Monday, August 22, 2005

Twit's Favourite Snack

Okay, so as to express how "lame" Mr Pring can get... I'm here to share with you a little joke which I accidentally stumbled upon while at a store. Yes, it is going to be lame, so please do not slam Mr Pring just because you cannot tolerate his lame-ness.

Introducing.. every twit's favourite snack! *drum roll*

Hurray! It looks yummy, doesn't it? Currently, there is only one flavour...And that's all the twits need, really. (And I'm just too lazy to go and draw the other flavours out. Oops peace please.)

Twities is full of nutritional value.
In every 100g, it provides 5.6g of bad judgement, 3.8g of nonsense, 2.4g of Hokkien vulgarities, 1.6g of alternate caps, 4.5g of bad photoeditting skills, and 2.1g of stupidity.

Can you imagine how twits would react if they watch the advertisement?
They'd probably go:
Twit 1: Wahz! New snack manz! Sho cool, ai wanna to try it!
Twit 2: Really? Is it yummy de mahz?
Twit 1: Dunno wor.. neber tried b4 leh... bud looks nice h0r..
Twit 2: Knn Euu neber answer mi.. Ai ask euu nice tu eat or nort lar..
Twit 1: h0ng kan lar. ai shae neber eat b4 nahz. euu neber dig ear huhx?! cb!

So twits, look out for this new product in leading department stores!

Alright alright. This was stupid. ^_^v pEaCe..
I was just suffering from my usual insomnia and this was a way to set myself to sleep... gee. I just exhibited my lameless to the rest of the world! Oh no! *runs to hide*

nyahahaha. that's lame lame lame!
i wanna get twities please.
That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »
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