Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey an update!

SeaOfLove Posted 23/12/2005
______*__merry x'mas___*____

x= . euii betta watch 0ut ,
x= . euii betta n0t cry ,
x= . euii betta n0t pout ,
x= . ii'm telling euii why !
[( ssanta cclaus )] ish c0miin t0 t0wn.

=x ; he's makiin a list checking it
=x ; he's g0nna find 0ut who iish
naughty or nice !
[( ssanta cclaus )] ish c0miin t0 t0wn.

h0h00s ~ mmerry xxmas in advance !
cheerrs ! enj0y urself yeahhs ?

()"*"() ReGaRdS,
( 'o',)")
x___`[ SeaOfLove ]`___x
Holy son of curses. And to think I thought Britney Spears singing christmas carols was bloody annoying.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Shit a Twit Day

Hello babies and gentlemen.
It has been a long time since we updated.
We update, we kena scolded. Never update, also kena scolded. Woah...

MOT announces.
13 August is a Shit-A-Twit day!
(Sorry to any birthday boy/girl that day)

Yay!! You know what that means?
You're supposed to grab a kid's shit filled diaper and.. you know what to do.

AIM, and FIRE at the twits!

Hahaha. Isn't that funny? Ha? No? Ha?
Nevermind. There's an event to accompany Shit-a-Twit day!
If no one's gonna celebrate it with you, we shall.
HAHAHA. LOSER. No I'm just kidding.
It'll just be a chill out session. Yay, read more for details.

Location: Habbo Hotel
How to get there:
Then?: Click Check in HABBO Hotel and sign up. You dont have to verify your account, just come up with a nickname and get your butt in there.
Find your way to MOT Paradise room. Search MOT at guests room, but it wouldn't be open unless we are around.
Time: 8pm
Date: 13 Aug (apparently)
Special Guests: MOT (Your only chance to take picture with MOT! screenshot I mean)
Objective: Shit a twit, chill out, get to know more people, dance, Q & A session, drink kopi, waste time.
Rules: You gotta change your MISSION in the game to, "I <3 MOT" and dress your character all pink(lol.)

Hahahaha. Aint that funny. No, I'm not joking. I'm serious about this. :)
And to those who are complaining and whining, or just hoping we'd die and close the blog down, or think we are very no life... hmmm. No life? We surf friendster all day? That's just a myth. Ha!

See you on 13 Aug. Finish your homework before you come. :)

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