Monday, June 12, 2006


ps:/ the story is compleeeeeeeeeetely fictional, in case you haven't noticed. duh.

The president of Timbaktu gave me an urgent call while I laughing myself off SingaporeIdol (aka 7-11Idol) Anyway, Mr Neektheen had received news from The Nothingbettertodo Club that they have identified an UFB (Unidentified Freak Blog).

It appears that 2 beings from the nether world has invaded our precious small like pisai island. After sleepless nights of research, TNC has come up with the conclusion that the 2 beings have disguised in human form and might just be the one sitting beside you in the MRT.

The beings are extremely dangerous as they have the ability to hypnotise anyone and manipulate them. Imagine Timbaktians getting hypnotised and accepting twits as our holy one! Goodness. THAT, would be an ugly picture. Now we can't let that happen, yeah?

Dear Timbaktians, I call upon everyone of you to take extra caution of the people around you. I shall now teach the few basic steps to identify the beings that might take over Timbaktu as you are reading this.

The beings, both concluded to be males, have cleverly disguised themselves as a couple. A normal one that is. Meaning, one of them has changed and dressed up as a female species.

But, we're not stupid to be deceived.

Characteristics of the unknown beings
Weird hair

Now that hairstyle certainly looks out of the world, doesnt it?
Gravity defying, with a mixture of afroness and punk. You definitely can't miss this.

Power charging
Unlike humans, their form of energy is Leeching. They would pout their lips and point it directly at each other, no further than 5cm.

Something like infrared.

Battery Life 5%

Battery Life 20%

Battery Life 50%

Battery Life 75%

Battery Life 100%
Yea this works too.

Disturbing Smile

I suspect this is their way of hypnotising...feeling nauseous already.

These vital information are enough to aid us into recognising the 2 beings. If spotted, do not hesitate to dial the hotline that MOT has specially opened up @ 1800-OMGWTFBBQ-I-SAW-THE-BEINGS. We will forward the message to the president when we are free.

Please remember,


HAHAHAHAHAHAS, this is a good one!
identifying them (:
hope to see them on the streets yahs?
Their disguise is .... very very amazing. Those beings have practiced the art of deception to utter perfection hahaa. The undisguised one looks like a cross between a monkey and a lion. Monklion... hahaa.
u know right.. taking neoprints with such professionality is really difficult!!!
real good disguise!
PLS DON MAKE ME LOL! cute post. a little far-fetched thou.
i do hope to see them on the streets.
or, perhaps, neoprint shop.
yucks! this is freaking disgusting. looks like a boy taking neoprints with his aunty.
is this another gay couple?
are they colin and kero?
the one disguising as a girl has done a good job .

: the girl rrly looks like a guy .
They must be Japanese because only Japanese will do these stuff. :D
damn poor thing. serves them right. :D
I like the one where he hangs upside down on the pole hahaa.. I mean thats kinda cool in a way. I mean its got skill right? You got to admit hes got skill
wa lau, ur invading ppl's privacy ya? let them be wateva the way they wanna take their neos la. that's so crude, nd for sure that is a real gal nt guy!
amazing disguise - never underestimate the skills of the unknown beings. O:
i bet the undisguised one used his magical powers to float upside down.
the disguised one perhaps either used up all his powers putting on a disguise or scared it would zhaogeng when it turns upside down to accomodate it's partner and everyone will see it's true form.

O: thank you, MOT team for informing us of dangerous beings who have invaded earth.
More morons in this world,crap!
i still think they are colin and kero.
so gay.
professionality. -.-
OH MAN YOU GUYS GOT IT ALL WRONG! (except that anonymous person) It's so obvious that the undisguised person is the girl! The freakish lion of an ape is the disguised one!
gosh. the 'female' really looks like a transexual operation gone wrong. and excuse me while i barf and their disgusting poses.
*cough* i pity the 'guy'. *coughcough* he's like some poor wolverine number 2 experiment gone wrong... haiz. but if he was the last human on earth, id prefer starting a family with the pole.
-roll on floor laughing-
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quote ann
""*cough* i pity the 'guy'. *coughcough* he's like some poor wolverine number 2 experiment gone wrong""

LOL.the wolverine ain't that bad. the girl wops i mean the other guy is pathethic.
Well... I guess... Its funny to laugh at others when they get featured.. But When its one of my friend's turn.. Its not anymore.. This time round.. Two thumbs down..
She has this WEIRD obsession with his tit.

gross, seriously

excuse me while i go off to barf
i seriously think you shouldnt invade other people's privacy
like that. i mean like...
they pay to take neoprints, they have the right to decide how to pose. -.-
they can sue you for this, really.

and you dont need looks to take neoprints. -.- it's just for the fun of posing, acting silly and having fun with your friends.
i think you people are really shameless.

the way you described them, was totally based on looks. it's really insulting lah.

i mean like... what if you see yourselves featured on a blog,
everyone posting nasty comments about you and your looks, how would you react? im sure you'll feel very hurt. unless you have no feelings, that is.

they cant help it if they're not good looking. look at yourselves at the mirror before insulting their looks.

i used to be a fan of MOT.
but now i', no longer a fan of MOT.
because i think the 3 of you are very rude and the way you describe others is very very insulting.
you really shouldnt put up their pictures without their permissions.
i really admire your sarcasm.
but dont use it the wrong way.
Yeah, but like what those principal and teacher people who do stuff in school say, "Things you put on the internet is on a public domain blah blah blah."

Actually, I don't really get their point. Do you? I think it's something about. Erm. Nevermind.
I simply love how everyone's been commenting on their so-called "horrible" looks.

Looked into a mirror lately, folks?

shit they are some real fucking wierdos.
ZOMGWTFBBQ hello moto!

Neoprints are suppose to be like photos u can decorate and all that. Then people start coming up with weird poses.

This is the most disgusting i've ever seen. And why the heck did he take off his shirt/she put her hand under his shirt? Seems like porn =/

And... i've never seen a girl who looks like this before. The more i look at it, the more i feel that it's a guy =/

MOT, i think this is the first time i feel very sick reading your posts. I'm not trying to exaggerate =/
Haha! Yes Mr. Nick guy. I did look into a mirror lately. What I saw, however, terrified me. I saw this extremely handsome stranger in the mirror!

So I called the police. Later I found out that handsome guy was actually me. =)

(In case you haven't realised yet, this is stolen from that hit TV cartoon series Johnny Bravo. Cheers =))
How are they twitish? Abit off the point eh Camry.
they arent colin & kero, colin & kero look way better and don't pretend to be normal girl/guy couples by being transvestites.
the disgustingly-called male is a female what. i thought i've seen her somewhere in my school.. LOL. serious.

and btw they're not colin and kero la please. they also got neoprints on their blog what.. go see and you'll know that some gays are not that ugly-looking after all. they're just disgusting.
Holy fuckall. I need to remind myself that reading your entries right after lunch is just a fucking bad idea. The... guy(?) looks like what you would get if a baboon fucked a pig. And the "girl" is the prime example of a sex-change gone awry.
dawn: I dont see how you used to be a fan of MOT if you dont like them commenting on those twits. Hmmmmm, and did they imply they were ugly? Man, I know the pictures speak for themselves, but Camry never really said it, havent you noticed.

anonymous: You didn't get the point. Camry felt the pose ideas were... omghahawtflololololololololol. Don't you think they were? Not the part about them smooching, but the part where she stuffs her hand into his shirt and the part where the guy strips in the machine. Hahaha acting silly and having fun man. COOOOOOOOOL yeah.
that girl just not photogenic.
i saw her.
above average looking.
i swear.
and in case you people doubt me.
i am not short sighted/blind.
HAHAHAHA this is so funny.
How did MOT ever get hold of the pictures?!
but she looks so man!
n the other man has a ugly nose,act jap somemore?!
I read a comment about being MOT sued? haha. Whoever said that, Dream on. Can't happen coz it aint even defamatory.

However, I would like to say that If U dun want to be pubicised, DUN Seek attention like a TWIT. Putting up ridicuously TWIT pictures end you up here. So, Use some sense and think before you do anything UNDERSTAND.

and those ppl who say they love MOT, no offense on what you love. But you better pray you are not the next victim, coz I dun think you will be loving them any more than now.

haha! in singapore, onLy cErtain pEople Kan sUe for defAmatioN/libel and win the suit. i YEarn for a break in that Wacko trend. Also Note that Democracy is weird in singaPore.

And remember: Place capital alphabets in this post side by side. =)
omfg.. i think both of them are really guys. YUCK! what's with his/her hand under his shirt? omg. very disturbing.
)= wheres the ahbeng coming up to flame kinda thing =(

I missed it for real .
they can really get sued yer know. o.o
so now we know MOT trying desperately to gain popularity at the expense of others.
holy crap, the guy's prettier than the girl!
I pity the 2 persons who only intended to take neoprints only and kena this MOT shit. I mean, what's wrong with their pictures? Does that gives you the power to embarrass them? What about the girl who looks like transsexual? How about S.H.E-Ella? How about Wen Lan? What about the guy who have big nose? How about Jackie Chan? Does that gives you the right to critisize their looks? WHO ARE YOU? Even GOD won't does that. So think about it first before you even comment on others. Those who critisize them please REFLECT. We are socially EQUAL.
it seems that more people are pitying the couple rather than criticising them...
MOT is a big loser..lolz..
i strongly agree with those who feel that MOT sucks bug time!!!
wat the fuck ar eu writing dude??where has that old twit bashing posts go to??uve seriously loosing ur readers!!
blog on ah on ah lians!!!! Muahaha..I support you very strongly MOT!!
niice one. lyke the boii diguise as a gal. :)) The "annoymous" hu sayy abt watever embrassing ppl stuff, ii argeed iish a bit paiseh.
oh man. its definately out of the main purpose of this blog
So MOT are against trans now?
I've got to hand it to that being that is diguising itself as a crossdresser.
Oh no...can't you guys see?
They both changed their sex. The girl becomes the guy and the guy becomes the girl.

There you go.
Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection
How could anyone take someones neoprint and post it up without their permission. This post is probably the WORST post ever. I really pity them.

The guy's a nice chap if you know him, but the girl is seriously a despo one. So random of asking him to take off his clothes to take photos. And, she isn't a nice girl anyway. Don't even call her pretty cos she's not at all.

I hope this post isn't going to affect them.
I saw her around my school before.And trust me,she look worse than a baboon,and she thinks that she's pretty and all.OMFG.She's disgusting
what makes you think that the guy did not take out his shirt on his own will?
obviously u are being biased.
and why do you say that the girl is a despo?she asked u for your number?
Take a good look at yourself before you intend to type that.
i am sure yu are pretty jealous about her.
obviously I know a reason to what i post. What for get jealous of her?
OKOK. Too many people here are being stereotype. They comment first and then and reflect last. Both of them did nothing wrong, they just have some fun and took neoprints, and i can't see any TWITS factors in them AT ALL -___- . enlighten me please anyone.

If you say, " OMFG! The guy strips when taking neoprints sia, so idiotic and shameful lor ", then you are being stereotype. Did you all not see a male upper body before? Why are some of you so sacarstic here?

If you say, " OMFG! The girl is a guy, A TRANSSEXUAL, UGLY, so idiotic and shameful lor ", then you are being stereotype again. Look yourself in the mirror, are you so handsome and pretty? Why are some of you so sacarstic here?

Now we can only hope that the 2 person inside the neoprint can take it. MOT, thumbs down this time.
LOL. Anymore pics ?
i agree with the previous anonymous before me..u rox!

"damn. the couple dont look like a twiny bit of twits to me. so this blog is changing to museum of twits to museum of twits and couples?"
so what is the reason?
she snatched ur stead or wad?
perhaps u look worse than a donkey!
maybe that is an understatement itself.
u have no right to criticise her.
if u don't like her in school,go to her face n say it.
if u don't have the courage then fuk off.
surprise, surprise. the guy was my secondary school mate. he's a bit vain and all and also kinds annoying. but really, its wrong to put their photos up like that! i fully agree that they look completely ridiculous and er.. scandalous. but hello? its their privacy.

he's a handsome guy, in real life, without the hair and all. so why? did he dump you girls? or maybe, he actually rejected you and therefore seeing that he's with an he-looking girl, you get jealous.

you guys are simply too much.
my god, she looks like a tranny.
museum of twits n couples?i agree totally!

i think mot likes to break up couples,writing up on such story.

pardon me for saying this.

shame on u people.

they don't look abit of a twit.

if you don't have the courage to speak right into their faces,don't use such cunning underhands.
katrina lam!
u look like u are balding!
i recommend u yunnan hair care.
go for it!
"How could anyone take someones neoprint and post it up without their permission. This post is probably the WORST post ever. I really pity them.

The guy's a nice chap if you know him, but the girl is seriously a despo one. So random of asking him to take off his clothes to take photos. And, she isn't a nice girl anyway. Don't even call her pretty cos she's not at all.

I hope this post isn't going to affect them."

the girl is certainly a nice certainly have not come across anyone as sweet and lovable as her in your life.what a pity.should you meet her one day,it is your honour n u should feel blessed.
Putting a 'warning' at the beginning of your post is not, in my humble opinion, justification forshowing off a montage of supposedly retard photos you people at MOT so carefully chosen for your dear readers.

First things first, I enjoyed reading your twit bashing, but when it came to this post, I have to say it was doone in extremely bad taste.

Its like, you're trying too hard to be funny, but you end up screwing things up. Its not nice to post up photos of people whose faces are there for thousands of people to see, do you know that as a blogger each one of you has a responsibility for what you post online? Its not all anonymous you know. Should people take offence at what you have posted up, you are liable to get sued for slander.

I do hope you people taking a poke at others actually find something genuinely interesting to blog about; posting their personal email addresses and/or identities (vis a vis blog addresses) is a big no no.

I really don't know what the hell xiao camry was thinking when she posted this post up.

I personally see nothing wrong with the pictures, who the fuck are YOU to judge how wrong or right people can look like? Sure, you can bitch about it, but for god's sake, their faces are there for everyone to see!

One more time this thing shows up and I think someone would be pressed to take serious action against you people.
i agree fully!xiao camry,u better be careful n watch your actions.acting lianish,dont give us this shit.
tsk tsk tsk.

camry, camry. how dare u try to trick us... those two people in the neoprints are actually you and pring right!


yes yes, don't lie now, because you talk so much about twits and how ugly people are twits so you decided to post pictures of yourself and parade it as an example huh?

ingenious, really. no one would have ever thought.

turns out you are as ugly as your heart, camry. your intense hate and pickish attitude, poking fun at people who did something that isn't so wrong; you made it into a big fuss and all...

what a wonderful girlfriend you have there, pring. :)

although I like pring's writings (but not necessairily camry's) I feel obliged to talk badly about the author of thispost, jsut as she felt obliged to bitch about other normal people who didn't do anything to her.
that guy l00ks cute. ><
whatever JL said makes sense, i feel pity for those guys too, then again those emotions can be overcome by the lord of humor himself, screw u guys i'm having fun reading these stuffs :P

cheers. i noe tt guy. wan his no.?
Okay. God, I've read enough. Seems like they're a nice couple. But yeah, they took picture from a neoprint and that's sad because MOT took it without permission and put it here. But have you guys ever consider the fact that when you put pictures on the internet, you're showing publicity to the WHOLE WORLD? You know, you didn't put any copyright things or whatsoever, but the fact that you left it out in the open, everybody can just take a look at it.
You know, the girl pretends to be pretty and cute but ends up disturbing. The guy now pretends to be hot and what you call that, cool.
To the anonymous person who said that guy's cute: You might wanna tell us your definition of C-U-T-E. Oh my God. You know, I bet even YOU deserve to look at other guys.
That couple, let me tell you, that they burn my eyes. Ouch.
Plus, if you wanna criticize MOT, please use proper English. Appearntly, the English you guys used, sucked. I mean it.
you all are damn irritating. what right do you have to blog that. it's his privacy can. WTF! you can go and die lor! THEY ARE NOT GAY COUPLES CAN. PERFECTLY NORMAL GUY AND GIRL. guy is hot, girl is okay. DAMN YOU LAR. WAH LAU EH, don't let me find out who are you sial.
people handsome, YA I KNOW YOU'RE JEALOUS. DAMN IT! you suck. irritating arsehole. i think you are sick in the brain. oh sorry, i mean YOU ALL. and those who said they are disgusting, PUL LEASE! take a look at yourself! in that case, don't ever have sexual intercourse or else your genital part will rot, i swear. may one day you kena car bang lar.
irritating people. and! what MONKEY AND LION. they are couple, boy, girl. you know! HUMANS! you dog! see them on the streets? i'll slap you if i see you before you see them! DAMN IT! and those people who say she's a guy. PLEASE LAR, transversite also don't look like that?! you people chose to believe what you saw -GAY COUPLE- and predicted that she's a guy? ewww, please go check your brain. gay has 2 meanings to it. HAPPY! they WERE happy couple!
AND THE IDIOT WHO SAID; SERVE THEM RIGHT! box you! you have a spouse right! make sure you DIE a VIRGIN!
please lar, all of you all, GET A LIFE! i mean, A DAMN LIFE! JUST GO AND DIE LAR MEANIES.
omg i can't stand this blog lar. ya, you think of this; YOU CAN DON'T READ MY BLOG WHAT!
but hello! this HOT GUY here! my favourite! you chose the wrong target to focus on, HA. irritating! DO NOT LET ME FIND OUT YOUR NAME THANK YOU VERY MUCH F-ER! oh no, let me do some admendments, do not let me find faults in you, JEALOUS PEOPLE!

but if you're not,

well said, jocelyn!

i can see that u are brought up well.well educated with a mind of your own.marvellous.unlike the others who just go according to what others said,without thinking at all.
having not seen them and give brainless comments.n yes.the couple ARE humans!normal couple u c them down the street.i saw them n they are perfectly alright.

thanks to those who give MOT thumbs down.u have given this couple hope n encourage them,giving them the strength to pull through.

hope they are doing perfectly fine!

God bless you!
you mean i have been staring at a cross-dresser for the past 5 mins?!
LAUGH MY ASS OFF. Okay this time I REALLY shat my pants. HAHAHA, damn I'm gonna have nightmares of that guy's face for weeks. YEOOOWOWW
And to jocelyn:

Chillax, sounds like someone struck a nerve. Please remember that what you post on the net is public to all. Don't want people to ridicule your pictures? Here's an idea: DON'T POST IT.
And to jocelyn:

Chillax, sounds like someone struck a nerve. Please remember that what you post on the net is public to all. Don't want people to ridicule your pictures? Here's an idea: DON'T POST IT.
whats their multiple acc?
that is so not funny at all.


m.o.t. u can do better.
Omg omg omg!I saw that girl at Orchard!She is much prettier than in those pictures!You should have seen her!
they're really disgusting . IM REALLY DISGUSTED . they're real freaks , i guess .
we saw them before. LOL..

but don't you think the girl's alittle TOO horny? xD
hello this is a warning here delete this blogspot now before this whole blogspot will be close....
eh...are u sure it is the girl n not the boy who is trying to be funny?
and what on earth are you people thinking when you all intend to criticise them?

with regards to them posting their pics on there any wrong posting their pics on multiply account?u guys have nothing better to do than to hack into people's blog (with pswd to entry or not) and multiply account.

please for heaven's sake,look into your heart (if you do have one),and ask yourself this you yourself have a soul?i bet u people do not have because all you did was to let your nose "pulled" by the brainless farkers and give ridiculous comments.

come'on.get a life.if mot deliberately want everyone to laugh at them.they do have their ways which is absolutely shameless and inhumane.but one thing.they do not even have the courage to face up,"hiding" behind this blog.

oh well,maybe they do have a mind having the intention of closing this blog down.but perhaps they are having chicken wobbly legs.they fear they will be mocked at,just like the colinandkero who disappeared outta

give these victims some peace will not get influence.these innocent victims are 100percent nice n normal people.

so stay away!
Just a note to YZ.. Like hw you say they have nuthing to do.I mean they alrdy admitted to being annoying so seriously just don't visit their blog anymore if you think the posts are bad.No point commenting in hopes that they will stop because this is their blog after all.I know its very bad teasting the so called twits but its what they enjoy doing.So let them be.The victims maybe your friends but is commenting all the " KNNBCCB " going to make them delete the entry? i doubt so.
That guy IS not good looking. I'm not saying I am. That girl is NOT pretty. I'm not saying I am. Nor did Camry said she was. You know, you cunts should seriously stop mocking and showing hatred towards MOT because it's really annoying. Yes, if any of you dumb fucks admit it out there then maybe you should stop coming. Taking neoprints IS for fun but it turns out extremely disguisting. Not that he took off his shirt or anything. I don't know, their captions, or their pictures, or both, they're just annoying AND disguisting.

A lion and a monk? LOL?
try harder.
jocelyn: I think you're a twit. Only twits use such crude words like that.

as for this post, i don't see anything wrong with it. It's a MAKE-UP STORY. Camry stated it in the 1st para. Besides, if those 2 didn't want to attract attention, they wouldn't have posted their photo on a blog where the world could see it right? I mean. MOT could have just put up the link and all the happy-go-lucky people can flock there to spam their tagboard or something. BUT. They didn't. So now people spam HERE.

As what others say, internet is for ALL to see. If you don't want to attract attention, don't put anything dumb or things that just cry "LOOK AT ME". You gotta be prepared if you want to let the whole world see those photos. It's either here or there.
oh and to the user yz, no one gives a shit ...

THAT WAS A .... COLD BLOODED!!!! - Rick James
the girl looks damn slutty in the pic. like she's a slut trying to seduce the guy. =\
=.= what is with the wierd poses.
its not an invasion of privacy ifthey lt people see it on their own space or whatever. The whole point of taking photos is to let people look at it. thus, whoever said its an invasion of people's privacy is a total dopehead who obviously didnt do his research properly.
if u did not realise,
people do hack into their account,
sabotage their own
publicise people blogs,
decode people's blogs pswds.

main impt part of this:
what is pswd for?
let me enlighten you.
it is to allow certain special people to see.
not for some smart alex to enter,
and make a do-do out of themselves.

please think before blurting out anything.
i agree with what is mention in the last post mentioned by anonymous!!!evidence given: multiply!!omg..anyway,mot merely came out with a story so that people can laugh at whatever they can possibly come up please do not take it to heart!!!relax one corner dudes!!!!haha..i doubt mot ever want to post any post because this post is probably the only one they can come up with,as it is the climax of their with it, mot supporters!!!
cleverly done. that woman/man/shemale or maleshe is so slutty. she gets so touchie touchie
Where did you find it? Interesting read » » »
first of all im gonna sae that the 2 of eu look so damn terribly fucking ugly lyke a bunch of freaks from planet shit!!!!
Excellent, love it! »
His body is like damn loser he looks like some jap/taiwanese skinny.

Gabriel Loi
this is so stupid u guys.. i mean, wad the hell? this is MOT BTW, it's CREATED to diss twits n ppl who are like them! Ppl come here and read and enjoy only stupid people come here to read and get dissed. Well even if you DO get pissed off juz STOP READING for god's sake and switch off your computer! Stop flaming those brilliant authors for their work coz THIS IS WAD THEY DO!

And to jocelyn, stop asking people to get a life when u want them dead, stupid.
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