Monday, April 17, 2006

Update simi update lah.

You want update, yah? OKAY LAH, I GIVE YOU!!!111
Just don't cry when you see this.
The MOT crew went to visit a fortune teller last week.

Ah Pek: Shut down the site... because... the twits are going to overpower you three... sooooooon..... They will...
Cam: Huh? So serious?
Ah Pek: Yes lah, you think what? Your fans all flood the tagboard with the twits URL, all of them very the angry you know or not?
Pring: ... Our fault?
Ah Pek: Arboden? Don't underestimate the twit network ok?! This is for your own good. Want to listen then listen. Dont want listen then sua.
HVV whispers to Cam: This uncle also visit MOT one eh.

(Bla bla.. @#*^$#$*%$*(#$^)

So... we're all lost and confused, we really don't know what to do. Not that we've run out of ideas... we all lost our balls. T.T The twits! They are going... to dominate the world!! Now, what should we all do?

There are only two options.
1. Run and hide under your blanket.
2. Take out your parang and act tough! >:|

Right..................... It's a damn cold night.
So cold... brr. :D
Par... par.. pardon my cold-ness.
MOT ain't even funneh.
Pring has no sense of humour. You don't need me to tell you this, you can already tell, right?

kk. To the whole point of this entry...

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Please do not spam people's blog/friendster URL anyhow on our tagboard. Honestly, MOT don't bother to click on the links provided... only the other fellow readers do... so no point hoping and praying everyday MOT would feature them. (Even if you're very desperate, at least be more sincere, right? E-mail us and tell us why you think he/she deserves it with good and reasonable explanations lah! Then again, we seldom check our e-mails...)

When somebody spams a really twitish URL, don't bother to go tag at the tagboard to try and stir trouble. Don't even waste your time on them, really, don't. Even if he/she really pisses you off, just don't waste your breath. Scratching your ass or picking your nose would be a better thing to do.

And the popular colinandkero@blogspot site... stop asking us to go read it. MOT is not against homos... and well, they just have a pinkish blogskin. I'm not keen to read what they do to each other... *shrugs shoulder* I know what gays do already. :D Front door, back door? No? Oh.... true love~ true love~

Peace. v(^_^)v (not TWIST, hor!)

wow, this is the first time i see only one comment above me.. anyway, you people have nothing to do.. but kudos to that..

same here, its like so wtf, im 3rd, but obviously im not boliao. MOT, buck up la, lotsa people still love u.

good day
Yay, I'm 4th!!

Do I get a cookie?
i'm Number 6 here. haha. Seriously, as a reader of MOT website, I don't click on the URLs posted in the tag board by people. Kinda pointless. Why not sit back and relax, enjoy reading a post by MOT? =D
Im 7th
im 8th
IM 8TH!!
oh no! dat was 9th.. now is 10th
IM 11TH!!!
wow watch me guys i can count like evilsmile

i frickin agree with whatever you said about acting cute.
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