Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guess who's back?

Man, its been forever since I last posted here.

How many readers actually remember the legendary Happy Vagina Valley (a.k.a HVV) who assisted MOT to its fame. Well, technically I happened to join in just as MOT was gaining popularity, but that's neither important nor the point as well.

The point is, there is a reason for my long absence in MOT.

You see, I was in my graduating year of secondary school last year in 2005, and somehow I let my identity slip to some people in my school, and the twits soon got hold of that information. It caused quite a bit of trouble for me, and god knows how my friends got dragged into the whole shitpit as well. Well, lucky as I am, I managed to shake off whatever trouble that was coming towards me but I was still treadding on thin ice.

So I took a little hiatus, occasionally I'd post using Camry's name, but nothing too extreme. Oh yes I'm a wussy with a moustrap chewing on my left ball. My O's were nearing, and I could do without the commotion.

Well, I guess I got too comfortable with my hiatus and I ended up not posting at all, all the way till late March 2006 today. And there you go, my reason.


Well, I did say I have a reason, I didn't say it was a good one.

Anyhow, I've been checking MOT out once in awhile and I realised the twits don't really care anymore. They probably are sick of this cat and mouse chase and decided that their time are better spent on finding people to add on friendster, send some self-generated introduction testimonial to them and pester them to death for a return testimonial.

Its a popularity drag race out there, man.

And I can feel the readers are getting bored. Its true, we've ran out of antics. Well, not exactly ran out of them, but they're all becoming to look, sound, taste the same - you've seen one, you've seen all. It'd be a disrespect for our readers if we keep on featuring twits that are more similar than conjoined twins.

So I guess its time the writers of MOT take a small little break, ONLY SO that we can rackie up more ideas when we're energized and back from our break. I promise you something fresh and worth your time reading. You know what the say, when a vagina makes a promise, it keeps the promise.

So, go take a break, mingle with the twits for a change. They may sound stupid on the internet, but some of them are a really nice bunch to be with in real life. Weird huh, this coming from someone who scruntinizes their every sore point and bitches about it. Well, I guess this is just a matter of giving others a chance by understanding them before making a statement.

Oh dear, I'm really fucking up the whole MOT marketing pitch, ain't I? All the better, this place could use some nice, sleek changes.

Till then guys, HVV leaving you speechless and drool over your keyboard.

Hah!!! First! But hey yeah. Need something fresh. Liked the stuffs MoT wrote but pretty soon it was beginning to be a little bit stale.

Maybe you guys should focus on other stuffs too.

In the meantime, I'll be checking back here often for more updates.
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hey you're finally back

and you're... 18 only? =x
oh that's bad. zzz. haha. anyway, come back anytime. we'll be waitin to see the new MOT. cheerios.
well.. its a thing called maturity . glad you embraced it
wah lao.

can i apply for writer of MOT? lol
eh,so dissapointing. but never mind, ur O's really were more important than this blog. You must have really scored for English then. lol
*puzzled look*
thank you for this entry. we understand, don't worry. its true that twits are irritating online, but indeed that some of them are nice in person. will look forward to your new posts, by dropping by daily as i used to. yumyum. love MOT. (:
Don't even try.
hey MOT glad you're back. i love reading your posts. and i cant believe you're so young. good luck for your 'O's! :)
omg. this girl actually went to use u guys old url. i just found out..
ok then.. hope you did well for ur Os and that you're in an instituition of your choice.

anw.. agree that some twits are nice people if you know them well enough.

alright.. hope to see more updates soon!
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