Thursday, September 22, 2005

The oddballs we encounter sometimes.

Everyone is unique.

Ok wait let me change that cause it didn't sound quite right.


Everyone has to be unique because everyone's putting a copyright at their friendster profile and so KANINARHHHH IF WE COPY WE EFFING HAVE NO STYLE. And since the twits has done probably everything and anything possible, we're left to look like dirts and c0picAterrs.

Well well, no wonder twits are coming up with more and more uNiQuE sTyLeXxXxXx that never ceases to terrorize us. Don't believe me? Us at MOT have spent the whole afternoon finding pictures that will blow your mind away and for once, our ordinary, actually-written-in-english profile suddenly seem so much nicer.

But first, sign the fucking disclaimer.

Your name, hereby swears to F4 that I will not blame MOT for any emotional trauma that I might suffer in the future after viewing the pictures. MOT shall > every twit no matter what. One MOT shall rule us all. MOT, MOT, MOT!

With that aside, here are the pictures.

Really cannot sue us leh.

1) LOST.

Image hosted by

Somehow when she said "cant leave without euu", my first thought was: Where are you going, sweetheart? Since you're lost, just stay there and wait for rescue alrite.
Then again, I felt it was more of because she misspelt "live" and thought it was supposed to be "leave" instead.

Oh well, she says she's lost. Sure.

Image hosted by

They're all lost too. And they get an Emmy for that. She gets peanuts and crackers.

2) The Ghost.

Do you believe in ghosts? I've found a girl who does on Friendster, and she's using her superbly horrifying photoshopping skills to make herself ACTUALLY look like a ghost. Seriously, we at MOT think she looks like a cross breed between a kailan and a caixin wannabe.

Image hosted by

First she tries to possess a little kid in the most stupid way a ghost could ever have done.

Image hosted by

Then she decides posing as Pikachu is like, the OMG scariest thing on Earth.

Image hosted by

I don't even want to bother to explain this.

Image hosted by

And now she is the infamous twins connected at birth. Right.

BUT BUT BUT, with her being all that, that makes me the REAL sailormoon!

And just for the record, that's fucking not me.

3) The Real Bullshit.

Of course, there are those who tend to bullshit alot in their photos. They use up every known kawaii pose there is, she's left with her own imagination. And for all we know, twits imagination lies somewhere around.. T0ng hUax laNdd and t3cHnosIa0 ww0Rldd, which isn't much I daresay.

Image hosted by

I really have nothing to say for this one. Really really.

Image hosted by

I can't think of anything clever to even match this photo. Oh wait, IS THAT HER EX XIAObENdANz?! THE ONE THAT TWO TIMED HER? OMGOMGWTFISWRONGWITHTHEWORLD.

4) Xu Chun Mei lookalike.

Xu Chun Mei! We've found someone that looks omg exactly like you down here in sunny island Singapore!


Duh, she's definitely on par with you on fairylike. She's got the chioest smile I've ever seen, she looks like she's hungry in love!

Image hosted by

I toldya she was beautiful. You could grow an Angsana tree on her dimples and no one would notice.

5) The Emo Suicidal One.

This particular account I've bumped into actually has a hand full of cuts as her primary photo! *GASPS*! SHE IS.. OMG.. A SADX SADX EMO GERX GERX. Although I cannot understand why she has so many cuts and they all seem so in the wrong places, I still decided to take the initiative and name the probably the only possible reason why each cut took place.

Image hosted by

I don't know why, but the day ah di left Energy really cracks me up.

6) Show your Happy Valley!

Every woman is proud of their own breasts, especially when they're like a size bigger than Fiona Xie's. However I bumped into one who is just SO infatuated with her own cleavage, every picture she takes since to reveal some cleavage. Our grandparents taught us to take note of other's good points, and do not pay attention to the flaws. So I cropped out all the bad and left all the good just for your viewing pleasure.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

It gets bigger and larger, doesn't it. However after much searching on the Net, we've found something that totally pwnz her shitty little valley.

Introducing, Josh. (I don't know his real name, but Josh will do.) :D

Image hosted by


And so dear readers, you be the judge. Aren't twits cool?
Stay tune to MOT for more action as we bring you more twits to give a netkick. Just to start the ball rolling,

/me kicks the LOST girl.

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