Sunday, October 09, 2005

Graffiti Indeed

It was a bright and sunny day. Not many twits were out lurking around because the scorching sun would have melted their powdered face. (Oh shucks, why did I suddenly get reminded of xiaojia and her chicks?!) Hence Pring and I were happily prancing around FarEast Plaza, just like little red riding hood. What a beautiful story.


There's bound to be some kuku spoiler in every story, such as the big bad wolf. And in this case, we have the cUtE gAlgAlxS.

such a disturbing picture

We walked away in disgust, and lived happily ever after.

Yeah right.

Being the super b0lia0s-n0thing-better-tu-d0-take-pe0ple-and-p0st Pring and Cam, we obviously stayed to watch on.

scribble scribble scribble ; minahs for you by the way

eh, are they done yet?!

Now what the hell is this.

Yes these ugly handwriting belonged to the 3 big bad wolves, namely Chrise, Ju =) and Xin, aka Gia Gia.

You think being a Sly fan is bad enough??? Wait till you see this.

There's alot more of these

They were spotted serveral pillars away. Oh my, it's Energy! No, twits are not biased. They've not forgotten the others.

Luo Zhi Xiang


Since we already got so turned on by the ugly drawings, we decided to explore further.


Firstly, declare your love! You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day anymore.

Fame people!

Or the other way round.

Express your feelings. Any kind.

Tell the world how how u are related to whoever you are related to.

Show how closely bonded you are with your classmates.

Or you could be a selfish loner in school.

Show off your horrijible spelling.

And when the wall's used up... Fret not!

For there's always the floor. :)

At the end of the day, are those really graffiti? Or just vandalism? I guess its for the management to figure it out.

evidently they're not quite happy about it

It's quite troublesome if you get involved with the management. So always listen to your mother. ^_^

I think this is vandalism. There isn't any sign that says you can draw on the properties.

Don't be so despo, making your name known to people who went up and see your so called graffiti.
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