Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fliendstah Wan Sui~

I love Friendster requests. It shows how much we MOT are loved. :D

Each time I open our mailbox and see mails from Friendster informing us that we have requests, I would happily jump with joy, thanking God for having so many people who love us.

Sometimes I would even go to City Harvest Church for service sessions, NOT.

BUTTTTT, I got the shock of my life today O_O! I'm so traumatised that I'm going to share my story with you dear fans now now now. Oh, I love to exaggerate. HEE.

OMFG? I thought I had eyesight problem, or it could probably be an error. A twit adding us? I refuse to believe, so I decided to check it out.

Eh loves darlings fwens sistahs skirts sms and neoprints? And Hello Kitty is so, OUT. Love Hello Kitty and loathe cats? How ironic...
That's not the whole profile, but I believe my smart fans can already picture it.

I hesitated for a moment before viewing her 28 twitish photos, but for the sake of you people, I have to do it. HERE I GO. Bless me Buddha Allah Jesus. *takes a deep breath*

*GASPS* AAAAAAAAAH. Its only 4 x 4 = 16 photos! Eh, tells alot already, I don't have to show you the other 28 - 16 = 12 pictures. They're so typical you know lah.

The whole situation is getting more interesting to me. I decided to check out more on her. Firstly, I'll take a look at her friends.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yup, that's MICH. For all the loyal readers and taggers of MOT, they would definitely know who MICH is. Her multiply link has been left on our board not long ago. :D Anyway, I went ahead to see the rest of her friends. Things couldn't get any worser than this, right?

How terribly wrong I am. MICH MICH MICH. Must be one of her sistahs she loves dearly. It's only page 1 of her many many friends. Ayer, faster add MOT in Friendster. We must have MOT II , MOT III , MOT IV ... as well! Cannot lose out!!

And since I've come this far... I might as well take a look at what she has to say to her friends :)

I believe MOT has said this before, a testimonial consist of words that says and describe good qualities of a person. Now the above chunk of bullshit says nothing desirable about her friend. Says alot about the writer.

The above reasons are enough for me to decline her request.

- 28 twitish pictures
- typical twit profile
- good friends with MICH
- types senseless testimonial

I wouldn't want her to send MOT a useless testimonial, oh nonono. MOT fans should be clever, witty and not twitish just like us :D

As much as I love Friendster requests,

I hate twits.


Before closing this post, I would like to spam our email again. TWITSPI@YAHOO.COM
Do add us if you aren't a twit. To check if you are one, please refer to our "What Is A Twit?" post. You can get the page link on All Time Favourites at the right side of our page.

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