Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tagboarders Go Tagboarding

I will be using this post, to reply the questions enquired by x . *denise _]], another tagboarder making my eyes strain due to the kAwAii and nIcE decorations on her nick. I appreciate that you're trying to sound polite though.

frankly speaking, i would have agreed on your comments. such
as the gothic and pink part for i myself find it ironical.

Well thank you. Anyone normal and has a working mind would have agreed on that.

BUT. dont you girls find it seriously harsh to reveal their
names and even go to the extent where their link is given
out in public ?

HELLO. Friendster, is public, and open to all. They can always change


if they care so much about their privacy and don't want intruders like us to intrude into their lives.

Its not our fault that people include their name, height, weight, school, etcetera, etcetera. They're willing to show their profile to anyone in this world, they want to make friends! Comeon' we're just helping people to know her better. Heh

"you girls"... What the -

imagine if you were in their shoes. kindly think over that.
and also, regarding piinko`s case, if you can tell that guys
are obsessed over her boobies, why cant she ?

If she knows, and minds the fact that guys are looking and oogling at her boobies, why did she still upload her boobie photo in friendster? It's not like someone pointed a gun over her head and forced her to do it. There a freedom of choice, should you not know that.


shouldnt that clearly explains the fact why she begins to
take pictures of her face only ? and because she has done
the right thing, you people look at it so negatively.

Stop taking boobie photos but pictures of her face only. Hmm. Sound like a right thing that she'd done. But look again, her photos are torturing us! What's right and what's wrong, you decide for yourself.

I see things negatively? Is my glass half empty or half full?

last tag. im sorry if you consider this as flooding but
apparently, cbox doesnt allow me to type much in a single
tag. if you have any problems, contact me. msn, email,

It's okay. I love tagboarders, whether kind or evil ones.

PS: The glass is empty because I drank the water.

PPS: Pring, don't worry. I found a moustache rebonding coupon under the potato tree 3 days ago. reb0nding ish sh0 pwettie!

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