Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't Pollute Our MSN Conversations

I don't feel so alone afterall.
Apart from the quite irritating slang that they're equipped with, the video actually makes sense.

The 1st half of the clip might be quite difficult to hear. It is actually just a short speech about words like eeu mie worx, typical lah. You can view them from our very own Twitionary. The fun part of the video is in its 2nd half. Photo poses :D I liked what they did to twist the actions around.


once again, well done guys.
LoL. this is 5,4,3,2, _|_ ONE!!!
I hope no one thinks that is us.. because.. EEP.

very hilarious. are those guys from VS?
:) LOL
lol nicholas ong LOL! its st pats btw..
ahah nice one... anc*** .. hehehe..
=\. Haha. Ok. What irritating slang. Scuse me, we don't slang. sorry if that annoyed you. -.-'. Thanks for posting though =)

The last part is very creative :)
HAHAHAHA. the video is hilarious. :D
i thought it was lame and stupid
haha awesome. theyre cute.
eh that's DAMN gay!
the fella reminds me of lee hsien loong
nice one. totally agrees!
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