Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Habbo Hotel: Part II

This is a continuation of the wonderful things you can do on Habbo Hotel, since I was told Habbo has improved alot! A whole lot! So... I went in to look again. Hmm. And found new cool stuff we can do in the game!

16. Curse and swear wherever you go.

And you're bound to get banned the way I did! :)

17. Walk around and question people's identity. (and prolly laugh at their reaction)

18. Seduce the sexually-deprived til they fall for you. (Mine was accidental *wink*
Apparently, right? I'm standing at the blocked door, suddenly someone confesses his love for me.)

19. Create many clones. (and lag yourself.)

You can create many accounts at once, don't even have to activate them. Open many windows, and log on to the hotel. LAG LAG LAG.
Alright alright, I didn't create that many clones so it probably didnt look that great. BTW, my clones have ugly hair, don't they? ;)

20. Sit down, and watch people talk about themselves and their parents.

Just piss them off by ignoring them when they want you to reply. Don't know why this guy started swearing for nothing though. (Scold his own parents some more!)

21. Disturb couples who are.. having their private time in their own room.

22. Freak out at the new Habbo face. (And try it out yourself)

Oohh~..... kawaii ne!

23. Try to scam people of furni (furnitures) by convincing them you'll send them something back next time. (And when you fail, curse and yell like a loser.)

In my case, it was somebody who was trying to scam me of furnis I did not own. (When I don't spend a cent on Habbo? D'oh!)

24. Create your own room. I found a few game credits.. I don't know why.. and heck who sent it! I went to create a room with the money I had.
Ta-da! Look at my pathetic room!
(oh no image?) =x
Anyway, search for it if you can. My nick is Pring in the game. HAHA.

25. ORGY!

(Names had to be censored due to... privacy. In case any of you approach my sex partners. Sorry, I don't share!)
This has got to be the coolest thing anyone can do on Habbo. HAHA. Find a room with many beds and you can start wanking all you want. Honest! It's very fun when you have alot of people doing it together. You get what I mean, the more the merrier!!!!!111111111 Woohooooo!

Maybe a time and date could even be arranged so we can all have a MOT gathering and have fun together there. Good idea, no? :D :D :D

First one to post!


Habbo hotel = waste money to buy credits

lmao its amazing how desperate people can be lol
You actually buy his shit.
You think what? I typed them all myself? Go find these people in Habbo and see how they really are.
Why should I bother? Either you're right and people are really that retarded, which means that I really shouldn't care more about how they wank online, or you're wrong, as I believe, because there is a limit as to how retarded people actually are, not to speak for the autistic or the cases of miscarriage in medicine in lobotomy.

I read online, something that makes a surprisingly good deal of sense about twits:

"Never argue with stupid people. First they bring you down to their level, then they beat you with experience."

Piper, you rock.
I LOVE MOT, especially handsome Pring's updates. :D
Come to think about it, I might want to diss some people(twits) off on Habbo. Kinda fun. lolol.
habbo hotel got lots of despo.anyway NICE POST.LOVE IT!!
HAHA, cann!! then i'll call the twits i know. HAHA. :D
LOL! habbo. Pretty lame game.
many of the HC's are so umm proud.
wO aii nii worrs~
i resent that you use the term "Autistic" in such a way. Dammit, some of them are actually smarter than some of those people in habbo.

and he wasnt arguing with them, he was making fun of them.
Unforunately for you tidal forge, autistic people aren't stupid. They just have abnormal patterns of behaviour, social interaction and ability to express themselves. Don't backslash me on this, as I have an autistic cousin.

Daphne wants to spend time dissing twits on habbo? How productive.
LOL! it's hilarious. i never tried habbohotel. it's sorta pointless. lol.
think this pring guy making up some shit so that he can entertain himself. real amusing, hur hur hur. bet he made up most of those characters in those habbo pictures, just so he can have something to actually laugh about besides himself.
There's also another quote circulating around, which is "Winning on the internet is like the special Olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded."

At least he humours himself. You, on the other hand, can't appreciate other's efforts in making themselves busy and therefore are depressed. That resulted in your actions, which was to flame Pring's way of life. Are you lonely? Are you suicidal? We don't care. Go smoke and be a beng.

Point is, he did it out of boredom and amusement. So what if he created those accounts? Doesn't make it a crime, does it? Eat shit, rot in hell and fuck your mom. Childish, yes, but throwing a demure and first warning to you, a braindead dickfus, seemed like a waste of time; add in vulgarities and I can actually vent anger on you!

Oh my god, I DID SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE TOO. You can too, by calling 1800-GO-FUCK-YOURSELF.
If he's smart, he'll admit defeat to you, thus rendering you retarded. Oh wait, that would make him retarded too. Damn..

damn my 7 yr old cousin plays this game. omg.
Wait... If I win here, I'm retarded. Tell me. What exactly is the fuss and competition here again? I don't recall there ever being any competition.

I'm not saying it's a crime for Pring to be self-entertaining, to go make up crap and diss allegedly retarded people. I'm just voicing skeptical feelings that people reading his shit actually buy it.

"You actually buy his shit."
Oh, that was me. Though you'd have realized if you bothered reading closely in the 1st place.

On doing something productive; go get a girlfriend, get married, and get a baby bonus and aid our aging population with increasing its birth rates. Productive alright.
How about those who win big money online? Take Bill Gates for example. If he's retarded because he owns practically the entire internet through microsoft, he's a retarded multi-billionaire.
thepieguy: "Point is, he did it out of boredom and amusement." You really think pring'd so bored as to do that? You really think he was ROFLing away while doing all that? His point is that if pring really was creating multiple accounts and staging everything, then it'd be vaguely insulting to our collective intelligences. Why'd you assume straight up that he was a braindead dickfus?

havoc: I think the quote means winning as in winning an online flame war or debate. Though I fail to see how that makes us retarded. Oh well, perhaps a little meditation in Tibet will change that.
I know. I'm just "rubbing it in".
Ah I see. Deliciously evil.
So does Geylang on a midsummer's night. Or just about any night for that matter.
i never knew Habbo was such a... game. hmm. And to think i thought it was a harmless prat game to throw your money at the creators while getting this credit thingy to do something unproductive and the creators sit there laughing at their easy cash.
This is funny. I meant the comments posted by havoc and nick? You all talk about doing something productive. Yet you spent your time here.

Enjoy what pring has done. Its funny cmon =)
Time spent dissing twits on habbo:
1 hour at least.

Time spent typing a comment:
1 minute at most.

Look on your face as you realise how dumb your comment was:

Sadly this post isn't as funny as the previous ones, not counting the "O_O" one of course.
thats what i said, nick. Autistic people are smarter than habbo people. dont backlash me on this either, i have an autistic brother.
"Dammit, some of them are actually smarter than some of those people in habbo."

Need I spell it out for you? I think I'd better. You said "SOME", implying that the rest are, in fact, dumber than the people in habbo. And since we've established that people on habbo are mostly really dumb...

CONGRATULATIONS! You might have just insulted your own brother and my cousin!

Get your facts right before trying to rub it into someone's face. And after that, try to present your thoughts more clearly. Fool.
I had to say "some" cause there're like, 3 year old autistic kids who dont even know what habbo is.

Anyways we've pretty much established the fact that habbo is dumb and autistic people are good people. End of story.
i think you people are more dumb.. People waste time playing Habbo. And you waste time typing stupid comments.
Havoc is such a noob. YAWNZOR
That, coming from a gorilla that "YAWNZOR" -s, says much about the non-existent credibility of that statement.

I see that evolution hasn't been very kind.
lol.. u rock.. :D

thanks for the wonderful posts !!
.. seems like there is a lack of idea here... habbo again? boring~ where is that old humourous pring???
whoa. nick is so cool.
OEI NICK! Stop stealing my fans! LOL!
Haha. I'm doing them a favour. Like you said earlier, they're not masochists. =)

Of course, if she was being sarcastic, that would seriously suck.

tidal forge: When people say "some" it gives me the idea of a minority. Matter of opinion. And yes, habbo is nowhere near my idea of a productive game. This coming from a guy who plays DotA, too.
just asking, is this person considered as a twit ?

heheh. mispelled catholic in yahoo search. then this friendster thing was one of the websites. so i just took a look.
is this person a twit?


and this persons picture is starting to scare me...


and a blog? =D
some more...? -_-"


lol. this one for spelling..




im just BORED okay? so im just searching for something to entertain me.
Haha.. this is so cool.. discussion stemming from a new paper style post.. haha..
Errr, habbo singapore got alot of attention seekers. And alot going for fame. They want to be popular, and most of them are twits.
god nick shut up.
Get me a mocha latte and I might consider your generous proposal.
nick stop freakin trying to defend everything people say about you or anything that has to do with you by trying to win and come out on top. you make yourself sound very insecure all the while in a very desperate attempt to sound intelligent. just laugh it off. that way maybe people will like you more, and you won't be so stressed by the opinions of others.
I dont think nick cares about what people think of him really.

And he seems relaxed about all your, dare I say 'Invaluable and intelligent ' comments on him.

Note my inverted commas.
lol, you make habbo sounds pretty fun. (:
What a great site » »
Excellent, love it! »
hs facebook
Hey this is great man i like oor scammin aswell! lol suckers at habbo but! and solo-kid rock they r so cool i wen on my mates account and they gave me freee furni cuz they saw i was new
pring friend request me babe i am Funzo7878 add me babie im skinny blond sexy n dumb LMAO FOGET LAST 1 lmao
Brilliantly done!
Some droogs and I are pretty much doing the same thing on Habbo..
Scamming, lowering self-esteem and whatnot, the little kiddies..

Good work ;)
Habbo Is for little kids or teens or adults to chill out and spend money so they can become "cooler".

But it is not totally a waste. Well kind of but not really.

P.S. Im pretty sure pring didnt get THAT MANY habbos to do hiself. This is oviously not him.
Just another computer geek.
your a gay shit k gay shit
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