Sunday, June 19, 2005

Attention Seekers

I hate to admit this, but those frigging airheads have been making my tagboard uber active! I guess thats the beauty of our gh3y littl3 pynk tagb0arddie. My intention of the tagboard was actually to disturb my readers, but the outcome was appalling.. I've never dreamt that it could act as a airhead magnet!

Afterall, the airheads DID help me out in increasing the little numbers above my tagboard. I'm a nice person, everyone knows that =D So I shall give thanks to the airheads, for once.

Being such a nice person *hears applause from afar*, I've decided to help them on their personality disorder. I've gone into researches on what's wrong with those people deep inside their mind.

We all know that Human Beings are social creatures who needs social interaction, feedback, and feel that their worth in this world.

A emotionally mature person doesn't hunting for all the points stated above, they gain it naturally from their everyday lives, either from work or stable relationships. Emotion Maturity is known as Emotional Intelligence, aka EQ. Daniel Goleman believes that a person's character is more seen in his EQ than IQ.

The world isn't perfect. So of course there are emotionally immature people too.

A emotionally immature person is totally different from a emotionally mature person. He has low self-esteem and low self-confidence. He would consequently feel insecure. And to get rid of all these feelings, they would spent a large proportion of his lives creating situations in which he becomes the centre of attention. The need for attention is the opposite ratio of a person's emotional maturity (2:1). So the indulgence of a person in attention seeking tells us how emotionally immature he is.

Attention-seeking behavior is more than common. Being the centre of attention, a person is able to get rid of the feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. But it is never long lasting. The main problem remains - that person has low self-confidence, low self-esteem. He may even has level of self-worth and self-love.

There are many roles to play for a attention seeker. I shall only mention afew, that I think the airheads in my tagboard are playing.

This blog sucks...This blog sucks...

The mind-poisoner: adept at poisoning peoples' minds by manipulating their perceptions of others, especially against the current target.

Yes, airheads are definitely trying to poison my readers' minds by changing their idea of us. Don't even try to deny, isn't it your very motive?

The drama queen: every incident or opportunity, no matter how insignificant, is exploited, exaggerated and if necessary distorted to become an event of dramatic proportions. Everything is elevated to crisis proportions. Histrionics may be present where the person feels she is not the centre of attention but should be. Inappropriate flirtatious behaviour may also be present.

im constipating~ ... ahh...relieved~

Even though The Drama Queen is not very well played in my tagboard here, but I'm still able to sense airheads playing this role. Some would exaggerate their feelings, while some would exaggerate the situation to become WE are the bad persons. Boohoo. How could I be bad when I'm here diagnosing your Human Disorder?
Inappropriate flirtatious behaviour may also be present. Ahem, I'm pretty sure asshole and anonymous have been flirting around my tagboard recently. There's no need to get a room, it's pretty entertaining to all of us ^^

The feigner: when called to account and outwitted, the person instinctively uses the denial - counterattack - feigning victimhood strategy to manipulate everyone present, especially bystanders and those in authority. The most effective method of feigning victimhood is to burst into tears, for most people's instinct is to feel sorry for them, to put their arm round them or offer them a tissue. There's little more plausible than real tears, although as actresses know, it's possible to turn these on at will. Feigners are adept at using crocodile tears. From years of practice, attention-seekers often give an Oscar-winning performance in this respect. Feigning victimhood is a favourite tactic of bullies and harassers to evade accountability and sanction. When accused of bullying and harassment, the person immediately turns on the water works and claims they are the one being bullied or harassed - even though there's been no prior mention of being bullied or harassed. It's the fact that this claim appears only after and in response to having been called to account that is revealing. Mature adults do not burst into tears when held accountable for their actions.

For all we know, a airhead that we feature might run to her mummy and burst into crocodile tears. "MaRmieeeeee...dEy sh0 bad wRite ab0ut mieeeee w0rxx *s0bx s0bxXx* i'M n0rt lyk tHat deR n0rhx! hUrhx hUrhxx..i wHeRe g0rt sh0 bitCh sh0 sLut lyk dEy sae..*s0bx s0bx s0bx s0bx s0bxxxxxx* b0oh0oh0o...." Heh, crocodile tears.

The victim: she may intentionally create acts of harassment against herself, eg send herself hate mail or damage her own possessions in an attempt to incriminate a fellow employee, a family member, neighbour, etc. Scheming, cunning, devious, deceptive and manipulative, she will identify her "harasser" and produce circumstantial evidence in support of her claim. She will revel in the attention she gains and use her glib charm to plausibly dismiss any suggestion that she herself may be responsible. However, a background check may reveal that this is not the first time she has had this happen to her.

I suppose we have tagboarders indirectly making themselves the victim. In situation such as, I wrote about a particular X bimbo, then X's friend comes into my blog hurling insults at us, as if he was the one whom we wrote about. I guess he feels that he should be the one we wrote on, so that he would get all the attention. Somehow this reminds me of the case when Ms Dot and Ms Anonymous came around..

To sum up,

The Attention-Seeker

Motivation: to be the centre of attention
Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissism
Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high

I'd suggest they do this

So you see readers, we can't really blame them for what they've done or they're doing. It can't be helped. Poor things, suffering from such fates. I believe there will be negative comments after the Angry People read this post. Things like "Aren't you a attention seeker yourself?!" will be bombarded. Therefore I shall clear it beforehand.

Yes, Pring and I are seeking attention from the people out there. But the kind of attention we seek is different from those you seek. The attention we seek is not for for ourselves, it's for the better good. We seek attention of those who are still unaware that the world is crashing because of stupid people like you. We are here to make people aware that there are a group of people, reaching out to those against bimboism, but are too afraid or have inefficient resources to go all out against them. So readers, join us today, in fighting for the better good!


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