Sunday, December 25, 2005

X'mas Special, or not?

m3wW!3 cWiShM@S @LL~

I was given the best job anyone could have been offered. Free spray cans to spray on twits then quickly run away and still get $20 an hour. Eww, see, you're slobbering on yourself already! (But this offer was only for ME, Pring the what? Oh whatever.)
Thank God I wasn't one of those going, "LELONG AH LELONG! 5 for 10 dolla!! LAI LAI LAI!"
The pay was good, it sounded fun, but it wasn't as great as you thought it'd be.

1. Too much pushing around (and that includes gays eating my tofu!) If you don't get it, it means I, PRING was being taken advantage of! People caressing my ass every now and then. Nah I didn't enjoy that.

2. Too risky. I beri humji de norx, scared dua ah bengs cum tuh h00t me, challen mie on 1-on-1!! mii n0 gAnG w0rx.

Okay, so I did my spray-and-run job and sprayed all my 15 cans of snow sprays on the twits faces like I'd use my insecticide to spray the insects creeping around in my house.
And HERE ARE THE RESULTS from my little survey.
Out of 20 whom I considered twitish,

11 of them screamed as they continued walking, "NABEI! H0NG KAN NAHX! FARK LAH! CB"

4 of them stopped to yell, "KAOPEH! SPRAY ME FOR WAT!?"

3 of them turned back to spray at me, unfortunately they sprayed other innocent victims and I was already out of sight.

2 of them went, "eEeEeEe~" and fastened their pace.

They weren't enough for me. I was also one of those idiots who'd purposely spray the snow spray on uncles with videocameras. HAHA, I thought it'd give a more realistic view of how Orchard really was like at that point of time.
Or I'd kick those spray cans litterbugs had thrown on the floor and see which twit would trip over it.
Or I'd spray on those who had just been covered in the foam and just about to finish wiping the foam off their faces. "Oh I'll make you whiter than you already are!"
Or those people who are taking pictures with the Christmas tree, I'd spray snow on their faces so they look better in their photo.
Or I'd tap the person in front of me, when he turns back, YIPEE. *SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY*

From my observations, there were many pockets of Bangladeshis hanging out in a group. And 95% of them were covered in snow spray. I'd always see a whole group of guys gang up to spray them all together, and that's all they did the whole night. Who is more racist? Them or MOT? :D

Oh yes, just as you thought it must have been a jolly Christmas on Orchard Road, I witnessed 2 gangs of ah bengs stopping to settle some stuff on the side of the pathway. I didn't stop to eavesdrop, but I managed to hear a few words. "So how you want to settle now lah?"

And there was this clique of many girls and only a guy. This guy was so horribly pissed with all that spraying, he stopped in the middle of nowhere and yelled, "STOP ALL THIS SPRAYING NOW! IT'S SO CHILDISH, CAN?" His girlfriends all clapped and claimed BRAVO. HERO? Heh heh, my foot. Honestly, if my mind had been working faster at that time, I would have taken my spraycan to spray it right in his face immediately. Who does he think he is? There are thousands of people spraying snow sprays on each other, who is he trying to go against with? And that's the whole point of coming to Orchard, isn't it? If he didn't like it, he shouldn't really have come. Don't tell me he DIDN'T KNOW Orchard would be like that?

I wasn't there for long, so that's all I have to share on my experience on Orchard last night.

Word of advice though, don't go on Orchard in your favourite tee. There are stupid people going around with ribbon sprays that stick to your shirt and are hard to remove. :( There goes my new tee.

I'm not sure if there's going to be a Christmas Special by the two lovers, Camry and HVV, but we'll try. Peace.
HOHOHO! Have a happy Christmas!

HAHAHA I AM FIRST. mary christmas.
I love all your post! Yes, Ah bengs have miniature brains.
merry christmas! :D
HAHAHAHAHA! Spray! Omg. Pring, did you specially spray into the faces of some twits? Omg. You are sooo funny. Betchya enjoyed it. =S
and i thought only twits enjoy spraying at people. -_- well done pring
hmm.. did you see the fight occurring outside far east on that day you were there? its damn lame la and the worst thing is that it was done between 2 gangs of twits.
and there was these bunch of ah bengs who were threatening to beat up some black africans outside heeren. its fucking unglam, throw singapore's face away. knnbccb
I love your blog, it's teh awes0me and I get my jollys out of reading your posts. (that sounds so wrong)Anyways, twits fill Orchard Rd, esp. on Christmas GOOD JOB FOR SPRAYING THEM xD
omg. i was mass attacked by this china couple holding 2 spray cans each!!! but yea, i sprayed at this twit in pink cap and she went 'cb lah!'. anyway, most of the twits were sitting opposite mandarin hotel n esprit.
i do wonder why do twits make it a point to travel to Orchard on Christmas eve yet not knowin such situation will occur. call them dumb or ignorant? i really wonder.
camry's with hvv? i thought you guys were a couple? as in, you & camry, that is.
love triangle
why are twits speaking up for you guys? *sigh
i didnt see anyone spraying yesterday :(
merry christmas btw :D
Hur hur hur. So funny. Hur hur hur. (Err, I don't understand what's going on?)
i was there too! uh, in my car. watching a whole lotta lians wearing their KaWaiI gear. and a miserable guy in their company. wearing those retarded santa's hat with those ah-beng-blue-lights attached on them. watching them take up ONE whole lane of the already-pathetically-small road. like, GET OFF man! i came to drive through the roads of Orchard with my family, to look at the decor, don't you know it's inconsiderate?
erps, that guy's kinda odd.
i mean, i woulden't mean being sprayed fact, i wish i had gone to orchard road to get sprayed on, but nooooooo, i had to stay at home to do maths.
merry christmas=)
hahaha my friend told me about the pathetic fight. was one guy wearing a yellow shirt? anyway merry christmas
lol . many fights . somerset mrt's fight was one HUGE mass orgy . purple hair . bad cussing . ambulance . many policemen . many twits outside indochine too ! had a hard time ignoring their twitty stares .
haha. i spent my xmas in hk =/ fyi the twit situation there is even worse than sg's. they're everywhere, literally.
i thought christmas was more of a peace thing than a violent festival. what's wrong with these twits messing up passers'-by/passer-bys' (heck, i don't know which is right) christmas by fighting everywhere?
dere wuz a gang fite rite

i wanted to get a snow can but it was too crowded for me to approach 1!wth!nevertheless, i tried to kik the empty spray cans to make people fall too..lolx..Belated merry christmas!!
Cool posts.
May I know how old are you guys actually?
damn. if i knew it'll be this fun, i'd have gone down to orchard..hahaha
hey, update more=)
there were fights? fuck i wanted to be there to mess stuff up. oh well i was busy ..
I see... You guys are against this kinda people too! :D Check out my site! :)
The bloggers are all 30 years old. They share the same birthdate: 29th of Feburary.
Fixed my site's problem already. Hah, it's so black now. :( No pink.
we wish you a merry christmas,
we wish you a merry christmas,
we wish you a merry christmas,
and a happy new year=) <--normal

wee wishh eeuuu a merrie chwisstmas,
wee wishh eeuuu a merrie chwisstmas,
wee wishh eeuuu a merrie chwisstmas,
n a happiee neuu year <-- twits

sry if my command of twitology ain't good. cheers to the new year!
thepieguy: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Camry and HVV? Oh. So Camry's female..
YOU have a twisted mind.

You're welcome.
Bangalas were using snow sprays as weapons to molest little girls you know? Thats bad. Not good.

EuUuU No'E aN'orT? I d'uNcH L'Yk Wo'RrR'*

Now there is a petition to ban this stupid sprays.
omg lol.

i just read ur all time favourite posts and man, amazing .

dude, get more of it in. hah, i can't stop laughing . man u really rocks .

and yea, well done on spraying onto those twits. :D
If you didn't know, it's uncool to criticize people consistently. It shows how jealous you really are, and well, a professional loser. *L*
You people enjoy laughing at one's demise don't you? Criticising people and think that its really cool huh?

At the end of the day, you are of no difference from those people you despise. Pathetic.

Get a life. All three of you. Spending your days surfing friendster. And then making fun of people. That is what you define as untwitish?

If you think you are entertaining anybody. They are all miserable individuals who feel sorry for themself just like you.

Write about more meaningful things, You can write.
How are they no different? Explain, please. They clearly state the reasons why they despise twits, and they are nothing like the twits they despise. But you have to come in sounding pretentious and judgemental, don't you?

Do they spend their days surfing friendster? If you notice, they don't update often. No, but you judge as you see fit, flaming without understanding. Get your facts stright before you flame next time.

And why are the readers miserable individuals? This is another piece of satirical work, like any other. I believe YOU'RE the one who's taking it too seriously, not us readers or the authors. Does that make you the miserable, pathetic individual then?

Not everyone has to question life and it's existence, or the moral issues of the world. There are comedians and philosophers, satirists and theologists. But perhaps you're one of those who belittle satire and humour in favour of "deep", "meaningful" works in order to feel good about yourself and assure yourself that you're educated and cultured. Assumptions, assumptions...

Passerby you might be, but Judge you are not.
a little silliness is treasured by the wisest men every now and then.
omfg. so funny! i thought pring was with camry?!?! hmmm.. funny post btw!!!
Which is worse? Deep judgemental philosophers, or comedians?

Methinks comedians. Some of things they say, u dunno whether u wanna laugh at them, with them, at yourselves, or it's actually funny until a certain point where u find that u are treading on a precarious topic and it ceases to be. And then, they are the ones that can laugh at anything and everything, at the world, in its face, even in the face of danger, death, pain, and suffering. Well, at least the gd ones can.

They are the ones who can hide the pain while wounds fester & decay unnoticed, until it's too late. Insidiously nasty. Wickedly brilliant. That's what I call a killer sense of humour.

Me? I'm just trying to be pert while I observe.
at the very least, their written langauge can be read without difficulties
That is subjective.
Relatively relative =P
Theoretically true.
Passerby you might be, but Judge you are not? what crap is that, when these people are judging people in their posts! hah. you people amaze me. that was so..contradictive.
silliness is definitely fine and everyone appreciates it but certainly not at the expense of other people's feelings.

im not judging anyone here, just wanted to correct certain stuff.
You ain't judging? Lookie here:

1. "that was so..contradictive" - That is a judgement. You just labelled me as contradictive.

2. "what crap is that" - You just decided my post was crap.

3. "certainly not at the expense of other people's feelings" - Is that yours to decide?

4. To correct stuff, you have to decide whether they are right or wrong.

You're not playing judge? We do that everyday, with every statement we make. Does that make you a hypocrite, then? Don't argue semantics with me next time, please.

Also, I said "Judge you are not" because he contradicts himself, attempts to look neutral with nicknames like "passerby", label the bloggers as he feel like it (read my post), and give ridiculous 'suggestions'. NOT because he's judging the bloggers. Don't attempt to second-guess me, too.

So you don't appreciate this blog? Don't even bother pressing the X at the top right hand corner like everyone else does. Help the world, take your modem and throw it out the window, hard. Thank you.
having fun and getting entertained in the expense of other's feeling is simply wrong. Thats true, no matter what you people say. Freedom of speech or whatever crap excuses you guys made makes no sense. I'm talking about moral values here. And obviously you people at MOT + jon have none.
So Anon decided to cast off his "Neutral" pretense and deliver his verdict. You must feel pretty good about yourself being the moral crusader who righteously defends the victimised teens of Singapore.

Granted, it's wrong to have fun at someone else's expense. Then again, Jon has already stated that this is a satirical blog. In other words, meant to be humorous. How is it different from the other sites on the net poking fun at the George W. Bush-es of the world? I just feel that you're only against this blog because it hits that much closer to home. In other words, it bashes our fellow countrymen, and not some redneck hill-billy in another part of the world. Talk about hypocrisy. Of course, you COULD be against the anti-Bush websites too, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh and in my opinion, the freedom of speech excuse is actually an acceptable reason. But then again, I'm only 16. What do I know about these matters? However, one thing I do know is that you are stereotyping MoT and Jon. So they are morally dead just because they have fun at other's expense? Morally imprefect yes, but to have NO moral values whatsoever? Right. Oh, and by the way, Jon was defending MoT against unfounded and plain weak accusations. It doesn't mean he totally agrees with what they are doing. Then again, I could be wrong.

Well, I could attack your points further but I think Jon's already proven that he's more than capable of defending himself.

In all seriousness, Selamat Hari Raya. =)
I shall poke my nose in here, again [since Jon and Nick are on 1 side, presumably, and the anon has got no1 else, and I favor underdogs] - Nick, why'd u set yourself out against the "moral crusader"? Hate yourself and others to be too good? Not as though the guy was being too "Holier-than-thou".

Why do so many hate, or just for the fun of it, like to lynch those who "righteously defend the victimised teens of Singapore", I wonder. Really, righteousness begets ingratitude, eh?

So the guy wasn't being pert in expressing his opinions [that may not constitute as "judgement"], but he's only expressing views based on the moral compass he was provided with by his responsible parents, and is just standing up for them? Maybe he's from a Church, eh? *smirks*

Ever heard of "Do not let what you consider good to be spoken of as evil"? [for the anon's benefit, as much as for Nick and all else]

Even if he was making moral judgements, they are obviously correct, ya? Whats the matter? Can't stand your ground before a man of goodwill?

And Jon would admit that he stands corrected, that this is but a mere miscreant's sarcastic blog; nothing satirical. MoT hasn't gotten to that level yet. They go by the motto "Hi. We are annoying."

Ahh, Jonny, here's the difference between the 2 of us; you like to flame "stupid" people. I like to do it to the more eloquent ones. Sardonicism, see? It's not merely how you talk to others, but your entire attitude. You can't aim for it.

And you would be right in thinking that I'd like to rid everone else attempting to come between us. Poor Fiddler. Poor Camisado. Poor Nick - maybe. Think Wind vs. Cloud, or Drizzt Do Urden vs. Artemis Entreri, depending on your preference for chinese or english novels. I don't think Batman vs. Joker though, since neither of us are insane enough.

Watch for the dagger(s) between the lines, my good nemesis. In life, we may meet good friends, but how often do we meet good foes?

Good humour between us then!
Anon: Eh. What happened to your stance on judgements?

Freedom of speech? I never claimed that. I don't even need an excuse for enjoying this blog.

It is simply wrong? Says who? The Vatican? Darth Sidious? Your moral values do not equal my moral values. Are you definitely right? You'll probably say yes, narrow-minded kid that you are.

Pray tell, you never laugh at others' expense? Not even at public figures portrayed in a satirical/sarcastic/sardonic manner? Don't even bother to answer that, hypocrite.

So, reading a humour site is morally wrong? How so?

Even if I DO laugh at the people, it is morally wrong? It is mean, yes, but since when did you write the bible? Do sound more dramatic, will you? Damn us all to hell because we laugh at others or something, please.

Do note, I laugh because the people at MoT are humourous. In the end, it is the "righteous, morally conscious" person with the dirtiest mind who accuses others of sexual innuendo when it was only an innocent act. Anyway, are you going to flame my sense of humour now?

Oohhh. So I'm the devil because I laugh at others? Or is it because I oppose your views, and flame you? Make general, sweeping statements, and run for your life. Great job. I have no morals, I steal, betray my friends for money because I read MoT/flame you. Where's the connection?

Just as there is freedom of speech, there is also freedom of choice. The door is always behind you. Have a nice day, and don't stick your nose in the air while walking, you'll trip on the steps.

Havoc: I'll love to flame eloquent people, but it isn't my fault that those who flames these 2 blogs are almost invariably "stupid". The only eloquent one was you, and we both know what happened. FYI, I flame based on my values, so I hope an eloquent "man of goodwill" comes along soon.

Aye, I know both references. So you read Forgotten Realms too, eh. No, we're not insane enough, not for lack of trying for my part.

Nick's all yours, for I support his views. Have fun.

Nick: Thanks for the support. About havoc, you have the high ground. Retaining it is another matter. Have fun too. That's what flaming's about.
Oh, daggers between the lines? I notice that your comments to Nick applies to me too. Heh.
Well it seems like havoc and jon share some history with each other. I'm tempted to withdraw and passively observe, but before (and if) I do, I'd like to say a few final words.

Firstly, I was never really on jon's "side". You see, I've been following this blog and the comments posted for quite some time now, and this is the first time I've ever felt so strongly about something brought up that I'd want to air my views. I did and still think that anonymous' views are flawed and easily countered. Then again, it seems that no one really "wins" in a flame war.

Secondly, about setting myself against the moral crusader, I don't really have a clear answer for you. I guess that it's down to my cynical nature. I've never really been able to stand moral high-horsing, especially on the net. If someone respectable like the Pope (perhaps) had come down and berated our decadent ways, I would have in the least been filled by a deep and abiding sense of shame. However, in place of the Pope, we have "anonymous", who (as the name suggests) is a question mark. Is he truly fit to be the moral crusader? As jon has stated, it is the righteous, morally conscious one who is often as bad as the layman, if not worse. Well, I guess I could give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's just that I'm too much of a cynic to do so. And of course, if anonymous really is fit to be our pillar of morality, then I would humbly apologise to him. So I didn't really argue for the sake of doing so. It's just that I couldn't stand his generalising us as morally dead.

Thirdly, I felt that he was indeed adopting a "holier-than-thou" stance. Come on, the guy lambasted us for lacking moral values, and at the same time tried to make it look as if he wasn't playing judge (which he was). We both have differing views on this point, though.

Fourthly, I somehow doubt that anonymous posted here just because he felt it was his duty to defend the persecuted. I just can't shake off my perception of him as someone who posted so that he could feel good about himself as a high-and-mighty defender. Not like say, Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, who defended the weak as his way of atoning for his crimes.

Yes, his moral judgements are undoubtedly mostly correct. In my defence, I've never been a MoT fan, per se. I'm definitely not like the many clones who tag "I LOVE THIS BLOG, DEATH TO ALL TWITS!!111" etc, etc. I'm just a simple person who has seen (and am somewhat irritated by) such twittish behaviour and who applauds this blog for daring to poke fun at it. As a disclaimer, I've never enjoyed reading the posts in which a person is singled out and bashed. I prefer posts that mock the behaviour, not the person. However, my main point of contention is this: is anon really fit to be the one to pass judgements on us. Is he really a man of goodwill? Or is he just out for a quick feel-good moment?

Satirical, sarcastic. You say to-MAH-to, I say to-MAY-to. I admit that you're right, but this isn't really the main issue. Not a case of sour grapes, I'm just telling it as it is.

And so, this concludes my first foray into flaming. Hmmm, it was fun and I rather enjoyed it.
Good for u [Nick]!

The Pope! Ahahahahahahahahhaha! He looks sinister, for some reason.

The guy lambasted [are you British?] you for lacking moral values? I thought you weren't involved when he was going for "MoT + Jon".

Jon: now we only have eloquent men of "illwill". Don't get caught flaming as a "righteous defender of victimised teens in Singapore", haha. High ground on me? Is that a kinky position you're talking about? Eewww... Watch for the dagger between your legs then, [I should get sued for malpractice if I circumcise him] haha.

Oh, on the anon, I didn't say he was not being holier-than-thou at all, I said he wasn't TOO holier-than-thou. Whatever happened to civil tolerance between varying personalities?

Well, he was just voicing his moral opinion, even if he was just having a "feel-good moment". I'm sure he applies the same standard to himself too *smirks* or he'd just be brown-nosing the Pope, hehe. If everybody has to ensure that he/she has the right to pass moral standard on others who transgress his/her moral compass, then why not just let every perpetrator have their evil ways? I think, for whatever intentions the anon did it with, he spoke up for a good cause, and being willing to stand his ground, on his beliefs, doesn't necessarily make him a crusader. Not like he's gonna start waving a sword to purge MoT. If we all hesitate to make moral observations, then this world will go to the dogs [I think it's halfway there alrdy]. No one is truly fit to pass moral judgements on anyone, but then agaain, no one is perfect enough to do so, and we'll just have to make do. Until the day God comes and MoT invariably features Him, we'll all have to make do, without righteous fire and brimstone pouring from our mouths, heh.

But after all this ruckus, what happened to our templar in question? The anon hasn't made his move, running after shooting off his big mouth and leaving me to clean up. -_-"
Heh. I'm of the opinion that no one has to be perfect in order to pass judgement, be it moral or otherwise. If not, we wouldn't have judges or a jury system. However, I am against anonymous verdict passers (is this a real term?) on the internet. They could have been posting and watching child porn at the same time. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

"Lambasted" was in a recent New Paper sports article, I think describing Alex Ferguson's response toward his players. Its "influence" is still upon me. And I used the word "us" because anon said "having fun and getting entertained in the expense of other's feeling is simply wrong", which I assumed applies to not only MoT + jon, but MoT readers like me. Well, I didn't really have fun, but I sure was entertained.

In retrospect I probably wouldn't have flamed him if he'd been a little more dexterous in making his point. He struck me as someone trying to be "the heavy hand of justice" etc. And yes, I felt he was being TOO holier-than-thou. It's just my opinion, anyway.

Personally I think passing moral judgement on clear cut issues isn't so bad. Of course, there is a difference between passing moral judgement and moral rubbing-in-the-face (again, another invented term). I feel that child porn, for instance, is unacceptable. However, I probably wouldn't walk up to a convicted child porn watcher and tell him/her "You morally deficient shitbag!". I felt that anon was doing something closer to the latter than the former.

Anyway I think anon did a hit-and-run on us. A fire-and-forget. Well to his credit, he did post twice rather than just once. =)
Nick: Bravo! Your first foray? Join the club, dude. I've just found another who can hold his own in a flame. Certainly a rare commodity around here. A pity I share your views. Now havoc has all the fun. Haha.

Not on my side, but you do take the same stance as I do. Enemy of the enemy, no? Except I can't really consider anon an enemy...

No, as long as you're stubborn, you won't think you're losing in a flame war. Though others may view it differently.

If havoc has anything to say, there's a difference between satire and sarcasm. Not to mention sardonicism. Heh.

Havoc: LOL. I was referring to the fact that Nick had the advantage, though he didn't need that, apparently. Indeed, the morally conscious man is the one with the dirtiest thoughts, eh? And I'm a Deist. I don't need circumcision. So keep that dagger+4 (if Baldur's Gate is to be believed) away, will you?

On anon: He walks in sounding like a fire-and-brimstone preacher and gets whipped by 2 random people visiting the blog. He'll need a thick skin and no brains to return. Somehow, I feel he qualifies, though.
Nick: "heavy hand of justice"? The anon hardly makes the cut. Jon and I have seen worse on RP. This one's mild. Come to RP and you'll get to chew on more holier than thou elitists/ extremists/ crusaders/ jihadists.

Jon: Don't take the circumcision joke [I know it had nth to do with kinks, duh] too seriously, I know u ain't Jewish, haha. But, it doesn't have to be done with a +4 dagger; a rusty jagged one will do.

On our hit and run anon, I don't think he actually ran, just that he can't hold his own anymore. I'm not sure if he's got no brains or elephantine skin, but I suspect he's an ass and a half. Fire and brimstone? More likely too heaty and constipated. He needed a quickie here, 'nuff said.
Yea. RP has some pretty hot-headed preachers too. Although things are pretty quiet around now, unfortunately.

You insult my sense of humour, havoc. Heh. And if I'm going to do it, I'll rather the +4 dagger. Only the best.

A pity about anon. I havn't even started having fun...
Havoc: STFU n00b!
Havoc: I guess that's where my inexperience shows. I don't really read the comments on RP, the one exception being Fiddler's first post. Heh, good stuff.

Anyway, I'm guessing this anon is different from the first, since he's "attacking" the one person who stood up for him, and I doubt he'd be that dumb. I could be wrong, though. Whatever the case, I'm not even going to bother addressing him. Gah, this is so unfair! Why is it havoc, havoc and only havoc? Why can't some one tell ME to STFU? =(
Havoc has all the fun. Meh.
Because the fans only know how to cry havoc.
referring to jon and friends by the way. :->
Damnit, "JON AND FRIENDS". Grrr. So we've got jon and havoc. I'm just chopped liver. This certainly is depressing. =(
Sniff sniff. I'm so touched. I have a goddamn fan base, how cool is THAT? I dispense autographs!!!11

How cute. A ":->" behind your insults to make them look... What? Less hostile? More friendly? Very well. "STFU, ANON! :D :) :X :S :! :> (: =D =) (lets be friends?)"

Nick: Uhhh... Work hard at it ^^
That anon sounds uncannily like Fiddler to me, for some reason.
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