Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Everybody wants to be Pring.

To Whom It May Concern

Wow, I seriously don't get this. Why it is that everytime when we have someone against MOT, and they just lack the ability to squeeze some creativity juice out of their teeny weeny brains to come up with their own nick, they resort to using the most wanted deadly gorgeous Pring's nick? Oh dear, why do people try so hard to be me? Heh.

We randomly observe the many different anonymous-es who come to tag. Experiencing discontentment about us showering them with lots of love and attention, they would like to have a 1 on 1 with us. Umm, a round of IQ questions probably? Oh, no.. I must be wrong. How would they expect themselves to challenge us to a game they'd definitely lose? Ahh.
And even if they requested a 1 on 1, go figure. Why should we drop ourselves to their level in order to fit in? Oh man! Furthermore, why should we go the extra mile, just for euu? Honestly, if they were special, then "special" could never have meant "special".

It's not the first time we receive requests to go out to talk. Before you consider about wanting to meet us, think about whether we want to meet you. Are we eager? It's not about the guts, but more about sparing some thoughts for MOT. Plus, it's so boring to converse with twits! :(

Those people seriously are not tired of having to come back to this site to see if more of your pictures have been posted or not, eh? Enter blog, tag to curse, leave. Awhile later, repeat step 1.

Spending at least 30minutes of their useless life coming to the tagboard to type nonsensical shit. Get angered by our comments and spread this blog to another friend. And the both of them would spend another 30minutes bullshiting again.

Do they even know what they're doing? Saving their dignity? Do they even have one? Oh, let's not get into that. Getting back their rights? Get your facts straight first. Siding their supposingly strong-ionically-bonded-sisters? SO HEROIC WOR. Don't make me laugh.

Yes, get angry! Feel pissed! If it wasn't for entertainment, their mentality and spastic mind would really have come to a conclusion that we would actually feel hurt and upset about their remarks.

If they think we're that puny-minded like them, I'm terribly sorry. Go on, generate more shit from your no good using mouth. I take advice from my reader eh. I shall not be so mean. Else the first thing I'll get you to do is to *beep* your *beep* *beep*. Oh, that's an obvious attempt of me putting in effort to be nice. :) *halo appears like Wei's!*

For those twits that claim to be old, I suspect their maturity. If they were that matured, they would not have come to our tagboards to keep on tagging non-stop, declaring to want to arrange a meet-up. Yeah, I understand age cannot be linked to maturity, but, oh man, it is a shame if one is still sounding stupid at 21.

We are able to differentiate what's worth reading and what's worth not! I didn't expect those people to menacingly believe that I got darn pissed, pekchek and dulan over all the shit they bulled on the post. That was so hilarious. Looking at those people having so much fun on the board, I merely joined in to piss them off further - because I know that unlike us, those people don't have the ability figure out what's true and what's not. ^_^

Getting more pissed?

Go on, throw a fit, run amok, spurl vulgarities because they are free. I won't be avoiding that achievement.

You know why I'm laughing? All we hear is, "dunch humji nahss. put eur pic fer us to critise larss! unless ish realli t00 ugwee? jian bu de ren? lolz! xD"

Maybe we ought to practise transparency since they feel that we are gutless to not put up our photos. Perhaps they ought to understand that we are not the type of people who are so thickskinned as to know we think we look damn pretty, yet insist on editing the pictures alot then uploading it up. We are not very good at lying to ourselves as they are to themselves, that I must admit that is one of our biggest weaknesses. (We aren't perfect people, aww!)

Then again, a bigger part of us refuse to post them because the more they want us to listen to them, the more we shall not! The more they wanna see it, the more they are unable to look at it. Come on, even if we showed them our supposedly-UGLY pictures, what makes you think that they have the capacity to come up with strong criticism enough to put us down? Why do you really think that they have the sense to express their scrap thoughts into words even? And we all know alternate caps is way out of league. :)

Look at some of the classic posts from our tagboard: (well, from very long ago, that is.)

"humji sia delete posts 4 wat!"
"dare do dare admit la!"
"put ppl pic cb put eur own pic let us critise la!"
"KNN PCB hong gan larsh"
"wu ji come out settle nahs!"
"put time put place mie meet eu!"

They actually meant,

"Nah, no guts morons. Deleting our posts"
"Come on, be a man and admit what you've done."
"Posting others pictures ain't fun, why not upload yours instead?"
"Screws. Darn!"
"I guess we could have a little talk on this..."
"Would you kindly list a suitable time and location?"

See the difference? That's YOU and ME, babies.

And can't they come up with other things? I believe everyone is getting bored of the same ol' story everyday. Even The Museum Of Twits is making an effort to improve.


I forgot this is all that they are. Heh.
Whatever we say, it can never penetrate into their heads. They will just stick to their points and refuse to listen, so what's the point of them understanding these anyway? So it's okay...

All in all, I can only end this post with my favourite quote.
"No one can antagonize you without your consent." *mWaRcK!*

I like the "Difference between you and me" thingy. I think it's kinda cool. LOL and funny.
thats load of bullshit ... looks who's bullshitting now.. spending loads of time typing out long bullshits .. arent u one too??


interesting enough fer u.
LOL.you're a genius.a hilarious one!! :)
u dumbfucks,its set to first degree?how to c?
lol good job as usual
great job
1st degree.
even so.
it's bad enough-
oh my goodness
why'd you use "antagonize"?
such tough words
twits might not understand
cool site!
innovative site.. =)
bahaha. this is some entertaining shite.
i have been so terrorised by their creativity to bother about them anymore.

and why the hell must friendster come up with that "personalise-your-profile" function?!
i see weird, blinking, cheapo-looking, glittery minnie mouse/mickey mouse/any weird Disney characters flashing everywhere now.

kill me.
Really? They have all that blinking thingy now? Omg. I quitted friendster... but now it seems more shitty...
i couldn't agree more.

suddenly every twit loves micky.

suddenly every twit turns into minnie.

and now suddenly everyone loves blinking walt disney.

it really spoils my childhood memories. damn.
lol. good one.
rotfl, if u wanna avoid criticism then dont post your pictures! it goes both ways. so, twits, stop asking us anti-twits to post OUR pictures, cuz we take pictures of beautiful scenery and not self-portraits of dumb-selfs.

that's a good one. i agree with the author totally. however transparency is an optional idea; it could be a good move, or it could turn against you.
oomiakaoo, You are another dumbfuck i suppose

your cheeks looks like my butt cheeks!!!!!!!!

Let's fcuk , you are the lamefuck

what shit do you mean by " Let;s Get Fcuked" ???

i catch no balls you ice-cream bimbo!!!!!!!!

this site rox !!!! thumbs up ..
Don't even bother typing entries like these anymore.

Why waste what could have been productive time to find more friendster lians to make fun of?

Hmm I was thinking

Let's hold a contest for the best friendster ah lian imposter!
I think he/she meant "Let's _F_rench _C_onnection _U_nited _K_ingdom". Whatever that's supposed to mean. Might be a twit in disguise for all we know, heh.
anonymous- you're weird. it simply means fuck. not that fcuk thing. fuck is too crude, get it. now fuck off, really. you're really lame.
I normally skip and not read long and lengthly posts in blogs. but hey ! yours is so amazingly capturing that i HAD to read it. succeded (: great job ! -thumbs up-

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Buttcheeks? Haha! Cool. Please show us your buttcheeks so that we can compare. I'm curious. Lol.
Heheh, if you wanna type something, just type it. Don't beat around the bush and act like a twit.
ice-cream bimbO ???

fucking funny sial!!!!
oomiakaoo, You are another dumbfuck i suppose

your cheeks looks like my butt cheeks!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 06 October, 2005


woo. hold on a sec. u mean ur buttcheeks are that tiny? no wonder i cant see your balls. shit, are those balls or pubic hair?

Mean and critical, BUT IM SO LOVING IT. CHEERS!
tagboards are for freaking comments not postwhoring.

whats wrong with these retarded people?


nice blogs
i really hate girls who stead with boys who r in gangs jus to make use of them to deal wif whoeveer they r nt happy with.
i really hate girls who stead with boys who r in gangs jus to make use of them to deal wif whoeveer they r nt happy with.

That's the Lians being smart and the Bengs being dumb. The skill of manipulation requires a higher level of thought, which is clearly evident in these Lians, who has the upperhand against these twitish Bengs.

Actually, I hope you guys write on Maple Story or something. That game is the worst thing I've seen in my life.

Actually, I hope you guys write on Maple Story or something. That game is the worst thing I've seen in my life.

Oh man, I agree with you. Im surrounded by maple-freaks who kept mentioning about maple and flaunting their levels, "eh! I lvl 49 liao!!" I mean, what's so good about maple? I played it once and get bored by it after 15 minutes.



Hmm. I think it's because chinese are more twitish than the other races? Cos I've personally stumbled upon Malays'profile and I must say, they are better than the chinese. Chill, I'm also a chinese. No offence.
how about this ! some bimboic airhead who calls herself barbie


and her other acc at

I wanna be Pring.


(P.S Samantha makes my pantz happeh.)
I just want to see some mat get featured. for a change. i'm bored laughing at just chinese twits
Man- first public written blog I'll ever have to say this...

Good grief, they're right! I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!

Ladies and gentlemen, be aware.. twits exist everywhere... Even in Singapore Polytechnic.

Who knows? One day, the president's wife may be a Super Twit.

And not to mention: how does anyone name themselves after a plastic figurine that simply appears too deformed to be vaguely attractive? What sad lives: now Disney is so far tainted, I'll never watch Mickey Mouse again.
"And not to mention: how does anyone name themselves after a plastic figurine that simply appears too deformed to be vaguely attractive? "

Because they are deformed as well. =\
nowadays TWITS love VINTAGE MICKEY . it is so enjoying to see fat girls in big thighs with an extremly tight denim skirts in bugis inside the micky industries . no VINTAGE MICKEY = not cool .
man- but nonetheless, there are malay twits out there.

maybe its my personal view, but how the heck does anyone equate "fat wife=prosperous man"? Must be the reason for a sighting the other day, with the biggest ass crack on a 190 bus.

Imagine this: black pants. almost skin tight. woman. thicker than almost all men around. ass. about... closing in on 50cm wide.

No. Freaking. Way.

I mean, jeez- just because you're a matt doesn't mean you gotta be a stupid looking fat one at the same time...
i got to say, when i first heard of this blog, i was um... sniggering. well, basically, i'm a fashion enthusiast. twits don't know how to dress, and you have prooven that singaporeans CAN'T dress. thank you. haha, you're the ultimate fashion police! this site is amazing, but you ought to be careful posting pictures of strangers like this... don't want to end up in some desolate prison in singapore do you? the weather kills, and in the cell, there is only a small window. spend your days by it, wiffing fresh air. that sucks. and many of us here will miss you!
omiakaoo, dont act cute la. and dudette, it's QUIT. NOT QUITTED. sheesh. your english isnt as brilliant as you portray it t be ANYWAY.
stop mocking ah lians la. they're the ones who are pumping revenue into the singapore economy. they're stupid and filthy rich and therefore resulting in the unnecessary expenditure of ugly pieces of rags. according t my friend, they go t fareast and buy clothes in bulk. LOL. ten pieces in one shot. oh yes, they're destroying names like christian dior, seriously, why is everyone having a fetish for their UGLY handbags?
for the fame of the brand.

that's all.
well i think it would be good if you could just leave miaka alone. after all, we just wanna have a laugh over here. so, peace and make love not war.
i got introduced into your blog. i love the way you post your comments about those people! keep up the good work! oh well, i do see twits themselves here praising you too. hahah. cool blog :)

HAHAHAHAH this post is DAMN DAMN funny. the last part at least. cool concept. JUST DON'T BE SO MEAN. but cool anyway.

Makes sense.
facebook kevin
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