Friday, June 02, 2006

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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I don't think so.

omg. hahaha
lamers -.-
Lol, what a loser.
CB one what this kind of noobcake.

Heh, nobody bothers about the 'I'm 5th!' anymore...
Ahahaha! Nice one. Just here to ask if you guys (MOT bloggers) are aware or not that you have built a dynasty. Yes, everywhere I go, I hear about it, it wouldn't be surprising if the word 'Twit' becomes the official word in dictionaries for people who wants attention... and wants it BAD.
omg wht a cheap bitch.. goin ard postin such "ads".. cre8 frenster is 2 add frens tt u reali noe n nt for fun anybody loh... i hate thse accs with 100s of frens fuk such noobfucks...may their ancestors burn in hell...FOREVER!!!!
Your blog is so famous, it is actually popular among twits themselves! Like for example the guy who wanted to add MOT on friendster and the "OMG IM THE FIRST TO POST. KEWL RAWKS LOLLERS" holy fuck what is that?
he just got owned. -->yichung
yeah hahaha. gosh, thats seriously desperate. and i bet that all those ''''' in front of his name is part of being the first few in people's friendster friend lists. tsk. Lol
lol...ppl juz some small kid who thinks he looks great..well..give him the encouragement he needs to survive in his all so creative dreamland..he sure needs lots of it to survive..He does look VERY man eh? with that MANLY face. i'm SO STR8 forward..
would adding a ss of his friendlist which would probably be full of gals make it more interesting? =)

juz a thought
this is hilarious.
anyone has links to his friendster profile?
ermmm... i would like to share my view abt MOT... i love mot... but recently their post got a little...erm... boring... you guys aren't like tat last time... erm... how come??? dun be offended ok?
to jonathan:
It's not noob. It's n00b.
wat fucking loser!
They get MIA from time to time. Pring is now MIA. HVV is now the one posting. Camry is missing indefinately.
Top tier twit
sheesh i viewed his profile HAHAHA. ' ' ' 'YiChung SEARCH. gosh he is like darn ZII LIIAN WORXZXZ. ha imagine he sees the post. he will be like : WAH SEH I FAMOUS WOR PICX AT A BLOG LE~~ KEWL SIAZZ.
I bet he will be the only one who even think about imagining. He has to. Coz no one else dared. *close eyes*
LMFAO...good one. Plus, tell him that 'SIAZZ' is suppose to be 'SIAL'. God, he's spoiling our Malay language.
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