Friday, December 16, 2005

Twit Awards 2005

Live Telecast on Channel AngMoPai

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
Twit Awards 2005!!
Yes, the long-awaited post is finally here. Votes have been counted and everybody must be very keen to find out who won. (Ohh :x You mean you know already?)

Nominations are CLOSED!!
Votes after 12am have not been counted.

And we'll make things fast. (kicks all twits into the studio)
So here are the results. :D

Firstly, the Most Popular Newcomer... *drum roll*
It's the Ben Chen the silent valentine with 374 votes out of 945!

(Ben walks up on stage, waving to the imaginary cheering crowd)
Ben Chen: OoMg~ tHe PrInCe cAn tRAsH eUu~ loOk~ I tRaShEd tHe oTHeR nEwCoMErS~ wOoHoo~

Secondly, we have The Most Talked About Twit! *drum roll*
It's AH WEI with 247 votes out of 600!

Let's hear him talk.
(He swiftly takes out a enormous comb from his pocket, tidies up his hair, and jerked his head backwards in a supposingly shuai ge style)
AhWei:: yeahs, im famous lerx. mai mohawk beri yandao lohx... dunno whiie euu all dun appreciate...

Thirdly, we have the The Twit Song '05 *drum roll*
It's Bu Pa Bu Pa with 1636 votes out of 4016!

(Ms Guo holds up a cockroach, swings it in front of the audience before swallowing it)
Jocie Guo: Hello! Look at me! You scared of what? Now you know why my album cover always never show my face lah... Anyway, I won! Thumbs up to me and my nasal voice. Guo Mei Mei ichiban oH! By the way, if you wanna show your support to me, pasar malam got alot of shirts with the words "Lao Shu Ai Da Mi" imprinted on it, very cool huh ^^ Go buy.

Fourthly, we have the Most Popular Male Twit *drum roll*
It's Ah Wei again with 298 votes out of 481!

(Wei the BigStar walks up to stage feeling all confident. Does the Universal Twit handsign)
Ah Wei: OH MY GOD ITS ME AGAIN!? Alamak, didn't know I so good nehx.. everyone loves me, what to do...? KK, thanx fer all da support worx, i will jiayou de! *does the twit handsign again*

Next, we have the Most Popular Female Twit *drum roll*
It's DOLLIES with 157 votes out of 427!

Here's what each of them has to say:
Diordoll: oMiGaWd.. nEbeR eXpEcTed tIs w0rSs~ dUncH nOE wAt tuH sAe. hAhAx. (passes mic to babydoll)
Babydoll: hUh, mE? (i Oso hAbEn pRePaRe mUa sPeEch NahX!) ErRs, tANkIeW tUh aLl wHu sUpPoRtEd uS n0rx.. xIeXie mAi PapA mAmA.. mAi FaNx.. aNd e DoLlIex~
Pinkdoll: *snatches mic from babydoll* yEa~ mOi TuRn. YuPx, bErI sUrPrIsInG nAhx.
Laladoll: WHY I LAST!? HONGKAN NAHZ. anYwaYx, dOllIeX jIeMuiX 184 OoHhx~
(And they all stumbled down the stage.)

Last but not least, we have the Top 3 Twits *drum roll*
2nd Twit up:
xiiaojiia with 53 votes!
(Takes out her pacifier!)
: chirp! chirp!! Oops, I meant HI. Si dollie snatch my line... I wanna xiexie my papa mama... and of course my dearie, xiiaohaoo. Like tat loh, then.. tankiew eberyone nahx.

1st Twit up:
Mr OSG with 101 votes!

(Mr OSG speeds onto stage with his LANCER EVO, crashing onto the mic stand)
Mr OSG: Oh...i'm having so much feelings right now..happy cos i got the award..excited cos i first time get award...blur cos i dunno wad to sae lerx....angry cos u dont understand my expressions!

Top Twit 2005:
AH WEI with 444 votes out of 742!

(Wei walks up to the stage, uses his thumb to flick some gold out of his XL nose.)
AHWEI : HEHEHEHEHEX MIE ISH KING ORF TWITS WORX!!!! Bud then hor, win or neber win, WO WU SUO WEI~ (I don't mind) Thanx again nahz, i say til sian liao la... haix. remember, AH WEI ai ni!
Me + you = LOVE!!!!!1

And umm, for the Fav Twit Post. Of course my Habbo Hotel won hands down. (Being a humble me, I thought this award wasn't important. I win everytime! :x)HAHA.
Thank you everybody. Let's do it the Habbo way. Bobba you! :D


Yay, and we have come to the end of the award-giving ceremony. We sincerely wish to thank the people for the support all this while, without you, there won't be us. (sounds so familiar :D)
Once again, thank you everyone for your kind attention and we hope you have a good day.

I'm the oh-so-handsome-Pring-and-beautyliesintheeyesofthebeholderOK and err, we'll see you again next year. Byebye.

wahaha! so funny eh!! well done! -thumbs up
yes my vote came true (: do i win a condo?
i like this blog!!! so hilarious!!
LOL. Your hong twit da jiang is so friggin hilarious...I almost died laughing when i saw that pic of ah wei! LOL. It's so much better than star awards man.
hey what abt the Fav. Twit post?
looking at ah wei just irks me. LOL.

Good job guys!
i almost puked when i saw Ah Wei's pictures!
i think i peed in my pants while reading this. hahahaha!!

omg! hahahahaha!!

Damn, why are you so funny?! :P
can someone notify ah wei abt this website n lets all LOL at his reactions, or rather, attempts at it?
hey. nice blog. love your posts. keep it up ! take care.
LOL. AH WEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Me + you = LOVE!!!!!1"
*points at the 1*
-.- throw rocks at me.
JAO LIANG WEI IS SO HOT! Seeing his hourglass figure and perfect chicken skin just makes me go horny...
i think the dollies are alright. it's not what you think they are.
Hey im a twit too, screw me! -.-"
hahas, guo mei mei from my ex-primary school (:
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