Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nomination for Twit Awards 2005

Yes, Star Awards just recently ended. Twits Awards '05 is here! In chinese, it's HONG TWIT DA JIANG.
And this is better! Why?! Because you don't have to dial to cast your vote, which also means you DON'T have to pay a single cent. :D Yay.

Nominations are OPEN!!
From 7 December - 15 December '05 (12am!).

1. Most Popular Newcomer
Ahh, need I say more?

2. The Most Talked About Twit Award

3. The Twit Song '05
I know you need help with this. But I'm tooo lazy to explain much, so you go figure it out yourself.

Never Be Replaced: WHY?
EVERYTHING IS WRONG. ooh~ baby ii lub eu n i'll neba let euu g0~"

Tong Hua: WHY?
Refer to this.

Honey: WHY?
Because it's by Cyndi and her whiny voice. >:D Oops, I mean angelic voice.
Refer to this.

Ai Ni: WHY?
Because we don't want her to AI us! Oh well, don't act blur. You know why!
Refer to this.

Long Time No See: WHY?
It sounds like a new year song for god's sake. :(

An Jing (Sly Ver.): WHY?
It totally spoiled Jay's song. OH puhh-lease.

Lao Shu Ai Da Mi: WHY?
Lao shu ai cheese, BU AI da mi okies!

Bu Pa Bu Pa: WHY?
Bu pa then bu pa lor! Like we care meh?! She has good vocals, but it's annoying that she tried to sound whiny.

4. Most Popular Male Twit:

5. Most Popular Female Twit:

6. The Top Twit:
Vote for your favourite twit! The top 3 will emerge as the Top 3 Most Popular Twit '05.
Oh well, search the archives and you will know who they are. :D Yes, I'm so lazy!

7. Others
Other twit posts besides the features.

cool sia i just read this post when u posted. waiting for so long liao
oh. you finally updated. hong TWIT da jiang. hilarious.
everyone lub ahwei WORXXSsSZzZz.

will hong twit da jiang be broadcasted live? i'd like to see those disappointed expressions on those nominated twit's faces when they realise they did not win. camera always zoom right into their faces one.
"ALL OF YOU HERE SUCKS!!!!!" tsk tsk, look who's talking. i ain't saying you suck, but boy, you should learn how to control your temper before it gets the better of you.
love the post you guys! i voted for each poll, it freaking rocks.
wtf. Ah Wei winning so many. even the bloody top female? eh cheat, lar.
2nd Anonymous, we dont suck like you. We drink. Get lost la.

Nice polls. Pring is always doing those stuffs. I like =X
LOL. Ahwei is leading! Looks like there's goin to be some "TAO TAI" twits soon. LOL.
haha lets fuck ben chen upside down
oh noooo.... puh-lease.. my 5566!!

haha!! nice pring!
Ben chen all da way! please vote for him xD
I think you should have all the pics of all 'contestants' on the same page for easier reference. I'm sure the votes will come a lot more and a lot faster this way. You've been doing fine. This Twit Award thing is a good idea.
I want to vote for twit Pring!! =P hahaha nice polls =D
hao jiu bu jian really does sound like a chinese new year song.anyway,anonymous,your english sucks. "ALL OF YOU HERE SUCKS!!!!!" it's plural.many people suck,darling.
Are twits trying 2 take over e library?Cos i noticed alot of twits at e bedok library(and not only Bedok,i seen twits at e Marine parade 1 and e newly opened national in bugis).ALOT.They hang out at e back of e childrens level and tt is really pissing me off,why cant we hav a place without twits!? I bet u they go there 2 make out.
wow ah wei5 is leading. but why never vote for OSG??
anonymous 3, hao jiu bu jian IS like a new yr song. tts e first impression i had on e song.
u suck more den we do.
i love museum of twits! =DD
COME ON GUYS, VOTE FOR OSG! Seriously, if he was joking, it's the best joke I've seen in a long time.
Ben Chen is overated anyway, boo to you if you voted for Ben Chen.
stupid ppls, all anyhow tok bda about others. see urselves first la k?
Only twits will appreciate songs like 'hao ji bu jian'..oh please. 5566 can kiss my butt.
i love the twit crew!!

wah u all the koooolestttt shitt on earth!
awesome blog. funny like hell. do visit mine too!
Song awardees must get something awful, so yeah, FUCK OFF TWIT music.oh wait, it doesn't qualify as music.
damn gay chou, fuck fuck six six. fuck 4
way to go! (:

2those anonymouses against this> if u dont like what ure reading, then dont read!
two anonymouses = ANONYMICE!

anyway, you should do a stakeout of the twit hangouts, complete with photos and all.
erm..i thought the an jing isn't th ejay chou version? it's sly's version=)
Yea.. Jay chou's good.

Sly's version sucks, it's ruining the song!!
I find that u guy ah juz damn fucking annoying u guys got nothing better to do izzit nothing to do then go fuck ur mother chee bye lah HEY..... u guys listen up man i curse ur whole family everyone of them in ur families die a terrible death man!!!!!!! NI NA BU PUA CHEE BYE
i have to admit that you're good, you make me laugh at people. but why add 5566? i agree hao jiu bu jian is kinda like CNY song, but what's wrong with that? they are doing great, we(their fans) like it. it's soo not true that they sucks or anything, looking at the amount of fans they have.

cmon, say cyndi act cute. so true.twit are bitch, i agree. but 5566 jst sang a song which sound like a CNY song and you blame it on them. NO WAY. please.

if you don't appreciate, it's alright.
oi. i agree with the 5566 fan. so what if you don't like their songs? you dun have to say it, cause other people like it.

in conculsion, it's totally NOT your problem. but it's also not your fault to have bad taste
I agree about sly spoiling Jay's song, An Jing.
Where did you find it? Interesting read here
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