Monday, August 15, 2005

绝对Superstar! *

绝对Superstar! 有你没有他!

I actually bothered to watch. I have my reasons!! It is known to all, whether viewers or not, that Derrick has many supporters from Singapore's 小妹妹s. I was told that he has a boyish look, very cute, very kawaii, especially when he smiles. Luckily, he wasn't as bad as I thought he would be. He did not resemble Sly in terms of appearance.

So week after week, I glued myself to the TV, in hope that Derrick would be eliminated. Bear in mind that I have nothing against him. I'm only interested in his audience. Heh.

So blah blah blah, the show went on. And guess what!? Derrick got ELIMINATED! Yay.

Kelvin? Whatever his name is, was the contestant standing beside supercuteDerrick and got voted in. I remember vividly that he said



Then you have Quan Yi Feng at the side with Derrick The Eliminated One

Feng: See that fucker like that say you
Derrick: Ya fucker. Knn he watch out later.
Feng: Aiya forget it lah. Tsk tsk LIVE leh. Faster act sad la!

Derrick: Hannah, can't see i preparing liao ah?
Feng: Machiam gek sai sia. Eh eh. Got response liao! Faster see...

Derrick: Heheheh... See this side!

Fan: Omg...*Boohoohoo*

Derrick: Eh not bad sia! Lai see this side

Fan: Omg superkuteDerrick out liaoz! KNNBCCB waste mua tym and marnie... Wah lao ehx.. PCB.

Derrick: How come their response weird weird wan sia...

Fan: cb my makeup gone lehx! On tv confirm beri argly de lahx!! argh! dunch sh00t me ler larx.. h0ng kan narx!

Derrick: Eh WHAT THE FUCK!? 原来。。。

Fans: CHEE BYE LA. OUR BILLS HOW!?!?!?! SI liao lArx.. h0w mie go homE? nExt MoNtH bo lui g0 tHis FasHi0n sh0ppIng LeRx.. pUi!

Fans: Nabei...can throw all these away liao larx...

Derrick: HaixXx....Out lerx...sh0 sad siahx...

Derrick: Knn...Don't know how to call somemore? Stupid looks nevermind liao...still bo tao nao!

Xin Huey(from the other corner, being a person with slow mind): Eh? Derrick out liao?

Xin Huey(patting her chest): Heng sia! Derrick so many xiaomeimei support finally out liao. Now left that Kelvin nia, small fry la!

And so, after all the commotions, the show finally came to an end,
Everyone took turns to give poor Derrick a hug...


It lasted quite some time...

Okay maybe a little too long...

Excellent, love it! » »
Excellent, love it! »
it's dumb. you shouldn't blog about these superstars. they put in a lot of hard work and it saddens them and their fans if they get kicked out of the competition. it really isn't something to laugh at.
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