Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Puberty makes the world goes ROUND

Puberty is a stage where everyone of us have/are/will gone/going/go through. I remember my geeky science teacher going thru my secondary 2 science textbook teaching about vaginas penises testicles and not forgetting, boobies!

What changes does Puberty actually make one go through? Our dear friend piinko shall tell us about it.

>.* im 14 okayy ?

piinko is one of the girls having gone through puberty earlier than the rest. She's probably feeling stressed out because nobody believes that she's 14. And why not? Let me make a guess, Males are too obsessed over her 18yearold looking boobies, they don't really look at her face. Ohhhhhhhhh. Thats why! In the photo above piinko presents to us a very typical sadsadw0r face, squealing over the fact that nobody believes that she's actually a little 14 year old girl.

piinko felt really sad that her face was neglected and her boobies get all the attention. I think that is why started taking photos of her face only. They even have little actions that links.




PS: That scared me alright.

But is that what it really seems to be??? Thou shall take the risk of diving into her suffocating pile of photos to seek the light of truth.

(take note of her supposingly sexy postures)



To my horror, the sadsadw0r photo was nothing but a FRAUD! piinko was actually over the clouds when she realised that guys love her overaged boobies than her face. In fig.1 we can see that piinko has cleverly covered her bare shoulders with her disgusting hair. Then in fig.2, piinko has started to learn the fact that guys wouldn't see her face anyway, thus decided to face away from the camera, meanwhile revealing more of her inner beauty(if it really was, I would suggest to her a new product in the market - A BRA). In fig.3, piinko has successfully covered her face with her hand to distract the full attention of her face to her overaged boobies.

Cleverly done, piinko. BUT, with Smartypants Camry around, never will the day be near for you and your plans to work! MUAHAHA

Alright alright, I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover blah blah. OK I KNOW THAT ALREADY. SO, just let me carry on, by showing your her intelligence, or should I say, stupidity?

myy new heals =]

No matter how I looked at it, I couldn't find out the exact way the above thengay actually helps in the field of Medical. I think it should be shuffed up the ass of my dying great grand uncle.That way my great grand uncle would be cured from the muthaphucking Anal Cancer.

Crap. IT'S HEELS BABY, HEELS. How could anyone get that wrong?


The below infomation has been skillfully copied and paste from Apple
measurements are in centimetres

iPod mini
9.1 x 5.1 x 1.38

Available Colours

10.4 x 6.1 x 1.4

iPod Photo
10.4 x 6.1 x 1.6 (30g)
10.4 x 6.1 x 1.9 (60g)

Reasons why I can prove the above device in the photo is not a iPod mini like she stupidly claimed.

1) iPod mini is not available in White
2) iPod mini does not have roundtiped edges
3) Even the blind can feel that the device size is not of a iPod mini

I can confidently recognise a iPod/iPod Photo from a iPod mini even if it disguises itself with a condom.
I'm a mini, I'm a mini, I'm a mini...

shhe loves gothic , jap ,piinksters ,, x)


Ok, this is seriously getting onto my nerves. HOW CAN YOU FUCKING LOVE GOTHIC AND PINKSTERS AT THE FUCKING SAME TIME? Even my most retarded friend is able to tell me that the main colour for Gothic is Black(and maybe Red too). And Pinksters, from the spastic name itself, idolises Pink. WHATS THE LINK? This time, I need no enlightenment because there is NO logic to it at all. It just doesn't fucking match.

Where did Gothic originate from?
Who was the person who actually started Gothic?
When did Gothic originate?

If you cant answer the 3 simple questions above, I seriously think that you are insulting people out there who really does appreciate the art and ways of Gothic.
If you wish to, you may search the Yahoo! Engine for answers.

You look the least like the following Gothic being.
Before you look like that
Dont even try to LIKE Gothic.

Till next time. And remember, Puberty makes your boobies grow ROUND~
(.)_(.) I'm just looking surprised.

People can be ghotic even without putting all the gunk on their faces. a true Goth has got nothing to do with the way he/she dresses but his/her outlook on life. They tend to anaylze life and see it from a darker point of view. Just so u know.Peace.
i think the girl's pretty..
eww the girl is NOT pretty at all. i'm sure there are tons of girls out there. and from the way i see it, i'm sure she doesn't know what goth really is, so she's an ass.

but the goth in the pic is a hottie. :]
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