have a second-hand listen.

Dude, Purevolume is used by people who Respect and actually play music. not just any scrap-jack with a guitar and enough wiring to record songs. I do vocals from time to time, but I don't record myself and post it up, because honestly, that's embarrassing unless you have Talent.

MOT has done something that people usually like to laugh at until it hits closer to home; they are satirical, cynical and down-right frank. Its their opinions, so please... Stop arguing that Ben Chen has done nothing wrong.

Why? Because he did this: he was a public turd with an ego completely unbased on reality. And that, to MOT, is just about all you need to get a journal post.

And please, if you're going to yell out that you're a talented musician with oh-so-great talent... Please, take your head out of your arse and look around. I can throw stones at my old sec school and hit more talented musicians than that.
ANyway this guy is not exactly a loser.I guess he is just some guy who dun have de INTELLECT to decide which genre he is in.If only he can make up his mind...well if he got a working 1..
HVV, i believe he can sue you on libel grounds. you're ruining his reputation in some way. it's a form of slander. but pardon me if i'm mistaken.

echeleon, please identify what ben is apologizing for. he only had nothing to do with whatever was on the MOT tag board. he wrote the songs and posted it on the webbie. i don't think he said anything about others posting those songs, did he?

nomex, everyone has different opinions. i think that purevolume is for anyone who wants to share their music. ben posted his songs because he's proud of them. there are bound to be people out there who loves his music, regardless even if it's just one. the fact that you don't post your own songs just drives me to conclude that you're not confident enough about them to do so.
AWWWW echeleon, who in his/her fucking mind would give a damn if you credit him/her or not?
yawn.keep all those comment, no use getting uptight, if u can, go ahead and sue.stop whining, its so boring, dont u bitch behind people back? everyone, get a life and shut up. (btw, why are u so defensive for him? trying to clear his dirty lil sinful acts? lol.)
"From MOT, you write to seek comfort and self-gratification by laughing at beings you believe are of lower intelligence whom in actual fact you stare towards in utmost envy."

That's so wrong to say that MOT is envious/jealous of twits. I'm sure most of MOT's readers are neither envious or jealous of twits. Or Ben Chew, in this case.
that's to fight for what i KNOW is right. do you really think i would waste my time if i didn't know the truth at all? if there really were "dirty lil sinful acts", i wouldn't be able to clear them or even try doing so. sure, i have talked about others in a crude manner. but not to the public or without understanding the entire situation thoroughly. for that is what i believe you guys are doing.'s ben CHEN by the way. not ben CHEW, whoever that is.
To jo,

Everyone does get talked behind the back dude.Even i do and I am sure prings n company have ppl talking behind their back all the time.No one is perfect so quit complaining. Freedom of Speech FTW!(I am a gamer and FTW means For The Win)<--- anyone plays world of warcraft?=P
lolage said...

AWWWW echeleon, who in his/her fucking mind would give a damn if you credit him/her or not?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

jo said...

echeleon, please identify what ben is apologizing for. he only had nothing to do with whatever was on the MOT tag board. he wrote the songs and posted it on the webbie. i don't think he said anything about others posting those songs, did he?

I'm not a detective in the first place, so by a 'I'm sorry', I doubt I can gather much evidence on why he is apologising.

And you lost me on the last line.
the fairyland song lyrics are childish.
i agree with ophelia that he sounds like ernie from sesame street.

That's an insult to Ernie.
Aww man, this dude and his music is an INSULT TO PUNKMUSIC.
and my name too. damn.
So SHAWDDUP BenChen, and turn off alternate caps!
Save the imitation spelling, there is more of that than needs to be emphasized. Pah.

Have a nice day.
echeleon, that is precisely why i am asking you not to conclude without getting the facts right.

this is not whether others talk about you behind your back or not. this is about whether YOU talk behind other people's back. it just reflects on your attitude. sure, others may say whatever they want to. but do you have to do the same thing? what do you think this is? monkey see monkey do? and if you haven't noticed, there is hardly FREEDOM OF SPEECH in singapore. if there is, why do you think blogs are being suspended because of various reasons?
well anyway, if ben chen really did have an amount of integrity and self-styled pride, then why take down his site just because of MoT?

I doubt that MoT seriously expects twits to change by reading all this; and if poor dear Ben boy lost his nerve and stripped his site leaving a "I'm sorry" there, we can only ask the cynical question of; what for?

Is it music that he himself knows is bad? Is it the amount of entertainment that we revel in whilst reading MoT and contemplating his twit-ishness? Is it this or that?

until he says anything, we're purposefully left to wonder by ourselves, and whatever conclusions/opinions that we form is our own- and please, don't come with slander and whatever else offensiveness that you can think of just because this person is getting slammed. I might as well sue my old secondary school classmates for insulting my mother.
hahaha your blog is really comical, esp the ahlian posts =P and YES i cannot stand the euu, miiex whatever nonsense. >< haha yes, another great post. never fails to make me laugh!
well i do agree that some things may be overly offensive to the parties involved, and perhaps tone down a little? as in you can if you want. because if those people read this.. well. it may not be as entertaining to them
he HAD that pride, until the rude and negative remarks tore that little amount of pride he had left. what i'm seeing is that ben is apologizing for how YOU people are feeling. he's sorry of what you think of him and his music. he's not apologizing for what he did. if your ex-classmantes did insult your mother to the public, i do believe you were able to sue them THEN. but since you no longer have any evidence or sort now, i suggest you give up that silly notion.
Looks like you can't spell either.


Re-learn your ABCs 1st, before even trying to flame.

Suggestion: Try forming simple words with alphabits during meal times to improve your vocabulary and grammar.
You're not annoying; you're anal.
Oh, and don't forget to book them.

Contact BeN cHeN/SiLenT vaLenTinE

Official Website:


Booking Contact: you can send me an email.

PureVolume Profile:

Instant Messenger: xXXBen cHeNXXx (MSN)
Last night, I was watching The Crow on channel 5.

It was a first, had no idea that Kristen Dunst starred in it. I had taken a personal dislike for her, no offense, I hate her roles in Interview with the Vampire and Spider Man, and the latest edition, The Crow. Mona Lisa Smiles, Jumanji, they didn't bother me.

I got so worked up while watching the movie, I exclaimed vehemently, "I HATE KRISTEN DUNST!"

My mother, who was ironing the clothes told me to shut up!

"You're always hating this, that, there is nothing you like!"
True, as much as I hate to admit that she's right, I've know to dislike more than like. But I mean, it's just me, what can she do? It's I who control what I adore and what I detest. She has no say in it. Freedom of Choice!

It's just like it over here in MOT, whatever you want to write about, whether you love plus-size chicks or hate bimbos, you just write. No one can stop you.
Just keep on writing. If people get bothered and let you know that they are, read their comments and if it's offensive, shrug it away, if it's good, take it in stride. Well hey everyone, life isn't worth wasting away your days being angry, believe me, I've been there before.

I really love this website. And because I love it, all the more I want to protect it. Don't want you get into trouble, really, it's nor worth it. To be fair, I have the same sentiments as anon. quote: as far as finding your blog slightly amusing, in a morbid sort of way, its kind of pitiful that there's a blog like this that belittles other people. its not really something to be proud of.

There is always a limit to things. As much as I hate it (i just used that H-word again...) and rather ignore it, it's still there and nobody can change it.

Take care HVV, CAMRY and Pring. :)
lolx!!! tt guy's a twit wif a twitty band!!wahaha!!omg..those tags..he shldnt have tagged..made him lose ALL OF his dignity[if he have]...poor guy with no pride...why muz tis kinda ppl exist?
oh no, jo, please- get things right.

He had a Tonne of pride. not a sliver, not a mote, but a Tonne of it. Otherwise, how could anyone upload something of well, objectionable standard and expect people to like it?

well, this argument could go on and on and on...

oh but wait- why the heck is he apologizing for how WE feel? anyone with a good basis of confidence wouldn't give a bulls-balls for what other people think of them. or the things they make.

other than that, his only fault is the missing decency of *yes* correct spelling.

geez. sochisticated? now that's a first.

what did you expect him to do except to apologize at this point of time? continue keeping up and let people mock him? you asked why. well, let me tell you. he is apologizing to salvage that "tonne" of pride that is left.

can't you even credit him for that bit of effort? do you still have to continue insulting him even as he apologizes? why not you suggest something he could do? why not you voice out on this particular issue instead of just deriding and scoffing at him?

the insults that were directed to him could even affect a saint, let alone ben.

as for the spelling error, who doesn't make mistakes? have you never made a single blunder in your entire life? do you really have to make it into such a huge concern? i don't see a point in even bringing this topic up. you're only using it as one of the means to ridicule him.
Something constructive for him here then... Ben does have talents.. (now now.. all u anti-ben'ers.. dont spark off at me) He had written the music and arranged it himself.. for a 15 year old.. it's quite a feat.. and i respect him for that... However, i have to agree his vocals are "fake" some call it.. "jay chou-like" others called it... it's very Nasal.. and it annoys people definately (even myself)... Lyrics wise.. it's very amateurish... but good effort.. though the fairytale song is a little Corny and mando-pop like (nothing wrong with that)..
There are HITs that have corny lyrics too.. like 'lemon tree'?
The thing is.. i have to agree that he has to give his other band mates more credits... the profile was almost entirely about him..

MOT had made it's name for "dissing" TWITS and people who apparently are just annoying... It is a good read for entertainment.. therefore one should not hold grudges against what they write.. instead.. read it with a lighter note.. have a laugh... If you do not like the way things is written here.. there are blogs like Mr Brown or Mr Miyagi to read.. with more adult-ish humours.. Speaking of lawsuits.. is there a need? Cut the three some slack... they are just having fun.. though at the expense of other people's lives.. It's a part of growing up and having fun.. i am sure all of us had the experience of dissing ppl.. and getting dissed.. it's just.. time and technology allows it to be even more publicised.. and it's definately outside of your School Canteen..

New Twit Leader, ben chen, had removed every crap frm his site .. i cant laugh at his singin anymore .. damn .... but theres always Friendster =) :

Enough for at least 10min of laughter .

and this :
Booking Contact: you can send me an email. << ???? book smlj ? ok .... whatever it is, muz book hor !
if you guys would just take the time to visit his site once again, not to taunt or criticize but to find out what it is all about, you will see a thorough explaination there.
Gee, I was almost right on with my theory on Ben getting framed.
wwooooo. we didnt have such a long comment list since "osg" ;D
hes just trying to cover up his pitiful pride and ego wadso ever on his purevolume.
whatever the cause of the post, he has made a sincere apology. you people should cut him a little slack too.

by the way, jo, your issue should be with the commentators (i think some of them are going overboard too) and not the authors of the article, for they are right about his music site. he himself admitted that he was using an arrogant tone. and we won't know if it really was an impersonator, or if he really wasn't such an egoistic person. even if you were his good friend, you won't know. online persona can be, and sometimes are, different from real life people.

ilp has the right idea, although i think lawsuits are too extreme. they can be sued for libel, but its a pretty dumb case (and hard to win too), and probably cost the plaintiff too much for the gains. but i digress. my point to u, ilp, is...

wats wrong with lemon trees' lyrics =/ lol. nvm...
why's he apologizing? for offending our senses? like i mentioned earlier, he doesn't even need to apologize, innit?

anyway- all we have is his word for whatever happened. and being the cynics we are...

Hah, ben.

And please, what kind of a twit would let them edit their profile? a bigger twit.

So THAT'S why MoT wrote about him.
yes jon, my issue IS with the commentators.

"and we won't know if it really was an impersonator, or if he really wasn't such an egoistic person."

i believe that is why he is asking (practically begging) all of you to give him the benefit of a doubt, isn't it? ask yourself, why not? why do you have to keep pursuing this matter when you can just let go by simply believing? is it really so demanding to do so?

besides, he doesn't even have a computer at home. (there is no doubt about this. i can witness to that.) let me ask you a question, how is it that he was able to tag the board almost everyday? if you come up with a answer saying that he borrowed a computer/went to his friend's house/went to the library, etc, i would say you are not thinking properly. why would he want to waste a large amount of time and effort on such petty stuff? would YOU do that if you were him?
You ever heard of crocodile tears? And 1st impression counts. he has been arrogant, and so people flame him. Then now hes apologising... It's up to the individuals whether they want to continue to hate him or not. I did say cut him some slack... Anyway, I would say that this isn't really petty (to him), considering the fact that he closed his whole website because of this.

Jo, you cannot change the perspectives of other's, and even less so with aggresive talk. Not as an insult or anything, but you should find something else to champion/do now. There's nothing much to be said anyway, the person in question has alredy apologised, the commentators just have to choose to accept or not. You can't force them to accept.
nomex, he's apologising for his earlier arrogance, which was what made MOT target him in the first place.
Jon: naaah.. someone before mentioned somthing about being the next hung and i was having flashbacks of the "lemon tree" guy from SGI..

Lemon tree's never been a fav song of mine.. and corny lyrics.. um.. try..

" I wonder how, I wonder why,
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see, is just a yellow lemon tree
I'm turning my head, up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see,
Is just another lemon tree"

Anyhows.. i think this whole debate should stop soon... why are we arguing over someone we do not know.. lashing out at each other and all.. like i said before.. this is a "for fun" read..
chill ya guys... =)

ilp: to me, thats nonsensical, not corny. corny is when a guy describes how he lubs the gal in great, mushy detail, full of sugar, spice and chemical x =D

u just describe the crux of the problem perfectly. anyway, this seem to be turning more into a chat than a flame war...
jon: you sure sound like you love the PPG.. maybe.. MOT should do something on PPGs.. hahahha =) Sugar, spice & everything nice.. + chemical X.. well... Mojo will sure love it.. =D
haha. no, not the ppg. i hav no comments abt that, good or bad ~~ but use quotes appropriately, no? i think mojo hates ppg, though ^^
WOW. Ben chen suddenly becomes the Oxford scholar of apology-in-non-caps English!

Maybe its because he stopped screwing his senior from behind while fervently masturbating the shift key with his finger, that he realises his mother is the only one that downloaded his song.(oops i forgot, she died after listening to it, then his deaf father deleted it after seeing her bleeding from the ears.).

After all verbal CaPs-On vomit located in the MOT tagboard by Benny-boy here, which would you rather believe? an impersonator? Well,Congrats Ben, that many people hate you already. If it was you, you dont need to apologise, come back from your $919898498210984298 worth of singing lessons, and maybe MOT will sponsor your singing gigs for the school of the hearing impaired.

Faithful Servitor of MOT and RP

"Hail to the Kings!"
anonymous, whoever you are:

you just proved how uncivilised you are. congrats. i don't even see a point in posting such a comment. ineffectual and futile. at least act equitable and intellectual for the readers' sake.
Wellll it was a comment, however you didnt like my animality did you? Here's what i want you to do, see the off button on your cpu? Press it, after that proceed on to the nearest window and throw it at least 6 storeys down, hopefully killing someone and get arrested. When you appear on the news and forums, maybe i can comment on you too. =)

oooo i smell the napalm, the flamethrowers are already lit. You ready jo? xD

Faithful servitor of MOT and RP

"Hail to the Kings!"
omg i totally thought the "ho wen long" name was damn familiar... i acted with him before! ye gods. they -are- retarded. like totally. birds of a feather flock together. this guy-- ben chen-- is desperate alright. you realize that swear words always become the last resort of those who are either criminally insane or too semantically-limited to come up with coherent alternatives. they put up some mock pretense at suave language use on their pure volume (pure noise more like) webbie and then reveal their true ugly ugly colours tagging way with all the swear words they know. *shakes head* sad, really.
wow. i read just this one blog and im in love with this blog.
whoever that guy is he looks like a fag bitch and worse still is he thinks he can be so pro when metal militiamen like me can kick his ass in guitar anyday
That kid should carve out his foreskin with an apple knife.He has no talent whatsoever and his voice is gayer than F4,COMBINED.
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