Monday, August 15, 2005

Official Opening of The Twit Dictionary!

Hi one and all,

The long-awaited Twit Dictionary has finally been launched. This dictionary is dedicated to all fans of MOT and admirers of the super yandao ME! Yes, yes. All of you mean alot to me. Without you guys, the handsome would not be able to find inspiration or motivation to come up with a post.. You are the moon.. I'm the star.. Oh crap. Well.. back to topic. AS I was saying..

Everyday, a "twit-ish" word would be randomly selected and posted.

1. Satisfy the curiosity of non-twits who attempt to research about The Twit Language. (Search no more! Enlightenment is here!)
2. Solely entertainment for the people with no lives.
3. Mock the stupid, of course!

If you have really TWIT-ish words and would like to share it with us, please e-mail to Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated and yes, we will give you credit for that. :)
(Or you could drop me a love letter at that same e-mail address. It's really really reallyyy OKAY with me!)

hi cutie :)
Why call me cutie? I'm only handsome, not cute!

I thought cute= ugly but adorable? Isn't that an insult? >:(
wah crazy man. haha actually, the actual definition of cute is "delightfully pretty or dainty" :D
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