Friday, September 11, 2009

omg i can loginzzz (Part II)

Because I finally bothered to use "Forgot your Password?" function!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

And regarding this earlier post (oops like one year ago)... fuck lah how could people think picture is me and call it hot...

I'm handsome-r than that!!

Anyhows, I've added a RSS feed to help you readers to get notified whenever there's an update... so convenient for you (notice how thoughtful and sweet I actually am)
If you don't feel like clicking it now, when you wish to so later - it's at LINKS on the right.
I'm usually not that stupid... but I could have added "Share This" as well, just that Blogger's being a pain in the ass...

(Isn't it quite freaky I seem to login on special dates?)

omg finally updated! Please do update more :)
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