Sunday, August 21, 2005

Twits Say The Dumbest Things: Part I

Note from Pring: This entry was not written by the uber handsome Mr. Pring. It was written by Miss Pring Jr, the sister of that gorgeous man. So you should be able to assume that she's a gorgeous lady with intellect. Oh anyway, she insisted she had to post this entry because she just felt so grossed out by the people she meets- and wants the whole world to know that such twits really do exist. So, freak out!

Twits of the Day: SCHOOLMATES
Yes, I wouldn't call them friends. Mind you, I don't have twits as friends. Oh damn, how could the sister of dropdead super handsome Pring be soooooooo mean!? No. I make myself clear. Miss Pring Jr. is not unsociable, it's just that she prefers to choose her friends wisely. I would just call those people my acquaintances, and that's already too good a name to call them because they might not even deserve that title! Ha! Joking. I will stop being so proud. lol :)
+.*^`pEaCe oRhsS ^_^v ~`^*.+


As my CCA is in charge of classes visiting SWAMI home, we're supposed to be there when classes take turns to visit the home right? Okayyyyyy.. so these 2 pretty, smart, popular girls from the top class are always attempting to act friendly to everyone. (oops I almost mentioned their CCA.)

They approached my 2 other friends and tried to initiate a conversation, but ended up making a fool out of themselves.

Twit 1: Hey.... What are you guys doing here ah??
My CCA mate: Oh.. just helping out lor.
Twit 2: Do what? Play soccer with them ah??
I think to myself: Am I supposed to laugh or cry?
-Twit 1 sees my expression and glares-
-I look away -
My CCA mate: Huh??

HELLO. In case you haven't been to SWAMI home, I will tell you- almost all of the patients there are wheelbound. And she should have noticed it, considering she is supposed to be one of the smartest people in school already.
I wanted to laugh my head off after that. Why didn't she ask if I am teaching those patients stuff from my textbook? I brought my schoolbag along too. D'OH!

Twit 2: Ohh.. cos your friend brought a soccer ball along mah..

Okay okay, how about another one now.

Girl: Arghh, I can't run.
Twit: Why cannot run?
Girl: I got some health problems... like when I run, or when it gets too cold... my heart would hurt.
Twit: Oh, that happens to you ahh?


Malaysian: I seldom watch movies one la.
Twit: Oh, Malaysia got cinema or not ar?
Apparently! OMG! What does she think of Malaysia? Some kind of kampong? Even Afghanistan has theatres for heaven's sake!


Friend: Omg, that cat is so cute!
Twit: What is a cat?
I assume you are able to understand why this twit deserved her label.


Twit: Wah, your pencilbox so big, you might as well use a bag.
*searches pencilbox and takes out glue*
Twit: Is this glue?
I felt quite disgusted with the smart question she asked. Or you might tell me she is too smart until she forgets the simplest things. Even an idiot would know what to do under this circumstance. To prevent herself from looking so stupid, she could have just read the label before she talked, couldn't she?


Twit: Eh, why you wear black from head to toe?
Friend: Um, what's wrong?
Twit: Should wear all pink mah....


Twit 1: Hee! Let's come up with nicknames to call each other! Okie?
Twit 2: Err, okie lor. What?
Twit 1 to Twit 2: Call you Roxy!
Twit 1 to Twit 3: Hmm, call you Rip Curl!
Twit 1 to Twit 4: You ar.. Quiksilver ba! ^^ Then I called Billabong lor!
Haven't seen anybody as ridiculous as this, have you? Even a nickname like "Happy Nincompoop" sounds better than using brand names as NICKNAMES. Oh come on, this is almost equivalent to lacking the creativity to come up with a nick that you have to resort to stealing somebody else's nickname. What's more? It sounds totally stupid. I would suggest them calling each other, "Retard" "Idiot" and "DumbAss".


Well, I guess that's all I have to share. Although there aren't many, but my brother said those are enough to leave the readers disturbed for the rest of the day. So.. yup I end my ranting here. Adios.

-Miss Pring Jr.

what to do? as the title suggests.

i know this is an old post...but well, i was kinda pissed with those twits calling themselve rip curl and stuffs...i mean..hey, i like billabongs!
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