Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey an update!

SeaOfLove Posted 23/12/2005
______*__merry x'mas___*____

x= . euii betta watch 0ut ,
x= . euii betta n0t cry ,
x= . euii betta n0t pout ,
x= . ii'm telling euii why !
[( ssanta cclaus )] ish c0miin t0 t0wn.

=x ; he's makiin a list checking it
=x ; he's g0nna find 0ut who iish
naughty or nice !
[( ssanta cclaus )] ish c0miin t0 t0wn.

h0h00s ~ mmerry xxmas in advance !
cheerrs ! enj0y urself yeahhs ?

()"*"() ReGaRdS,
( 'o',)")
x___`[ SeaOfLove ]`___x
Holy son of curses. And to think I thought Britney Spears singing christmas carols was bloody annoying.

ohmy, i wonder if other countries have this kind of internal problems.
what the hell were those =x. x=.s for?
lol je suis d'accord! :)
This is really a very short update.
More please??

Oh my god. That's so irritating. I have friends who type in this manner, never thought that there would be a replay here.
Everything still remains the same no matter how hard i tried to change the way they express themselves with that kind of english. I hate it when they can't type in normal english. What is wrong with their hands, eyes and keyboard?
haha :)
How come so old one?
mErrII cHiiRsTmaS w0rrhxx!
5 minutes of pain. Gah. God. I have friends who types like a twit. Like this - " hiies " " dunch " and all those rubbish. I have mentioned this website to her, and said " That kind of language is TWIT language. " she doesn't get the hint. My god. How thick can she get.
aiyoo. nicer update aye?
HVV posted!! anyway, lol nice update!! XD
There's so much i can pick on about your site and your fans, of which the most esental is that your fans are rather lame *ahem* but I don't wanna be a killjoy so, yeah. Nevertheless, your site makes an interesting read.

Especially on a hot, boring sunday when I have nothing better to do.


Before you lose your readership, you should seriously start planning on revamping your site and the content you post.

Of course, you are welcome to deflect my criticism, but if you look at it properly, you will come to realise that what i say is very true.

Have a nice day, people. :)
X'mas is still a long way ahead darling.
Anonymous said...

There's so much i can pick on about your site and your fans, of which the most esental is that your fans are rather lame *ahem* but I don't wanna be a killjoy so, yeah. Nevertheless, your site makes an interesting read.

Especially on a hot, boring sunday when I have nothing better to do.


Before you lose your readership, you should seriously start planning on revamping your site and the content you post.

Of course, you are welcome to deflect my criticism, but if you look at it properly, you will come to realise that what i say is very true.

Have a nice day, people. :)

Sunday, 03 September, 2006

You know their just like you. They've got nothing better to do, so, there you go. And plus, they do this for entertainment purposes. Don't be such a smartass and act as if you're the most logical person in the world.
So what's your glitch? Pointing out your 'logical explanation' and pretends to be a smarty-pants.
You know, you might wanna think twice before laying a finger on your keyboard and start typing again. You do have a point and whatever you said was true, but do you think these people actually cared? They have fans, they love whatever their doing and you're ruining the fun.
Get lost Mr i-think-i'm-logical-but-you're-not, don't come here if you don't like what they're doing. Well, it seems like you're whining like an old man/lady.
Hey hey, kudos to you all.

Let's all wish for em damn twitties to go to hell.
oi so long never post die liao isit.

got one material for you!

LOL! Dude i agree with you man .. i have .. lots of friends typing like that .. some of my friends call them twits too .. wierd ..
i think the person who post tis comment is a freak.. only know hw to critisie people.when you yourself is damn suck!
despite this post , they still deny that they're ABUSING english language . hahaa . p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c
a website full of rubbish and disclosing of other people's privacy without respecting them. what an jackass. frankly speaking, your english isn't that good and is horendous. a non contemplating website to survive such harsh comments from other people is a amazing thing. maybe we should tell it to the straits time for them to "entertain" the country. or maybe when publishing this on their column is a waste of space. so contradicting. or maybe tell it to mr brown. gosh. it'll be a fun pod cast.
anonymous:like your english is the best in the whole world.
"an jackass"?
"a amazing thing"?
frankly speaking, your english isn't that good AT ALL. it's even horrendous.
so who are you to correct others' english when yours need serious improvement?

shameful. really. tsk tsk.
:( You people don't know how to have fun and see the fun side of MOT. Boo to you
BOLIAO PEEPS =/ [end of quote]

you know, if you're trying to offend the person, people won't be offended because we couldn't understand a word you're saying. But hey, you could learn to use the language English first. Dumbcunt.
P/s : For your information, Pring is waaaay better than any of you who criticized MOT. :) Does that answer your question?
I guess all the twits have become extinct or something, eh?

Strange phenomena of good blogs disappearing recently.
we're dying for more humour.
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come on man !

twits are fun,
but i think you're bunch of losers,
making fun of twits,
these kinda ppl are seriously annoying man .

you know it then change.

hope these ppl who love this blog gets striked by lightning:)
hope this works fuckers .

mot shitholes who play habbo,
how wonderrrrrrful ahs .
lame ppl play habbo .
how old are you ?

few mths old?
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Push b'shena
simple word lk don't can become dunch?! these ppl have nth btr to do?!
not only they are tying to make themselves more miserable, its making us miserable by reading too!
so u twits out thr pls consider for us. if everyone in our society were to grow up or live with such language.. GG man! DISGRACE. who the hell ever came up with such stuff. shame on you!
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DeWei- The one who walks & talk like GAY.
you better watch out. dont let me see u..
4eFdwf Please write anything else!
The posts are quite boring
hey,i think u sux!
Why did you have to insult Brit.
I think youre dumber/as dumb as twits.
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