Saturday, May 13, 2006

No one gets it.

I like to review the tagboard and comments left regarding our entries from time to time, not because I enjoy glorifying over the fact that people are treating MOT like a temple for worship, but because some of the comments and suggestions allows us to fill up the room for improvement, whereas some are just plainly mocking us at the expense of revealing their own stupidity.

There are people who simply don't get it, trying to pick faults with us without reading the whole entry properly, and instead they just sweep through the first few lines of each paragraph and condemn us for something we've already expected and rebutted in the entry itself.

Then there are those who think we're like some, online propaganda, trying to brainwash the readers by stuffing our ideals and views into their heads. Well, to a certain extent I admit this website possesses entries that carry a propaganda, but saying how self-righteous we are, trying to discriminate and brainwash our readers into doing so, is just way bullshit.

For one, we don't advertise our blog. Maybe we did a little racking of readers when we first started, which makes perfect sense for me since this isn't a personal blog, and it requires readers to complete the whole package. But we don't force people to link us, or even ask anyone to link us as a matter of fact. The only website we're affliated to is the Retard Patrol, who started out before we did and writes for a same cause.

Other than them, the people linking us do it on their own will. We don't force readership, and if we were so tech-savvy to even know anyway to brainwash them through a blog, we'd have gotten a much better layout, don't you think so?

Then there's this thing about us being self-righteous. How so, may I ask, are we self-righteous? True, the twit word have become (if I may dare say) revolutionary. People are referring to the term 'twit' everywhere I go. It has become a connotation that is fixed, somewhat appearing often in our daily conversations.

But we don't end every article with "This is right, this is best, this is the ONLY way you should live your life." We don't digress much on the degree of truth our entries hold; we're merely trying to voice our opinions on things we feel disgusted by.

Is that incorrect in any manner? The twits can set a blog, label us with some four letter word and start a revolution too, for all I care. You can try, and hurray for you if you succeed. That is just you voicing your hatred for us too, that's perfectly fine with me.

And for the third time, we don't fucking care.

We hardly reply on the tagboard nowadays, if you noticed. Because we don't care if you think we suck, or if you think our blog's not funny anymore. It was never meant to be something humourous, the humour was just to allow better engagement the readers can have with the entries. If you don't want to read just because MOT's not really funny anymore, please, by all means, fuck off and go read something you'd term better.

Because we don't fucking care.

Even if you think we're good, we're like your daily gazatte, you want to express your love and concern for the three of us, go ahead and shower your sprinkles of love coated in candy wax, we still don't care.

Because right now, we can't be anymore than bothered if we're going mainstream, or already at that stage, because our ideals for this blog has matured and we crave more than recognition, we want to write about people, or rather, certain characteristics that irks us.

Because for the last time in this entry, we don't fucking care.

I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't CAREEEE

LOL. riiight. anw that's the attitude! keep it up man! :D
honestly, i don't fucking care too.
MOT can mock at twits for all i care. however, do remember, what goes around comes around.
if "twits" like to live a "twitish" life, let so. i don't see why/how MOT has anything to do with their lives. the only thing that MOT has done for those "twits" to humiliate them JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT.
i'm not trying to correct/humiliate MOT. but do note, its not nice to discriminate. doesn't put MOT too far off from being a racist blog.
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shower your sprinkles of love coated in candy wax<-- That dont sound right.. LOL..
there goes the MOT we like
hmm.. they read a few lines of each paragraph because ur english is too difficult to them. no choice.. so they can onli pick out the key words..
From what I've read in the post, and the number of times you stressed the phrase "We don't care", it seems that you're far from not caring about what the tags say. Aren't you being a little hypocritical here? If you seriously didn't care, you wouldn't have come up with this post would you? Just a thought. :)

muha!.. OH WAIT! thats already been done! (not as a blog though..)

i love this post. more intelligent stuff please!
jus write whatever u want la. why u wanna care?

Just pointing out that in order for you to actually become mainstream, you'd have to gain recognition first.
And that recognition comes from the patronage of the very people that visit your blog.
And most ironically, a large percentile seems to be irate individuals that you diss about in your comments HAHAHA. I like.

Okay, I digress; but the thing is, if you didn't fucking care you wouldn't have posted this.
Dude.They said they didn't care if they became mainstream.And since they don't fucking care they won't read your comment.PWNT!
"Maybe we did a little racking of readers when we first started, which makes perfect sense for me since this isn't a personal blog, and it requires readers to complete the whole package"

If this is a blog meant for people other than themselves to read, I'd say that their attempt to garner readership would be an attempt in itself to become mainstream, if we're assuming that mainstream here would be to gather an amount of regular visitors.

"or already at that stage,...we crave more than recognition"

surely they don't care anymore because they've already achieved a level of 'mainstreamedness' hence being able to write just about anything and have their better patrons lap it up; this blog is built on the assumption that people will come and read it, thus should they lack that patronage they're just going to be a bunch of people writing about their feelings and ideals with nobody giving a damn about them.

Now, without the people reading this, how's it very different from a personal blog? That takes me back to the earlier statement about them NOT caring if this is mainstream or not.
if you don't care, the readers won't care about what u are going to write next. go ahead, be nasty to ur readers, seriously ur readership now sucks. do this more often, post all the angry stuff, and soon noone would really fucking care about ur fucking museum.

and whatever about this blog being more mature now or what bullcrap, if its become more mature stop this whining and start posting some smart stuff.
Don't bother posting. Seriously.

All you'll get is MoT pulling the whole "We don't care about what you say." argument on you.

You have a good point though.
They're not even getting uptight even if no one 'fucking cares' about their 'fucking museum', so why should you?

If you're not happy with it, then why even bother.

Ignorence is a bliss.
maybe not knowing how to spell ignorance is a bliss. maybeeeeeeee.
honestly, i dont know how bonusmosh knows that our readership sucks. it has always been so sucky! there's no increase, there's no decrease. yah. it sucks.

but... we aren't really bothered by those numbers. haven't you realised? :s we don't update for the sake of updating.. but more often because... our hands are itchy and scratching it doesn't help.
well... if you so don't fucking care......... then why should u even bother to post out this post? or aren't u just too affected by it?
hmmm.. somehow the i dont fucking care attitude is quite sad.
i mean although it is good to not get bothered about those senseless and nonsensical comments that have no base and whatsoever, but i feel that you should take into account of some constructive comments.
from your post, it seems like you guys are abit too tired caring and bothering about those stuffs. and i feel sad.=/
like other readers who commented, if you guys dont fucking care, u all would not have even bothered to come up with this post.
maybe a time-out would be a good thing for you guys. or else you all wouldnt be able to go a much longer way. xDD
i hope i will see the energetic and enthusiastic MOT team in the next post!
Lol. Obviously some people need a sense of humour. Especially that guy who posted after that "drop super dead pring handsome" guy. Obviously that post by the "Super drop pring handsome dead" guy was meant to be a joke, at which I laughed heartily, like "Hur hur hur".
that's not quite true, Pring; you have plenty of readership, of which the quality sucks :)

we are, of course referring to the Twits.
Die TWITS Die! haha.. Put an end to ur miserable lives once and for all..

Hope u lians and losers who's thoughts are exactly like those in the quiz.. Hope u all just die from the flashes of the camera of taking self potraits, wearing Lame ass Fashion labels 'Newbie, Milk or CoW watever thats stupid' , coming up with stupid nicknames, Those who have a fetish for pink, those who failed their english Example (BuaI Buai), and tons of shit to pile on!

I am so Sad because sinapore is already suffering from this population crisis and it sucks.. Darnit.. why cant u twits/Airheads just be like normal people for crying out loud !!..
May the Guru of whats logical and normal, pls i hope u do justice..!

Peace out.. from DaMaN!!
Lol!Everyone is getting sand up their vaginas over this particular post.
well remember people, you're a twit if you are giving comments here. good or bad. whats the difference? oops. wad crap. i'm a twit too. how nice. no i'm not.
Hur hur hur! I agree with you mr "anonymous" (so many people have this strange name nowadays) on the whole newbie shirt thing. The shirt doesn't know what it's talking about! (Much like me) There was this "limited edition" T-shirt (which should be called exclusive) that wasn't that limited and it had all those complicated words thrown in some statement on the back. After checking the dictionary for a couple of hours, I found that the whole thing was wrong and didn't make sense!
MOT seems so successful now, they have a regular number of twits reading this blog. Mayb someday it's gonna get translated in 40+ languages around the world soon..
but i don't fucking care..lolx..

i jus wonder wad this post was -------> Comment Deleted
This post has been removed by the author.

Saturday, 13 May, 2006

How i loved the term "Sand up thier vaginas" . This debate aint gonna end anytime . I see both sides digging up the topic and burying it . And digging up it and burying at the same spot . HEY ! Where is the constructive shit needed for a proper argument .
Yes.Digging and burying it in the sandpit.All the while getting more agitated as more and more sand gets up their vaginas.
This is sad. Seriously disappointed. Not the MOT i used to know? I thought you guys were strong. But now you are being weak and hypocriptical, worse still behaving like a EMO twit.

"We don't fucking care"

But you wrote a whole entry about the people you shouldn't even be bothered about.

Are you affected by what twits comment about you? It seems like you do care.
I really question the purpose of this entry. First you want your comments to be heard when you first set this little blog up (oh please dont say no or this very UN-personal blog of yours wont even have existed in the first place lol), and now you are saying "we don't fucking care". You are probably(note this word) so confident that your readership would not decrease. well, TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOU for being sooooo humble (: How could anyone thought you guys were arrogant? =/

Don't worry, I, for sure, will continue to shower my sprinkles of love coated in candy wax, although I DOUBT you'd care. =(
Not sure why you guys are picking on them so much.

Come on, they're not perfect. They're just as flawed as the twits they write about. So stop trying to find fault with them. Yes, the "We don't fucking care" approach is hellaciously childish and petulant.

Still, were you expecting anything better?
Exactly . Readers are trying to pick tiny points of minor mistakes they can find . And when MOT proclaim they do not care . It has to be seriously questioned . MOT did say that they made this blog for entertainment did they ? Well if the readers are gone (to wherever) . Who are you going to entertain ? Your own arse ? Heh . So if you really do not care . Delete this blog then . Cuz it serves absolutely no purpose . Dun tell me you are too dumb not knowing how to delete a blog .
The spaces you put before punctuation are disturbing. And somewhat familiar.
To who ?
totally, nick. TOTALLY. i guess we shouldn't really expect anything GOOD outta them :D my bad. lol.
to self proclaimed handsome prings, it WASNT bonusmosh who said that. -_- I suggest u read before typing or you'll make yourself look like some dumb gay. A capital "L" for loooooosers like you! :D
i think that what "in their lives" said really made sense. why cant you just leave them ALONE? because i dont fucking care whether you see this or NOT. OH YES, if you dont read our comments, whats the fcking point of having a tagboard?
HELLO? and if you dont care, you wouldnt read the posts, you wouldnt know about the gay's blog. YOU WONT FCKING KNOW ANYTHING. stop contradicting yourself please.
please get a life and stop insulting people. the people you feature can actually sue you, if they want. seriously, they can. dont think you're perfect. cos i bet you're not. so SHUT THE FUCK UP, and go on, lead your sadistic lives.

god bless.
stop telling us you dont fucking care. we're not blind.
suck your mother's cock lah
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hey Pring. i think u ought to get a life. 1 life live it.
pring's mama here...pring...grow up.
pring. 2 bad 4 u
pring, no wonder yr gf dump u.
sorry .
lol speak for yourself
The whole point of the entry: Read the title.

So why do some people still pretend to understand and comment on HVV's this entry being immature?

And that idiot whos posing as my family and I (w/o being signed in), rofl. Talk about maturity. Look at yourself. Dumb, whore, act attitude? Oh, I'm so impressed.
Pring...can u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grow up for goodness sake! YOU are so inmature! And to tell u the truth, u, Pring IS NOT HANDSOME AT ALL. so don't say u are super dropdead handsome! Trying to act cute i guess. GROW UP! don't be such a kiddy. I think twits are better than Prings.
HAHA. like precisely,
if you dont fcking care,
why post a reply & WHY THE FUCK
please, get a life for once.
contradictions everywhere.
no one gets it that MOT SUCKS BIG TIME PLEASE. how i wish someone would just create a blog to go against you people. all fans of MOT HAVE NO LIVES. in fact, i dont think they understand all your "CHIM" words. they worship you people cos of your chimology, and your sarcasm. sadly, it doesnt work on me. (:

dont be sad! its okay.
not too late to get a life.
and a plastic surgery.
hope your surgery goes well,

like totally, please.

get a life, can?

if not he would have posted his pictures EVERYWHERE, in every post.
to say he is "DROPDEAD" and "HANDSOME" which is..
UH UH. *COUGHS* sorry, i almost choked. anyone interested in making an ANTI MOT BLOG?
AND ALL THANKS TO SADISTIC PEOPLE LIKE YOU, others have created blogs like yours to insult others.
go look at the mirror.
Pring do you actually earn cash through this blog ? Cause whenever i visit your site . Ads pop out . Those ad companies pay you or whatever ?
If you did make a anti blog mot . Shit . What makes you different from mot . When you would love to claim that mot has no life by insulting ppl , what would a anti mot blog be then . Top tier argument , low tier mindset .
'My sec sch fren?' :) hahahehehheohoho O RLY?

anonymous(es): Leave a name so we could all identify. Talk about me being not handsome. As you can tell, MOT is almost 93% fiction, to think you'd believe every word we say. Meow. Afterall, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Don't you think Xu Chun Mei is pretty? You realise, to some shallow others she may not be?

You want anti-MOT, it already exists. One lacking originality and...uh nevermind. See it for yourself. Join them, and hope it succeeds. (Before you think I was the mastermind, I did not create that ugly site.)
MOO. look above this comment. there u go again. another comment to defend themselves. u dont care? oic.
oh so u think xu chun mei is pretty. your definition of "pretty" is, i must say, somewhat odd. maybe thats why you are calling yourself dropdeadsuperhandsomepring. hor?

(im talking about "pretty" not "beauty", lest some people did not read carefully and flare up for nothing) wooo.
And MoT was doing well before pring posted..
its not that i DONT like MOT. some things you write/say really makes sense but its just..

the so called "twits" didnt do anything to offend you. did they?

why are you humiliating them? putting their photos up and stuff. i know some of them can be really bimbotic and all. but if you even care to write about them, it doesnt make you any better as compared to them.

maybe wriitiing likee tiishh ishh aa betterrr wayy f0rr themm tuhh expressx themselvesx.

we'd never know. hahah! altho, it sounds pretty dumb lar.


if everything looks or sounds dumb to you, you'll have no life. yes! no life at all.

i know many of you all wont agree with me.

but i dont freaking care as well.
Wondering what is the age groups of all those that are making comments . BAH ... you suck .
All these people are merely grabbing the opportunity to flame MOT. I guess most of you are probably twits real life. By the way, I'm sure you guys know twits dont "onliee typee tiss wayy euu knowxx".

Maybe MOT should do a feature on these people we commented: "The new generation of Twits."

Condstructive flames please.

like totally, please."
This sounds real dumb.
Huh? You mean MoT is got Tur Kwa, liver, one ar?
This comments thing sucks. It's so easy to "login" to some other person's account and pretend you're that person. Like what I'm doing now. =)
Hur hur hur. Some people here lack a sense of humour. I feel sorry for those who don't.
you mean this entry is SUPPOSED to be FUNNY? LOLOLOL.
havent you realise, some people who replied are twits themselves. (look at some of the pictures above) so how do u assume/guess some are twits in real life (unless you see their pictures) iif dhey duun typee tiss wayy aniim0re? hate MOT does NOT equals to being a twit. get your facts right larr, xiao didi.

u gotta admit, as much as people love MOT, there are (probably) an equal amount of haters too.
At least the quality of lovers are better then haters . Quality as in education wise .
Hur. It's funny in a retarded sort of way.
oh so u are sayin' u can judge a person's quality of education through one little comment. shallow are u not. :)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bah ... trying to pick little mistakes again .
enough about the twit crap.
i think all of you are twits.
those who are fans of MOT,
and those who are against MOT.
whats the use people?
i think that you guys are wasting your time on this. why quarrel with twits and waste your time? go do something else more useful.
l-o-s-e-r-s (:
get it? dick... lee? get it? haha!
Unless his middle name is "said...", no.
yeah.. but if it isn't, HAHA!
Sorry to all I offended.
MOT is for entertainment =DDDDD
dun copy Wang Dong Chen hair style la
so many stupid ppl
If you didn't fucking care, then why the whole spiel about telling others to fuck off?
I don't understand you people, if you don't like to read a blog. Simply don't read it. By reading it, complaining to your friends, commenting on it, your already giving them publicity. By forgetting about it, it makes their entries pointless don't you think? After all, one needs readers to further a point-based blog.
On a side note, I do enjoy reading MOT simply because they criticise people. It can be humourous but maybe at times hurtful. But thats life, so suck it up and go on.
No point criticising my comment because well, its my opinion and I can be rather stubborn about it.
(bleh to you too!)
didnt you guys hear prings. he dosent fucking care , you twats. fuckin illiterate bastards. theres no point voicing your displeasure. if you dont like the blog, then fuck off . stop your whining and shut the fuck up
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