Friday, February 24, 2006

Uncle Pring & Ms Camry to the Rescue!

Sorry for being MIA for such a long time. God knows what the hell MOT was doing. Actually, my e-mail was being flooded by tons of people who wanted to revive me, when I was only expecting 50. :D Yeah, MOT got arrested. Camry got arrested for having underage sex with HVV. I was arrested for having brought durians into the MRT. Very sad, very sad. Don't mention it anymore... ='(

Okay. There were many mails seeking Pring the King for advice... I, the understanding Pring, is aware that people all face problems at times. And.. some problems can be really hard to deal with. With not soo much experience in life, Uncle Pring and Miss Camry have decided; We are willing to help those in need. We care and will provide emotional support to MOT fans /Anti-MOT air-cons when they need it. *AHWEI's halo appears* Really lah! Whatever problems you have... twit or non-twit related.. we TRY our best to give you appropriate advice. AND we're so much better than the aunty agonies from Teenage/Teens/Seventeen/blah blah magazines.. because you don't just have ONE advice, but you have TWO! (What's more!?! It's from the yandao Pring!)

So, all you have to do is:
E-mail us, (we will keep your mail private & confidential) tell us your problem, and sign off with a nick
and.. we try to help asap.

We'll just start with one of them today...
Here's a letter from JQ.
"hi.. been reading MOT for some time.. some frens really irritate me. they type lYkE dIiShh~ and i tell them it is hard to read. they say "hArd t0 rEaD dEn dUNnCh rEaAdd baAhx~" but they keep talking to me? so i haf to reply. i wanna help them, but dun wanna hurt their feelings at e same time.. tell me what i should do?? thx"

Uncle Pring: Oh my, how ironic! Make it known to them it really hurts your eyes upon reading, but you are keen to befriend them. How could they tell you such a thing, anyhow? That statement gives me a feeling she doesn't mind not talking to me, and I'd feel disrespected if I were you. It's like, what are you in her eyes? Tell her, if she thinks it looks nice and stylish, go ahead. Just don't feel humiliated by the others who won't understand her. It's similar to me going "bLeh hEE ii bEh sHad" and another replying, "WTF? Googoo gaahgaah?"

Ms Camry: If she doesn't want to practise good english right now, she'll probably suffer in the future. Even if her english is not good, this is not the way to cover it up. Or if her english is already good, advise her to make use of it. If she cherished your friendship enough, she would make an effort to help make your eyes hurt less. Apparently, she isn't. Hope those are sufficient reasons to encourage your friends to listen to the government; SPEAK good english. BE UNDERSTOOD.

& a really good idea from en: Treat them back the way they treat you. Type the way they are doing, but in a more annoying way you don't even understand yourself anymore. :x

Must we repeat what you have to do?
E-mail us. :\ Be it love letters or request for help.
(Although Pring <3 love letters more)

first one to comment about this post.but i have no
woooohooo. i'm second! kinda surprise to see u update =//. shhoulddx iix talkkx liikeex thiisx?
HAHAHA. jking.
haha i guess you guys finally updated. im always looking forward to see your next posts (:
eh? no funny entries?? )= be sure to update more!! (:
you must update more often! i need my daily dose!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
HEY do update more. and arrested fer underage sex? Whatever. do continue being funny x)
i will love you guys more if you were to post more often :P

and pplx hhu tokks lykk dhiish are so irritating. and i have SO many friends doing this. an eyesore.
woots a quick update from pring just to show MOT's not inactive.. =_= more posts pls! ;D
ohwell things seem to be changing! ill continue to read them all :)
i still hate twits and bimbos as ever. they're like urgh can! "orhsxXszZ dirhszxxzsSZxx ishzxszxs moixszaszx probxzsx" ohmy.. i cant even type like one of them. haha i failed. :/
post more guys!!
lol.seems like mot is starting to change the orientation of this blog's purpose.
ERR, guess they have nth to write about. the long waited post is so so short, and is full of blahblah handsome pring. blahblah yandao pring. like wtf.
WOW. so INTERESTING huh? think you guys will get famous like that? HAHA.
i think the best way to do is to reply the same way as how they type and let them know how irritating it is. make it worse then how they type to make it worse to read. "eeEeUuuux Keeeppies toOCkaNgX tootx muuuixxes assesekxx muuuix howwes tokx dunchherx reeeaaadd Nehx"
isnt this perfect?
oh my. am so smart. LOL.
hah! Heros. T.T LOL! Do lend a hand to others, i'll worship you guys!
to 2nd last anonymous: lol sorry ah. you always thought MOT is keen on getting famous? HA HA. HA HA? HA HA HA?

and en: well, that's quite true. point taken!
hiiiiiess. hoouw caan yeuu alll iinsULtxZz ouRRr langUaages orHhs. eNgiish ishh SooOo sTewPig NeEhss..! tiishhx oooneeS muchhies kewlterr n kAAwaiii nEHhHsh. jApp rOxx worhhsS! ^.^ miie waan goo jaPp nexxt TImEy...kEkEkEs.

seriously. if they're going to speak like this in one would understand them. they will even kick them out for making their beautiful language sounds low grade. only idiots speak like that. stereotypical, i say. im one who learns japanese language and no words of them makes sense to me. like wtf?!!? o.0
after waiting for so long............its so short...... nt even 5 mins!!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
update more =)
YEAH! people who type LYKK TISHH` suck to the core! :)
I used to think that MoT and RP were full of idiots, but boy was I so wrong.

update la. kin.
omg. *unbelievable*
ppl whu like tuhh typex lykk dishhx sure sucks.. especially those ppl whu like to say kawaii neiihhxzzz.. yucks *vomit blood*
Hahahahahahahahaha! There's one slapping herself in her own face instead of just merely singing along. She's got entertainment value.
update more daring posts like you used to. you know, we fans have been anticipating for a GUUDDDXZXZ post. lolol. lookin forward! (:
Bah, another charion feeder.
Everyone's repeating the same thing! =(

Where's the fun? Someone seriously has to attack MoT or something.
lol aunt and uncle agonies!
MoT is moot, and Pring is a fink. There, I said it, Nick, haha.
kAwaii nEhhxZ. -pukes pukes-
Omg, burn Havoc at the stake!!! *waves pitchfork wildly*

But really, there's not much material to work on these days. Sad but true, haha.

Now, if only I had a dollar for every "omg post more!" comment...

One thing that bugs me is how supposed "anti-twits" seem to enjoy emulating "twit-speak" in order to mock twits. There ARE better ways of doing that, people! And here I thought imitation was the sincerest form of flattery...
Perhaps you can feature the NYP Tammy in your next post.
hey. can u do a follow up on this twit? lol. i cant stand her. and being ur supporter can do abit bit for us will u??
To help: Dude, solve your own problems yourself. MoT and SoF aren't the same thing. Pathetic.
SoF? What's that? Society of Freaks?

And what's all that nonsense about burning me at the stake? I ain't no witch, or I'd have more firepower in my words than an elephant's fart, so says the Malleus Maleficarium.

And I'll say it again! Pring is a fink! Haha.
SoF, Soldier of Fortune. In other words, mercenary for hire. Post a link here, MoT'll do the hit, etc etc.

Burning at the stake -> Witch hunting -> MoT fans lynching you.

I don't think they'd understand the word fink. Try something in dialect. (Hokkien please, not some obscure Micronesian dialect) I'm sure they'll get the message. =P
true, some people are seriously annoying. they just anyoldhow type anyoldhow way, and it irritates way too many people.
thanks man, for the fantabulous entries.
keep it up! :)
i used to find this blog interesting but now it has become dull and 'expected'. there ain't any more anticipation like before.
I'll speak to them in a language I understand. I do not require the crutch of interposing dialect to get whatever I want to say across. If you understand what I say, it's in your face then. If you non-comprehende, then let's take it that ignorance is bliss.

Twits actually face severe language disabilities, which probably stem from severe mental defects. I suppose that is clear-cut enough.
Sigh. But if they can't even fathom what you're trying to put across, then they won't get riled by it and flame you. And there goes all the fun.

I think certain MoT tagboarders are much worse. I refer to just about every other tagboarder who's posted links of twits' friendster profiles or blogs hoping for a feature on them.

It's as if they think MoT actually gives half a rat's ass about them. Which falls under the category of "delusional", on a magnitude at least on par with language disabilities, I think.
Ahh... but the kick here is, they know I'm saying something about them, and yet they know not what I'm saying about them. It gives me an edge. For me to shove their egoes off it.

I wonder if anybody ever leaves any constructive comments on the tagboard anymore?
dear MOT. i would like to say FUCK YOU BETTER UPDATE MORE.
My friends around me are turning into twits and I almost became one until I read this blog and realised that twits are uncool..

You guys rule~!
Yes faust, you should shun your friends since they're turning into twits! Do the same thing the Nazis did by discriminating against people just because they do not conform to your perfect ideals.

Be a man, do the right thing.

You are bad boy! You go to jail!

Aahh... that was priceless.
Lol. What is it with the russel peters thingy. LOL.
Haha, everyone loves Mr Peters. Right, Russell? Oops, I mean Havoc.

I finally got DotA back. Leshrac's hot. =)
OH yea. Russel peters sure is funny. =]
What happened to the ol' good-lookin' beard, shakin' beer-belly, and short legs? Are you facist against the dwarves or something? It's hammer time!

Leshrac has four legs. You call that hot?! I'd put a bullet between them, up whatever passes for a tormented arse. Take that, yer slime!

Bah, yer spent too much of yer time prancin' around them durned night elves. Them skinny pointy ears can't hold a hammer or big gun like us. This- is- my- BOOMSTICK! Hi. You're dead.

Leshrac probably has pubic leaves, burnt from his over use of explosion and pulse nova.

There, that was my Russel Peters impression over the races in DotA.
I was going to come back with a retort, when I read this:

"Leshrac probably has pubic leaves, burnt from his over use of explosion and pulse nova."

GG no RE!!!

Still, you have to admit there's something secksy about mass AOE. Much better than a stumpy old dwarf with a fake Scottish accent.

By the way, you play on Bnet right?
Faust has a nice name... Wonder if her parents read too much literature?

Vengeful spirit is hot. She's a gal, and she growls!
Your blog has got to be one of the most hilarious of all. Love the second post with all the maple pictures, sent me into fits of unending laughter it did. rofl!

Faust? Sounds like an interest in necromancy and demon summons.

A'ite, Where's me rifle? You've a target? Oooook. I'll take care of it.

Yeah, I play on Bnet. LAN with my friends. Some people still think "LN" stands for London.

A growling gal? Sounds like a bitch. No wonder, everytime I see her, I get stunned. No, Lina Inverse... That's different. Her voice is so [I can't say it, or it'd have to be censored]... grr! One hot sorceress. Especially when you get caught in the path of her dragon slave.

I like the loading art for the new version. The drow'd be hot if she didn't have rotting eyes.

Oh, and there's pudge. Talk about a big nice round ass, that you can get a close up of if you cyclone him up your screen. Hooo... that's a big momma.

Speaking of pudge getting cycloned up on high, it brings to my mind another of Russell's one-liners:

"Your mother... so fat! That when she jump for joooy, she get stuck!"
Ah yea. But mean, stunning bitches are better.

Nothing wrong with her eyes, you're just picky. Lina looks hotter in the loading screen though.
I'd tap Lina's ass.

Give the Tidehunter some love - He's lonely, lugging that anchor around all day long.
Yea. So lonely as to bash anyone else he sees over the head with it... All heart, that guy. His AoE attack is wicked, though.
Aww with that thick kraken shell of his, he'd understandably have the social life of a turtle. So don't mind him.

Funny how no one's mentioned Rylai yet though. Thought everyone considered her hot.
You mean cool, with her frostbite.

Hey, trolls are cool in DotA. They're the rhastafarians [Rhasta's cool]. Well, maybe except for Vol' Jin.

Who be my next victim, mon?
Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

The tide hunter's big, ugly, and fat. And he hugs an anchor all day long. Something must be wrong. And he dons a shark hoodie, which for some reason reminds me of little red riding hood. Oh wait, he has a purple beard too. Gay enough? Oh wait, there's always pudge with one eye popping, in a pink user's singlet. You do realize he doesn't wear any pants, right?
Omg. Zombie Porn! Bone Fletcher's fully naked, didn't you notice? Even Pugna wears a robe, but the BF's in the buff. Skeleton Porn!
What's there to see? Pelvic bone and skeletal tits?
A skeletal phallus? Boner, anyone?
This is like Wes Craven meets Deuce Biggalow.
i used to be a twit, but not anymore. and i realised that iits realli derrhx berri iirritatiing derrh norrhx. anyways, rock on. update more.
are you serious she had sex with HVV? lol
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