Thursday, February 22, 2007


MOT is so 2005. Dissing cheenah piangs is so 2005. And with the likes of Taufik, Sylvester Sim and SARS, everything this blog was about became part of a past. Let's face it - 80% of our readers were probably a whole frickin' convention of shit-faced geeks who's constantly subjected to bully. With your queue cut and feathers ruffled, you'd come marching over to this blog with your pants up high in anonymity and claim to be our loyal readers.

I don't blame you. Revenge is sweet. Seeing your school bullies humiliated on this blog is sweet. Reading about how the ah lian who rejected you is actually an airhead flown in from China is sweet.

But enough is enough. Like Nelly Furtado squeaked, all good things come to an end. The days of glory when the term twit almost made it to oxford dictionaries have came to an end. MOT needs a new direction, and from the looks of it, even new fans. I admit, MOT has strayed somewhat along the road when we allowed fame to get into our heads, and having lost direction, we became ignorant to our primary goals and just blogged to entertain.

Its 2007, and MOT needs some new shit to get the bitch moving.

So watch this space, while I come up with something.

I am looking forward to a whole new blog, hopefully even interesting posts.
Finally an update! Looking forward to a new MOT...
Finally an update! Looking forward to a new MOT...
oh i'm ur new reader... heard ur blog was rather famous...
u gort friendster or wat so ever??
wondering wat kind of ppl u are..
wif such a daring attitude.. haha... u muz be funny to0..
so what are u going to do next?
emo freaks?
hoping for something better than mr brown show
good luck and looking forward in whatever u guys up to.
Yay! An update!! I shd go buy 4D later... hahahahaha... keep it up guys.. I'll be watchin ya'll =D
Okay hopefully there wld be somethn fantastic! btw your english is good la. haha :D
critics in the 7% gst raise? -_-
BOOYA, you guys finally updated!
wow i'm amazed by your creativity of bringing out such a blog.
really speaks out of what i think about twits.
please squeeze your brain juice and update often =)
yay.. finally an update..= ))
i wonder what's the primary goal in the first place.
The primary goal isnt important... as long as it makes u laugh, it makes ur day, thats cool enuf
well i'm waiting!
anyway u guys will always b the top anti-twit blog. I saw the other wannabes' blogs, they totally suck! seems all they want were jus attention u guys got. Update soon n show them who's boss!
cool. but you have to rename the blog anot? cuz MOT is museum of twits and twits are, those twits lor.
dont bluff us ah. ^^
I really can't wait for your WHOLE NEW BLOG. I'm super sure it'll be interesting. And lol. You can diss others but I think dissing Cheenapokers are still the best. =) Love you guys, nonetheless.
You've expressed things I had for a zillion years inside my head.
I am with ya!
Blow us away, HVV. No, not the blow in a blowjob.
I want an update!!!!! Update!!!! Hmm, maybe u shd talk abt ermz... I dunno... Like why GST has been raised to 7% or why has Maple story became a kid's wonderland... Gawd, my fighter is like wiping the ass of a 10 yr ol' priest.. Crap!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
so i waiting 12893712893 years and i got an update/annoucement? and do i have to wait another 12893712893 years for another update?

DUDE I WATCH THIS SPACE 3 MONTHS ALREADY and there is no fking new post.

come on, where the hell are you people.
Go, MOT! (:
I wonder what you guys are gonna do.
But if you're not gonna talk about twits anymore.. And since this is Museum of Twits, then what?
OEI! update lehhhhs
WAIT WAIT WAIT. I made a stupid mistake and moved my account to the new blogger, so right now I can't post any shit until the other two owners move their damn accounts as well.

Just be patient you little pumpkin pies.

wa... wad airhead from China. Don't insult China please


and i was not dumped by this ahlian. thank heavens.
Oh yeah, what happened to HVV?
cock lah.. talk so much and say until so wu seh, in the end also no new gimmicks yet.. if we gotta wait so fucking long for one 'entertaining' post, we might as well switch over to the television set. get ur priorities right, MOT.
fucking cb update leh.
Hola! Looking forward to a whole new MOT. But why still no updates! =/

!@#$%^&* ARGH. UPDATE LARH!!!!
check out this three twits.
check this out!

one of the MOT crew!
check this out!

one of the MOT crew!
check this out!

one of the MOT crew!
Whatever you do, twats are ours (for the time being,or, at least until we tire of them) Actually I'd request an affilation to your site, so we can err.. exchange information *ahem* and err... reproduce our 'results' on our site too. Lol. Ok whatever, anything else you wanna diss please be our guests, but twats are ours!!!

For those who don't know what or who twats are, kindly do pay us a visit.



wow. quite surprised tt there is an update. good luck anyway, i'll drop by your blog again =]
eh update fking long u know.
HM, its been a month or so, really happy to see an update but wheres the new direction??

please have a go at this guy cause he is an arrogant fucktard in my school. someone help
what do you expect from a acsi dude,
thy're famous for self centered
no update?
mot rocks. please update?
haha love this blog...damn funny sia! i don't want to pressurise you people to update because you guys don't blog for the sake of pleasing people. :D

still looking forward to see any new witty post though. i'll stay a fan though you guys are quite inactive now.
Maybe MOT has gone to a new direction cos of a warning they got or something? Twithunters has been banned and its blog has been removed..pity..

Anyways looking forward to it. (:
Twit Hunters closed down cuz twit hunter decided to stop. no one else influenced him. I'm a close friend of his.
ohh..shut up!
i gt tis twit to intro...

check him out ~

or maybe admin of MOT, u all can do a post on him, shuld be quite fun !

lol. Jia You !

pls update leh, alot of ur loyal readers r waiting for a godly post...
twit hunter wasnt banned bitches. we grew bored of the twits and decided to stop. by all means no one can ban us. we are twit hunters
u guys rock! show those ppl with hello kitty language some shit
4 months already.
FINALLY, you people change topic, hurhur :D
KHs2vJ Your blog is great. Articles is interesting!
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EnzfzE Nice Article.
Hello all!
actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
Please write anything else!
Nice Article.
Thanks to author.
Hello all!
Good job!
P57Doi Good job!
actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
MOT seriously rocks luh!
& I'm literally laughing at those posts you guys did.
its damn funny & I even linked it on my blog!
& thanks to this blog &,
this 2 blogs totally changed me from a twit to someone who doesnt twit.
& my classmates even commend that my english was one of the most outstanding ones among the others.
LOL. I'm like, saying good things of myself?
anyways, this 2 blogs really rocks.
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