Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Post National Day Special

The National Day special was such a hit, I thought why not get one more entry and ride on its success?

So here I present you, through an array of outlets on how twits enjoyed their nation's 40th birthday. From much elaborated research, its cool to be patriotic if you belong to the twit circle this year, solely because Taufik Batisah is so friggin hot and Rui En once had a rumour with Jay Chou before. And the dumb song they sang together. Yeah, that too.

To them, they think Lee Kwan Yew is the President and Nathan sells takopachi in Bugis. So let's see how they REALLY celebrated national day.

Investigation: Kawaii neh blogs.

Since twits love to blog so much about how this guy asked for their number or how they went down to Bedok to settle daiji, I'm sure they'd grab this chance to blog about something more exciting than watching glue harden and blog all about their day in Padang, or wherever you can see the darned fireworks.

Case Study #1 :

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ytd parade was damn damn damn nice.. If onli i wass at dd xian chang.. oh man.. so shuang las..i saw Gina on dd tee vee!.. hahas..=))Urghs.. i missed half of dd fireworks sehh.. Cos myy mother sae kan bu dao derh.. n i believe her.. l0ll.. Dd fiireworks so da damn damn Nice las.. budd ii diin wennt to dd carnival los.. wadd a pity mann.. sure be lotsa fun derhs..= (Oh yarhs.. 9plus dat tyme i went dwn n ii saw dd army's car n fire engines.. whee.. dd road was sealed frr dd cars to pass.. everyone wass shoutiin damn loudly sehh.. arrghhhdd soldiers was damn high tOo.. they wave.. they shout.. whee..den aft tt wennt tmall shop shop.. warhs.. so mani pple los.. they re floodin tmall.. hahas.. lame..budd zhen de hen duo ren.. yepps..No skkool todae.. yeye..!=)) cant wait frr fridae..!!!!tis yr National Day so rawkks..!!

never hadd dd dday- 10:59:00 AM

There's nothing special about her entry, seriously. Well, the typical twit I should say - twittish typing, act so exciting when she didn't even see shit at home, thinks that any hot army guy sitting in tanks are sHo hiGh tOo. And her fucking blog had Greenday's new song playing, extremely irritating. The title's something about waking up when whoever's period ends. Go figure.

Case Study #2:

...blah blah blah she described the whole goddamn thing even what bus she took fuckit fuckit fuckit...

after tt we went to eat seafood steamboat..was like okok only..then when we were eating,the concert began..the singers were so loud lors..actually very fun lors..cos we could listen to singers while eating..hahas..then when we were about to finish,the jue dui SUPERSTARS mom,younger bro and me were so excited..i jus cant wait to see them lors..they were so kwet,handsome and prettie esp junyang and kelly..they sang their theme song,cesci cesci bon,lao shu ai da mi and one national day song..i so love them sing the lao shu ai da mi..hahas..cos almost all the audience were singing together lors..i took some pictures of them lors..after the superstars left,alot ppl also left together lors.. then we went back to eat our free ice-cream..hahas..

after tt,my mum heard Wu Qi Xian parents were excied so we all went forward to see lors..took pictures again..hahas.. it was the end of the concert los..then everyone went home reach home like about late hors..hahas..then me got nth better to do so sleep at 1am woke up very late lazy pig mahs..hehex...then in the end ate lunch instead of breakfast...hahas..gonna be a boring day at home lors...

ARGHHH. Praise the lord (eat that, you CHC people who keep saying I'm being mean) I didn't go down to Marina. JUE DUI SUPERSTAR? Fuck you, Nathan. Can't you think of something less idiot-entertaining for us? Of all things, fuck I'd rather see Tyra Banks trying to act pretty on the stage.

when we were about to finish,the jue dui SUPERSTARS mom,younger bro and me were so excited..i jus cant wait to see them lors..they were so kwet,handsome and prettie esp junyang and kelly.

Nevermind a twit like you fell for the stupid singing competition that produces singers that'd probably last shorter than a can of tuna, your mom and younger brother too? Mothers should be going for Dongfang Billy or Bae Yong Jun, NOT the kwet, handsome and prettie junyangs and kellies. As for your brother, I pray for you he doesn't turn out gay.

All in all, the only good thing that happened to you on your nation's birthday is probably the free ice cream.

Case Study #3:

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
oh my.
so much to blog abt ystd.
* jumping like mad
went to the tampines ndp carnival with bro, mum, aunt, and chirst!
though i cldn't make it to the padang
the atmosphere was definitely as great as the one at padang!
well, the weather is HOT HOT HOT.
within minutes upon reaching i was ald perspiring like hellas.
but christ kept making my laugh
so i still enjoyed EVERYTHING anyway.
collected my goodie bag.
i got the green one!
first thing i looked for was none other than the DISCOUNT BOOLKET!
sounds like auntie right?
but the discounts mostly apply to FOOD
and i am ANTI-FOOD :D
tampines is a sea of WHITE.
so many white chairs neatly lined .
we quickly snatched seats
hahas. typically kiasu bunch.
and the moment we have all been waiting for finally began!
well. most of the time it was BORING.
the stupid army cars drove past so slowly,
that after i finised my snacks they were still driving away
how are they going to protect singapore like that?
by the time they reach, the whole singapore is GONE.
i couldn't see KAESS AND GINA.
our spirts were lifted when rui en and taufik made their appearances
we sang along loudly, we were so enjoying oursleves.
let's reach out for the skies, with wings we soar up high *

i simply love the night breeze.
and then. the FIREWORKS.
never have i been so close in distance with fireworks before
they were so BREATH-TAKING
everything was like MAGIC.
i was completely mesmerized by the fireworks throughout the 2 minute display
i took down everything with my digi camera
and until now i still keep replaying the fireworks display :D
then the national day drew to a close.
so fast, so soon.
can't be bothred to rush home to catch shooting stars.
the actors are just nothing but CRAP!
so we stayed a little while more.
just can't bear to take my butts off the seats


I've just about had it with every other twit saying how breathtaking, magical, astounding, kidney snatching the fireworks were. Fuck it, they were just colourful lights in the air and they're only pretty cause the night sky's black and the contrast is FUCKING OBVIOUS, that's why. This twit's pathetic, not only did she fall in love with the fireworks and described as if it was her first time seeing it, she had to videotape it with her digital camera and replay, replay, and replay. It happens every fucking year, and if I'm not wrong its been happening for 40 fucking years. I'm rather surprise she wasn't interested in Shooting Stars, I thought twits like her would be dribbling saliva in front of the tv set waiting for Sylvester the hot kid who machiam never eat for 40 days.

Sometimes I wonder, 10 years down the road, what will the twit-infested Singapore turn out to be? Will the NDP only exist for kawaii fireworks and pop songs? Will the marching become vintage Disney characters parading down the stadium?

Fuck, now that I think about it, its fucking scary. So the bible actually has some truth in it, the end is near. All thanks to the twits, ah.

*clap clap clap* who's lostfaithinyou ah? so familiar..
first thing i looked for was none other than the DISCOUNT BOOLKET!
sounds like auntie right?
but the discounts mostly apply to FOOD
and i am ANTI-FOOD :D

I think she would be very interested in OUR coupons. *wInKz*
i hope those people that talks like morons won't use character maps :)
eh eh blood bleching happy vagina, you suxxxxxxxxxxxx. BIATCHHHHHHH
your post too long alr lah. YOU SUXXX I HATE IUU`
nb cbb woah i rlly wonder who the fuck the creator of this shit blog is if not i sure go down whack ue personally i tell ue knn. lostfaithineuu sounds familiar? go fimd out las kpkb.
an zua. i so famous siahs. buey gan sibo.
HEY ! BITCHES . please fark off ! allright ?! NBCB . where buay song sial you all . not happy come out settle lar . dont behind the com kpkb las . HUMJI kia .
ehs . an zua lke to featured pl so much ? whad she blog ure farking business ? arbohs u blog for her ? PEILIN FROM 2r5 . wahhs` so gud . no wonder ure annoying . use ure cheebye think before u say her las . nbpcb .
yinghui wansui!
i think hors . we know who u liaos rytes . her cheebye will gone sia . farking bytches and maybes bastards , pls wipe ure asses and fark off . wan den come out settle . dunwan den dun buay dua act dua kays .
fark euu lar camry.lin bae tell u i si bae suka national dae de hor.u lyk fireworks nort.well,i think u shud let it explode at ur damn mother father farkin pua chee bye pua lan jiao pua asshole.i let u fark kar ur chee bye pua.
cheebye duadua den come kpkb , if not mai siao . say her until lkedhats . lke u any better . wakaos . DUN JEALOUS PEILIN.
whyies so many people ar neh jealous peilin ? wan jiu come out settle las . whr buay song sia . u jealous she got name , u unfamous arhs ? her blog so nice u everyday nid tuu stalk until lke siao ? brainless peepos man !
i think u sux more . ure vagina bo yong ehs las . and h0rs , since peilin so famous , still ask who . aiyohs , sibei bo tao nao sia !
OF COS SONG . bunch of pcbs niahs`
ure coupons ahs . machiam piece of shit las . only u ureself will use las . as if nobody will wan the coupons . den isit all those who wan the coupons machiam is siao ? wakaos . botaiboji insult pl . careful go home kena tio hoot las .
kaess: who the fuck are you lah. how the fuck do i know who's peilin? she's famous? famous your cheebye lah. go fly a kite you cock-sucking-ass-biting blood bleching vagina. so hum don't even wanna put your real name. fucking douche bag. go suck donkey balls before writing to me lah knn
What has Camry done? haha.
HAHA they dont even realise they're being ignored. this is the fun mot has been missing, isnt it? :D
WOW.. so fierce? twits have appeared in mot again. how horrendously wonderful. their kind still exists! and wow! they think that mot is from their school! they obviously think that the only people who find them super duper funny are from their school.
oh kaess is her real name? what a dried up skank
eh kkaes. talk so much. who u? leave name la. dun childish la. people got right to blog about who and wat rite? u dun like dun read la?
o kaess real name ah. cute sibo. my godly mother fucked ass cute.
HAHA YEAH. They literally bring a new meaning to the phrase 'makeup does wonders'. HAHA. What a name.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TO KAES: in case u have realised.. karins comments were to happy vagina valley. not scolding ur frens vagina. pls get ur facts rite before u start scolding people ok?
Yes, get ur facts right first before you scold someone.
Bah Bah Wee Wee. How long since I came MOT. Keep up teh good work w0rxxXxXxXX. .................
aiya.. they jus wan trouble.. jus cos someone says that u sound familiar doesnt mean that they're insulting u.
stop kpkb las nb. one teck kp one fatso. ppl scold oso nid your permission isit.
sory. is teck ko.
Scold also don't anyhow scold. Karin never even say your friend. Read carefully please.
who are u all argueing about? is she really so worth all of your time? anyway, nice blog yeh? hahas.
i teck ko u wan how? he fat u wan how? who u? leave name?
peilin so famous need so many ppl comment on her sia.. wtf.
i think this blog is simple sucky and boliaos. creators must be fark until sian den come create this blog. get a life la. nb go suck your mother's cb alrite.
where got people comment on her here? you're jealous nobody comment on u? wahahahahahha.
since when i so fucking famous?
wahs i scold 2 person so many ppl combo baq . *claps* to karin : nice fluent language of vulgarities . budd have gotta brush up on ure IQ las . pl not famous den still nid u all pulish her blog mehs . tsktsktsk ~ my real name kaess ure farking taiji ? karin machiam lke sai sibo !
to fanny : go fan ureself and get slimmer las fat arsehole .
darl arhs , ppl dunnoe who u r las . peilin osho dunnoe . aiks ~ machiam boh tao nao ehs .
you all mai kpkb sho much can norts . where buay song ?! buay song then come out settle narhs. wanna play with us then we play back narhs . wan a not ?! you say the time i say the place narhs ! set a not ?! okaie ?! if dont want come out settle , that means you HIMJI norhs . if got ji , then come settle with us .
fanny. just want to ask you a question. were you CONSTIPATING when you took that picture? HAHAS.
peilin , kaess . this kind of people to bo liao ler . dare not come out settle der humji kia . all they dare to do is hide behind the fucking com and kpkb . LCB !
eh kaes. u so eh gan hor? ur dar also damn eh gan hor? i already said rite? she comment on HVV also not on u? u kaopei kaobu like machiam ur mother died like that? people feature peilin's blog means she famous? wtf? omg. talk about IQ. pls la. u should get a brains first before talking about IQ. u all so eh gan. come out settle come out settle. but dun wan leave name class school. look who's the humji one here. faggots
in case u all say limbei humji. i leave NAME CLASS SCHOOL for u to find. Tze Han. 4r6. Ngee Ann Secondary. u all anyhow scold scold scold. wan scold, scold the fucking owner of this blog. leave fanny and karin out of this. chee bye kias. little kids.
kaess: you small dickhole ah lian think i'm scared of you is it. chao cheebye. what's your fucking class i go find you
to TZEHAN : pls hors , nobody asked me to leave sku plus cls leis . sibei boh brain sia .
to KARIN : dickhole ahlian ? referring to ureself ? haas . i nvr said u were scared of me . u admitting it ureself isit ?
fucking bitches. pls stop scolding people las! no wonder u so damn annoying
to TZEHAN : once more . my name is KAESS . dunno how to spell den dun spell las . i kpkb lke my mama die ? pls las , nobody say my mama die leis , i nvr sae my mama die leis . machiam u complaining lke little kid niahs`
tzehan u dam xialan lehhs. bodaiboji scold ppl. ppl also nvr comment on u rite.
TO karin : you try to go and find kaess narhs , CCB . what can you do?!
aiyo? now all so guai lan. chee bye. wan settle rite? leave class la? or u come find me. i anything. guai lan little sec2. the way u all talk shooo difficultx teh understand narhx. wtf. talk properly la.
to TZEHAN : u wan come cls find me settle isit , i think hors in the end u end up staying with mr ong liaos . haas . i guailan ? or u guailan , think thru ure tao nao furx ( if u have one ) den say las .
u say ur class first den u come talk la. now looks the one guai lan humji. first say wan settle settle outside. now say if i go find u, i go mr ong? now u run go mr ong for help sibo? say wan tio u is all. i guai lan? pooi.
to TZEHAN : haas , ltr u come find me . den mr ong go find you . aiyahs u bo brain dunnoe how tuu think one las . which one of my posts say wan tio u ? in the furx place i osho nvr toking to you leis . machiam u guailan come create trouble wif me .
since say karin comments is to happy vagina valley u all can sae de right? so many peeps continue scold so song mehs? now make until daiji dua dua? wths.
i find ddis getting outta hand . in the furx place osho not toking tuu tzehan you cum xtra kpkb to me . wakaos . i tell u hor , wan come find me must choose timing one kays . nxt wk whole wk not free . i machiam guaikia gt tests leis . not whad dickhole ahlian hors . my whole cls gonna be guaikia , not cor fucking cls osho . say me humji say me anything , i can't be bothered to continue blaberring vulgarities to peabrained ppl lke you . budd i guess the upcoming posts are gonna be : kaess humji kia . blahblahblah . go on , jus donte say until you ureself jealous las hors . ohyas , if still wan come find me rytes , try it ureself kays . and i supposed ure just too buey gan las . BYE TWITS . LUK FORWARD TO MORE PPL INSULTING YOU PEABRAINED PPL ! *smiles*
eh tzehan. fucking teckko niahs. nin na bei kpkb. ue tink ue dabor can combo my darl sibo. she wan scold karin ure taiji arhs? this is charbo taiji ok. ue darbo chap simi. unless ue wan tell me ue ahgua las. nb ue then shut ure dickhole las.
wtf? girl daiji? come find sec 4 and 5s girls larr
georgina sim posted the previous one. sec2 nia shut
we are so scared lo. WAHH.. AHHHH
eee yerks... popular my pui.. some girls just have no brains. worse, they go around saying OTHERS have no brains. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
den u char bor u guai lan fanny? u think u have 7000 frens cos of ur 14 cheenah frenster accounts u big? i now help fren cannot? guai lan.
lol. entertaining sia. mary. anyway she got famous for the wrong reason. just like how paris hilton got famous (:
SANROYE. u are such a great joker. hahas
Eh seriously I think these girls need a good fuck man. Can you all get your fucking facts straight anot. Karin didn't even fucking talk about peilin, she was talking about the fella who write this post, u all think she so eng talk about someone she dont even know ah.The fella nick is Happy Vagina Valley right.. u think she talking abt ur peilin's cb? Then you all scold her when she nvr even do anything to u all, of course she buay song lah.

You all want to kpkb, kpkb about the owners of this blog, we only read the blog and leave comments, dont drag us in also. I fat I happy leh, tzehan teckko he shuang leh. But we never even do anything to u, so shut up lah.

You all like to settle thing in real life right? Tomorrow lah, tzehan say liao. Leave name and class lah. You not free got test big fuck? Still got time come here kpkb? Don't talk like you're some big shot in ngee ann please. know your place.

So many people volunteer want to find u all tmr when they heard abt it, so dont so bu zhi liang li, shut ur pussyholes abit. Even i sec 4 i also know my place leh, much less u two sec 2 girl.

Bottom line, we never even FUCKING say anything about u, don't come try to impress us with ur limited vocabulary of hong kannnn and ur pcbb. You want you bitch about the person who write this, we only read and comment nia, who are u to scold us. Tzehan is karin friend, is my friend leh, u say us he cannot chup in ah. You also say him teckko.

Don't be such a pussy when you're only a miserable sec 2 student.
eh nvm la. i happy being teck ko lei.. at least i dun take 45degree upwards cheenah picture shots and place 12 of them in my frenster so all everyone can see about me is my fucking wide forehead and stupid oversized eyes. i also dun use MSpaint to write some rubbish words over my picture and make myself look damn fucking chio
Eh dun pway pway ah. PPL HIGH CLASS OKAY. PPL USE PHOTO IMPRESSION LEH. Put heart all over the face, kawaii neh leh.
nb, dey dun nid a good fuck la. who the fuck wan to fuck dem. fucking CHILDISH POSERS! nooob sibo. kena play buttock till become habit sibo. dun act big la. no balls jiu no balls, how big oso no use. wan to use MR ONG to threaten tze han summore. fuck off la kid!
Haiyo tze han would you mind if you stop quarrelling with bitches??? They're dogs after all they don't understand what you're trying to say so no point arguing... HAHAHAHA!!!
"And the best 'bhb' award goes to...." (You peeps should noe very well huh??? Hehe...)
Wah. The whole ngee ann population is here. -.-
Yo daniel, rock on man...HAHAHAHA!!!
:D HI.
Such twits should be fed to the cookie monster. I can't believe your school has so many people who hates you. HAH.
Kaoz, wanna settle still hamji...OH my i forgot they got NO JI...HAHAHAHA!!!
dun so bad la daniel. ppl also girls rite. mean leh u . hahas
Ha, i just read all the 80+ comments, and firstly, thanks everyone for making my article so successful. xie xie ni men. *soBXXxxXXZZXxxxxZZ* Then hor, I find it very funny why that peilin which I assume is the third girl i featured so sure she's so famous. I mean, she's only ONE of the THREE blogs i featured. She doesn't even have a full article on her unlike some others, so i'm not sure why leh. Maybe she thinks if they type her name in yahoo there will be 100000 hits all about her. Sorry lah, you're not worth MOT's time to feature an whole article about. But if you're interested, please email us at and request lah hor.

Me, camry and pring (super handsome fella) will be more than happy to do an article about u. ice ice baby.
LOL. there i tagged. happy?
hello hello.

she's not famous.

not popular.

she's just infamous.

eh wat happened to that yandao ah? that one u noe? hor pring? hor? =x
Yes? Why am i being pulled into this filthy commentbox? Ha! I know I'm handsome lah, don't boast it to everybody okay? I'm sick of all those girls chasing after me everytime I go out. Camry gets jealous sometimes too.
so it's over?
yinghui: i can rape her upside down. shut all your ah lian traps lah, faggots

And if any of you are still bo liao enough to read this, its FANNY, not FUNNY. Wtf, I'm still humourous and hilarious. ZZZZZ.
eh copy people's joke sia...
SHH. Please, hilarious is orginal. LOL :x

Bodoh. x)

u deserve it kaes.
haha. didnt those bitches reply anymore. LOL. all the comments are freakking hilarious. i still love MOT to the end. oh ya side note. fanny im addicted to your blog also. please write more will ya ? ^^
who're you? lol.
what's this blog? some of the articles darn funny man lol.

haha very entartaining man...
by KaessSSSS:

1. "wahs i scold 2 person so many ppl combo baq ." haha what sia combo funny man.

2. "wan den come out settle . dunwan den dun buay dua act dua kays" then now you say go find mr Ong... haha joker man.

ok just some things i found very funny sorry for bringing up something that's been resolved already lol anyway this's really been entartaining. take care all

oh ya i got 11 account and 7000 friends! :D
lOl @ jinxian.
The owner of this blog has the right of speech in her own territory; if anyone is not happy with whatever she's saying just kindly fark off and dun leave any of your shits lying around here.
this is her blog, her territory. where's yours? -peace-
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