Friday, June 22, 2007

Har har.

Blah blah blah, so the update's waaaaaay overdue. You're pissed, I'm sorry.

And yes, blah blah blah.

Fuck twits. Dissing twits is so 2005, yo. (I know, I sound like a complete buttplug) Why don't you demanding cuntcrackers come up with something and I'll whip up a decent entry. Otherwise, shush.

update more pleeeeeese (;
so rude please-.-
Why don't you blog about silly issues that are bothering singaporeans?
Blog against government.
hey. i cant stand those girls who loves taking their pic in front of a mirror. go check out at friendster. some fucked up bitch who thinks she's far more superior den everyone else. going around insulting ppl.
try this.

haha.a bitch farking think i-m-so-great.n she deserves retribution seriously..
wtf wtf?
How about the latest 'trend' going on these days?


And getting into 'hardcore' music just because you want to seem the label you're like.

to the one above me. i agree 100% ON THAT. it's annoying coz n00bs like that need to kill themselves...actually hey should go ahead coz the world would be FUCKING SAFER without them. and since when 12 year olds take cocaine?? i do have a friend whose 12 year old sister claims she does.

Fuck these miserable people because i'm not happy a single bit. GAH....hope they burn and rot in Hell....
sigh.i had got my retribution for playing pranks on so many people and i apologise to all sincerely,making funs of couples and such.

there will not be any updates until i have recovered from a broken heart.still,the experience was fun.lmao.
You know, I actually came back and saw the entry on the day you posted it but I forgot my password and couldn't comment. :P

You and I, we are connected somehow (o^_^o)
lol. maybe you can post stuff about stupid kiasu singaporean-ism. government doing stupid things. stupid people. like ohmygod i am so emooo because i take pictures of myself frowning with my 1m-pix(WOW PRO.) handphone camera, and then post it on friendster!

blah, posers. =l

or how about people "barcoding" their arms for the sake of acting emo. wanting to be called emo. i know this girl in my school, she went around showing her all the homemade cuts on her arm calling herself emo. zzz.

and those, i think i am goth because i wear black clothes with skulls all over it. but they're just twits =/

or, i am punk because i wear a spiked belt!

it's annoying, seeing this country of poser-teenagers. they don't know what real goth is, and i bet they have no clue that punks are really anti-governments. hah!
Woah, finally an update . Haha ! Can't wait to see more of your updates .
LOL. more and more twits appearing lah. just get rid of them. tskk.

look at this ->
hey why not blog about kiasu-ism...
but not only about singaporeans...
do you know that even china aunties are kiasu...
oh heck.. i think they are just the most kiasu ppl around in singapore...

oh and most probably you guys can blog about all the forums whereby they complain and complain about things that they are also doing... eg, eating in the buses and etc..

hope these helps in finding your new direction..
blog about the TCM eating baby fetus for potency trend.i like the word cuntcracker btw.
im a guy livin in perth atm, but i used 2 live in sg for about 10 years. just went across this webbie..i am not really a blogger.
The stuff u guys said about singaporean teens really amused me .. i felt that way at times..
i wana have a conversation or two with u guys as i have some experience livin in sg and in au.
im sure ur exact mail adresses are confidential.. hope cud spare some time ...msn active[]..
i made it in grade 2 .. so its a bit childish :P

this blog is.. ._.
twits are so attention whores. they are just photo-copies of each other,&wonder whats so proud of that.?

like what, iim shH0o eM0oxXx siiaks; cutt muaiiselFxXx to eRasE derHs paiinxXx.
congrats me huh, im officially a 100% TWIT.

just contributing to the list to lowlives twits :
can you guys blog about those fucked up attention seekers with heavy make up, gay cosplay act-gothic-emo-punk kids/ teenagers and some even in 20s hanging around in places like cine, i'm sick of them, they're fucking, fucking pissing me off
blog about blogger wannabes like celeste chen and iceangel. cant stand them, obviously attention whores who likes to act chio.

you wont get into lawsuit by insulting them too, because they are already made public.
you guys are da bomb.
Haha....I think someone's gonna make fun of me someday......
I must admit MOT has thier point, the Veni Vedi Veci time is over. But thier falmboyant writing style really captures, and those pictures they posted was/is/are/were mesmerizing(So not.) So what im getting at is, yes, MOT needs rest, and this rest pains us.
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