Saturday, July 30, 2005

Screw Ruhua, this is the new sex.

Just when I thought Xiaxue's photoshopping was getting out of hand, something proved me so darn wrong. Having thought that my friendster account that boasted a friggin 262 friends was quite an achievement, I was quite disturbed to see a boy having 5 full accounts and 90 friends.

This boy is no ordinary being. In fact, he's top in MOT reader's demands. He is either a female twit or a gay twit. I can't decide, seriously. I wished I could type properly, but his face is seriously SCARING THE FUCK OUT OF ME. Why don't I let the picture speak a 1000 words instead. I present you, ' wEi'FiVe'fUlL.

But please bear in mind we don't hold responsiblility if your penis decided to massive shrink itself.


I know, wtf. The way his many faces are staring at us, he seems like he's having sexual desire for you MOT readers out there. I always cringe when I see girls so self obsess with themselves, holding their handphone up high and snapping away with their annabel chong poses, but when a guy does exactly all that..

I seriously feel like chopping off my penis.

Coincidentally, this guy seems to be the perfect example for my theory on the MSpainters. What are MSpainters, you ask? Well, its basically xiaxue's photoshopping brought to a new low. How low? Very low. (Yak yak)

Twits whose mentality can't withstand even the simplest re-sizing of photos in Adobe Photoshop, naturally seek comfort in something far more idiot proof, and in this case - MS Paint. Imagine all the functions MS Paint has in store for them, all the so called "photoshopping" they can do. Most importantly, ALL THE AMAZINGLY PRETTY PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES THEY CAN PUT ON FRIENDSTER AND CLAIM PHOTOSHOPPED!

Once again, let our dear ' wEi'FiVe'fUlL do the talking, and once again, we aren't held responsible for anything at all.

: : : : pUnK 4 EVa - - > ' ' : : :

Does painting your nails black and looking a little sluttish in this picture makes you punk? Hell no. Quantum blast? I wished I could quantum blast your face, whatever that is.

'''''''AnGeL'Z cRoWn////%%%%

Aww, this melted my heart, literally. The angel crown, however doesn't seem very proportionate to the big bush of pubic up on your head that you call hair.

''::: - -> HuH' BoRiNg FaCE AgAiNg'

Huh you bet you boring son of a bitch. What's so wrong about this picture? Let me tell you. You're trying to pull off the typical Nicholas Tze pose but it went wrong cause 1) You fucking exposed your white thigh with that shorts of yours. 2) Hello? Giordano T-shirt? I thought they were banned for ages 8-40. 3) Your nose is so fucking big even though you try to cover your face with your hand it still pops out. Since it didn't turn out cool, it became your boring face, againg.

[ [ [ pEAcE ] ] ] SmIlE oNlY 4 a SecONd - ->

OH BROTHER. I bet you smile 24/7 so you can train yourself to be sUnshInE bOi bOixx. That pose is so motherfucking stupid. I don't mean to swear here, but that's the only thing to stop me from banging my head against the wall. Do note that I'm risking my life to do this entry, so please don't come with comments "ii d0n'tt thinkk hee g0rtt pr0b wwaat. eeuu r thhe onee l0rxx! knnBccb!". I think I'll just jump off.

''''' ; ; ; YoUnG bOy - - ->

This is actually moderately ok, compared to all the other pictures of him. No wait, who am I kidding. His pictures are killing me slowly. His MSpainting is starting to bore me. Its always "Wei" and his email and that frowning forehead sign. Oh wait, he also likes to draw two whiskers on his cheek. I wonder what's his point.

For once, he is in outside clothes. Oh wait, I forgot. Many twits like to doll up at home and start cam whoring like they do hang out and they have a life. Well, he should fucking go CUT THE DAMN HAIR. It looks like its going to run away from his head any moment. The angel's halo is back, and can anyone explain to me what is youngster? Young Friendster? Growing Fatter? Teach me, quick.

And that is the life of our dearest ' wEi'FiVe'fUlL. Oh wait, I haven't even started on his profile. Let's take a look at his favourites, shall we?

Hobbies and Interests:PLayINg bASkeT balL ( noT At All ), SLeePInG ( ThE bEsT ), WatCHIng tV ( alWaYs ), BoWLInG, ReADINg cOmicZ ( aLwayZ ), pLaYiNg gAmE

Well, sleeping is your favourite hobby? Looking at you, that isn't hard to imagine. And if you don't like something, don't bother putting (noT At All), just don't put LAH. Fuck, I nearly thought you were a bball boy.

Favorite Books:foRevA doRaeMon'z cOmIcS' cOnan ToO '

Forever doraemon? Are you going to be reading doraemon comics when you're old and infertile?

Favorite Movies:tHe DaY aftEr ToMoRoW...mY NeW ToP chArT mOviE- - -> FanTaStIC fOuR

Oh wow, now you even have a NeW ToP chArT mOviE! Can I have a look at it?

Favorite Music:pOp, R n' B, hOuSe MuSiC, rOck (not aT All_)

The (not aT All) thing again. Obviously you don't listen to rock. I can't even imagine you moshing in a moshpit. Pop is too overrated. By saying pop, I assume you mean Cyndi Wang, 5566 and 183 Club? No, I'm quite deadly sure.

Favorite TV Shows:FeAR FAcToR''''''FriEnDS'''''eXtraVagaNzA' ' cEriWiZ"" wIlD On' BincAnG bInTAnG .............

WTF IS wIlD On BincAnG bInTAnG? Forgive me, for I'm not a loyal supporter of Suria since I don't understand it. Reading your friendster profile is fear factor itself already.

Oh god, and we're not even at the About Me yet. I.. must.. perservere.....

Good luck reading on, you'll need it.

- -Fisickly n' Myself //>Chinese Name - Jao Liang Wei//>Age - -
15//>Height - - 170 ( not sure )//>Weight - - 62 kg ( not sure
)//>D.O.B - - 27 June 1990//>P.O.B - - Jakarta//>Chinese Horoscope - -


- -Hobbiez//>Sleeping iz my no. 1 HobbY //>Playing Game iz my no. 2
Hobby//>Playing Basketball//>Reading Bookz especialy Comicz//>Sometime
Playing Billiard//>Playing Bowling//>Hang Out With My
Friends//>Watching Tv//>Shoppink ( sometime ) //>Tacking
Picture//>Chating //>Browsing Internet//>Collecting Action
Figure//>Collecting Hatz

Hmm, don't you think you could have SAID ALL THIS IN YOUR INTERESTS AND HOBBIES ALREADY. Please, if you want your profile to be long and make yourself a nuisance, at least think of something that requires some brainpower.

- - Loves//>My Parentz//>My Familyz//>My Friendz//>My Bed
Room//>My Bed itz My Paradise//>My House//>My Mobile Phone//>My
Discman//>My Wallet //>All of My Action Figure n' mY hatZ

What's up with your love affair with your bed? And if I had a discman in this era and I actually flaunt it, I might as well go end my life now.

- - Favorite//>Surf Brand - Billabong, Quicksilver ( the best ), No Fear, Rip

Pardon me if I'm suaku, but is No Fear a surfing brand? And even if it is, FYI: Its sold in all pasar malams islandwide. Sorry, but I hate surf brands.

Who I Want to Meet:

mY fIrSt UntIl fIfTh fUllEd
mUst bE FriEnDlY, fUnnY,
wAnt a Be mY FrIen

don"T AsK mE 2 AdD YoU
cOz i wOn'T rePlaY It
iF you waNt aDd bY yoUrSElF
sEnD mSg :oNly 4 ppL whO waNt a bE mY frEn

sO aDd mE at mY fIfTH aCc
hErE :

mY 5th acc - - ->' wEi'FiVe'(fUlL)

??//:::' '(fUlL)
??//:::' '(fUlL)
??//:::' '(fUlL)
??//:::' '(fUlL)
??//:::' '(fUlL)

aDd mY LaTesT aCc


i'M wAiTInG 2 AlL oF YoU wHo wAnT a bE FRiEnD

byE -bYe

Right, so to be your friend, I must be friendly, funny and want to be your friend. And if we beg you to add us, you won't replay it. I'm fine with that. Lelong ah Lelong. Who want to be his friend?

Pardon me if it's messy, since its my first time writing this so I'm rather confused, but I hope this made you smile, in a way. Seriously, his friendster disgusts me. Its an obvious act of desperation, adding anonymous peole to look as if he has lots of friends. Go add him now! Fill up his sixth account and wiggle your butt.

There you go, a whole detailed report on Jao Liang Wei, aka ' wEi'FiVe'fUlL.

OH NO WAIT. I fucking missed out something big. If you're ever deciding on cutting your hair mohawk style, maybe you should reconsider. Why? Well..


That's why.


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mann oh mann ... did i saw a wild boar running around the jungle , morph into a human like wild boar , n start taking shit pic of him , get a kindergarden kid to design his lame shit pics ??

wtf !!!

wow .. nice fucking mohawk hairstyle ... beckham ... look at ur stupid fan doing ur hair ... beckham , dun be embarrassed ,,, it juz a stupid wild boar imposing as u ... with tat bushy hair .. juz like his bushy lan jiao hair!!!!!!!!!!

seriously , i tink his penis hair or armpit hair would defintely look nicer than his mother fucking MOHAWK cock hair!
Gosh!!! is here to say sth .. listen up :

firstly .. i bet my little dicky is looks nicer than ur shit nose! ...

wat youngster .?? .. may i noe wat the fuck is tat ?? ...

look at his legs .. u noe wat it reminds me of ? ... it reminds me of pig trotter soup!!!

he play basketball , or is he a basketball??

well .. we know u slp a lot .. look at ur stupid size dumbass!!!

wow .. fantastic four .. icic .. the fantastic four r : ur pig trotter , ur big nose , ur cocky hair , n ur stupid basketball body!!!

u listen to house , do u noe wat is house ? ... it is not the jungle u r living in!

u watch fear factor ?? .. or is it fear factor watch u?

u play billard ?? .. or do u slp on the billard table stupid fucka!

CCB ... u embarrased surfers like me .. ccb ... u got no FUCKING RIGHTS to like surf brands CCB ... knn .. u wan to surf ? .. or shd i surf ur dick on ur face!

lastly .. hu add u r dumb shit .. cos i bet a million dollars tat u r the one hu goes rnd adding ppl n rather than ppl addin u dumb face!
LOL duh he's that disgusting huh.
holly shit ... hell yes !!!

Lord ... pls get rid of him from planet earth !!
-.- LOL!!!! finally someone actually MANAGED to force him/herself to stare @ those gruesome pictures for maybe say, 1/2 an hour, and do a post bout this MOLEhawk.


geez. i do wonder if he really weighs 62kg and is @ a height of 170cm. cuz, just from the looks of his face, it's obvious he's way WAY obese. well, bear in mind that i am a person who is very CONSCIOUS of weights.

look at the tiny eyes and the impervious lips. i'd bet he won't be able to visualize what i can actually see.. MUAHAHA.

and let me guess, does anonymous have a mowhawk?
oh my fucking god. eh fanny, he looks worst than your neck pimple HAHAHAHA ANYWAY HELLO.
Huh? Why you calling me here.
wrong place ah?
farkk l0rhhs..yuhh onie noe hw write both tesh things..have yuh ever thing of pple feeling
btw ish quite funny
farniie yeea,,,yuh veryy bad lehhs..bad he lukks lyk a barbarian
hurts iin mahh hart : frankly, are u IN for it? first you say "have yuh ever thing of pple feeling", then u say "btw ish quite funny ". can i quote that comment as a contradiction? hey, i hate your nick, but then i think it's quite meaningful. ok, just kidding. :D no offence man. but i'm just creating some entertainment for MAHHSELF.
He is indeed freak me out .. did i just saw a human being or an alien who just had his spaceship crashed and exploded his hair???
ahem... u pppl shouldnt sayy hiim till like tt ma.. he issh also PART of a human ma.. hahax...

but actually i realii damn fcuking agree wit u ppl la.. he gt a non fresh pig legs la.. even if there issh no more fresh pig legs.. his leg can replace those tt issh fresh.. but when e pig trotter soup issh out 2 serve ppl... u'll feel tt there issh a big big diff lorx.. fresh pig trotter soup normally taste juicy n nice.. but when non fresh pig trotter serve 2 ppl.. u'll feel tt it taste sour n bitter.. lolx.. coz it's overdue 1 ... onli cheap ppl will use tt 4 pig trotter soup.. sry there's no offend..

hmmm.. another thing issh tt.. he cannt b a bball... e net doesnt fit him.. where 2 find a net tt issh his size ?? hahax.. sryy 4 being so straiight 4ward.. but i lyk it... haha.. =x

oh ya.. he cannt slp on e billard table.. coz i thiink tt e table issh 2 small 4 e size of his... so warning 4 e guy of e foto.. dun ever slp of e billard table.. incase it collaspe.. n u haf 2 payy.. coz ur face tells me tt u dun hab moneyy... even if u go sell ur butt also wun worth much.. so pls take moii adviice.. hahax.. sowwie... lolx...

i like the move it move it..
u like the move it move it..

but 4 e guy of e foto.. pls dun move 2 much.. cozz i can feel tt e earth issh shakiing...

OH LORD... HLP !!!
Being as ugly as that should be a crime.
guys .. you people know what he is trying to tell you ?? ..

here it goes .. he is trying to say

"oh mann ... my lan jiao is gone .. i have no lan jiao .. my days r numbered ... girls out there .. please entertain me by adding me .. look at my stupid face .. add me as a sign of sympathy will u??? "

WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!
could u ask him to GET A FCKING LIFE.
wah piang. half the people commenting here are cheenah la. can we have people typing properly? i dunch realli lyke teh type lidatx worx.
"but actually i realii damn fcuking agree wit u ppl la.. he gt a non fresh pig legs la.. even if there issh no more fresh pig legs.. his leg can replace those tt issh fresh.. but when e pig trotter soup issh out 2 serve ppl... u'll feel tt there issh a big big diff lorx.. fresh pig trotter soup normally taste juicy n nice.. but when non fresh pig trotter serve 2 ppl.. u'll feel tt it taste sour n bitter.. lolx.. coz it's overdue 1 ... onli cheap ppl will use tt 4 pig trotter soup.. sry there's no offend.."

Sorry, catch no bloody ball.
catch what ball?
HAHA. Means don't understand lah.
WTF.... he looks as if he had a crash course when he was born! Looks like the doc drop him on da floor when he came out of his mum cunt n SAMSHED his nose hard on da ground. the pictures really disgust me...
hey! u guys are really bad.. i mean, if 1 day u become like him, do you want people to fuck u up juz like wad u r doin' to him??

thank god we lk way better... hehehehe....
fucking shit. hes a symbolism of all the bengsteRXXx out there.

Three words to describe..

I seriously feel that it's not right to put his pics and condemn him publicly this way.. I mean it's his own business that he wants to put it this way.. IF u really dun like it.. dun condemn him and say nasty things about him, try to recommend how he can change to make him not an eye-sore to all of you.. Imagine you are the 1 being condemned..
Mohawk? Hahaha. Boom Hair more like it. A desperate Dickhead on friendster with all those dumb pictures.

gay man..

his moehawk !

use broom stick pluck out de top

den paste on his head !

damn funny dis guy..

see his nose like..

a over rotted fcuking piece of fishball painted in pink ~


how de fcuk did he get 5 accts full..


if he plays bball den hes de fcuking ball !

Yeah... MOHAWK Hair yeah?? Looks more like a brick on his head!! (Like Guile from Street Fighter) Time to go run a few rounds in the field or stadium! I m weighin 70+ yet i dont look that fat as him! hehehe =p C'mon be frank with ur weight, dont hav to keep it as a secret like girls do... Wats so bad with being obese, u can jolly well shed those extra fats off and be as fit as everyone!!

I think he hav spoilt his hair with too much hairwax! Thats why it seems so bushy jus like pubic hair, haiyo...

Lastly the photos,... erm i doubt the camera he used is workin now, cos the lens will certainly CRACK!! =D
oh my holy crap.u call that a face?that ass with hair on it should be fined.gods.
hahaha.. funny shit..
but imagine if he reads this.. hes gonna cry in hs bed everynite.. i think SLEEP also cannot sleep ah.. lol
look at his hair in the last pic. his thighs very fat and fair ah...
hehehe, maybe he walked through a mine field and BOOM! he survived! much to many's disappointment, but hey! he thought his hair was cool! his hair blew too! but MYGOSH, those are the palest thighs ive seen in a long time. =\
Aw.. WTF.. His pictures and comments from Mot certainly has some comedy values... Anyone would laugh at his damn fucking retarded PIGtures which made me damn fucking pissed off too.. Feel like smashin his small dick with his camera..
Oh my god... I've never seen an uglier person. And his hair!! His fucking hair!
i cant believe this, why does such a person actually exist in this world? i cant believe it. so bloody YUCK! they can just freaking vanish from the face of this earth.
pUi pUi pUi.. knn.. u think u sly ar.. u look like my dad asshole.. u think u look llike beckham?.. knn.. go look at the mirror la.. look like a piece of cowdung.... check out your kuku hair .
u disgrace your ancestors . u muthu fucker . pls close down ur friendster aCc. pls dun disgrace singaporean guyS.. as u look like.... nothing can describe.. pls get out of this planet. get back to maRs.. even william hung is much more yan dao handsome than u.. dun ever join superstar. u make de camara spoil. thank alot.. pls do something about yourself. pls dun take pic when u are wearing boxer. u can wear bra instead of boxer. it will make u "SEXY" . ppl thought is jOlin tsai. plS chanGe ur seX. before u get fUck by "gaY" . thank u
oh man. u are so famous.. gOd bless yOu. i hoPe u wun juMp down from ya hSe ar. if u wanna jump down, we will be happi for yOu. but pls, when u jump, pls change ur hairstyle.. as ur hair is worst than pig hair.

amen! pls get rid of this i.d.i.o.t .. may i know, did ur mum regret giving birth u out.

happy staying in singapore my idol!
OMFG.. i was in a bad mood.. but this fucker here made my day... HAHAHAA!!! 15 yrs old xiao boy boy trying act cute.. HAHAHA he think he taking neo print ah! add all the whiskers and everything.. haha
ohH...farRk...firsSt tymeE seE tiiSs kiindaA guy...hiis face...hiis haiir...hiis everythiing suckKx...idiot!!!why cantT he be a correct guy den a gay orR somethiing...yew are so bo liaoO and gurRliisH....thankx goodneSs....ii`am sorriie ferR wadD a saiid...but...itsS true...sorriie dude...juz go cute your haiir n be more man...ii`m sure yew will look niicer...*cHaIo*
Finally, a chance to look at an alien specimen.
funny horoscope info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your funny horoscope posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to funny horoscope surfing LOL : )

omg, half the people who posted a comment really are cheenpoks, someone seriously needs to do something about these twitholes or i'd gladly jump off a cliff.
is that a human being?
well is the the main character in the new jungle book series?
Lol? Gay fucker
i think i just got cornea cancer just looking at the fag.
even though the fact i laughed the shit off.

....and i thought guys in my sch were bad.
. knn.. it isnt a
knn it isnt a crime to look ugli.. but its a crime to look ugli and u actualli tink u look KAWAEI!!!! omg.. if i hab a fwen lik him . i rather jump down teh building.. hu the hell wanna add him sia. 2000 fren
knn.. i tink he ownself cre8 ownself add.. fat ass. at hm nth do..
ew, hes 62 kg? must be kidding me. hes gotta be 75 kgs. at least.
he dosen`t listen to rock. but yet he has mohawk hair. like. WTF. poser . haha . and i think that bintang thinggy is not a sura production must be some channel he got illegally . haha .
screw this dickhead man. rofl. eithers he shave himself bald and die for the sake of humanity or let the all mammals that walks the earth screw him to death. FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT MAN !
can someone demolish whatever thing that he can use to take his own picture ??? i personally thinking that he was born in the wrg planet.even my ass look better than his bloody fucking idiotic moronic gayish face ...he is spoiling and disgrace to the creator of ms paint n photoshop.
He spelt Quiksilver wrongly. HOW COULD HE????? IT IS (the best)!!!
ROFL! I saw a wild boar running across the MRT STATION!
totally disgusting. dun look human at all. and he takes photos of himself as tho he nv seen the world b4. he shld be buried faced down when he jumps off the building. so we could kick his ass without once again looking at his disgusting face.
totally disgusting. doesnt look human to me. the way he takes his photos, i wonder if he ever seen the world. for gods sake for everyones sake pls jump off the building. even if he was cremated, his aweful presence would be felt man. and. pls bury him facing down when he gayly jumps off the roof. so we could kick his bloody gay ass without looking at his horrible face. shave his head for goodness sake. he looks awefully totally out of this world.
Oh holy cow. This post.. awesome! I completely forgot that stumbling upon his Friendster page is the main reason for me giving up on the ever-wonderful-place-for-ahlians-to-flaunt-their-euulurbbexmoi-language a.k.a Friendster. And guess what? While scrolling through his OMFGLOL accounts i saw something evil on his friend list. He got into a "Shuaiiboiis clubbx". FUG! I can completely imagine everyone's twisted faces when they are reading this. What's wrong with those people! Sorry, I can't help but SHOOT! :)
ugh. people like him should all go kill themselves. it'll do the world good.
he's a gay. =( *vomits*
basket!!! lan

The mohawk hair style really cracked me up. Omg. He's a freakin' despot who probably goes around adding 'chio bus' but makes himself sound like a hot beng and every girl wants a piece of him.


Oh for the sake of mankind, PLEASE STOP taking those fugly photos of yourself. They're killing me.

But its pretty good entertainment though.


I'll be eternally grateful to you.
omfg. is he a new type of ruhua? i think ruhua is better than him. not only ruhua. even my dick is betta! act untill like people wan act him.. pple add him untill like fear factor liao.. ee,,
erm.. can u dun scare off my baby brother? the moment he sees ur face he cries.. T.T
wat is his friendster link anyone can give?
Hey good websites.. anyway this bloody "basket" look totally like a freak.. love himslf or rather "herslf" so much..

simply act cute.. is he so sure that he can fit in to his "male" assets?

freak out man..


so shameful to have a "girl" in a guy's casing!!!
!!! WAH Piang !!!

Kao peh sia, this "gay"

He sure he is 15 or not..

He better dun go army first.. if not he sure kena "roasted" in camp..

he should go n join the project super-trotter!

"tyre waist"

so fuckingly UGLY.
n he loves to act cute HUH.

imagine one big lump of PIG doing that.
im so gonna get a bucket in case i vomit.

and now he better makes sure he doesnt go out of his stupid house or i bet everyone who has seen these fucking pictures which make me puke WILL BASH HIM UP.


i've never seen such a guy b4.
there are quite alot of such vermins here in singapore. Yeah and he deserve to be made fun of with his OH-SO-SEXY eyes staring at us. maybe he is just too perversed to be thinking straight. And to some ppl, please stop using words like euu iish a pigg lehxx. please ppl, doing that is not getting u anywhere but irritation and its not going to 'beautify' your words like to the power of 100000.
wah !_!

shitting in toilet, laughing.
That is the fugliest loser I've ever seen in my life. It's so sad that a guy gets kicks out of acting like slutty girls.
he reminds me of JJ Lin though. bwahhh!!
sibei handsum
hey man, this entry of yours definately caught me laughing my arse off! geez. ;D
GNN CCB yo Martian go back to Mars if u don wanna get flamed like fuck by Earthlings lah !!!!!!! Wat for exposed yr identity by show us yr Martian Mohawk man ??? wat for ??? Send SOS to get help frm yr home lah GNN !!!!!! Oh yah if i even see u outside i will first bashed u up like a Pork head then call SPCA to bring u to sleep u FUCKINGGGGGGGGGGGG Low/No life muther fucker!!!!!!!
hey chhe bye ur whole family ALIEN ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! chao chee bye u tink u wad mother fucker na bei chee by!!!!!!!!! carrot hair bo lan jiao mother no hair ah!!!!!!!!1

here's another flammable twitz.......
Another thing... Imagine him playing basketball ? Well, can't picture that?? The closest resemblance I could think of is... Think of a dick, playing hoops ... Jumping like a flying pork and laughing like there is no tomorrow whenever he gets rejected ....

Peace Out
LoL.. This is nice... He's the first and only one that I'll ever want to see thats so full of himself. Man, what an asshole... Who loves taking photos of themselves like that. About his height and weight... Why does he have to say ( not sure ) If he wants to hide the truth behind his weight , go save money and hire a plastic surgeon... No use doing this, and .... you sure you play basketball... If You do, I did love to see someone like you on the court... Keeps me entertained for quite sometime... And the language that's he is using, you sure that's a language ? I don't understand a single thing... Why does he mean by "replay" your messages ? Didn't know friendster provides such a service... The thing that I am amazed about is, how THE FUCK Did He GET HIS HAIR LOOKING LIKE THAT ? Ain't it absolutely the most absurd thing you guys have ever seen ? Like, look at his "mo-hawk" -> or whatever you call it ) Its like.... CRAP !! ... Another thing, frankly.... His hair looks similar to those found around the pubic region ( his looks worst )

Erm, why not the owner of this blog do him a favour and set up his 7th account for him... Link everything from this blog into that.. Won't that be nice...?

Peace out...
oh my god, this is funny.Hes a woman trapped in a guys body. His instincts/photos, argh, exactly like those little ah lians.
omg. i think only 1 word can describe him..."GAY!" never have seen someone so gay like him... definately makes me wanna puke...dick shortened alot... =)
GOSH! This is absurd!
It's QUIKSILVER! he cant even spell his fav. brand. He must have been buying imitation products
ii d0n'tt thinkk hee g0rtt pr0b wwaat. eeuu r thhe onee l0rxx! knnBccb

o man that guy is damn bloody er xin can? i dun believe pple will actually add him DAMN IT!!!! can i punch his bloody face? damn his hair!
i really tot this link from my fren will relly make me feel better in this o level period. Hey u Fietty please stop colouring ur nails and be a gay porn poser ok?? please consider doing that maybe after your shed some 20 kgs cause i look much slimmer when i was 85kg and now i am 59kg and please go lift some weights. being unhandsome is not a crime but OH MY GOD !!!!
HEy can someone send him a message either of his friendster account that there is many many better salon out there and i have one to recommend which is the Glitz at AMK central and the owner owns a cute dog. So if he is afraid of dogs ask him not to worry. i doubt the dog will appear when he is there :P
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he,she. is so OMFG thick skinned,ugli and stupid lowly educated wanna act in fashion personality. tt maybe in another life i MIGHT respect him for somehow being able to get 5 full frenster accounts and being so uhh.. popular?
this is definatly the ugliest fucker I've ever seen in my life.
OMG THIS IS FRICKING FUNNY!!! GAD.. u totally made my day. I am so recommending this site to everyone.
HAHAHA his "mohawk" is so "chio"hahah not!
lol this is damn funny haha
ok what the fuck, seriously, put him next to a cauldron of horse shit and you can't tell the difference. his so called fucking mohawk looks like a steam roller making a trip on his hair. Please call the cops immediately.
OMG! that last photo was so fucking freaky. The whole crap of his hair looked like they were going to fly off shouting "superman!"
god this guy doesnt know what disgrace and shame is.
hes puckering his lips, making it more fat.
his eyes are weird.
he is chubby in the cheeks like a hamster.
and hes tilting his face down.
hes ACBC.
it means act cute bo cute.
this guy should get a life.
btw hes desperate.
is he gay or what? his hair is like grass. he is so fucking disgusting lah. wahlao. gay sia!!
serious, i really thanks whoever's the one who created this acc. cos i tink i've learnt alot of new things from it. like how a faggot look like, how despo a guy can get, how cock hair look like and etcetc. god created him to tell us how fortunate we are and be happy with how we look. YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKING GAYISH PIG. you dun have to pose k. cos you're face is a joke. i would recommend all of you, if you wanna cheer ur friend up, try letting them read this. it will really make their day. i cant stand ppl like him around. he's damn cheena la. how can guys be as fair as chicken nowadays. the sun is singapore is so sorching hot. especially when he PLAYS BBALL. he shouldnt be like the white chicken hanging at the chicken rice stalls right. for goodness sake. dun insult the sports that i like and so many ppl out there love. lastly, can you post something like that on someone else. its really hillarious look at him(come on, be nice). his parents must have committed something really bad in the past lifes to deserve a child like him. hmmm. child. i dun tink thats the right thing to call me. can someone help me fill in the blankets? FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKING SLUTTY BITCH. ROT IN HELL AND NO ONE WILL CRY FOR YOU.
AW man!! i wonder why he is so proud about his pics sia. wahlao. disgrace to the human race.. eh? budden, is he a human? i dun think so. WAHLAO. im laughing my ass off!! man. i love ur comments on the pic with his tight exposed. THATS SO FUCKING FUNNY!! man, he should be at home moaning about his FUCKING PIG FACE!! lols. WAHLAO. he no shame sia!! SHOULD LOOK AT HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR FIRST! SO FUCKING UGLY LA. WHAT THE FUCK. LOL!!!!!
well this thing really a male?
haha. really funny la. cmon lor. he looks more like a sumo-wrestler dan a cute boy la! yuks laa! look into e mirror can anot. erm. well i guessed hes gayy! he plays bball? or i tink he goes to the bball court jus to be da' bball for others to hit n plae? errm. i agree wif some of u all. mmm. luckily i've eaten!
lol. a friend showed me this blog post. come on ppl, get a life already!. let the kid be a mad person for all he wants. nobodys criticising u right. *rolls eyes*.
LOL i just know he gonna be "famous" =]

why da fuck will he have so many ppl in his gay shit accounts. jesus christ. singapore is indeed full of ugly people.
it's called a HALO, fyi. not a friggin angel crown. since he's so digusting, why do you hafta put your readers through agony man?
whats wrong with that kid
man that guy is gay... i think he shouldnt be called a guy at all... think he should just change his sex...

If he changes his sex... he will put shame 2 the faces of the female population..

ewww.... he gives me the creeps... think he should just get of friendster so no one can see his stupid the same tmie dun give the webpage ppl to waste time n update his ACBC pictures...
This Guy here basically thinks he is the next mr. Universe.. let him be.. why not submit his pic all round the net so ppl can take a good look at their new Yandao Mr. universe.. mohawk like a fucking broomstick inverted.. he is an embarassment to the entire human Race Motha FuckHead!! go lick ur ass u will look better!
wah kao. that pictures sucks CAN!?
eeew this guy is so fucking gay can. this is the gay-est guy i've ever seen. eeew. nightmares!
GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!iluurbbeiitALLOTNEHHXXX**
truly, a local fat fuck.
sHuaI gE wOrRsSzSzS !!<3
hahahahahahhaaa.. i jus lurrrvveee his damn bird nest hair.
i certainly think he's a symbol of satan or something


oh he's so well fed.. betcha he feeds on his own #@!@ .. im not sorta of a vulgar person so FUCK U
oh yea btw, if you compare ruhua to him, you gotta say she's one flower
If you ever need to do some holiday cleaning, just get that fella, and use his head as a broom. I bet it'll do the job well.
he isHH anD uTtEr DySgrAce tOO teH bEnG coMMunitY worXX! No pun intended, really.
oh fudge. no offence, never seen such a act cute boy before is just disgusting... gives me creeps.. eewww
goodness gracious. every inch of him makes me go eeeeeee! wonder how he manage to sustain sucha high self esteem. gosh, somebody pls tell him he's just a junk of complete SHIT . urg. he's gonna give me nightmares. >.<
OMG..i nearly choke..he really needs a bad haircut..and he really need to go on diet..he said he was 62kg?more 72kg..LOL..he is giving nightmares..i bet cannot sleep for a few nights..
MY EYES !!! MY EYES!! do you see blood? oh my gosh they're bleeding ! fuck ! please ! he's just a good for nothing pig ass brained fugly faggot . please tell that son of a bitch to go fing somewhere to screw himself!
HOLY COW.this had me rolling around on the floor with laughter!one of your best posts ever.
Hes cute okie ..! Lol..! OmG does he really have friendster acc..? Someone report him and get him suspended yea ..?
I believe his hair is trying to run away from his head.
Seriously.. This is sad.. That a human can look like that.. He is asking for people to laugh at him by posting so many pictures of himself on the net! If i looked like him, I would probably hate taking photos. What would you guys do if you look like him? Feel that God is unfair? Haha
this post is nice and veh meaningful... to hell with him!!
LOL!!!!!!!! Look at that orc!!!!!My god, this wobbling piece of self loving lard can blind your eyes!!! We should start up a petition to send this crap hole to Jupiter!! DIE, DIE!!
omg.. omg..

'don"T AsK mE 2 AdD YoU' --> reason: i will add u without u telling mi cos i wanna haf lotsa of acc.. and let every1 get to noe n envy my new boar-like hair..

i think tis is wat he is thinking by stating that sentence.. gross.. totally turn ppl off by seeing his face, almos puke when my frenx gif mi tis blog link.. *wondering* is every indo chinese YOUNGSTER liddat ?
wah kao.. this guy is sick ! he's acting so .. EEW ! ACT CUTE ! he seriously is GAY ! knn .. wat i would do to fuck him .. pui !
that white thigh picture looks like a trishaw man resting.
but i do love that fcuking mohawk!
i had a good laugh out of it!
. . . .

this whole page really scare the hell out of me.

its freaking scary . . . .

even the original ru hua is much more acceptable than him.

at least the orginal ru hua can make me laugh. but this screwed up "ru hua" can only make me vomit.

wats with his hair? he thinks he look good on it? wanna be like those kinky jap boys? nah. he looks like a penniless cleaner.
no money to cut hair.

the big nose of your's. pls kindly proceed to any surgeory clinics and remove it or minimise it. PLS!
u look like a dead PIG

wat the hell with that 2 whiskers at ur cheek. u think u look CUTE?
HAHA u look like a begger. and with ur black nails. u look like a person who dig any hole on u that u could dig for shit. its totally disgusting.

ur fat thighs. looks like a big lump over there. i think that the photos u taking are becoming more and more *uncover*. so i'm afraid u would go and take a nude photo of urself. u've already showned ur fat thighs. i think u're gonna show ur whole damn body naked. PLS DUN DUN DUN. u gonna scare everyone on friendster. coz ur pubic hair gonna be that worse like ur hair.
OMG....he is sooooo ugly i bet when he was born the doctor not only slapped his mum but his whole fuking family!! OMG SO UGLY!! MY EYES MY EYES!! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!!!
A few words to describe this person.... he is UGLY, DISGUSTING, INCORRIGIBLE N AQUAISH...... omg. i really wonder y ppl add him in his friendster... he must be begging ppl to add him in his friendster everyday!!!!! MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT FINISHED... that freaking hairstyle of his is totally OUT!!! it suckxxxxxx. ( he noes he is ugly yet he stillll take pictures that makes us puke!!! WaKaO....... gotta tell him to fuck off n cut that hair of his!!!!!! yea. n go for a plastic surhery too if he wanna continue taking freaky pics ooffff himself!
do he think he looks retro -.-' *sweat* and he seriously dun look like bballer... -.-' even mohog look better then him -.-
God he obviously thinks he looks dashing.

well he is hahaha :D man his mohawk is one of a kind! and i dont mean that as a compliment.

dang, i guess i'd better tell my guy to leave his hair long and have a mohawk just like his. a new fad! whoa.
He should go create a pussy for himself...
create one for himself? he IS one.the past 14 years, oh well maybe 15, he has lived incognito, disguising himself as a twitish human
you know, if he jumped off his flat due to undue stress on his ego, his hair would probably act like a parachute and save him, it's like, wide.
someone save himmm!!save him noww!!
oh wait...i think he is UN-saveable(a word jus for him) =)
he is even worse than those girl 'twits' man.
the word gay is written not only all over his face,its all over his body (not including his penis)
or does he even have one??
I think many people can put self-esteem like his to pretty damn good use, frankly speaking.

But nonetheless i must confess that he really is *gagsfuglygags*, and that might well be an understatement.
admin nice job.
now we know singapore have these kind of disgusting people.

holy omgwtfknncb....this gay looks absofuckingly disgusting...jeez....his wig...he must have been humping the wall so much that it got messed up...and he didn paint his nails black...thats shit and blood...from shoving it up his ass masturbating....fucking trans.....
omg u mother fukin dickhead!!! ruhua looks much better than u!!!!!!!i had nightmares aft seeing ur mohawk head lol
This guy is ****ing ugly. Haha! Seriously, wearing black nail polish ain't making him look cool, but it makes him look like a gay. (Or maybe not a gay, he's too ugly to be one) Haha. And not forgetting that he's fat. Omg. I think he needs to go on diet or something? Lol.
OMFG!! WHO IS HE??? AHHHHHHHH!! im dying just LOOKING at his photos. help me.
omggawsh. now i think imma partially influenced by twits.
what kindaf hair is that man, seriously. yrs ago, i heard the older generations talk about GIRLS having birdcages on their hair, flowerpots tied up there and the list goes on. the retarded list.
erms, this retarded piece of shit looked like he just survived tha tsunami but met katrina and got dengue followed by bird flu, nd t sum it all, got raped by the escaping osama. oh please. Not that i'm being mean but, hell, he's seducing me allof us to affirm him as a twit! white flabby thighs look sick on girls already,a big disgrace to male species ! albeit im a girl.
omfg dat's one big fag. jibai face so fked liao still wan make hair. mohawk sia lawl. i bet that jibai cut off his testis to become like this. fking queer sia. why he no life one. stupid dick. hope he gets cancer and die a slow painful death and if he has children, well i bet they wun have genitals.

reading this entry made me laugh so very hard. i reckon he belongs in a circus!











*laughing like hellll...*

THATS NOT A MOHAWK OR ANYTHING NEAR IT!!...but anyways..we should just let him be.. why bother..i cant belive u guys waste your time stereotyping and making fun of dont even fucking know him!! he lives in jakarta..for all you know he might be the friendliest person round town and all his friends are real..thats just a possibility and im not stating anything as fact but i think you should leave others alone
fuck you brian chion..u tink all of us will believe hes frm jakarta?! LMAO!!! n hes hair..,omg..hopeless shitbag...may he be burned in hell..
HE IS FREAKING "CUTE"! OMG!! PUKE~!! VOMIT!! God forgive me for my lies.. haa...
iite yo, look, is tis kid who wrote this blog a sinporean/sinreaporean? watever da fukin shit is, i cant spell it. but watever. k so look, WHO DA FUK IN DA FUKIN RITE MIND WLD PAINT THEIR NAILS BLACK MAYN!!!!?!? come on dawg, tats juz fukin gay, ur gay. blogs' gettin gay too, and ermm, 1 more question? do all asians look as gay as tis kid looks? like some mafukin william hung? LOL,

iite niggaz? k, now u can go fuk urself chinks, im out.
Oh holy cow... There goes my lunch. OH... sheesh seriously.. why do such people exist on the planet? I mean.. those female twits are horrendous, and here comes a male twit.. oh.. this is scary shit.
fucking hell.... this kinda ppl skin fucking thick. wtf does he think hes doing, showing off his fatfuck face... he should just go back the wadeva shithole he came out frm
OMGWTFBBQ!! fucking gay....go eat shit la...gucak majiam taik...think urself so cute ah! use ur face wash toilet bowl la....Go back to ur shithole u asshole!!!
what a faggot.
oh my goodness gracious!!!!!! i cannot believe that a guy will be so... err... "cute". He's like a really really fat pig with ugly face and hair. R u sure that he has 5 full friendster account??? And I think that he's in love with himself... seriously, he needs a doctor.
OMG... So gay!! He's obviously someone who needs psychological help. And some plastic surgery too. Super Mario would be jealous of his nose... And that mohawk? More like c4 blew up in that numbskull of his. One of the most pathetic people i have ever laid eyes upon...
seriously i think you're damn
hot handsome cute macho stylo punkish, with those oh-so-sexy thighs and the HOTHOT MOHAWK HAIR,
which contrasts to ur beautifully black fingernails, that stands out out on ur snowwhite thighs,
OMG! Take a look at his new account!! More puke-worthy pictures
let me get this straight: he -doesn't- like rock but he paints his nails black and has a mohawk?! identity crisis! ok so what if i'm kinda generalizing? betcha he has 'nightmare before christmas' merch but doesn't know who jack and sally are.
wait wait chill out guyz...
i wan noe, wat da fuk is a twit dawg?

and ermm, u, gay child, ima glock ur head off muthafuka, bitch ass nigga. u needa fukin murda these kinda bitches naw...

and wat da fuk? u paint ur nails black? no no, seriously dawg, who does tat, r u some kinda paint nail nigga? bitch, u aint got no place on tis planet, leave bitch, b4 u see some badass niggaz like me come buck u naw. yea and, come to US or canada wit ur fukin nails black, letz see wat we do bitch, fukin gothic. u aint even goth, bitch. go suk yo momma's nipples, oh wait she dun hav none.
stopp pasting ur fuckingg gay faces on the net and make ppl wanna chop off their penisess
Wild boar from MapleStory came alive? o.O"
"Wild boar from MapleStory came alive? o.O""

dude. nice one man. bring it on, MORE MORE MORE of these LOSERS!
one phrase for him,


he can just bang his head against the wall or sufocate himself in his basin....
Damn... He looks pretty bad.

Worse thing is that he doesnt realise it.
shit look at his hair lmao !! Even a baby's hair is a million times better than him. Bushy hair he got eh ... Throw our guy's face sia...Bhb. Still go take all these pics. Its fucking ugly lor...

Screw his hair if i see him on the streets bwahahaha
CRAP!!!He most likely was born when his mom crapped!!!
damn man this guy is a new breed of species izzit? i thought i dont look good...but on second thought after looking at him, i dont look too bad!! haha. my god, asswipes acting cute.. and still read comic?? i think doraemon looks 100 times better than u lor. and i'm surprised ur com nv break down. with pictures of u in it, ur com sure LAG LIKE HELL...[reject reject... c-drive error...huge pig virus identified...too big and FAT to clean ....error] haha. eh dude, do us a favour and just go back to jakarta and stay there. hmmm maybe even the ppl there sent u here be coz they cant take it anymore. haha
I think he used pubic hair , ass hair and armpit hair to cover his head ...

He looks like an asshole , firstly because he's hairy and secondly , he's full of shit ...

He's has friendster ? He actually has FRIENDS ? Who in the right mind would wanna add this dude ????

He loves his bed ? Geez , wonder how the bed feels about him ...

Wassup with the basketball man ... You'll ruin the court doing just a jumpshot . Where are we going to play when the court ground breaks ?

Dude , those are seriously bad pictures mann , if u took a pic of yourself , i'll just be like "geez"
, but seeing all those pictures , man , my dinner's coming out ... My mom asks me if boys these days do such girly stuff , well , she is looking at that one particular boy .

Well , i think that's all i have to say ... This is the first time i'm doing this because u're the first dude who ever made me go "WTF" that badly ...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
seriously, there is nothing wrong with looking THAT ugly.

but looking THAT ugly AND posting pics of yourself all over the internet like you are jay fucking chou (who isnt that yandao anw) is just wrong.


hes so ugly when he tried to enter an ugliness competition, they said "sorry, no professionals allowed"

next time you want to show a person what ugly means, or make him feel better abt his looks, just show him any one of those pics above.

damn im disgusted.

can the poster please remove those pics? or at least try to improve his looks by putting random dots all over that thing? otherwise alot of pple are going to have to clean their keyboards of puke and unable to reach the end of your entry.

and it was a damn good entry too
To: nobody in particular

Please don't insult or criticize. Leave Jay out of it.
very nice entry..
i'm actually same age with that guy and feel disgusted that somewhere out there a guy tht's same age with me is so bloody... well...erm...i can't find a word to describe it.. how can a lamo like that own 5 full frenster accounts.. lamez...

Gay-ness. How the hell did he get so much friend requests? o__o
i just want to say...


*coughcough* *sniffsnort*
OMGWTF... this bastard is an idiot. if he's always watching tv, HTF does he go bowling or do the other friggin crap he does. he's the biggest douche i've ever heard abt.
LOL!!!!! cant believe he own so many friendster accounts though, But i do respect him for being able to put up so many gayish pictures of his #$%@#$% face n still feel so proud of it (PUKe). Guys who are straight normally won't go to this extent of taking photos every now n than :) And I really wonder how is he able to play bball n billard wif that body of his haha.(its not tan at all!!!!)how f@#$ing contradicting.Gosh!!!!

FOr Mr ""Jiao lang"" wei
if ya wanna act punk!!! please at least go do some research abt their fashion.u imbecile Moron^^
OMG! he loves surfbrands but cant spell quiksilver??? big mistake. he's SO BUSTED! its QUIKSILVER! not quiCksilver
the last pic was hilarious! i see no difference between him and pig trotters.LMAO!!!
You where gt 62 kg? MORE lokk like fucking 90 kg...
FROM AH BENG(siao siao ah beng oso gt see blog one horz..)
Lawl. Fuck the cheena people.. That goes out to the cheenafucks commenting, too.
KAO BEI. he think he very handsome like dat?! like PIG la. oink oink. some gay guy. AND his hair is like broom lor!! act cute ppl like him are worst than ugly ppl sia. childish guy too.and i doubt he will EVER get a gf! even if he does have..poor her. gonna PUKE anytime now.

Why on earth did god created such a guy. Hes so motherfucking gross. Kanninabuehkanphuachaocheebye sial. I almost choked my food and now I aint gonna eat them anymore. Brb, puke.

5minutes later..

FUCK FUCK FUCK. ITS STILL REPLAYING IN MY MIND VIVIDLY! HOMO-OMG! Cheebye larh. This is worst than the MOST GRUSOME THING I have seen so far. What fat dog with big nose and mohawk..

You think you what Cheebye with Gel ah with big lanjiao in it? Opps, means no offence but then..

WHAT THE FUCK AGAIN. Even a dog also got pride and brain to think loh. About the 5 accounts, hes that fucking free to stay at home and mass create that number of accounts then add himself issit. Who want to add you sial, even dog also know you are a fuckfaced retard add you will go unlucky for at least 1year, max 10years!

Fuck man, I showed my mum this and she jitao turned GREEN in color loh. Instant SHOCKED.

P.S.: Next time please post something much more humane. Even police see this will also laugh till drop loh.

By: Typical Singaporean
-Don't mean to be that bad, just a fluke. Rofl still.

/me whispers ... "what the fuck."
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