Saturday, January 14, 2006

Regina the smoker.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post contains no flames. Basically, all I'm doing is translate that entry, and promote the dangers of smoking. That's all. :(

Hello. This is the first post of 2006. A very badly written one, I would like to mention. (WHY IS IT ALWAYS PRING UPDATING? NOT FAIR. Camry and HVV are too busy dating, and Pring is the lonely loveless one.)

Oh, sorry. Actually I'm not Pring.
Pring died 3 seconds after viewing a blog in the ICU, Pring's spirit is here to update for him. (Before he died, he told me that perhaps if 50 people sent him a mail at he might just revive. So yeah, please help to revive him, will you?)

Yes, and I, Pring's Spirit, is a bad speller.
shhO euu wiel hAb tO fOuRgIb miie nOrhh . !
(No lah, this is just to get you prepared for what you're going to see more of later.)

Today's feature is from niizhiibbuzhiiddao@blogspot aka Euu NoE oR dUnChh NoEe?!
(Don't bother tagging her, she'll probably ask you to leave and fUckk eur d0gg m0m aSs n0rhh . !)
Actually, I don't have much of an intention of featuring her, until I read her entry 2 minutes ago and too bad, I despise her attitude. Plus, she scared Pring to death with her photos.
"Pring's Spirit, euu berrii de fucKk nOrhh . ! euu wattchh outt nOrhh . ! gee s."

It was this entry I wasted quite some time reading, which I felt I could have finished reading in 2 minutes instead of 20minutes if it had been typed the way it should have been.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
argg . ii m grOunndedd bby miie mummiie nn nO hpp xceptt ferr sattuurday nn sunnday . sObb sObb . bbu hhaO dder . all thhankks tO jiinngwenn nn hher thhat fuckkiinng oldd biitchh mothher lahh . ccb . jiinngwenn ruun hhOmee mahh . thhen hher mothher kiip cOr miie hOuuse askk whhethher knnOw jiinngwenn at whhere nOrt . ii say alOt tiimes II DUNCHH KNNOW lerr lOr . ! thhen stiill askk . kiip thiinkk ii bbluuffiinng . shiit hher lahh . argg . thhen shhe tOldd miie mothher alOt thiinngs . say whhat ii teachh jiinngwenn bbad . knn . shiit lOr . iishh nOrt truue lOr . thhen stiill say whhat shhe knnOw thhOse peOplee nOrt frOmm ouur schhoOl dder ALL iishh MIIE iintrO dder . FUCK LOR . shhe osO nOrtt uus . ! hhOw thhe fuckkiinng hhell shhe knnOw huhh . jiiaO weii lahh . all fakee dder lOr . thhen thhat oldd biitchh [ jiinngwenn mothher ] stiill at evee mothher nn yiinngruu thhey all thhere bbad mOuuthh miie lOr . ! say miie bbad stuuff . feel liike whhackkiinng thhat oldd biitchh lOr . argg . thhen haii miie beii grOunndedd lOr . thhenn miissppey cOr miie mOthher sayy ii smOkee . whhat thhe hheckk . thhenn shhe nn miie daddiie knnOw ii smOkee nOrhh . argg . thhen nnOw ii beii grOunndedd . sObb . thhen shhe cOnnfiiscatee miie hpp bcOshh miie biill BUURST . gee s . agaiinn nehh .

I'll make it short for ya.
Regina, the author of that entry, had been grounded and her mobile phone confiscated by her mother because her dog friend, Jingwen (Jingwen's mother is a old female dog, aka old bitch, NO I didn't say that. Regina did. So I assume Jingwen has to be a dog as well.) One fine day, Jingwen the dog ran away from home and the old mother dog got worried and started ringing Regina if she knew her whereabouts. And for God-knows-why reasons, the old mother dog started chatting with Regina's mother and told her Regina is a bad influence, and blah. That old mother dog is very bad, she calls Regina's other friends' mothers and talks bad about Regina. Regina is very angry and claims that those things the motherdog said were untrue, she feels like giving the old mother dog a whack.
On top of that, the ugly secret of her being a smoker has been exposed to her parents. And Regina again, repeats that her phone has been confiscated and grounded.

Have you ever come across people who call their good friend's mother OLD BITCH? And the better thing is, the friend is not bothered? Honestly, it's very twit-ish to include family and body parts into their little nonsensical essays to slam people.

And I do pity the parents of these children. No parent would want their child to turn this way, unless they are like that themselves. Children who hang around to smoke and pick fights, instead of doing their homework at home or read a good book. The wasted youth in society today. I do not imply you have to be a nerd and study all day, I'm not like that myself I admit, but you have to grow some brains to decipher what is right and what is wrong, yes?
And cigarettes, it's one of the worst things ever created.

(Please click on it for a bigger view)

Ta-da! These are the beautiful things in the cigarettes smokers puff. I hope after knowing all these, you won't feel like having a second thought whether to smoke or not.

Sweeties, don't try touching the cigarette when you're nowhere close to 18. Just because you haven't reached the age where you can officially screw your own life up because it's your choice. Even if you are of age, don't smoke at all. Smoking does NOT make you look cool. It is 100000x deadlier than you think it is.

And if you think that's your own problem?! NOT REALLY. YOU pollute the air everybody else is too, sharing with, and us breathing in second-hand smoke is worse than you smoking. If you are not going to spare a thought for yourself, at least spare a thought for the people around you.

Do you want this in your head?

Or these as lungs?

True, I have no right to stop anybody from smoking, but I rather people not do that. I have seen people around me pass away due to smoking. And you think you need to smoke 10 years at least to die? I have a friend who smoked for barely 2 years and died of lung cancer. Ha ha.

I'm terribly sorry if I offend any smokers out there, but this is what Pring has to say:
For your own sake and everybody else's, quit smoking today.
(Oh MOT is an educational site after all. :D)

Oh yes, back to the spotlight. Sorry huh. How could I forget?
Don't you wanna see how Regina looks like? She's quite pretty, lah.

This is Regina.

OI, she is pretty ok. Her hair is nice. :)
(Who's photo did I steal ah? Come on, show me whose face it belongs to. You cannot tell as well.)

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omg tht was disgusting man...stupid twit...haha yay first to post
omg i wsas shocked whn i first saw tt dam 1st impresion was a hantu,2nd impresion was a SLUT
could u blog more??? plplspls.. cause it rocks too much. yups, i cant even see her face in there..
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
omfgz her face's so disgusting.
she looks so annoying and her hair's so horrible >.< ITS SO FRIGGIN LONG FOR A FRINGE! oh god she gives me sore heads!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wad shit face is that?!
omg u call tt pretty.
its scary can.
like sadako
esp when im viewin this like at
12 midnight.
MEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!! she from NAN HUA? Woah such a big insult to the school with people like her. 13 yr olds wearing make up.wth.
oops i mean Nan chiau bad.oh wait they O have this thing called affiliations.
pring! is that really you in the friendster picture?
TWITS ARE SOOOOOO COOOOL... STOP BULLYING THEM... AND YES I AM FLAMING CAUSE TWITS UBER ROCK. CANT TOUCH ME (mc hammer)~~ hohohoho im a such a hunk cuz im hotter than hotmail, top that man woooot
oh yea ... that post i made was forced by 10 twits threatening to kill me with their penknife ... i apologise for my foolish mistake of succumbing to their threat ... and yes ... im still hotter than hotmail
yes I wouldn't want my kid to turn up like that. Smoking at 14 and cursing and swearing and blaming others that she got found out. I can't stand underaged trying to be 18(I'm not saying don't be mature!Yes be mature and thoughtful and smart, not smoke club get drunk and get laid before you are legal!).
that pic scared the shit outta me :/
LOL. girls who smoke are disgusting!
Uh huh.

Totally wasting her life away. Congratulations, bitch.
She's totally disgusting. No manners at all. It is no wonder that her friend's parent think she is a bad influence. One look i know she's a Cha0 aHh liianx~~ and surprisingly the recent twit blogs that i have visited were mostly kidos from NAN CHIAU. WHAT'S WITH THAT SCHOOL?
i feel like watching the ring all over again.
I totally agree with this post, especially the smoking part.

i think you have a goddamn gift for writing, you make me laugh.
and regina looks like my dog just poo-ed on her. her expression tells me she's grimacing at the shit on her face. you gotta pity tht poor old mother bitch's daughter's friend sometimes, you guys.
people who're pretty yet acting to be more pretty are utterly gross! agree? i'm lucky that i dont have such a friend in case she screws my mum off. then, i'll KILL HER!
Haha. I was going blind reading those kinda words. :s
ERM REGINA IS PRETTY OK, so why do you ppl have to pick one of her more freaky pic?i mean, she's dead chio and lotsa guys wanna jio her for god's sake stop fcarkiin critisizing her and her typings...she aiin't a twiit u bloody asses.regina's just herself so y dun u all just fuck off and find some prostitute to suan and it might even be guys are so dead cus` u're gonna get sued soon
Did you read?

I said she is chio. And was the picture freaky? It's up to you to perceive. Seems like you said it, not me.
oooh guys, wanna kiss her with her mouth full of cigarette smell? that'll be nice.

i think she'd be prettier without her hair that way. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.
oh my, what a scary looking creature.
gosh. i kinda pity her.. ya, twitish.. but she's, hello, 14? bloody sec2 only.. perhaps MOT should just target twerts 16 and above.. cos they ought to be disgraced if they're still bahaving like twitty 14s (and hell they deserve it)

spare the poor girl there. bad enuough she has atrocious spelling. she's been flamed enough?

lets not rub it in any longer:)
She needs a good spanking from her mommy for being a bad girl and playing with cigarettes.
Another funny post... Wow.. You're god damn hilarious.. Esp the part where you dicipher what she was trying to say... Mother dog.. Woo!You make me laugh... Go pring go!
MOT 9999999999

Twits 0


Tsk Tsk learn how to respect your elders little girl...good thing her hair covers like 70% of her face.IT looks better with her hair in the way.
LOL. sad for such a slut. first time i encounter a blog with all those absurd language.
Whose photo does thatbelongs to? I thought that Sadako had camera to take photo with.. Wonder who on earth take photo with two black duno what patch cover the eyes.. She is bound to go out and scare people at night.. Wonder if she can see where she is walking, will she trip and fall or even drop into the drain.. haAhaa..
Some people here seem to be avenging their unpleasant childhood memories of being bullied by twits... Class, repeat after me. Everything in moderation.
14 years already started to smoke?
oh my god. it is indeed a very big insult to us, teenagers.
and stop using those type of god-knows-what language: "shhO lOnng no bblOg lerr ."
aiya, regina, pls stop scolding ur friend mum's bitch la.
a bitch knows a bitch.
erm, think you will die faster due to smoking ba. amen. =D
Case in point.
lol she so twit
TO: Anonymous
"regina's just herself so y dun u all just fuck off and find some prostitute to suan and it might even be guys are so dead cus` u're gonna get sued soon"

hey, do u think the judge will sue pring or send regina to girls' home when she is already smoking at the age of 13. she indeed need some teachings when her mum dont know how. so ya please report to the police and let the judge to decide to send pring or regina to jail? :)
Gosh jon, I agree with you once again.

Suprisingly, I actually pity poor Regina! I mean, COME ON GUYS. This isn't the 10th Crusade (against twits), you know. And MoT certainly isn't the Vanguard of this so-called Crusade. MoT is satirical. Do they wish twits were dead? I doubt so.

Have a good laugh at their antics, but don't let it cross over into hate and harassment, please.
what happened to the tagboard??
HAHHAA. i found out one of that regine's friend in her pictures is my friend's sister. omg. twits all the way.
No one is perfect so no one can comment on anyone? Oh dear. Eh, I think that Hitler was a twisted, evil man. But hey, no one is perfect right? Let's be understanding and not comment on him.

Yes, "maybe" they are ah lians/bengs. Note, the word is "maybe".

Might I suggest something? If you wish for your views to be taken seriously, try not to start a comment with "CHEEBYE HONG KAN LARH ." It makes your argument less credible.
err.. dont she feels uncomfortable with that fringes? and can she see clearly? i bet she cant.. she must have been falling down everytime she walk.. -_-"
and doesnt her school has done any disciplinary action on her XL fringes? mine wasnt long and was caught as well..
and.. regina's such a nice name.. but her attitude sucks to the core..
ii wass herre horr.. muackxx!!
Nick: Once again, I just wish you would disagree with me at least once. Ha.

I don't actually pity Regina. More of distain for the hate-filled zealots crying for twit blood. They deserve our pity more.

And an unhealthy dosage of boredom at work was in no small part the motive for my post, too.

Just curious, but since when did secondary school history teach about the Crusades, anyway?
ivian: She pins her fringe up during school hours and lets it rip otherwise. You should see the fringes on the girls I know. =)

jon: Oh, the Crusades were never taught in Secondary School. I just felt bored one day and read it up on wikipedia.

Oh, I think Regina should be pitied. I mean, she's ruining her life right now. Hope she sees the light eventually, before its too late.

And yeah these zealots are obviously jealous/vindictive people. In my Secondary School, twits were usually the more popular of the girls. And now that they have MoT as an excuse, they're really letting off their pent-up rage.

Yeah, I got home early today (the only day of the week I get home earlier than 4pm) and felt bored, so I posted while researching on Yuri Gregarin for my GP skit. =x Just curious, what are you working as?
1) I can understand if she wants to pose like that because..maybe for some obscure reason, she thinks she's a model for some fashion magazine?

2) I can understand if she's pissed off because her handphone is taken away from her...

I cannot, however, UNDERSTAND, WHY...WHY WHY WHY for the LOVE OF GOD...she would want to type like that.
That's hardly READABLE.

just some thoughts...
she looks pretty 2 u??? -_-"
change ur specs man!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man's meat is another man's poison.

Nick: I'm doing internship now as a in-house website/graphic designer in Senoko Power Plant.

Wikipedia - God's gift to the insatiably curious.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin - first man in space. Wikipedia rocks =D
I don't know why the first time I entered Wikipedia, I was at the "BDSM" page.
ROFL. Oops. O_O
What a coincidence. My first foray into Wikipedia landed me on the "Bill Clinton" page...
dont dare show some tags? scare? ohmygod.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
definitely on of the best post. but the best part was samanthat making noise. hahahahhaha. and other of regin's twit friends making noise as well. i dont understand twits. they say the type like DiiSh` wOrS to be unique when most of the population of singapore dies it. fucking trend whores piss me off.
i think samantha suck. kaobei also dunno how to spell. cao pay? for a sec, i tot she meant "chao pei" or really suitable. that she and regina are the most cao pay people. whee. =D
pring: My first visit landed me on the Nice Guy Syndrome page, an interesting read. Not as interesting as BDSM though. =)

SAMANTHA: Hello Samantha! I just want to let you know that I sympathize fully with your current predicament. I too have had my Caps Lock button jammed and had to suffer the indignity of typing everything in Caps. It's a terrible thing, ain't it girl? Well, my heart goes out to you. Hopefully, your dad will get you a new keyboard soon yeah?

Eh, anyone know how Yuri Gregarin's achievement impacted the world?
just felt i needed to comment.

im a loyal reader of MOT. i swear i have read every post posted in this site and this post certainly has satisfied my craving for more twits.

this post may be a good one but how the readers responded to it was horrid. i visited the poor girl's site and was shocked (and somehow ashamed) to find fellow MOT readers spamming her tag board, calling her names, saying that they read about her on MOT, flaming her ect. is this what MOT readers do? is this how people who laugh at twits respond? it makes all MOT readers as twit-ish as the twits mentioned in MOT. is the kind of image MOT readers want to potray?

i think this site shouldnt be treated so seriously. read it just for the fun and laughter that the writer brings us. laugh and then get over it. dont do things like invading the 'twits' privacy. stop doing twit-ish things to twits.

but, MOT has really done a good job to keep me entertained. and i so love PRING! keep up the good work guys!
Finally an enlightened individual!

You were the one defending her on her tagboard right?
the youth of today is screwed ... in my time if i was caught smoking i would get beaten till my life left so little .. like level 1 paladin little ..
that samantha bitch damn funny .. i love ah lian's their intelligence like teh sux ...
What is the world becoming?

Well, i honestly felt that if you don't like what people blog about, you could chose not to read it.

I think that MOT is basically quoting from others and discouraging people from following their footsteps.

I mean, since many people felt that way, maybe you should change and not try to get back up etc. It wouldn't work.

Just think over, why would people blog on you just like that?

What you done was extremely unethical in every single sense.

And well, if you really wanna share your feelings about other people, it would definately be much wiser if you could type it properly.
Oh, you love capslock? Oops, my mistake. I just made the most logical assumption I could. That's a very unique style of yours, by the way. =)

Eh SAMANTHA, please debate with me on why you hate MoT. I need a good debate right now.
You like people talking about you meh
you think lah
you think you very perfect meh
no one is perfect ok
expect GOD
you son of a gnn
you think you have what rites to talk
about my regina honey!you say lehx
1. Depends on what people are saying. If it's good things then it's cool. If it's not, then there's nothing I can do right? So I just ignore it. Try it sometime.

2. No, I have never thought for a moment that I was perfect. Since no one is perfect, Regina isn't perfect. She has flaws that we're commenting on. Freedom of speech. It's the people that visit her blog and insult her that are in the wrong.

3. Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else. My parents certainly aren't GNNs, whatever that is.

4. Yes I have the right to talk about Regina. Just like you have the right to talk about MoT and I. In fact, you are exercising that right right now.
eh.. i was eating in front of my computer table.. and i almost puked..
Fine. fine what?
You like people talking about you meh sure if im in the wrong
you think lah am thinking real hard
you think you very perfect meh no, but she's imperfect, so we can comment on her
no one is perfect ok sure
expect GOD really? you seen god before?
you son of a gnn im sure your parents didn't taught you manners, how about this, YOU DAUGTHER OF A OLD WHORE. you like that?
you think you have what rites to talk every right, freedom of speech throughout the world, let us rejoice!
about my regina honey!you say lehx sad case of lesbianism, gonna cry out for the decreasing of human population
GNN = Gan Ni Na

Suppose to be,

KNN = Kan Ni Na

[My apologies for the above mentioned] =/

Well, kids or twits are getting creative this days.. Creativity ain't suppose to be this way.

Support original please.
You not wish Regina to be V*gina.
Not worth going in, please don't continue.. samantha, please.

PS: Or anyone else who wish to insult themselves by using unholy words.

It takes one to recognize one.

holy your shit lah!
the bible never tell you not to say bad gossip about people meh!
i dont think so!
no .. i don have a vagina ... but yes they are scolding but with at least more civilised language . And you ? lol . Next thing . I am helping simply helping and praying that all the girls wont have rotten vagina . First it will decrease singapore population second it will increase old aging in singapore . Second it will cause air pollution as when something decompose it will smell bad . And i m caring for them , like what u r doing now , trying to help your fren , regina !
Damm okay the air pollution is thrid instead of second . I m laughing so hard till i have no idea what am i posting then .
Nah I don't think she'll like what we say about her? But you know what? TOO BAD. People are free to say what they want. If she doesn't like what is said about her, then she should just ignore it.

Yeah, MoT fans insulted her looks, intelligence and maturity. You insulted my parents and I. I'm still thinking about it. I'm not saying MoT fans are in the right, but neither are you for barging in and cursing eh.

Yeah the Bible taught us not to speak ill of others. But the Bible also taught us not to use vulgarities. Oooh, contradiction there. Are you a Christian? So am I. So don't get all Holy on me.
these people has nth better to do. so bo liao? you guys dont even know regina and said her attitude sucks? please know the person well before you comment on her!
Im nt a chirstian!
please lor you bimbo!
your stupid bloody blog so big!
You think what?!
i also can report you all
i can just call 999 and say you all talking rubish about people!
can calling her a slut!
you think what!
Naw ... we didt mention anything about being perfect or not . But smoking at a age of 14 and typing with low english level ? And having frens to help them out instead of helping themself out ? Hmm thats not even 1/99999 of perfection . At least be nearer to perfect . And LOL ! u dun even get what is ah'b trying to say and u r flaming him ? We don think its fun . We think posting up her pictures and dis-couraging on smoking is something to stop more becoming bengs and lians . Regina ur fren is just a example for people to understand what not to be .
I did not comment anything negative abt regina for your info . I just discourage ppl to smoke . And i did not flame anyone with any foul language . I just called people un educated and stuff . Its fact at least
Samatha . If u call the police ? i m suppose u will have a higher chance of going girls home . So i suggest not for your own good
I feel so offended as you didn't even bother to carefully read what I was saying. =(

There's no reason for a big mass of people to flame me. I have done nothing wrong. I DID NOT SAY THAT WHAT MoT FANS DID TO REGINA WAS RIGHT. Get that into your head please. Oh and I'm not idiotic, I'm actually an intelligent person. Please don't make any assumptions about my IQ.

And please feel free to call 999. It's not the first time someone has threatened MoT. What, you thought you'd be able to scare MoT into closing down?
Please lor!
she quit le lor
you all no need like this say about her what!
you know you all like this will spread stupid gossip ma?
She smoke her tai chi lah.
also not your problem
you can just put that stupid picture there !
no need to put her face RITE!
Hmm ... immature mayb . I m commenting on samatha more becuz she needs to be educated i think . And swearing is bad . Very bad .
there r people who went to her blog and insult her. so how's that?
Wait ... ! i said she is a example didt i ? try to read more into post . And as if i m the one that posted her pics . I didt even comment her on being ugly .
Those people that went to her blog and insult her . All i can say is PEACE ! Samantha PROCLAIM that she quit smoking so . MAyb give praise on her quitting it ?
You can post other people what!
Ming Xing or anything
Then you read on top lah!
See what they say!
say she slut!
Please lor
you all wanna talk
dont put her pic lah
did i say it was you who insulted her?!
Did u not say ? I was just trying to prove my point and not let people mis understand me ! samantha are u talking to me ? if u r i would like to tell u once more i m not the one that posted her pictures .
Anonymous, I've already stayed that it's wrong for them to visit her blog and flame her in her tagboard. I tried to get them to stop a few times but it obviously didn't work. Those people misunderstood MoT's purpose: ntertainment.
Samantha I didn't understand that last line sorry.

Anonymous, you're welcome. I tried but it didn't work. =(
so my comments are for those who insulted her at her blog. and thanks for those who stop them who insulting. smiles.
go bug MOT people about it . Me as a reader can do nothing ! Nothing at all except giving comments ! But i doubt MOT will delete it .
then why you talk so much about it and in the end you can do nth ...T.T
Cos it's fun to debate with you. We were just trying to defend ourselves from your accusations. =)

Eh don't stop debating. This is actually saving me from boredom.
wow invative litle samantha..this is wht she created..

gnn <--- she means knn
expect <--- she means except
samantha: 1stly ur a fkin spitfire whom no guy will lyk...2ndly,regina is fking poser in tt photo. 3rd,im gona try ur ways of speaking...knn la ccb u tink u who cum here kpkb. nb ccb. u say we dun dare flame her face to face rit?ok loh meet sumwher loh..pubor. fucker. lastly samantha, FUCK YOU SLUT!!ccb

ohya!! i forgoten the mst impt thing!! samantha SUCKS!!! shes a fuking le lou mou la. smoke wht smoke, cb poser only wana folow frens act cool.fuck you la nb. im nt gona hesitate to give the both of u a tight slap if i see ur 2 fuking slutish cheap faces at the streets.cb..
My, my. Congratulations, Xcecutioner. You've just perpetuated this whole cycle of hate.

Please just debate without attacking a person's character. Thanks.
ok the word in the previous post was inovative n not invative
At first . I m speaking up for females frens that posted . Second u swear at me and ask me why i posted her pics . Thrid i tried to tell u i was not the one that posted her pics so i cannot do anything about it . Fourth u say that i talk alot even though i cant do anything . Fifth the question is " U did really think i m the one that posted her pics from the start ? "
regina looks so cheap!!!whats with tt gal man?
Debatin is fun ...
Balabababa I lovin it !

Samantha try not to use too many swears in ur language or ppl will mis understand ur charater at times .
how can death fatality post her pics when this is not his blog man?! u stupid or what samantha?! stupid twit la you
mdger .. i think someone gonna flame at u lol !
Don't you just love people like anonymous? Everything cools down after the cursing, and someone waltzes in and starts the whole cycle of hate again by insulting someone. Tiresome.

deathfatality, what's your stance on MoT? I could either debate with you or write the script for my GP skit. I choose the first option.
flame la..i flame her back till she scared to read this blog again ah.. samantha n regina r useless SHITS!!they dun even worth $5 a night..
Debate ? Hmm ... there is nothing to debate abt at this time .
mdger ... LOL ! I m luffin at u so badly . Why are u acting like those people u hate ? Do u know them personally ? Have u seen samantha pics b4 ? MAyb that have great personality but simply just smokes ? And couldt control their emotion at this point of time so they start to flame ? Girls cant control their emotion at times so . And yeah how do u know they r useless ? Sorry if u know them personally
maybe they r having their "da yi ma"??lmao "da yi ma" means period.. i just dun understand y gals tend to have mood swings when they have period...someone tell me? izzit becos their pussie too itchy?LMAO
But it is abt sensitive isnt it ? Try not to ask actually . Try very hard to respect both genders and even anyone . Unless the person did something that made u not to respect him or her anymore .
Wikipedia states that "In many women, various unpleasant symptoms caused by the involved hormones and by cramping of the uterus can precede or accompany menstruation. More severe symptoms may include significant menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), abdominal pain, migraine headaches, depression and irritability."

So no, it's not due to itchiness. You know, someone might misconstrue your statement as sexist... Haha.
Damn. Why the hell are you guys bothering to argue anyway? You know it brings you nowhere.

If this brings you entertainment, you need to get out more...

*Prepares flame shield*

You're not born seconds ago.
samantha.. sad sad..

We (*maybe at least me + someone else, definately at least one?)
can feel how you feel for your "so-call" friend (that calls other people mom B*TCH) but it does not help with you "Screaming here with unholy nonsensical words"

What are you trying to prove exactly? that same birds floCk together? Well, hope you'll see the light (hope you'll live that long to see the light before Xcecutioner slap the light out of you when he sEes you on the street)

*Pray hard*
What goes around, comes around.
im puking already...

50 posts in less than 10 hours. Go apply to the Guiness Book Of World Records, you guys might actually get a special mention or something. Tsk tsk. Kids nowadays...
It's "EXCEPT" Samantha... -.-" EXCEPT GOD. We're not EXPECTING GOD here... -.-"
I hate that girl's hair.
I wonder how she walks around with the hair covering her eyes.
OMFG.. my deear SAMANTHA.. If you learn to type less.. maybe.. people here won't find u hilarious... the more you write.. the more readers laugh... every heard of teh chinese phrase.. "if u don't talk.. no one will think you're DUMB" yup... take my word and shut up.. it's for your own good..

by the way... this blog had been pretty stagnant for a while.. pity.. it was such good read for a while..
why are there often so many qaurrels (or arguements, in a nicer term) in the blogosphere? maybe its because people are allowed to hide behind those monitors. the world needs peace, so does our blogosphere.
Oh my goodness this whole exchange is fucking funny. Poor grammar has never been more humorously depicted. "DELETE ABOUT THAT POST!"
holy mofo, we say whatever we want about regina, and that samatha can comment all she likes, and yes, MOT already announced THEY ARE ANNOYING, and its their choice to post what they want
wtfckingmotherass I JUST SAW SADAKO!! (who just cut her hair, I think.)
i thought she from nanhua when holyegg says. phew. nanhua won't have such people! x) haha you people rock, post more!
No offense to anyone but . The way she put her fringe down . It really scares me very much everytime i scroll down to get into the comments page .
cool entry, really ! KEPP THEM UP !
If you stare at the picture long enough, you will notice that her mouth curls up more and more.

Beware, for she will climb out of the computer and devour your brains if her bares her fangs in the pic. And some of you deserve it. Wahahaha...
you guys have nothing to do? how she dress; what she do with her hair, has nothing to do with you guys. i guess you might be jealous of her or whatsoever. how will you feel when someone insult you like this? all of you doesnt know her so how do you know that she is a slut or bitch? i think MOT is then a bitch or slut? those people who created MOT is simply out to make people quarrel. all those tags and comments only lead to a quarrel.

just some comments.
can u ppl stop being a bitch or bastard?
fucking hell she's my fren so fuck off kaye?
THE PERFECT PICTURE. So nicely taken!
to annonymus. it doesnt mean that since she is your friend, we cant make fun of her. i'll just sit my ass down right here in front of my computer screen and say "REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT. REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT. REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT. REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT." what are you gonna do now? call the police PLEAASE samantha. the cops will probably read this blog and laugh their ass off over some chocolate coated donuts. and then send her to girls home cos she smokes. and bloody hell i dont understand how you guys pass primary school. typing error is alright but your grammar is fucking horrbile. honestly just go lick that wet, sticy pussy of that mom bitch. and you can just shit all over a roof and throw it down and see it fly back up and splatter in your face because the shit thought you were too ugly and wanted to hit your FUCKING ugly face instead of the hot, gravel ground.
anit samatha is just as bad as what he descirbe of regina ... why are u luffing at people error when u cannot even spell anti ? Second .. do u know regina look like shit when her hair is covering her face in that pic ? If u say her hair look like shit i cant say anything but now u are talking abt her looks . And about ut last very un holy statment all i can say is ... LOL and try to get a life ...
Picking on spelling errors is just childish.

And the whole REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT. REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT. REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT. REGINA IS UGLY AS SHIT." thing reminds me of primary school where the one who could repeat it the most was the winner.

Commenting on looks is retarded as well. I mean, she can't help being born with those looks right? Well, she could go for plastic surgery, but then you'd blast her for being fake. Sigh, she just can't win.

Lastly, personifying shit is just wrong, man.

PS: I'm pretty sure you felt horny when talking about her licking "that wet, sticy pussy of that mom bitch", eh?

Bottomline, get a girlfriend. It helps. =)
Whoops, the whole horny thing was a cheapshot. My apologies.
This looks so one-sided it's boring. The pro-Regina party needs more firepower. Where's havoc when you need him? I'm somewhat tempted to join them, cos I don't support either, and this flame war looks... low-quality?

Undefined: I'll agree that this arguement is stupid, but flaming in general brings me entertainment the same way reading a blog or playing flash games brings others entertainment - it's a filler for while I'm chatting online or at work, nothing more.
I dont really have negative impression on the victims MOT catch and post ... i just come in to prepare for my english paper and look at how people debate and stuff .

Nick : I picked on his mistake cause i wanna give him a idea what is he talking about ... He complained on grammer of samantha and gang ... but he never knew that simple spelling mistake could be worst then grammer mistake ... i dont really care about grammer when typing on the net ...
And yeah ... i think if samatha call the police ... aint samatha or rather ANTI samatha ... would have a higher chance of going to boys home if u r a guy . Your statment on wet pussy suggest u r a guy . Rmb .. smoking under age does not sent u to girls or boys home .
its so cruel, its hilarious. hahaha
Ok, let's review the reasons why Regina is discriminated here on MoT.

Basically, because she was featured here. Thus, she is a twit.

Absolutely brilliant! Well isn't this a wonderful case of mindless lemming-ing. MoT bashes Regina. Therefore, it's cool to bash her too! Oh wait, you simply MUST show the readers where you stand. Cue post stating how ugly/scary/stupid Regina is. So typical of MoT groupies.

Most people bash her looks, with "Wad shit face is that?! " being the most common insult. Well, can all of you honestly say you look better than her? It's too easy to condemn her looks from the safety of your anonymity on the net. But no, I'm sure you people look much better than her. *Smirks*

Regina is a (former) smoker and calls her friend's mum an "old bitch". Smoking is bad. SMOKERS MUST DIE!!!111SHIFTONE11 But have you ever considered that she may have succumbed to peer pressure or something? At age 14, it's not hard to imagine. So she made a mistake, she got addicted. But if samantha is to be believed, she managed to kick the habit. Shouldn't we applaud her? Oh wait! I forgot: we have to hate her to be "in" along with all the other MoT readers. There is no place for forgiveness here, all twits must DIE!

Last but not least, regarding those who flamed her on her tagboard. You people should really get a life. Yes, I know about freedom of speech. But have you ever considered that Regina is a normal person with feelings like you and I? You're either going to make her angry or feel like shit. Either way, nothing's going to change. And in the end, you're not much better than the twits you "hate". So stop imagining yourselves as frontline troops in the War against Twittism, please. Find yourselves some nobler cause to fight for. Preferably get killed in the process. I'll be sure to write your eulogies.

Jon: Sorry this flame turned out a lot more sketchy than I expected. I'll try to do a better one tomorrow.
death fatality: No I wasn't referring to you. I was talking about everyone who's ever picked on a typo and gone "HAHAHAHA J00 N00B!!!". =)
Oh... I pity Regina then. congrats to her on quitting smoking. I hope she sees the light, because her fringe is blocking both of her eyes, OOPS! i mean i hope she sees the light because maybe she stick with some bad company, went astray and started smoking and cursing and swearing.

Tell me when she changed completely. Its a pity that a young girl at the age of 14 is wasting her life away.
By the way. If this blog stops bashing people? What would be its purpose then?

Oh yes. If you are about to tell people to get a life. Look at urself typing away ur comments here. Arent u the same? OH OK!!!I admit yeah since im typing my comments here im a so called "No-lifer" oh.. sorry... Am i insulting everyone here?
Holy Cow....tts wad i haf to say...she looks like a ghost..full stop
In my humblest (and freaky) opinion, she's actually quite pretty...

If she didn't have that fringe.
Somebody called! Somebody! And somebody'd gonna get a hurt real bad. And I think you know him very well, mon! [Russell Peters, anyone comprehende/non-comprehende?]

This is really nonamabiznuss, but due to a popular request from the audience, I'll oblige. But, really, I'm not needed, since Nick and Jon are the only ones speaking unbroken english. I think Undefined got defined somewhere along the page, but I didn't bother to confirm it.

For those attractive [I shall assume] readers who think Sam's fringe makes her appear like Sadako, simply because it covers her eyes - questionaire: What makes u people feel that it's just intrinsically wrong when u look at her hair? Is it because it looks naturally straight, while yours curls? That you've to blow it, gel it, reborn it, maybe even dye it, just to get it the way you want it?

There u have it, Jon, MoT's welcoming fan committee of xenophobic self-conscious twits canibalising another of their species - truth be told, Sam types like a twit, but she isn't too trollish in the pic, in my opinion.

They appear to have gone into hormonal overdrive too [Nick: u might wanna research on this disturbing phenomenon on Wiki], for they seem to have a huge sordid fascination over smelly rotting wombs and shit splattering over hot gravel. Must be the heat. The News reported that SG is becoming increasingly affected by Global Warming.

Perhaps this might actually lead to an increase in the number of twits in SG as their brains get fried under the 33 degrees sun, while getting decked out in their "cool hats", "cool" jackets, "cool" thick baggy jeans, while they try to squeeze into the large sweaty crowd, all trying to stay "cool" and faceless. Not exactly such a gd ploy for trying to stay outta MoT's reach [it actually makes their job easier], 'Cause if you're a twit, it'll show. Pointing all your fingers at another of your kin, singling her out for her skin-deep flaws just makes you all the more obvious, all the more shallow and superficial. Comprehende?

Enough for now, dear fans.

Quoting my favorite most retarded ownage hero from DotA, "HeHeHe, we make BIG boom." Thanks for the silent applause; I appreciate your view-only-service, as I came, I sawn [this isn't a typo], and left this paltry pit fight in bloody havoc.

Where's my mercenary fee, MoT?
Dear havoc,

Re: Flame posted on MoT on 18/02/06

Subject in question called Regina, Samantha - defender of truth, justice and Regina.

Just to cover your ass before someone pokes it.

Yours Sincerely,

PS: I would call for an encore, if I don't already know that no one's going to understand your flame anyway. And I believe you left the pit fight in devasted silence, rather than bloody havoc. Would that be sarcasm, satire or sardonism?

Nick: Nice, you've put in words what I find most irritating about MoT groupies - their lemming-ish behaviour.
Oh, I didn't realize my ass was so popular - my, I'm flattered.

Devasted silence? I'd guess most are aghast from the trauma they received from the lie that I'm the defender of truth, justice, and, wth, Regina? For chaos' sake, I think Reggie's too capitalistic to be my type, if u get what I mean.

Bloody havoc comes to each and every one of those things peeking at what I mentioned earlier, and realizing deep down within that it all applies to each and everyone of they-who-think-they-look-oh-so-great-probably-because-they-look-slightly-better-than-Samantha.

*Catches breath*

That wasn't overly sarcastic, nor was it satirical, nor intended to be sardonic [It'd have been personal], but it's called having fun when the call for it sounds. Honestly, I didn't care who got cut to pieces between u and Nick, maybe undefined, before I joined, but, hey, u called, and I delivered the pile of steaming fresh excretion where u wanted it. I'm not anal about the details, so maybe that's why it ain't bloody enough for u?

Licorice helps if u've been constipated.
There's just been a case of acute miscommunication, I think. I meant to say, the girl in the pic is Regina. Samantha is the defender of truth, justice and Regina. That's why it's called covering your ass - before someone else flames you for it or gets hopelessly confused.

Well, if you noticed, I havn't been participating at all, besides making inane comments. The pieces go to Nick, and maybe... death fatality.

It' bloody enough for me, but the fact that no one here besides a few of us can even summon a satisfactory repartee to your flame (STFU N00B is not satisfactory) makes the pit fall into devastated silence. Heh.

Good humour ^^
i know i have been a bitch.

i know i am a bitch.

i don't deserved to be sorry.

i apologise for my terrible behaviour and spelling.

i shall now go fuck with my nigerian father and satisfy him.

then i shall shoot myself between the eyes because i know i'm a useless slut.

Good Day everyone,
Slutty Samantha.
Hello people, i love the post!

you see, i have several vagina discharges during the past few weeks.

gosh, i guess i've got some sexually transmitted diesease. damn, must have been the anal sex with samantha's nigerian dad.

not that i'm a racist, i just love insulting chocolate people.

and well, yeah keep up the good work.

Regina with a wrinkled Vagina.
yOoOO waZZUP Mon!

how's your day? anyone not feeling good can always ask me for some hot loving anal sex because that's what i always give samantha before she goes to school.

that explains why she walks as if a dildo got stuck up "there".


and also, i want to apologise for her fucking bad attitude. i guess that's what she learned from her friend Regina, that bloody no good slut who smokes men's rods. Mon..that's very bad.

Ahhhh, roy. Such innocent simple minded-ness that I've not seen for a long time. Well, she made a mistake but she's corrected it. Do you realise how hard it is to quit smoking? (this without nicotine patches or NRT, mind you) Yes it's a pity that a 14 year old girl is wasting her life away. Shouldn't you wish her all the best instead of slamming her? My, my, such vindictiveness.

As for the MoT bashing twits part, please read more carefully in the future. I said that the twits who visited her blog to bash her were in the wrong. And for your info, MoT doesn't really bash twits. I think it's more like poking fun at them.

Which is worse? Little old me posting his opinions here, or a bunch of readers harrassing a poor girl on her tagboard just because she was featured here? Note: These are called "Comments" for a reason. As for the part about us having no life, I beg to differ.

Roy, you amaze me. By not reading my comment carefully before posting, you're actually making yourself look stupid. Kudos to you for being so secure. 'Ta. =)

Havoc: I hate techies. Techies in a pubby means a VERY long game. =(
Try to grow up .. please ...
nice comments we've got here.
tell me the next time you guys are gonna debate.
Hahaha! Pring the part where you deciphered what regina wrote 'bitch' into 'mother dog' was so funny! I shall continue reading Museum of Twits from now on. =]

And you people gained an avid reader.
Nick: Like I said, techies are my favorite MOST RETARDED [hopefully Sam won't see this as a sign of affection] heroes. Anyway, if u kamekaze successfully consecutively enough early in the game, it'd be gg fast, no worries.

Oh, the one featured is Regina? Lol. Guess I din really care enough to find out. Sorry gal, but I got more stuff on my hands now.
Hope havoc didn't mean "white stuff" on his hands when he was referring to more "stuff" on his hands..

"Pui pui.."

Heh. But if you suicide too much early game yet fail to win it then, you're royally screwed. Then your only course of action is to level fast and get remotes. Good luck doing that if there's even 1 assasin hero on the opposition team.

Seems like this "flame war" is dead...
Go play DotA then.

Ah'b: Oh I dunno abt white stuff; I'd swear you've been taking drugs and drinking too much if I knew better. Who knows what you'd do behind the closed doors of your private chambers, eh? Are you already scratching? Might be a bad case of warts and rashes u know, so u might wanna abstain from too much splurting for now.
Sigh. I miss flaming Fiddler...
LOL..watt a niice debate?

haha..i'm laughiingg lyk hell..

budd ii tiink its ain't reallyy

niice tuh putt the piic there..

people habb theiir

whyye bother them?

deyy didn't even come and bother u.

forgiive n forgett..!!

yoo people must learn to fogiib n


stopp arguingg over diis =)

nortt good!
She needs to have her tonsils removed.

Undefined: I look forward to repaying a grudge too, if you know what I mean, haha.
OH wait. Nan chiau is NOT affiliated to Nan Hua!!
HEY I ABIT SLOW what her blog can anyone tell me here. I interested to go and laugh my ass out.
Goodness gracious me.
I have to get this off my chest!

If the majority(note I said mjority) MoT fans arent parrots and echoing mannequins, I really dont know what they are. Mindless porpoises perharps.

Im fine with MoT, it provides me with a good laugh at the end of the day, although sometimes, they do go a little overboard.
But, hey, no complaints la.
You people do it for pure entertaintment, but witless idiots take it too far.
They really do think that Pring is the Great General Pring of the War of the Twits, and is their representative.

You think too far.

I could go on for days retorting each and everyone of those hurtful, insensitive and crude comments you people have made, but i think Ive finally understood the whole logic behind this.

Illogical people who just blindly follow the blind will never get the deep menaing of what people like Jon and Nick have been trying to put through.

Save you breath la Jon and Nick.They wont ever get it.
They will just retort back with more profanities and obscene words.
Criticising twits are you?

Maybe its time for some self reflection.

'Blind following the blind'.
An apt resolution to what the majority of MoT fans are.
Cannot stand you all.
Stop soaking in all the 'goodness' of MoT and have your own views once in awhile.
I hear its actually healthy to think once in awhile.
Keeps you alert and prevents you from senile dementia.
MoT has become a breeding grounds for imbeciles, fucklords and twits alike to read and bash people they dislike.

MoT started out as a a site dedicated to bringing a smile to your day, for those who detest how the youth of Singapore has turned out to be, and was purely for laughs and not to be a temple of cynical blasting and degrading.

Sure, they do insult harshly at times, but they do it once and do not encourage people to repeat their actions over and over. This being said, MoT is not to blamed for the flames the twits received, but the fans' persistance to do away with whatever dignity they have and attack the featured twits, thinking they have a legion of people to support them.

In short, this blog has long past its original purpose, and should be abandoned. Let's see how many more will continue their flame wars and such without a place to retreat to for protection and strength.

Motherfucking fans, you are not helping by repeating comments that have been posted. Type like ME, insult RATIONALLY and do not FUCKING EXAGGRATE. God damn you fuckholes, this blog was fucked in the ass and buried by you shitfucks.
Spoon: Deep meaning? Nah, only common sense. I flame to keep myself awake, usually. And to get it off my chest, too.

Nick: See? People are mentioning your name too, now.

PIEguy: LOL. "imbeciles, fucklords and twits"...
undefined: retardation!
What thepieguy is trying to say is this:

Groupie 1: You're fugly Regina!
Groupie 2: Go to hell you twit!
Groupie 3: Bloody smoker!
Groupie 4: You're fugly Regina!

Oh wait, I almost forgot.

Groupie 5: Hi, my name is Regina and I'm a fugly girl who smokes and should go to hell!

And so ad infinitium. See? Lemmings!

jon: Yay, recognition at last?

Seems like none of the Regina haters wants to defend him/her/themselves? How boring.
omg! i just found out that she's my friend's good friend. well my friend is as ah lian-ish as her but I'M NOT! heh. she looks terribly gross in that pic. no offence alright? the ring looks nicer :). she's one unruly, uncouth girl. same age as me but i guess i'm much better then her in attitude. cheers for me! no use defending for this kinda people, they are hopeless.
oh gosh that girl looks like the ghost from THE RING! SCARY LOOKING! OH MY!
Spoon is ever right .
Grow up . When i see the massive flaming u people have on the boards . I can be help but to laugh my ass off .
MoT is a site for entertainment . I think it is at least .
Grow up people . Give negative comments on the victims MOT had arrested ? For what ? Do u know them personally ? Smoker = someone with bad moral ? Eh ? U think so ?
And the most childish and brianless act i have seen you people do . Acting as their parents and post stupid stuff ? Lol . GET A LIFE ... GROW UP ... we are singapore next generation . So yeah ... no body want singapore to perish in our hands
death: Your less-than-perfect grammar belies the maturity of your thinking and wisdom.

Check out the tagboard now to get what I mean. The convo between ricky and adlyn. Basically 2 sad, (possibly) ugly people expressing their hatred for these so-called twits, fuelled by feelings of jealousy and bitterness. Good stuff, people.
I hate all u cheena fucking shits cos u all look so ugly and retarded and yellow and flat faced and flat nosed with no fucking features at all and disgusting slit eyes and stick straight broom hair eww...and u think u so chio??get a life in hell.soo cheena.ugly.act cute.perfect example:that big ugly picture that makes me wana puke to death.get a life u chinese fuckers.
lol arsy. that racist comment of yours may land you in jail you know that. RACIST!
so what are you arsy? Malay? indian? come on, be a man (if you're one).
Grammer does not even mix with maturity lol .
So nick : Please mind ur common sense . They arent working right .
A un educated can always be more mature then someone that is well educated .
Further more I m 13 this year .
So pardon me for my lousy grammer . And too i dont give a damm about grammer and spelling over the net as long as readers understand what i m trying to point out .
Tsk. It's called humour, my dear. No, I wasn't being sarcastic. More like a mocking compliment. It's a masterpiece if you can get it off right.

so death: Please mind your common sense. It isn't working very well, either. I was complimenting you while remarking on your grammar. Never have I said, not even insinuated, that your spelling or grammar must be improved.

"A un educated can always be more mature then someone that is well educated . "

And your point is? You *aren't* uneducated right? So where does this fit in?

"Further more I m 13 this year .
So pardon me for my lousy grammer ."

So being 13 is an excuse for having "bad grammar". First, you said that you're 13 so I should cut you some slack. Next, you say you don't give a damn what people think of your grammar. Hello? So which is it?

Anyway, there's been a misunderstanding. I was saying that despite your grammar being less than perfect, you are mature and wise. Doh.
lol... death cracks me up.
Nick: "More like a mocking compliment."

Jon if u read that, that was pure sardonicism.

Another good challenge! Eh?
Really? Damn, I'm insensitive to sardonicism. I did say I want to try being on the opposite side as Nick.

I think death's alright. He just needs to listen more during english lessons, heh. After all, it's not his fault he doesn't know every word in the english language, eh?
Jon: Well, he would be a good sport if you're someone who always considers yourself to be on nobody's side but your own.
nick, you're awesome XD

hmm look.
see how samantha has like vanished form the face of the earth? cowardly bitch, faced with top notch english from nick, you wouldnt be able to survive here. its a anti regina clan out here, dearest.

regina's a poseur like kid who needs to grow up, and go for a haircut. maybe she will look more presentable.
havoc: That... seems to be you?

keira: Samantha just needs a dose of common sense thrown at her to run away, her arguements are so senseless.

Regina-hater? Not really. nick's more against brainless twit-haters in this post. Don't be 1, eh?

nick: You've gotten yourself a fan club! I don't even have 1 yet... maybe I'll join your's for awhile.
Jon: Isn't that fun? Well, I'm on nobody's side because nobody's on my side. Makes sense? I need to start working on my fan base too. The best part would come when I have a long list, and then slowly pick them off it, simply for grouping after someone they will hardly ever know.

Question for Kaira: why are girls so nasty toward their own kind? Perhaps, deep down, they're all closet homophobics? Just a theory, heh. Oh, btw, are you in love with Nick?
kaira: Thanks, but you misunderstand. I don't hate twits. In fact, some of my friends are "twits". I actually have whole MSN conversations with and can understand them. True, I think that "euu" is a disgusting way of typing "you", but I hate mindless lemming-ing more. *cough* MoT Groupies! *cough*

Oh, and I actually like samantha! Well, sort of. Her arguments may be illogical and flawed, plus she should cut down on the Caps and vulgarities, but she actually took time to come down here to "defend" her friend. How many of you "twit-haters" would do that? Oops, I hear my likability index dropping now...

jon: I didn't even know what sardonicism was till havoc mentioned it, so that makes two of us. =x Oh, please don't join the "fan club". Almost everyone works better as an underdog/dark horse. Haha. Anyway, we'll definitely get the chance to spar eventually. =)

havoc: "Well, I'm on nobody's side because nobody's on my side." Is that a Treebeard/Fangorn reference? Hmmm, is being a closet homophobic so wrong? As for your last question, I certainly hope not. Oh, it also feels weird when you hear people referring to you as "good sport". Lol.
Oh, homophobic meaning being afraid of being labelled as a homosexual? Dang havoc, I always have to read your comments twice over before I fully understand. =x
havoc: Mere sophistry. Circular logic only sounds good and messes the brain up, answering nothing.

Somehow, I think that if you beat your fans down, they will love you more for it. Deep down, everyone's a masochist.

At the risk of sounding sexist, I think you might be on to something there, that theory of yours.

Nick: You say it like a certainty. Duel? One on one? C'mon! Put em up! Woot?

I have very few twit friends, for some reason (bird-feather phenomena?). And most of them are minor cases. I must admit, my enjoyment derived from talking to people is usually inversely proportional to their twit level.

I think havoc means homophobic as "fear of your own gender".

"Good sport" brings to mind:
1. Tweed caps and trenchcoats
2. Small wooded area
3. Women preparing picnic
4. Wild pheasants
5. Lots of shotguns
Mere sophistry? People, you need to learn how to read between the lines more. And besides, I don't see the need to explain myself to others [except perhaps my mother].

On "messing the brain up", why'd you think I'm called "Havoc" then? But I'm still working on living up to that namesake =)

Homophobia actually refers to a person's fear of homosexuality, especially if the source of the fear [a person] happens to be the same sex as the homophobic. In other words, the person fears getting boned in the rump [I'm not sure how girls do that though, but they have so many instruments and toys these days, so I guess they must have some way]. I'm not saying being homophobic is wrong, but if Kaira goes about bashing another girl's appearance because she thinks that the other girl looks lesbian [to her] and has "offended" her straight sensibilities, that's just being a bigot. I assume Kaira is homophobic, because, why else would she be so mean [Hah!] to her own species then?

Kaira could then see Nick as hero champion against Samantha, whom Kaira assumes is a lesbian because she stuck up hotly for her friend, and has not heard of "True Loyalty". But the only thing she wants to defeat is her own insufferable bigotry stemming from her homophobia --- well, just a theory, like I said, as to why I think Kaira might be infatuated with Nick.

All these should sound familiar, like of a certain grudging someone who prolly has homophobia as well, since his entire vocabulary consists of nearly just "fucking homos".

Good sport: Wild pheasants, definitely *grins* Same thing applies to all my currently non-existent supposed fans. They won't be masochists after I'm done with them.
did you know ur "fans" have gone on to amuse themselves by flaming her blog just because you deemed her as a twit? if you were her, how does that make you feel? you dont care, thats the point. you dont care about her you dont care if she's hurt. you dont. so why should you? why should you care how she speaks. this is amusing yes. for her? no one cares.. think about it.
anon: Let me give you a suggestion, you (or everyone else on the internet) will thank me for that. Go to the nearest optician and get your eyes checked. Alternatively, stab your eyes out with a blunt object. Both work just as well.

Havoc and Nick (whoever you're referring to) despise the exact people you described - mindless twit-haters. Next time, perhaps you could do us all a favour and read before yapping and venting your unwarrented morally-correct anger.

Oh well, despite the fact that I never intended to flame Regina in the first place, let me point out the stupidity of what you just spewed from your keyboard.

We deemed her a twit? Sorry, we don't own this blog. Once again, jumping straight into the fray only made you miss the spike trap.

Repeating yourself continually does not drive the point in. It just makes you sound like an imbecile. An imbecile, yes, that's the point. You sound like an imbecile, you do. Why should you? rofl.

By the way, reverse psychology only works if you have a counterpoint to your statements, which you seem to be lacking. So, what are we supposed to think about? Are you asking us:

To think about whether this is amusing? Yes. You should try appreciating humour. It won't make you look uncouth, promise.

Whether she's pitiful? Seriously, if you despair over people you don't know flaming you, you need... I don't know. A shrink? A penknife?

Whether I care? Really, why should I? You didn't tell me why, anyway. Must I really care about someone else getting flamed? How about the countless people before her? And everyone else getting flamed everywhere else? Is it then, my responsibility, then, to defend all the underdogs from getting flamed? Why don't you answer that yourself?

That is barring the fact that those mindless rabble flaming at her blog are in no way connected to us, too.
Like I said, I'm someone "they will hardly ever know."
jon anon was writing to pring , YOU DUMB ARSE!!
jon: Of course. All it takes is one controversial post, and we're bound to clash. Unless we're carbon copies of each other, which I seriously doubt.

Infatuated? More like a case of hero-worship, in line with what all the other MoT groupies are doing.

Ah, now that makes sense. Still, I think the looks-bashing is just a mere cover for a more underlying cause. Perhaps, as jon has suggested, she was bullied by twits when she was younger. Or she could just be jealous?

An alternate theory (derived from your point on homophobia) is that kaira fears being labelled as a homosexual and thus wishes to "show the world" that she is straight by bashing the purported lesbian, aka samantha.

However, I shall bring into play a favoured principle of mine, namely, Occam's Razor. Going by this, I shall pick the simplest explanation as the most accurate one. That is, that kaira simply detests samantha for her uncouth and vulgar wiles. There, headache solved, and just in time for lunch too.

anon: Heh. Pring doesn't always answer comments, so jon was doing the dirty for him. Honestly, anon should feel honoured that jon would answer such a brainless comment. Must be such an ego boost for him, yeah? Jon, a dumb arse? Quoting vampire cat (or sexx, can't recall), I'd rather believe Sylvester Sim is handsome.

I'm not proud of what MoT fans have done by flaming Regina on her blog, but neither are we responsible for it. It just boils down to hormone-charged, hate-filled teenagers with too much time on their hands. A quick check shows that they're still flaming her despite her link being taken down. They seem to have bookmarked her blog. Tsk, kids these days.
Anon: So, I'm supposed to be able to read minds now? I know I'm good (cough), but don't expect a superhuman. Btw, Referring to yourself in the 3rd person does not make you look cool.

Then again, if you're not the other anon (they're all the same), I'll have to conclude that you're the one who's psychic, eh?

Nick: Occam's Razor? There was someone else around here who said that he lived by that theory, or was it somewhere else? Argh. No! The voices! Ahhhh!

Venting their frustration, rage and envy all at once?
Anon, if you haven't already understood them, please read their earlier comments carefully.

They were discussing about MoT worshippers and stereotypes flaming Regina's blog, thinking that they're doing MoT a favour and feeling all big and proud about themselves.

If you want to pinpoint who the people responsible for Regina getting flamed are, start with the creators of this blog.

Email them. There's a link on the homepage. Flame till the very day of your demise.

However I'll give you my trusted assurance that it'll be an exercise in futility.
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