Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ben is OUT, Polls are IN.

What's the big hoohaa about Ben Chen anyway? I mean, Ben is OUT. Polls are IN. :D

Regarding the previous poll, I merely created it for fun. It was never a mean to gain popularity or make myself seem liked, or anything like that. I think that poll was hurting in certain ways. Should I take it off? For those who have developed a stronger dislike of me ever since the poll was up, I am sorry. :(

Anyway, we should get on with life. :D
If you voted for others, do specify it in the comment box of this entry. Thank you.

P.S. My computer is down so you guys won't be seeing me for awhile. :D

Nevertheless, have a good day.

Yo. =D

A poll is a poll, why kick up so much fuss? Its all in the name of fun and I highly doubt pring's ego has anything to do with it.

I voted for HVV btw. he's da man.

HOWEVER, my blog PWNZ hvv. haha.

just kidding.
I'm second.

Will I get modded for off topic posting?
Leave it lah! It's just a poll. :D
poll , what poll i hate polls take them out polls is what makes goverments in america corrupted
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