Saturday, June 10, 2006


From: "leongxnq"
Subject: URGENT- ii need ur assistance . thanks so much .
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 19:59:35 +0800

hii MOT bloggers,

I need your help . I was told that some anonymous pple had posted my blog address on this website . It's not that ii dun support your website but since then, alot of pple have been coming to my blogger and created an unneccessary arguments. 1 anonymous scolds; 4 fren scold back . De tensed situation iishx heartbreaking. Make mii angry ferr noting; make my fren even more angry ferr noting in particular. I felt bad . I seriously did not offend anyone . The pple whom I offended in life can be counted using 1 hand but quarrels eventually lapsed and became casual frens. I dun understand why I became a victim of this MR ANONYMOUS. For reference to everyting, euu can visit my blog. I did not delete ani tags to de favourings of your complete understandings.

ii'm SORRY but ii really totally NEED your help and bothers euu guys like tis. Please kindly take my blog address out of everything and delete the tags.

For replies, please reply it to . Awaiting replies=)

Here's my blogger:


donQuiXoTe`` twwa0siix``


Now ladies and gentlemen, this is a fucking classic.

We've received fanmail, hatemail, spam mails about some Uratonimum country's prince dying and I'm supposedly the next of kin and thus will have to take over his throne.. but we've never really received mails from the twits themselves appealing for our help.

Have it ever occured to any of you twits out there, that we might be the last person you might want to seek help from?

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that none of the 3 authors of MOT has ever went to a twit's blog just to flame him/her for no apparent reason. We don't derive any joy out of constantly clicking the refresh button hoping you'd have replied and kill our brain cells by trying to decipher your language.

Secondly, if the readers are the one behind it, beg for them to empathize with you, don't disturb us. I seriousy don't give a fuck if "De tensed situation iishx heartbreaking". I couldn't even care less if you rolled over and barked.

But still, since you did approach us for our services, I guess I might as well give you a helping hand. So guys, listen up alright. Please, I beg you, for the love of God, stop flooding her blog at and don't even think about sending her hatemail at because MOT is watching you.


geee... perhaps she shouldn't even ask for your help AT ALL

now she gets even more attention than she already needs

i mean, nobody would really bother going to another's blog when reading comments on MOT's blog halfway... but since this post is about her we would want to visit her blog to find out what's really worth all the attention
but anyway, great job guys and keep up the good work!!
ANONYMOUS, EUU FCUKER . MOT, euu guys ar SUPER HEARTLESS and bloody IDIOTIC; digusting pple . what's wrong wif asking for help ? i seriously tink tat it's either you guys does not have a brain or someting is wrong .
haha.period.LOL..she deleted the blog..
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Not just classic, it's the classic of the classics!

to anonymous #2:

i spot a familiar word that most twit use- "EUU"

and my conclusion is that twits will always defend twits
ahaha. anonymous no.2.. its "FUCK YOU".. not "Euu Fucker"... how can it sound offensive when it looks so stupid and act cute?
perhaps you ppl realli like to gloat on others? What abt urselves? Are you sure you're perfect? To alot of ppl, that's their flaw..To others, wad are YOUR flaws? And if ur realli tat upright and just, would you even try to go look at her blog? If not, how would u know tat she deleted it? And wad were you gonna do? Mass flood the tagboard n scold? You're no better if tat's wad went on thru ur mind.

what's the point of your comment seriously?
i can only say..
wow =X

anyway something random. i see "MOT" all over britain. think it's some car service lol.
adf..i dont mean mot..i mean those taggers who scold the twits, yet painstakingly take the effort juz to visit their blogs and throw a whole lot of vulgarities and criticism which sometimes dont even go thru their brain.
i do enjoy mot's entries..but sometimes the taggers make no sense in their squabble over small stuff. having said this, i aint gonna stoop to that lvl to argue abt this..
"i do enjoy mot's entries..but sometimes the taggers make no sense in their squabble over small stuff. having said this, i aint gonna stoop to that lvl to argue abt this.."

Good for ya!
yes. there are some readers that make MOT look ugly.
'euu fcuker'
i never knew the MOT crew were fans of the clothing brand fcuk (lovers of french connection united kingdom jokingly call themselves 'fcukers')
aye, great clothing taste! :D
HAHA. It's cute that you seem to be helping, but what you are actually doing is repeating the blog add & the email so to let people take note. xD
i can see that was a tremendous effort in helping the twit

I guess that's what MOT is tryin to do :P
weizhong, save the rhetorics. you already look enough like a moron already
i think.. its more like a thing about knowing your limits la. both mot and flamers alike. yup.

honda chong.
haha wei zhong, we might not be perfect, but we're not as (insult insult here) as they are.
okay, first of all, i wanna say that you people are heartless.
insulting people might be fun to you, but there's a limit to it.

if you didnt wnana help her, just ignore her or say no. you DIDNT have to publish it and embarass her more infront of the public.

she was nice in the email and all.
not like she scolded you all in the email. if she did, then i think it was okay to publish it. all she did was ask you guys for help. instead of helping her, you rejected her on a public blog, insulted her, made a fool out of her, and made things worst for her.

now we all know that we should never ask you all for help.
where's your feelings?
fucking funnie x)
to dawn: MOT is helping her solve the problem, stupid.

And a whole new problem. Her new address. :o
Hmm ... well . Just sue mot if either of you arent happy about it . Simple . Why throw up at the comments section when obviously the number 999 would be more constuctive ? Go mot . Its for entertainment so ... just keep entertaining .
aww man.
seriously, its hilarious.
but the poor thing probably got scared.
maybe its a little too harsh?
but anyway, nice going. =)
aww man.
seriously, its hilarious.
but the poor thing probably got scared.
maybe its a little too harsh?
but anyway, nice going. =)
Well when i first started reading this
blog i actually found it damn interesting n funny.
But frankly its gettin pretty stale cos of the REALLY POINTLESS personal attacks.
One suggestion from me would be to refrain from posting the web add of the blog to prevent the also really pointless and sometimes evenemotionally harmful flaming. Its not as if being a "twit" really is a crime.
I personally think u guys should just quote from the site/blog but if
personal attacks are made, dont put down the blog web url. Yup and that sums up wat i have to say.

Hope u guys will give my suggestion some careful thought =)
We at AAL have realized WeiZhong is a defender of ah lians aka twits. Apparently, Wei Zhong goes around searching for spammed ah lians blogs to defend them.
he doesnt even defend them, please. he's HELPING THEM FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS. only stupid idiots like you guys worship MOT like they're some gods.

it's not like they're perfect themselves or whatsoever.


i doubt it, sadly.

and say whatever you wanna say about me. AAL IS OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO SUCK UP TO MOT AND GAIN MOT'S ATTENTION. so obvious, please.

you're trying too hard, AAL. whatever that means. it's kinda lame.

and give up the hope on MOT linking you. cos they never will. you're just copying their blog.
so you think they will? dream on.
All you think about is to make your blog interesting and funny for the readers, but do you ever care about how the people you feature feel? I think not. I'm not defending "ah lians" or "twits" or whatsoever. I just think that.. There's no need to humiliate them on a public blog like that.
dawn. i just wanna say..
If this twits dont change the way they think and live their lives, do you really think this world gonna be a better place in the future?
OH..get lost DAWN!!
inhuman. humiliating people entertains you people that much? oh my. i wonder what's wrong with you people. yeah, it may be fun but what if you were the victim? will you still be here laughing and joking about it? absurb. where's the humanity your mums taught all of you? or your mums didn't even took the tendency to teach you all because you all are one word, hopeless? yeah, i think that's the case. get yourself a grip!
Classic indeed!
heys, i went to her blog and saw only 7 words
"muuseUm 0f tWitS sh0 badd. s0bx s0bx!"
check it out at her blog over there.
okok this is priceless, apparently the 'twits' has engaged someone who speaks better english to be their spokesperson, i don't know what they get in return tho, and i don't wanna know, but if the 'twits' still doesn't change, i guess this is the only way to force em to. keep this up!! hella makes my day

regards, juxt
well.. i agree with dawn.
everyone has their own way of life and how they wanna live. its about if they're happy with what they're doing or not. if they wanna continue being like that. it's none of our business because that doesn't mean they're like that in real life. i also have completely different personalities online and in real life. being yourself is the best way.
because people who really appreciate you and love you are not people who want you to become someone you're not.
Read the headline when you ppl enter the blog for goodness sake. "Hi.We are annoying." They alrdy admitted that they are annoying so if some of you think that they are mean then don't read.Seriously no point commenting because they won't change.I feel bad for the Twits but its all entertainment's sake anyway. :))
yes i agree with dawn too.

i mean, being a twit isn't a crime. if you wna change them, i think you might consider another approach.

i admit, their "dunnchh uue n0exx" & all their twit writing is horribly terribly...-speechless- irritating!

but they also have their rights lo. ya. -nods head-

i'm not that 'spokesperson' or anything. seriously, i don't even know that person. --" or twit, you call her/him/it.

MOT used to be entertaining. but now it's getting a bit humiliating & stale. ya.

instead of helping her, you're doing the opposite. her email was nice, not offensive at all la...

anyways, touch your conscience.
'it's all entertaining anyways.'

imagine you being the centre of attraction in a bad way.

i think you would just wna become an ostrich & bury your head in a hole. probably.

think about it.
I alrdy said i will feel bad for the twits. -_-" If you want all these to stop,why nt just go talk to MOT instead?
Twits will be twits. Not like they change after being insulted via the cyberworld or anything.

I don't like twits, but I make it a point to hide their identity whenever I rant about them. Come on, isn't this public defamation?

No doubt, twits are twits. But do they affect your lives directly? No? If yes? How often. I have friends that type euu, ii, mii and I get along with them. Why waste time to do to twit's blog and flame and verbally attack them? They don't affect your lives.

No doubt this twit language make Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia(Yes, other than Singapore, I saw some Malaysia and Indonesia twits before too)look very ugly.

But still, is it any of your problems? Not like twits will overpower PAP and make the twit language the official language in Singapore.

Dr A
Don't affect our lives? They're killing us. Damn, and I thought you were a smartass since you name yourself 'Dr Alienology'. But duh, what do you expect? Alienology.
[quote]ANONYMOUS, EUU FCUKER . MOT, euu guys ar SUPER HEARTLESS and bloody IDIOTIC; digusting pple . what's wrong wif asking for help ? i seriously tink tat it's either you guys does not have a brain or someting is wrong .[end of quote]

Man, why would you call MOT idiotic? At least they can spell 'euu' to 'you'. Fuckin annoying, so stop it. Oh right, I don't think you'd understand. Don't have a brain or something wrong? Um...maybe it's just you. Haha..cunt.
And by the way, if they are super heartless to you annoying twits, it shows you're really sensitive towards others and share your feelings for them? sweet.
To me, fuck it. They deserve it. Ha. Ha. Ha. :D
i am not a smartass to begin with.
Then stop pretending to be one. Duh.
hah. classic!
i DO have to agree that you guys were kinda ruthless mann. but in some way or another, you did try doing her a favour (although with much sarcasm.). soo. cheers for you guys at MOT yuh.
aww. shut the F*K up y'all. just shut.

spamming comments ain;t helping anything..

just disrupting cyberspace with bull commenting.
Okay fine so who actually likes those twits eh? Don't look at me -whistles casually and walks away-

but seriously, isn't this taking the concept of hate a lil' overboard?

they're humans too.
just slightly mentally disadvantaged.
best regards, nice info »
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