Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quick Update :D

Just a quick update by Pring since many people have been asking what happened to HVV and I, and why is Camry the only one updating?

My computer is down. HVV is traumatised over the fact that he uncontrollaby developed a like for Cyndi recently, and is trying to get over it as soon as possible. :(

If you have any ideas what polls we could set up, do email your suggestions to our email. :D

Meanwhile, I must go poop. Bye.

ai ni, <3
xiiaopriing. ^^

aw man that sucks =( hope your comp gets fixed soon haha missing your posts xD
maybe some MOT haters hack your pc or something. Haha you know twits do that kind of stuffs
oh well fix ur com soon.I MISS U.
ur post tat is.
pls do something abt this blog (:

you WILL LOVE to feature this blog.

Good Luck ~!
HVV developed a like for cyndi??? THE cyndi we were all entertained by in MOT? OH the SHAME! The pain! Yuck. Hope you don't die from the illness.
I just hope that PRING WILL RETURN SOON! i miss his posts. HVV's too. =D but camry, would u mind continuing on the uh.. smelly ah bengs? or wadeva it is.

please feature this blog

it is a whole load of horse shit man
WOW. really.. then maybe you could feature some stuff there :D
as you said, online games are addictive. i'm sure you will be addicted to this >:D
btw. i play at bootes. 8)
i tink this is better!
twits dun hack. they are too dumb to hack
Xiaopring LOL!!!!!!! Really, it tickles me.
how can they hack when they cant even blog properly... i mean beansproutsize midgety brained ppl dun even qualify to talk in proper language, when in the world were they illegible to hack...
sorry for the spelling error... i meant eligible.... and sorry for a second post....
oh HVV i do hope you get recover from that bad illness soon, we understand how terrible that is.. get well soon! :)

start blogging soon Pring! we miss you!!
OH, what TRAGEDY, what CATASTROPHIC effects it would've caused! I strongly believe there will be a cure for this deadly and sinister CYNDI-VIRUS, life is beautiful, don't give up! WE'RE ALL FOR YOU!

aI Ni wORrxX!!
heys..i haven started on this really long.can show sth about u?like ur pictures or who u are or sth
hur hur hur hur hur the day twits hack computers, i'll be clever hur hur hur hur hur (and not retarded anymore, and no, using programs that just require IPs to be typed in to crash a com ain't hacking)
HAHAA.. WE MISS YA ALL.. come back soon..
Hey MOT(Prings and gang) nice hillarious, defaming, malicious, scornful, exhilarating, angsty blog you got there. Keep it up.

Since you guys at MOT and mot worshipers have such a rapacious appetite towards the mockery of the idiocracies of twits, twats, bengs and lians alike, I thought it was time for you guys to take on the man himself (the King of Bengs)----------ROCKSON TAKUMI TAN!

Blog :

Come on guys, put on those thinking caps and do a rollicking write-up on that blog. Enthrill us, the readers, once again with your comical personality and keep our eyes glued and our brains gasping for more humour and entertainment!

This is really gonna be great. The anticipation is really killing me.
1) I do not love Cyndi.

2) I merely like to dance to DaDaDa.

3) I was just kidding :D

4) Kidding again.
PRING DARLING ! YOUR COM IS DOWN ? =( ... that suck ...
comment on DAWN YEO. the infamous plastik girl ? for more info.
HEY! i love pring. you cant love him. ahya nevermind. he doesn't care anymore so wth.
oh shit! i went to tat angel wadsit blog and OMFG,i closed the window 10 sconds later.really terrifying
Pring isn't what you all thought.. Pring was.

i honestly think that last reason was very, very ego:)hahah.
oops, commented at the wrong dumb can i get?
funny blog. muhahahahas
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