Monday, October 24, 2005

Get yours today

Barbies are history.

Bratz are out.

Fresh in the market, MOT introduces D0llies Wawas, the dumb d0lls with no sense at all.

from left diordoll,babydoll,pinkdoll,lalaadoll

How could you don't know them? They're like the dumbest coolest shit in d0llie land. It's official. Below's their logo.

Each of these dolls have their own characteristics, and they're available on their own.

Emo Diord0ll

The most emo d0llie ever! Sings along to Welcome To My Life.
Almost-real blood flows from wrist when being cut by penknife.

accessories included :

- Emo specs
- Penknives
- Cd with track - Welcome To My Life

Auntie Diord0ll

Now you can bring your d0llie out shopping together!
Real mini camera handphone is extremely recommended for those who love taking snapshots of Yandaos, Ahbengs or even Japsters!!

accessories included :

- Shopping bag
- Aunty handbag
- 3/4 jeans
- Handphone (for taking selfshots in fitting room)
- Heels

Punk pinkd0ll

Punk rocker d0llie. Plays the tune of "MCR - Helena" when you slap her on the forehead. Simply irresistable.

accessories included :

- Billabong mesh trucker cap
- Tanktop with words going "Punks Not Dead"
- Studded belt
- Short denim skirt

Jap Pinkd0ll

Wide eyed d0llie with super whiney voice. Goes "kAwAii nEhHx" when it's picture's being taken.
Scary, but true.

accessories included :

- pink jap bakery cap lookalike
- pink polo tee (giordano)
- mini pink skirt with flaps
- baggy pink socks

7th Month lalaad0ll

You'll never be alone during the 7th lunar month. This d0llie's soul never returns back to the gate. You can even scare your friends with it.

accessories included :

- white foundation
- joss sticks
- incense paper

Conjoined babyd0ll

Where else can you find a better deal than this? It's 2 d0lls in a package, baby! Can be separated or joined together, all at your own will.

accessories included :

- super glue
- surgery knife

Now guys, don't get bored out too soon. Whoever told you guys don't play with dolls?
And these are some of our customer's feedbacks.

Oh man, I never thought d0llies would be so cool!

with d0llies, i don't need sex toys anymore!

I just couldn't resist getting 2!

Right about now, MOT's having a promotion period. You* can get 2 d0llies, at the price of 1! There're no restrictions to your choices, so just mix and match!

pinkd0ll ; babyd0ll

babyd0ll ; lalaad0ll

pinkd0ll ; lalaad0ll

lalaad0ll ; diord0ll

What's more? If you decided to get one of each at 1 go, you'll be going home with a d0llie wawa poster, absolutely free.

racial harmony edition

d0llies fan club

Drooling yet? Don't be! Just grab 4 d0llies and you can hang them proudly right on your bedroom wall.

That's not all!! Being super duper uber nice to their fans, the d0llies have come up with a banner just for all you readers, especially those with blogs.

Put this up on your site, and tell the whole world you're a dumbd0llie fan because you're just as dumb. ;D Hurray!

* terms and conditions apply
- must be frequent reader of MOT
- friends of MOT in Friendster gets extra 10% discount

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