Saturday, September 17, 2005

Poseurs See Poseurs Do

My first post in many weeks, I hope its worth your time reading. If its not, OH I FEEL FOR YOU, REALLY. *oppprrraaah*

Twits are people with horrid fashion sense.

I'm sure that's a statement everybody who reads this agrees with, and that is why they have a fashion of their own. Or in their words, "e hIp aNd uNiQuE sTyLezXz". They revolve around Von Dutch imitation shirts, PMK pink tees and the free tote bag that comes along with it, anything with mickey or hellokitty on it. Jesus, they even sink so low as to steal their accesories from Popular.

Then all the music and personality shit comes in, which IMO is rather disturbing. Twits get exposed to MTV and suddenly everyone wants to be ang moh pai and when Avril came into the scene everyone wanted to be sk8er boi n g3rLx. Then came tata young and every girl just wanted to be sExY, nAuGhtY aNd kEkeKex bItcHY. Suddenly pop rock was the in thing when Busted came out, followed by Simple Plan which made everyone whining in their friendster how sOrRy cOsH dEy cAnT bE pUuUUrfEct. People said Simple Plan copied Busted but MOT thinks they're a whole truckload of bullshit and sappy whining gone wrong anyway.

Good Charlotte and Greenday made their appearances on MTV and twits flocked to them. Pop rock didn't appeal to the Tong Hua loving losers no more. Everyone wanted to be pUnK rOck nOrhs and tHe aMeRicAn iDiOt. Twits preferred Good Charlotte though, because they were juggling between emo, punk rock and gothic, a walking disaster. And for all we know, twits like it this way, because it just gives them more variety to choose from.

Omg, like GOTHIC, EMO AND PUNK ROCK LEHS. 3 different combination the twits can combo here combo there and OMGOMG, they become the head banging, life hating, wrist cutting loser loners with thick thick eyeliner.

You could say it this way, any band that a twit falls in love with is doomed for the pits.

Music has also invoked alot of rubbish into twit's fashion nowadays. They like to cOmBo their dressing style, so its like, pink top, green skirt and grey shoes. Now that they're being exposed to all the uber kEwL genres of music, take a stroll down Orchard road and be amazed at how almost everyone has a pair of emo specs.

Even if you have perfect eyesight, you die die lagi lagi must get a pair of emo specs. So that you'll look like an emo kid and you can do stupid stuff at home like..

How the FUCK can anyone be so sick of life, start cutting their wrists because its all unfair and then have the mood to pose nice nice and take picture so they can put it up on Friendster for the whole wide world to see. Let's face it, people who do that are merely doing it for ATTENTION. Just like how the fella who murdered and chopped up the victim's head and left it in some supposedly super ultraman secluded place, behind Orchard Mrt station.

Punk rock is totally another story, but just as disgusting. I was in town once and this twit clique (as bad as it sounds, its.. ok its bad) started getting hIgH because they are in town cHiOngInG and out of nowhere for no fucking reason someone starts to do the \m/ sign.

Right about then, I felt like unloading twenty nukes on his fingers so he will NEVER, EVER do that again. Not that I've a thing against anything.

But its just so fucking annoying.

\m/: I'm feeling so overused by those disgusting twits I think I deserve to get annual leave and company sponsered dental.

Well \m/ lovers, here's my tribute to you --> _l_

Seriously, music is so complicated the way twits are screwing with it and every genre is becoming so overrated. The king of overration though, is the Breadtalk's Floss Bun, but that's another story altogether. Twits, you effin losers..

Go back to your tt3chn0o sIa0s l4ndd or your mEi li xIn sHi jiE n0rhss. We need less of your kind on this planet.

Maybe I can write a letter to the President and request for him to send the twits on an exchange programme with NASA and orbit them to some planet or whatever. Just not here.

**Some information contributed from fans: Kaarin and the PIEguy.
***Hiak. I'm not a music enthusiast anyway.

its been ages since u last wrote an entry vagina. well done
argh second AGAIN!

nIcE eNtRy dE wOrX hVv

haha nicely done as well!
this blog rocks WORHX
HVV! you're back from down under!


Hello MOT. Care to link me?
hey Xiaolongpao.

your blog's extremely typical and isn't even related to MOT's core values so why ask MOT to link you up? shouldn't it be the other way around?

[please note that i am not attempting to kickstart a BlogWar here, i'm just.. commenting. honestly.]
hey MOT take a look at this blog. so twitty it hurts. (and please check out the Sunday August 7th picture.. horrendous dress sense!! being overweight doesnt help, either.)

sorry. i click on buttons too quick when i get excited.
YoUr BlOg RoX WoRhX.MuX UpDaTe EvDaY hOrHx**HuGs n KiSsEs**MuAcKx

Im DePrEsSed. PuNk RoX \m/

proof that twits DO take pictures of their slit wrists. tsk..
HAHA. I know who euu are. I think.
Yeah. I really don't get it what's so nice about slitting wrists...
the little beads of blood droplets proved that the cut was not deep that's why only a few spaces received the cut. lol.

were those blood smudged? they are dripping very unnaturally to me.

in the end, she is only making many cuts to show alot of blood. i'd rather see one deep cut than see many light cuts though.

and funny how her 10c penknife blade has no blood on it. or maybe only 0.1mm of it on the edge.

those brainless twits who thinks a few cuts on their wrist will bring their darling boy home. I think u have to do better to convince a guy that.
well done! however, i think it's NASA not NAFA... NAFA won't sent anyone into orbit, although it does produce a few twits. :P
I seen some girls in my secondary slit their wrists before... so dumb lah... they slit words like: I love you, Their names... and stuff. Stupid.
They should carve their address on their wrist so if one day they become too stupid to find their way home, another twit might find her and mail her back home, and end up getting bounced back because there was no stamp on her.

Haha!!!!!!!!!!! That was so funny. Good idea. I will suggest it to those girls. =)
The twits are basically ruining and giving a bad name to literally everything that they're fakely 'obsessed' with.

They're like... ants!

They appear in huge numbers... but a tad too easy to squish them dead too.
HEY HEY . NICe ENtry ? No . I don't think so.

Whats wrong with people doing the \m/ sign ? Did anybody offended you with it to the extent you must point middle finger at them. And don't you find it a bit childish to comment on other people behaviour without a VERY VERY good reason.

I do admit that the person who slit his or her wrist is insane. But for others, people can be taking ametures photo. Its this things which spies life up. Any better suggestion on not taking photos? You want to draw for them ?

You want to call the president to send the twits to outer space with NAFA ? FOr goodness sake, NAFA is Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts. If you are refering to the organization who is researching on outer space is called NASA. We have a lot of different type of people in this world. Amd just because they are attention sucker and you want to them to outer space. Whao. Let me tell you this to me you are the one one sucking other people attention. And i want to sent you to Pluto. Possible? No. Its childish for you to say that. I was wondering are you 12 years old and below? Which we classify them as children and you can celebrate children day. Its around the corner
at least nafa produces more talents then lasalle. oh please. amd btw, not all gc/ greenday/ busted/ simpleplan fans are twits excuse me. what a bloody insult. in fact, the pple that i knw of are way better than those chao ah lians or whatever. radio sucks, and as we ALL knw, those moronic love t follow trends. unless you can play as good as the abovementioned, shutup. :D
HAHAHAHA motherfucking penny wasted loser i hope you read this fucking post. Wear your 3 for $10 eyeliners and continue telling people in Friendster; "hie!!>.< imma p0suer! luuk at m0i FUCKFACCE.
you just showed that MOT is really a museum of twits. run by twits too. NAFA must stand for National Association For Astronomy.
yeah, agree totally, please understand the culture and art behind each genre of music before listening to them...I BET THEY know Skid Row? Jane's Addiction?
dearest faurx (whatever screwed up name that is),

i refer t the commcent you left on the fourth of october, two thousand and five:

'HAHAHAHA motherfucking penny wasted loser i hope you read this fucking post. Wear your 3 for $10 eyeliners and continue telling people in Friendster; "hie!!>.< imma p0suer! luuk at m0i FUCKFACCE.'


secondly, i wld like t justify the fact that i do not own eyeliners or whatever cheap makeup and what have you.

thirdly, i have received a good education and d0 nOrrTs tYpeX lyKs tHiis. thankyou very much.

have a nice day, sucker. (:
continue t listen t your radio and lindsay lohan oKiExx? ^-^

so what are you into? pill popping bands that play cannot-make-it metal? oh give me a break pls. (:
um what more can i say? Apparently you hit bullseye on the MOT part. they're seriously fucking immature trying to be social misfits eh? thumbs up. ;)
You all are so right.I hate those ah lians or twits, as y'all call them.They should shrivel up and die.Alot of them come from neighbourhood schools.Maybe I come from a prestigious school, that's why I'm commenting, but the stereotype is that Lians and Bengs come from neigbourhood schools.

that is a bloody stereotype right there.

please understand that not all people who come from neighbourhood schools turn out like these freaks.

spoiling the image of decent folk who happen to choose their path in education at a neighbourhood school.

some of us 'neighbourhood' kids can actually talk and type like normal intellectual human beings.
(and rightfully so.)

NoRtS LyYk TiZX~~%!$@@@
all the time.

wishing museum of twits a gazillion years of laughter at these weirdos!

u guys are our best defence against the cheenapiangs.

hello dear your mother, sorry i forgot. no mother. i wasnt talking bout you :) dont get worked up
The one about GC kinda hurts me. Coz I am a big fan myself. BUT they don't use gatsby to do the Benji Madden's spikey hair. They use egg yolks. LOL.

Try harder. :) But nice entry. LOL.
OH and about the whole 'emo' thing is such a stereotypical thing and this post honestly bugs me. Well sure I'm not emo AND i won't call myself anything and label like a can of soup but just so you know, emos don't listen to Simple Plan. but a fake twisted fucktard does. And Simple Plan is NOT emo nor the song Untitled was. It was a special message. I'M A BIG FAN OF SP TOO! :( something against emos...send me an email coz im emo... im punk/rock/emo i slit my wrists and listen to the sex a 14 year old boy who has a girlfriend but fancies brad pitt...honestly i cant believe how u can think that life is so great and worth living...what i say is DONT FEAR DEATH WELCOME IT or failing that INVITE IT OVER FOR 2 and a half boxes of vodka...FUCKING EM@IL ME YOUR i dont take photographs of my wrists but i find blood sue me
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