Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Fav Neoprint poses

You know, those Pretty in Tokyo - Ugly in Singapore neoprint booths...
It was called "Pretty in Tokyo" not "Pretty in Singapore" for a reason!

because that's supposed to be the best machine ever.
and the name makes you feel really good about yourself as you enter the machine, anyway. (Great marketers, we know.)

Seriously for twits wannabes only.
Here I present you, the tips to enhance your photo-taking session to make your photo stickers more memorable and kawaii. DO IT, because everyone else are!
Good luck!


How to do it: Puff then punch your own face, close that eye that is nearer to your fist, and pout your lips.
As though you are putting much effort to force shit out of yourself. Because you're so full of that... get it?

Also, you invite others to want to do the same to you too, just because they know this is how retarded you'd look. and it seriously it looks funny. LOLROFLMAO!!!!!11 MY FAV!!11

Best example on the right.

Definitely deserves the top #1 spot for this post.

2. Salute somebody, anybody.

We just want somebody to respect. :(

Because we are lost, we have no opinion and no idea,
it doesn't matter who,
just give us somebody whom we can follow.

(MOT FTW, duh!)

3. Laozhabor is teh queen.

One who enjoys life thoroughly, embraces change and keeps herself youthful.

Laozhabor does the best poses at the Neoprint machine.

Learn some from her, but mainly her best 2 are:

4. See, Hear, Speak, no Evil

It's an awesome pose, especially when there are 3 people doing it together.
If you don't do, you are a loser and clearly un-creative.

Speak no evil - Cover your goddamn face.
Hear no evil - Cover your ears like you heard nothin'.
Speak no evil - Cover your mouth and appear to be shocked since you are only left with your eyes to speak.

5. "Hi. She's Smile and I'm Cool."
This one is a tad tricky, I'm not sure what this would be classified as.

Looks like it's a "对你爱爱爱 不完" pose frozen in action to me, but according to Handbook to Twits it should be the fifth zi-pai pose when pose 1 = number 1, and uses the Finger++ rule.

Extra tips:
1. Good rule of thumb is to leave some good space to add ornaments to the picture - it CANNOT be plain and without decoration.
2. The background should be colourful, if possible, shiny and with glitter.
3. Write some kewl words like "Smile" "Cool" "Cutie" "besties"
If you can't come up with anything creative, just resort to writing your own names and the date.

Pass this on to your friends so you guys can plan your next trip to the Neoprint booth, and cleverly apply what this valuable lesson have just taught you!

Any more neoprint poses I've missed out?
Email to pringislove[at] and I'll add them to the list.

Friday, September 11, 2009

omg i can loginzzz (Part II)

Because I finally bothered to use "Forgot your Password?" function!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

And regarding this earlier post (oops like one year ago)... fuck lah how could people think picture is me and call it hot...

I'm handsome-r than that!!

Anyhows, I've added a RSS feed to help you readers to get notified whenever there's an update... so convenient for you (notice how thoughtful and sweet I actually am)
If you don't feel like clicking it now, when you wish to so later - it's at LINKS on the right.
I'm usually not that stupid... but I could have added "Share This" as well, just that Blogger's being a pain in the ass...

(Isn't it quite freaky I seem to login on special dates?)

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